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Postby Matti Freeman » 16 Jun 2011, 04:45

MatterFreeMan - my main blog

Equality Research - my other blog

Equal Money Ends Poverty - my blog on poverty and equal money

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 25 Jul 2011, 04:25

Go Beyond Psychology ... ology.html

Sigmund Freud was one of the fathers of modern psychology, having developed psychodynamics which is the exploration of the dynamics of what is perceived to be the psychological forces behind human behavior. Psychodynamic theory is the basis of psychoanalysis, which is a popular form of therapy among human beings.

Psychologists are defined as the authorities on human behavior, and are perceived to have the ability to give us the 'answers' to the problems of conflict and distress we experience within ourselves in our thoughts, emotions, and feelings.

I've just read that Freud smoked about twenty cigars a day for the majority of his life. When his doctor advised him to quit, he attempted to, but experienced such extreme depression and mood swings that he began smoking again to escape his unpleasant experience.

Funny how someone who's theories are applied in therapy to help people, was unable to assist and support himself to understand and stop his own emotional turmoil, which he suppressed with smoking.

The thing that is missing in psychology, is actual Self-Understanding, actual Self-Realization and Seeing of what is happening inside Self, and how it came to be there, which then enables one to give effective direction to what one uncover's within Self...
Read the rest of the post HERE ... ology.html

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 06 Aug 2011, 20:59

MarsWater and the Game of Madness ... dness.html

...Oneness and Equality is such a simple realization. The problem is we've been brainwashed from birth by those who came before us and who have replicated themselves generation after generation, passing on the sins of the past - teaching us to follow the SIgNs of the PAst -- brainwashed to not see ourselves as LIFE - but merely as a limited system that must do what it takes to survive and WIN in the system that is here currently...

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 10 Aug 2011, 03:57

Brainwashed to not see Equality ... ality.html

What is an easy way to see that we as human beings have been brainwashed to become slaves that support the existence of inequality in this world - which benefits those who have the control of money in this world?

Simple -- all you have to do is look at the way Equality has been defined in this world. Let's look at communism. People actually believe that communism has something to do with Equality. But let's just take a look at all the countries in this world that have ever utilized a communist system. What has existed in these countries?

Wealthy elites.
Theft of money.

So, where is the Equality?
The Desteni message is to recognize and honor Life that is Equal in All - All who are One Here on Earth, from the Earth -- and to base how we participate as a whole, as the world, as Humanity, on the consideration of what is best for all -- not leaving any one being out of the equation.

However, in looking at the short list above - we can see that Equality as the message of Desteni, the message of doing what is best for all, of honoring Life -- is nowhere to be found. Equality within communism has simply functioned within the context of the survival and preservation of an individual country / nation / state -- wherein, those who governed the country, were not in fact considering Equality as Life -- but were only considering Equality as a system of how to more logically ensure the survival / preservation of an individual nation / country / state -- in other words, a really big personality / ego defining Equality within the context of how best to survive as an ego = not in fact taking into consideration Life as that which is Equal in All -- within which, one would then consider what is best for All -- not just one country, and not just humans -- but ALL beings: Human, Animal, Plant.

We've been brainwashed because we've been taught to associate Equality with things like communism -- never actually considering Equality for ourselves within applying simple Common Sense to what is Here -- which is ourselves, all One here on the Earth, from the Earth.

