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Postby Leila » 28 Mar 2012, 11:36

Cool that you were able to see yourself in the article as the other guy and then use it to assist and support yourself

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Postby tylersr » 04 Feb 2015, 19:37

Normal Accidents and the Future of Economic Simplicity

I just finished reading Charles Perrow's work on the nuclear accident at Three Mile Island. In case you are unfamiliar with the event, in 1979 there was a partial meltdown of one of the nuclear reactors near Middleton, Pennsylvania. Perrow presents the idea of the normal accident as inherent to complex, tightly coupled systems, unrecognizable in progress, and unpreventable. In the case of high-risk systems (such as in the nuclear industry), the consequences can be catastrophic. [1]

Despite the inherent, unpreventable nature of normal accidents, there remain 99 operating nuclear reactors in the United States. [2] Why do we allow such insanity? At the end of his article, Perrow posits there are "always alternatives" to potentially calamitous systems. And this much is true. Recent advances in solar technology and conservation mean we can now produce much more of our energy in decentralized, loosely coupled systems such that even if there is a major failure in one part (e.g. an electrical failure that burns down a building), the rest of the system will be unaffected (meaning, all the other businesses and homes that rely upon solar systems will be fine).

If it weren't for the economic inventive to produce obscenely complex systems that are inevitably going to fail (in unpreventable ways), there is no reason for them to get built. Solar is a viable alternative to nuclear power. Not having a giant military is an alternative to maintaining nuclear warheads and submarines.

If we were to simplify our economy, reorienting it from the narrow-minded pursuit of profit to producing what we need within the pursuit of our best lives, we would all be much safer. That's why a Living Income Guaranteed would be a great first step towards eventually bringing these dangerous apparatus under control to no longer live in a self-created and allowed dangerous world. By providing everyone a guaranteed income, many would be liberated to participate in our democratic system to ensure that we provide for our needs in common sense. This means no more waiting for the next Three Mile Island or Chernobyl or Fukushima to happen.

Let's take a page out of Germany's book and eradicate nuclear power from the world! [3]

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Postby tylersr » 07 Feb 2015, 16:13

Eating Organic Produce Linked to Lower Pesticide Exposure

A recent study found those who more frequently consumed organic produce had lower concentrations of urinary dialkylphosphate (DAP), an indicator of exposure to organophosphate pesticides. Furthermore, they found that those who consumed more foods deemed likely to have higher concentrations of pesticides had higher concentrations of DAP. In other words, this study solidified the link between a diet higher in pesticide-carrying foods and exposure to these pesticides.

If one wants to limit exposure to pesticides (and their possible side effects), one should avoid conventional produce generally but also specific kinds of fruits and vegetables known as the Dirty Dozen, known to carry high concentrations of pesticide residues.

It's unfortunate that we even have to think about whether or not our food may make us sick. While some of us try to include as much organic produce in our diets as possible, it remains prohibitively expensive. Besides, organic certification does not guarantee a safer product as toxic pesticides are still legal in organic production.

Thus, there are two problems here. First, consumers are not economically empowered to choose the safest options. Secondly, the food system is not structured in a way that ensures that only the safest products are produced. Government subsidies support conventional agriculture while policy allows for the use of toxic pesticides. Even if farmers wanted to switch to organic production, rules require land that has been farmed conventionally be free of prohibited chemicals for three years- three years during which the farmer cannot charge a premium on produce nor reap the benefits of conventional pesticides. Lack of knowledge is another barrier to making the transition to organic production.

A major part of the solution to ensuring only the safest foods are produced and consumed is by empowering consumers. First, there needs to be more transparency behind what exactly goes into the foods we eat. Clearly, businesses would like to capitalize off charging us more for "organic" foods. And yet, many of us are not aware that "organic" doesn't necessarily mean safer, nor does it make for nutritionally superior food, which is more a function of the nutrients available in the soil in which the food is grown than the label on the package. A great first step would be to approach certification from the standpoint of asking what is best for all in terms of the practices allowed. If we wouldn't apply those practices to growing our own food, it should be unacceptable to produce food in such ways.

A major tool we have for changing consumer choice and thus shaping the production side of things is by guaranteeing a living income for all people. When all consumers have sufficient money to be able to consistently choose the best food available to feed themselves, that will result in a major increase in the amount of healthy food purchased. This will, in turn, encourage increased production of healthy food.

