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Hi I'm Alen. I'm 22 yo from Slovenia.

Desteni was introduced to me by my cousin where at the time I just got into the spiritual waters, thinking cannabis, mushrooms and other plants heal you from the traumas. Obviously I had no fucking idea what was I talking about then but was sure I was healing my self and others by sitting with crossed legs, eyes closed, being quiet and doing nothing :D Fascinating. Desteni definitely crushed my beliefs. I felt lost in many points because spirituality gave me the escape from this reality like the easy way to live life where one just stays in the positive bubble , believes love is the answer and trusts the universe to do all the work for me :D Fascinating. I actually started writing about my days little before discovering desteni so when I did my first DIP lesson there was still resistance but I had trust. I read many blogs, listened to many interviews by now, discovering as much material as possible because it's so interesting to see/know what's this life all about, who am I within it and what can I do to make things better. I just started this process but already have great success where I realized many points some I managed to correct, some I am still working on.

The breaking point was being honest with my self that's when I really started to see progress in my writing. Then I worked with self forgiveness where points would open up and I could go on where one realizes its actually easy you just have to be self honest and make a decision. That firm decision where one commits and does not allow the old ways to come in, to learn from every self forgiveness statement and applying it practically. Also understanding that it is a process that may take time so to not judge my self but to keep moving, keep doing the self forgiveness that has been my very best tool for opening up points within me. Best one so far was realizing the self-directed principle because I was so interested in other people's minds, interested on how they express but here developed this worry and conflict in my head that was a total separation from me from reality. Desteni material was hard but it made sense and it purified me. Realizing the energy addiction that we basically live our lives on, to have self responsibility in every point, manipulation, parents,... basically getting the understanding of the mind consciousness system was so interesting to me I wanted all to know about this and be what desteni speaks. Here I learned I was judging others and didn't realize everyone has to walk their own process that I can only assist and support with being self directed and sharing my experience in this process.

Its very interesting for me to live as breath, focusing on what in here in the physical. I was never the type of person to be interested in what is going on in the world. Why would I be? Its easier to just focus on my illusion. I am thankful for all what Desteni gave me, the interviews and all of you that assisted me with your writing and videos. Its really interesting when one learns to accept the system and the fucked up times we live where we don't judge but take responsibility and do our best to make things better.

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Re: Hi

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Hi Alen!
Welcome and it's awesome to read your story and all that you have been understanding and realizing and reading, watching on your own, that's very self directive and it's great that you come here and share where you are up to now.

Feel free to ask questions, comment or create your own thread for posting your writings if you want to share.

Enjoy !

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Re: Hi

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Hi Alen,

Thanks for sharing your experience with Desteni and the journey you have walked so far.



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Re: Hi

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Glad to have you here!

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Re: Hi

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Welcome Alen and thanks for introducing yourself and sharing what you've done and realized. It's all really awesome and I very much relate to what you've applied, gone through and realized.

See you around!


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Re: Hi

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Hi Allen. Welcome

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Re: Hi

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Hi Alen, awesome description of the process you walked and are walking and pushing through. Enjoy and see you around!

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Re: Hi

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Awesome Alen! Welcome here and thanks for sharing your experience. I can totally relate ♥️ Glad to have you here :D

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Re: Hi

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Hey Alen,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Welcome to the forum and enjoy!


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Re: Hi

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Cool reading you. Let’s walk!

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