The Equal Money System is a system based on the recognition of Equality as Life - Life that is within Each part of the Whole -- and within this equating what is practically required to be in place in order to best facilitate an effective, supportive, dignified, functional life experience for all beings on Earth.
These practical equations and considerations are what we at Desteni are currently busy with, as a group - a group that stand as One, and as Equals, as Life -- that stand for a world that is best for All -- and for the end of all systems that benefit only a few while disregarding most beings in this world -- we stand for the end of how we've allowed ourselves to be brainwashed to continually accept and allow abuse through accepted inequality and self interest to exist and be carried out daily in this world -- which is obvious if you just take a look at what goes on daily in this world with all the conflict, war, suffering and debate about "how to fix the problems" while a solution is never reached. A solution is never reached because the actual source, origin point of all the world's, all of Humanity's problems, has never been considered.
We've never taken responsibility to have a Self Honest look at ourselves and the WORDS, the DEFINITIONS we are currently living which form the basis of all areas of how we participate with each other here on Earth. We've been merely using the same old knowledge over and over again to accumulate in yet more and more abuse and destruction and conflict!

As Destonians, we've taken a look at ourselves and come to terms with the fact that yes, we have in fact been brainwashed from birth by those who taught us -- and how it is our responsibility to redefine the words we are using as the basis of how we live, taking into consideration what is in fact Best for All.
With the Equal Money System, we've redefined Money, redefined Value, redefined Living, redefined Work, redefined Benefit, redefined Survival, redefined Worth -- within what is best for All. We are literally writing a new world, through re-writing ourselves -- only this time, we are writing words which can stand infinitely as that which only accumulates what is best for All -- as that which never leaves Life out of the equation.

If you are ready to stop your brainwashing and write yourself to freedom, rebirthing yourself as a new being that in fact Lives for Life and can start acting in a way that will support the establishment of a New system for a New World, then join Desteni I Process and investigate Equal Money.

Thank you.

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 10 Aug 2011, 14:35

My experiences with Desteni ... steni.html

Why did I join Desteni? What does "joining Desteni" even mean really?

When I look back at my experience, "joining Desteni" literally consisted of me starting to write out the thoughts and experiences I am having throughout my day, and starting to see the structure of where my thoughts are coming from - what is triggering them, what beliefs and definitions are behind them, and then applying Self Forgiveness -- within understanding that thoughts are in fact not who I really am, but merely functioning as a preprogrammed system that I have accepted and allowed to exist within myself. When I began applying Self Forgiveness, I started stopping thoughts. I started stopping my mind. I did the same with every reaction, every fear, every movement of feeling or emotions that would arise within me during the day. Because, what did I actually do first, as my first "Act of joining Desteni" -- I started breathing. Well, I had always been breathing, but I had just never noticed. Why? Because I was in my mind the whole time -- in my thoughts, consumed, possessed by thoughts, feelings, and emotions.
Now I came across these people saying "hellooo!!! Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not who you really are! They are a preprogrammed system you have accepted and allowed to exist within you, as you, that control and possess you in every way, to the point where you are not even aware of each breath in every moment! You are not even HERE in your body in every moment, but are actually off in multiple alternate mind-reality dimensions. And what are you actually thinking about? Fears, anxieties, desires, fantasies, nasty stuff, imagining stuff, pretending stuff, making yourself feel stuff. You are creating a multidimentional alternate, virtual reality within yourself through this system called the Mind! A Mind Consciousness System!

Now, it was suggested that one bring oneself back HERE to the breath - the in, and out - in every moment, to begin becoming aware of allllllllll the movements of mind taking place literally in every moment, a constant stream of thoughts, feelings, and emotions TRIGGERED by things! And then to look at the shocking fact that I actually physically move my body and participate in my reality as DIRECTED BY / CONTROLLED BY these thoughts, feelings, reactions, emotions that just ARISE as TRIGGERED within me! I mean -- I immediately saw the shocking absurdity of this within myself! I mean, HERE I was now all of a sudden, breathing for the first time in my life -- well, you know, being AWARE of each BREATH for the first time in my life, actually standing HERE in every moment as this SILENT space within myself, this SILENT, STILL PRESENCE of AWARENESS HERE -- that has always been HERE which I never noticed, and literally looking at these "things" appearing within myself, possessing me for a moment, and then leaving. Only to return when the same trigger point is encountered again as I am walking my day!