Investigate the Living Income Guaranteed Proposal today to learn more about the economic policy that will shape the future of consumer choice and allow us to lead healthy lives.

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Postby tylersr » 13 May 2015, 13:55

People Fear Their Own Self-Expression

i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear my own self-expression.
i forgive myself for not allowing myself to not realize that fearing my own self-expression implies that I have separated myself from my own self-expression, here.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to separate myself from my own self-expression.
i forgive myself that i have accepted and allowed myself to fear separating myself from my own self-expression here.
i forgive myself for not allowing myself to explore the memory dimension related to separating myself from my own self-expression, where the entire existence of drugs within/as my reality can be used to justify participating in the experience of myself as separate from myself. I realize that I have created my reality in such a way as to be influenced by this belief, made possible because of/justified by drugs, that I can separate myself from my self.

Thus, I forgive myself for accepting and allowing me to control me through drugs.
i forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to fear controlling me through drugs.
i forgive myself for not allowing myself to remember that I created the fear of controlling me through drugs through hearing that it was possible to induce psychosis through/as taking psychedelic drugs.
i forgive myself for not allowing myself to thus realize that, since I created this memory of psychedlic drugs as being ‘dangerous’, I have then developed a fear of negative consequential reactions to taking psychedelic drugs. Interestingly enough, by not speaking this fear and not communicating it to anyone, I have suppressed it in such a way as to ensure that I actually attracted the reality of an insane reaction to psychedelic drugs.
It is said that what you resist persists, but what does that mean in this context? What it means is that, those fears based on memories of the past that one keeps inside one, perhaps even going so far as to have a gradient of fears with certain categorized as ‘threatening your mortality’ and others ‘simple frights’, those memories then combine to create a mind-consciousness program that occupies multiple dimensions of ones beingness-participation. The actual scary part, if there was one, would be that, one one allows the mind consciousness system to take over one’s life, the personalities that compose it include behavioral dimensions.

What is the behavioral dimension?
If one considers the complex mind consciousness system that directs one’s participation in reality when one has abdicated that responsibility, one may have an image of a multitude of personality programs occupying the same multi-dimensional entity = the mind. While we spend much of our lives ignorant of the nature and content of this mind consciousness system, Desteni is proud to present its investigations into this system, identifying and describing in detail the contents of this multi-personality system.

Let’s start first by defining a personality system. A personality system is initiated by a memory as a reaction to/towards someone/something in one’s reality. From the point of entrance of that memory into one’s mind consciousness system, what then builds is a multi-dimensional personality system that may be composed of thoughts, feelings, emotions, fears, memories, and behavior patterns. In this case, the behavioral system would be characterized by those physical behaviors one participates in within one’s reality.

What I’m talking about here is, if, for example, the Personality System you are investigating in your writing is based upon a Memory that you hold within you in which you were doing something that you didn’t like just to please someone else. Over time, you can then have a look at how this initial memory has, like, evolved into something that permeates your conscious and subconscious life so extensively that, for some, it may be difficult to even detect that you are participating in a system that causes one to participate in the same patterns over, and over, and over again. Thus, the behavioral dimension is completed where, because no one in your reality is seeming to validate, care about the fact that no one has filled the gap in your life you left when you abdicated responsibility for your own self-creation, you go to remarkable lengths to make your behavior match up with what you believe will impress them.

Suddenly, one may realize that they have been stuck in a pattern (a repeating set of behaviors) that together constitutes the behavioral dimension of the People Pleaser Character, all initiated by a Memory you Have of doing something you didn’t like for someone. One can then dive into that character, go deeper, and discover that, in actuality, the whole Reason why you started to learn to participate in the people pleaser character was because of the positive energy one received when: the person whom you tried to please responded positively, and you reacted to their positive response with positive feeling experiences in your own body/being, or, if that doesn’t happen, when you generate energy as you, for example, go into the Imagination Dimension of your People Pleaser Character within which you imagine yourself as superior to someone whom you’ve done something nice for but you’ve come to believe doesn’t ‘appreciate’ you, thus experiencing positive energy within comparison as Mind.

