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Marriage to sporting teams

I feel like I’ve been married to certain teams in my life. This is in regards to sporting teams. For me, my marriage to specific sporting teams happened generally when growing up. For me it was based on my parents interest in sport and a team/teams that they were also married to. For me the choice of marriage to a sporting team has also been linked to my geographic location, and for reasons that I’d more easily be able to see that sporting team at the actual venue which would generally be not too far from where I lived.

Over the years, already, I was not as into these marriages. I still followed these teams every now and then, but recently I was over it.

It was during some tough moments in my life of feeling down and despondent, that upon recovery from those moments, I realised some things I could change in my life to be happier and more content, and one of these things was my choice to no longer be married to any sporting teams.

I’m not saying these marriages were directly a cause for my despondency, but more accurately it was about me making choices and choosing things to do in my life that I enjoyed more. So, I changed some things around in my life.

It felt like a big deal to me with the choice of breaking off the sporting team marriage because these followings have been with me for so long and I was generally raised on them, and often I was very passionate about these teams etc, so it did seem like a big move to me to tell myself that I no longer wanted to involve myself with these teams or any teams.

I had no influence on these teams, nor on the players. To respond in whatever way based on the performance of a team that I had no means of influencing - it seemed pointless. I’d rather respond accordingly to things in my life that I can at least control, or have some form of control/influence. Things that I can direct in my life. In recent years I was a lot less emotionally connected to these team-based marriages, but I still would respond in some ways to the success or failures of the teams.

I wanted to put my focus and interests on other hobbies and things I could do in my life. As I said, things I could control/influence/direct. And so if and when I see something that needs to be changed or altered, I can actually DO that which is very empowering, and a LOT more empowering than following a team and in many ways riding on every move they make for better or for worse. This has also helped me with accountability and me being accountable for what I do and how I change things in my life. Not looking outside of myself or externally, and instead seeing what I can do in my power to make a difference in my life.

So, that’s that. Sure, I can still admire sports people/teams and the skill etc on show, but I’m done following all of that. I can use my time more wisely and effectively on things I can direct, and thus change, alter, and improve. If I was actually a player on that team or in sport, then of course I’d be in control, but that is not the case.
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