So, Desteni shared perspectives on the nature of how the Mind is actually a preprogrammed SYSTEM designed to enslave beings within a self-accepted, limited existence as merely an energy source for this system of thoughts, feelings, and emotions that just functions as a robot basically.

I mean, I realized I have been this walking robot my whole life -- going where my thoughts, fears, resistances, reactions, feelings and emotions told me to go. And it was suggested to look at the fact that I am HERE, and that----hey, we are each HERE the same, and that -- whoah -- common sense is that -- who I really am is Life -- is a being that is HERE and has been HERE this whole time, but, "dormant" in a way - as the mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions had completely "taken over" and ME as the silence, the stillness, the awareness, the presence of HERE in every moment of breath, was suppressed as I was possessed by my mind as this personality I had become.

I mean, I realized -- who I really am is not thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Simplistically. And through Desteni I was able to read about and hear about the experiences of other human beings who had also realized this and been applying themselves with self forgiveness to literally stop and delete the mind as the preprogrammed system that has been accepted and allowed to be believed is "who we really are".

So, since I saw for myself that my mind as thoughts, feelings, and emotions is in fact - NOT who I really am, and had already proven to myself that Self Forgiveness and breathing actually are quite effective in stopping the mind and returning to myself HERE in every moment of breath -- my life changed. Because, the more I began applying self forgiveness and understanding the ins and outs of my mind through writing myself to freedom, the more I began to see that: I have never lived. I have only existed as a system directed by the mind. So, I myself began changing in ways that I could not have conceived of through my mind in the past -- because, as I began stopping my mind -- I began emerging more as ME, HERE -- able to actually EXPRESS myself and LIVE myself in every moment -- actually participating as MYSELF HERE in every moment, instead of being CONTROLLED by a system called the mind!

Really quite a fascinating experience that is not able to be comprehended or 'dreamt up' in the mind, as the mind is merely a program based on information and knowledge that has in fact come from someone else and is thus only just the past. Whereas, as I began STOPPING the mind, and emerging more as ME, HERE -- for the first time seeing my reality, seeing this world, seeing other beings, seeing what is going on in existence, I began seeing, experiencing, realizing, that which is not based on the past - that which is not based on knowledge and information -- because, it is just ME -- me directly understanding myself, directly understanding what is going on, how I have created myself as this human being, here in this life, here on Earth. And, what is cool about being HERE as the breath, HERE as that which is HERE and remains HERE -- I can let go of all knowledge and information - I can let go and just be HERE. Here where I am actually blank, empty, silent, still - and yet STILL HERE, with ALL that is HERE - seeing all that is HERE -- and seeing that, who I am actually affects what is HERE -- what I accept and allow in myself, as myself - affects what is HERE, because what I am accepting and allowing to exist in myself, I am accepting and allowing to exist HERE -- HERE in everyone else. Thus, I saw the simple point of my responsibility within Equality and Oneness -- I saw how we have created what is HERE to become the world that it is today, filled with conflict, abuse, suffering, confusion, people that do not understand why or how they are here or what is going on, greed, corruption, poverty, starvation, war, deception, fear, survival, death, pain, torture -- all ONE and EQUAL to our initial accepted and allowed starting point of ourselves as SEPARATION -- with each actually fundamentally as themselves HERE standing in separation of All as One as Equal Here -- standing in isolation, which is exactly what the MIND is a manifestation of -- it is how we have manifested ourselves as a result of our separation. Becoming merely an isolated entity existing only within our heads as these ghostly thoughts that haunt us in every moment - yet we actually believe we ARE thoughts only! We've separated ourselves from ourselves as Life as All as One as Equal to become these systems of thoughts, feelings, and emotions - which function as energetic patterns that repeat, over and over again systematically -- and which are obviously shaped by factors in our environment as we are born into this world and begin to grow up. We learn to think, and we are taught to participate in and create systems within ourselves by those who came before us, who already were existing as these systems. So -- that's what I realized when I began listening to the Desteni material and then looked at my own life and experience. I realized - I was just HERE in the physical reality, in my body, breathing when I was born - and then gradually as I got older I was taught to create systems in myself, and gradually defined myself more and more according to systems, until I ended up "all grown up" completely separated from ME, HERE in the physical, as the breath, in my body - to become this entity of thoughts, feelings, and emotions, existing in my head -- where my body was now controlled by these systems. I was in essence, removed from the equation and replaced with this cloned robot, that was programmed to create and participate in systems within myself through and as the mind, according to the instruction of those in my environment who taught me. I mean, I was literally brainwashed.