So, What’s the Point of Identifying Character Dimensions?
Getting back to my original example with a fear of going crazy from psychedelic drugs, that was all based upon a fear I had created when, say, my mother warned me of going crazy from psychedelic drugs. I felt pressured to keep up with my friends who were using psychedelic drugs and so suppressed my fears of going crazy with them despite allowing myself to fall into quite unstable experiences while under their influence. Never did I make the realization that, the more one focuses on/experiences/thinks about a certain possibility, the more likely it is for that thing to manifest in reality.

So, when I didn’t release my fear of psychedelic drugs to my friends (who I wanted to think I was cool enough to ‘handle’ them) or my parents, from whom I hid the reality of my participation with them, I actually created an opening for this fear to permeate my reality, taking over in subconscious behavior patterns and other effects that actually led me to the complete and utter surrender of myself to the delusion of self-inflicted psychosis.

This is actually something that has struck me about certain homeless people some may define as mentally ill. In nearly every case (except where the dislocation of the being from/as his or her lifeforce is severe), it is possible to actually ‘see’ the being within themselves. They may not hold a job and they may talk to themselves, but when you really look into their eyes, you see a being just like any other being in reality. Even when the being him/herself has their strange desire to exist within/as the mental reality of psychosis, and continues abusing drugs and relationships to maintain this separation from/as life, the being is still there, some part of who that person REALLY is still exists within them.

BY identiying this fear of going crazy on psychedelic drugs as a memory in my Character Program within and as my mind consciousness system, I have now seized the root of the entire Personality System: I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be controlled from this single point of constructing a personality of a people pleaser from that memory I had where I did’t speak up about the dog vomit in my boot because I didn’t want my mother to become upset.

From here, I can move on to identify other dimensions of this personality system that have since developed as a direct response to holding onto instead of directing the memory as it came up within and as me.

For example, I have developed a belief that I must remain perfect in my application of myself in my reality. This perfection personality is related to the people pleaser personality, because it includes wanting to make sure to please people perfectly.

Thus, we have here two competing personality systems: one based upon pleasing people and the other based on being absolutely perfect in all manifestations of myself. They feed each other, but what’s important to see, realize, and understand, is that these programs’ primary purpose, the entire point of their creation, was to trap me in a constant movement from negative to positive polarities. By pleasing people, I can receive positive energy. By receiving this positive energy, I don’t have to face the negative energy that constitutes the real deeper parts of this personality program in my mind: the negative energy actually is what drives the majority of beings’ mind consciousness systems: it is the STARTING POINT, if you will of all mind consciousness sytem programs: the negative. And yet, we are so conditioned to fear the negative, fear investigating it, fear dealing into our participation within and as it, so as to completely miss how and to what extent this fear program has taken over our entire participation in reality. For, it is deep in our beings, inaccessible to us, where each personality program cleverly connecets with all the others to form the matrix that dominates our participation in physical reality.

Yes, each part of the mind consciousness system is deliberately placed to feed and reinforce the continued existence of all the other parts. I mentioned how the perfectionist personality feeds the people pleaser personality. Now imagine you have more personalities, more dimensions of those personalities that make up this mind consciousness system within and as you. With each of those parts directly or indirectly reinforcing others, simultaneously existing within you as different points around which the mind fixates itself in the constant swinging back and forth between positive and negative.

Have a look at Suppression: here, were it can get really severe, and turn into Depression. What’s especially interesting about Depression is that the positive feelings that some experience themselves as within the mind consciousness system actually become suppressed over time to such an extent that the person no longer experiences themselves as these positive feelings. Instead, they are occupied with thoughts and negative emotions. Not receiving the proper reaction to this situation from his external reality (because literally no one has been trained to react to such a situation) the person than reacts to their own reactions as thoughts and emotions within the experience of an intense negative emotion: Depression where the only places ‘to go’ are between thoughts: useless short experiences that often time are left to remain unaligned with physical reality and thus serve only to distract a person from being effective in their self-application within themselves within this world, and emotions: negative energies like loneliness, sadness, and anger that are ‘closer’ and therefore ‘feel’ more like negative experiences. This participation eventually creates negative consequences that the being then reacts to (negatively or neutrally but never practically or even energetically positively). This is essentially “doing nothing about the consequences of participating in an mind consciousness system that one did not understand”. This creates further consequences and eventually what happens is that the initial negative aspects of the mind consciousness system that initiated the development of this whole personality program with its behavior dimension, serve as the initiator of this whole Depression experience such that one little thought of fear or memory has now blown up to such an extent that you’ve now actually created the negative external conditions one most fears. Depression is simply reacting to your own failure to create a reality that works for you.

The solution for Depression is then to investigate it: what are the thoughts and emotions experienced? What are the Memories associated with a particular behavioral pattern of, for example, Sleeping In or Never Going Out? You will always find that the root of the program is, however, a Memory. All other aspects of a Personality Program are built around this Memory, which is nothing more than a Generator.
Yes, this single memory, when it comes into being within your mind consciousness system, immediately creates positive and negative energy experiences within and as your beingness. You have positive feeling reactions to this memory, for example, while also holding onto negative emotional reactions such as abhorrence, hatred, resentment, fear.

Allow yourself to investigate the negative and positive emotions and feelings around this memory: how did it make you feel? What emotions did it generate within you?

The History of a Memory
Then, you move onto the history of this memory: How has it developed. In other words, since your initial polarity charging of your mind consciousness system from and as this Memory, you have then created consequences in your reality based upon acting upon this Positive Feelings or Negative Emotions related to the Memory. If, for example, you were working like me with the memory of the fear of going crazy on psychedelic drugs, the negative emotions you encounter include fear of ending up in a psychiatric hospital permanently unaware of your complete psychosis to the worry about the worry and fear you might generate in your mother. So, you would forgive yourself specifically on those emotions and feelings for coming up inside of you and then move on, asking yourself: how did this memory evolve over time as these emotions and feelings created behavior reactions such as either craving/seeking/thinking about drugs or actively avoiding them when, for example, a fear dimension possessed me where I feared the consequences of taking drugs and so temporarily swore them off. So, really get into: how has this memory evolved. Depending upon the age and the intensity of the Memory, one may have an extensive or not so developed “program” around this memory. Some Memories become parts of programs that affect our daily living on the conscious level while others may have less clear influences in our lives. By deliberately seeking to become conscious of these dimensions of the personality system within and as you as who you are, accomplished through structured writing about them, one is gifting oneself to these previous subconscious or even unconscious aspects of one’s mind consciousness system: granting yourself a VIP pass into the backstage of yourself, where all the dark, dirty secrets you’ve allowed yourself to accumulate over time operates.

For those who haven’t already, I suggest you try the DIP Lite- FREE online course w/ Buddy in which you learn about the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and memories that make up our mind conscious system, a system only good for generate and experiencing energies and which, if left unchecked, can continue to wreak havoc on one’s life and living. In this course you learn to work with these aspects of oneself in the first step to becoming a self-willed cocreator of reality.
From there, I’d check out the 7 Year Journey to Life Blogs where people from all over the world share their processes of self-forgiveness and self-correction.

If you get a chance, check out EQAFE- the online marketplace for Self-Perfection Products with many FREE downloads.

Also follow @LivingIncome on twitter or follow Economist’s Journey to Life to learn more about economic solutions in a world seized by Greed.


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Postby tylersr » 30 Oct 2016, 12:46

Charity & Profit-Seeking: Two Sides of the Same Coin

Throughout its investigations of the world system, one of the most interesting points I hadn't previously considered that Desteni exposed is the dark side of Charity. This is not to say that organizations working to alleviate the world's problems aren't meaning to do good work. Rather, within exploring the nature of polarity inherent in the money/ego-system of the world, it's to realize that charity as it exists today: where wealthy people give money to attempt to solve problems mostly affecting those without money, is part of a feedback loop that need not exist if only the world were set up to prevent diseases, war, and destruction caused by the pursuit of profit as survival.

In short, Charity exists only because of the unequal distribution of wealth: if everyone were provided with sufficient income to be empowered to choose a life path that didn't contribute to the destruction of nature and people, a lot of the problems charity seeks to fix would no longer be reproduced.