And I started to see what I had not been considering, not been noticing, not been seeing during my life as a brainwashed system robot -- I was not considering the massive suffering and abuse existing in this world! I was not considering the beings in this world as One and Equal with Me Here, as we are all Here Equal and One in the Physical in every moment of breath, but rather was shut up inside my head, looking "out" at the world from within my own "inner world" of problems, desires, wants, dreams, hopes, feelings, emotions, etc. I was "busy" apparently "living my life" and wondering things like, "how can I get more money", and "why do I get angry", and "how can I get a relationship to have sex", and just constantly thinking about stuff all the time, totally occupied within my own mental world -- never actually considering another being, never actually considering myself even, and I was just a system, as I had suppressed myself in fact, as I became this system.

When I found Desteni and joined others in applying myself with the tools of Self Honesty, Self Writing, Breathing, Self Forgiveness, Self Corrective Application -- when I realized "oh shit, I am HERE and have suppressed myself to become this system", and then began dismantling the mind, stopping the mind through breathing and self forgiveness, I literally became the solution to all my problems. All my problems of inner struggle, confusion, conflict, emotional turmoil, etc.. Because, I was finally able to understand these things, these experiences, as what they really are -- which is just a programmed, systematic experience of energy that I created, accepted, and allowed within myself through and as the Mind Consciousness System.

Basically, I found inner peace gradually - because as I began deleting this thing called the mind which had been possessing me, I began to emerge as Who I really am as Life, Here in every moment of Breath in Self Honesty, Self Support, Self Stability, Self Trust, Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Nurturing. And I began to, for the first time in my life, actually express myself. I began to express what I was seeing in myself, and in this world I am in, Here with all other beings.

I began making videos, songs, writings, exposing and taking apart the problems of this world, the problems of massive abuse and suffering that is accepted and allowed in this world, because I had begun to see within myself, how we had created ourselves to become these things which harm each other -- through suppressing ourselves as who we really are as Equals, as One, as Life, to become these things called the Mind that exist in complete separation of each other, of what is here, that are merely trying to survive and fulfill our energetic needs and addictions as feelings and emotions, through holding in place certain relationships in our live, and earning money to physically survive and "have a life". I mean, I began to see that our entire current world system / money system is based on supporting only the MIND -- supporting only SEPARATION, I mean, only in complete separation can beings stand by and allow starvation to exist, war to exist, rape to exist, violence to exist, and say that apparently "I can do nothing and I am not responsible", as they continue to daily accept and allow the current system to continue, within which such atrocities continue daily, perpetrated by, and accepted and allowed by, human beings existing as programmed, Mind Consciousness robots.

Since 2008 I have been participating in my world in a different way than I did in the past. I am not longer trying to seek fulfillment of self interest according to the specific mind-program I was previously possessed by, but am standing up for All Life, standing for the end of all abuse, all separation in this world -- standing for the solution as us taking Responsibility for what we have created as ourselves, as this world, and changing ourselves - stopping the mind and emerging as who we really are, as Life, as Equals, as One -- to no longer harm and abuse each other through existing in apparent separation of each other, but to honor each other, and establish a new world where we do what is Best for All and make this world the place it should be - which is actually Heaven on Earth. Whereas now, we have Hell on Earth. A Hell of separation. A HELL of the mind.