Recent media coverage of seeming collusion between the charitable Clinton Health Access Initiative and pharmaceutical companies that produce drugs used to treat AIDS is a prime example of how profit-seeking creates charities and vice-versa. In a leaked e-mail, an agent for the Clinton charity was speaking out against efforts to bring awareness to the need to lower US AIDS drugs prices. The implication here is that both the Clinton charity stands to benefit from artificially high AIDS drugs prices in the United States. This is because the Clinton charity's ability to provide low-cost AIDS drugs in non-US countries (and reap the rewards of the positive image this creates) relied upon pharmaceutical companies' ability to inflate US AIDS drug prices to cover the cost of providing low-cost AIDS drugs to the charity for distribution in "poor countries."

This is just one example. Another would be how charities that help people ravaged by war are necessitated by the actions of weapons corporations seeking to make a profit off of the exact type of violence such charities are cleaning up after. Corporations that profit of environmental destruction breed charities that clean up that destruction. The list goes on.

This is why we must work towards implementing a new world order based upon the principle of providing equal access to necessary resources for everyone. It starts with guaranteeing a basic income for all.

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Postby tylersr » 10 Apr 2020, 23:42

Is Piling Hate on Trump Really the Solution?

Ever since the people of this country slowly realized that Donald Trump was actually going to be our president, there has been a massive outpouring of hateful rhetoric aimed at the man. In actuality, most of us have never met the person and our reactions to his presence are based upon media representations that usually align with some form of bias or another, for better or worse.

I think the real issue with the way we talk about Trump has less to do with who he actually is as a person and more with our country's injudicious tradition of placing outsize expectations on a single man within a single organization to solve whatever gigantically complicated problem our fickle minds conjure and that we have no intention to solve ourselves.

It is a tradition based upon our identity as self-reliant go-getters: we expect the most powerful one among us to single-handedly solve whatever problem presents itself to our country of 330 million people. Meanwhile, the country itself has become increasingly complicated and beset by ever-larger problems, with the population of the U.S. having increased by nearly 50% (or over 100 million people) over the last 40 years.

How soon we forget that Barack Obama, and George Bush before him, were held to the same unrealistic standards and subject to the same sort of vitriol.


While we've been spewing hatred towards whichever president we didn't vote for over the past 20, 40, or more years, how many among us have actually instituted real changes that are best for the entire country?

While we've been repeating talking points broadcast by news corporations, how may of us have been building more resilient food systems, investing ourselves in enterprises that support the long-term health of the people of our country, or building political networks that will facilitate these sorts of changes?

Many of us have done nothing more than mentally masturbate with the temporary good feelings that come from verbally putting down men we will never meet and the pressing issues of our country have remained unsolved.

Our education and upbringing have done us no favors. We've not been trained to be effective individuals, rather ones that are easily influenced, manipulated, and molded by "authoritative" figures who themselves have been misguided. Rather than being able to make an actual difference, most of us have been destined to propagate the sins of our fathers, doing nothing about the problems of our society until we are compelled to impotently whimper acrimonious insults towards those we unfairly have charged with doing something for real.


Desteni is a group of people who have researched and exposed the actual state of the human being through asking why and how we have become powerless hate-spewers as opposed to responsible human beings.

Destonians have discovered that there are two main roots to the evil of our society: our minds and money.

Unfortunately, our participation within our minds supports the money system and the money system supports us to remain in our minds in powerlessness.

By learning the nature of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, and how we allow ourselves to be possessed by them within competition, jealousy, anger, and self-serving yet fleeting experiences of joy, happiness, and gratification, we can forgive ourselves for them, stop participating in them, and commit ourselves to change our participation in this world.

Similarly, by exposing the corruption and abuse within the money system, we can forgive ourselves for participating within these abusive systems, stop participating in them, and commit ourselves to build new systems such as a Living Income Guaranteed.


By stopping participating in abusive thoughts, feelings, and emotions, we can for the first time stop abusing ourselves. This, in turn, will allow us to take a moment to step back and stop participating in the abusive Money system which externalizes that self-abuse onto others.

What this will bring us is as yet still unknown: we've never reached a point where we stop reproducing the conditions of abuse which have characterized human society since the beginning of recorded history.

But, rather than inadequately yelling at our televisions while nothing changes and everything gets worse, it's not difficult to imagine the type of world we can build when we are purified of corrupt thoughts and external structures designed to suppress and deny us our full potential.

For more info on Self Forgiveness and Self Honesty, check out DIP Lite

Check out Desteni.org

Check out EQAFE- Every questioned answered for everyone

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Postby tylersr » 23 Jun 2020, 08:27

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone: Problem-Solution-Reward

With news of shootings in Seattle's 'autonomous zone' sparking vigorous debate over the legitimacy of such erections, with supporters doubling down on their calls for defunding the police and adversaries pointing to the violence as proof of the dangers of self-policing, as someone who has lived in such an encampment during the Occupy protests and saw the decentralized form of governance 'at work', I have a perspective. It might not be popular to say, with all form of digital activist virtue signaling in support of this occupation and denouncement of established governmental structures, but I have yet to see any proof of such 'movements' producing any sort of meaningful change.

Whether it is the recent shootings or the spread of disease as seen during the Occupy 'movements' of the past, it is inarguable that hastily assembled autonomous zones are as ill-equipped to deal with the problems that arise within their borders as the governments they seek to replace were in dealing with the original issues that spurred their creation. From my experience as well as reading about the current 'autonomous zones', there are a few problems that none of these assemblies have successfully addressed.

First, the phrase 'autonomous zone' is a misnomer, as few if any of these people are actually the directive principles of themselves. Whether or not they choose to 'recognize' an official government structure does nothing to change the fact many are incapable of directing themselves effectively on a breath-by-breath basis. Instead, emotions and feelings often mix with group dynamics to create chaos and instability. The result is that progress in enacting solutions is a pained process prone to break down each time crisis arises, eerily similar to the reality before the autonomous zone was created.

Secondly, just because people are angry with the way things have been going doesn't mean they are righteous in their words or opinions or beliefs. In my experience, there were so few people informed on alternative solutions in economics, health care, or education to name a few problem areas that giving them voices during decentralized decision making processes was mostly, to be frank, just a waste of time. The level of deschooling and re-education that must take place before people are properly empowered to make meaningful change is monumental and a dirty, chaotic encampment without electricity and now shootings is about the worst place to go about doing that for oneself.

Thirdly, to get to the issue of police, or lack thereof, yes, protecting the elite while spiting others is an unacceptable function of police, but when the zones created to replace policed areas become as dangerous as the police themselves, you've simply replaced one problem with another. Until solutions are implemented with create the effect of a stable society where human rights are upheld for all, inequality and the problems of jealousy and resentment that lead to crime are going to continue existing. Unfortunately, the people with the big guns when others aren't allowed to have them are the ones who are going to be effective in stopping this sort of violence. And in no feasible reality are millions of elites going to give up the protection of their property that is afforded by the police to live in so-called 'self-policed' zones which have repeatedly shown they are incapable of preventing violence or enforcing acceptable standards of living for their occupants.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

For all the news stories generated and arguments in favor or against 'autonomous zones', millions of people still go without food, water, or shelter, and the main reason is that people haven't put in the work necessary to become effective human beings in this world. Without understanding how the mind in fact functions and our propensity to become directed by thoughts, feelings, and emotions instead of considering and being effective in enacting practical changes, we are doomed to continue manifesting consequences despite our best 'intentions' to create a different reality.

Personally, I have learned so much about the nature and function of thoughts, feelings, and the various other components of my own mind through Desteni and specifically by walking the Desteni 'I' Process Lite course where you are offered Free buddy support. The key principle here is to always bring it back to Self-Responsibility and looking for and understanding one's own responsibility for the way things appear to be. Through repetition and practical application, I have learned to no longer let my Mind Control Me, but to ensure Common Sense is always considered in my self-application.

Furthermore, while certain small segments and Desteni themselves have promoted a basic income since I discovered them nearly 10 years ago, only now are movements towards guaranteeing human rights within our political and economic systems gaining some traction, with presidential candidates like Andrew Yang and politicians in many countries finally voicing support for a basic income. However, much education and research remains to be done on the subject of practical solutions based in equality and oneness for all life.

The implementation of a basic income guarantee will immediately eradicate poverty and with it remove much of the incentive for crime and disease-creation currently being reproduced within poor communities. The more people empowered to make decisions based on what is best for all rather than self-interest limited within the spectrum of survival and greed, the better our world will become. Without external coercion contaminating the creative energy of the human, just imagine what's possible for the human race!

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