I am not interested in allowing HELL to continue. And neither is any other Destonian.
We have become the solution to all problems in our own lives, the solution to all inner hells of the mind, through taking Self Responsibility and stopping the mind with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness. And we stand to bring about a real solution to the current HELLISH world system / money system which support the HELL of the mind to continue. We stand for an Equal Money system, a system that will end the atrocities of poverty and starvation. A system that will no longer allow people to abuse in the name of self interest.

It takes people that have changed themselves, to change this world. And this is exactly what a Destonian is. A Human Being that is changing themselves -- to be able to bring about a change in this world. We are in fact being the change we wish to see in this world. Because, we have finally realized in exact specificity exactly HOW the world must change. It must change in a way that is Best for All. Thus, we end all separation and self interest within ourselves, and are changing ourselves into beings that in fact Do what is Best for All -- within the realization that, in doing what is best for all, then I am actually doing what is best for ME.

End your possession.
End the inner hell.
Establish Self Support in changing the way you are living, so that your actions can daily accumulate towards a new world that is best for all and bring about an end of all abuse and suffering once and for all, through standing Equal and One with All, HERE as who we really are as LIFE, Here in this physical reality called Earth, to stop being a mere power source for a programmed system called the mind, and to start LIVING, and EXPRESSING, as a REAL BEING that will actually remain eternally HERE -- not as the source for a programmed, limited system, but as the SOURCE -- as LIFE

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 17 Aug 2011, 10:32

The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity is not necessary ... s-not.html

The ‘physical reality’ of scarcity has been created by us as an outflow /side effect of our inequality based globally accepted systems of value

the physical reality could be us living together in support of the whole / group — wherein, our value system is based on valuing life and thus structuring all systems around how to best support each being to live effectively

I realize these concepts are pretty much impossible for the average human being to comprehend, as you have been taught everything by those who came before you – passing on the same definitions / knowledge that has been the basis of humanity for generations of time – and thus, have never actually considered that the world could be any different than it is now — but, it is worth it to challenge your existence in all ways — because, the current accepted way of existence on earth is HIGHLY questionable what with the daily poverty, starvation, lack-of-money motivated crime and violence, so that it is a common sense mark of INTEGRITY as a being, to be willing to at any moment GIVE UP one’s accepted knowledge and information to be able to fully consider a suggested SOLUTION to the abuse and absurdity of this world.

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 17 Aug 2011, 10:33

Hidden Truth of the Golden Rule ... -rule.html

This is Matti and I'm looking at, 'the Golden Rule'. The Golden Rule is defined as, 'a basic principle that should be followed to ensure success in general or in a particular activity', but often used to describe the Biblical rule of 'Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You'. And, what's interesting about this, is that it's called - 'the GOLDEN rule' -- why is it the 'GOLDEN' rule? What is Gold? Gold is a yellow, 'precious metal', it comes from the Earth. 'Golden', defined as, in addition to it being a metal, something 'rare and precious', 'rich and smooth', also denoting the fiftieth year of something.
So, 'rare' and 'precious', and also a metal. So what does this have to do with 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you?', as 'the golden rule'?

This language, that we've accepted, and that which we've been using for generations of time, is very deceptive. Because we've accepted that 'gold' somehow is 'of value', and is 'precious' in some way -- so much so, that 'gold' is used to describe 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. Which seems to say that 'gold' is - what would benefit from applying 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' Why isn't it the 'Rule of Life?', why isn't it called the 'Rule of Life?' Why isn't it called the 'Common Sense Rule', why isn't it called the 'Human Rule' The 'Life Rule' - why is it called the 'Golden Rule?' I mean it's placing, this is very deceptive cause what is it doing - it's placing Gold above Life! It's placing Gold as that which is the 'center' of life, apparently. Which, then actually, when you look at it, Gold is valued in this world, above Life. Money way, you know you have the whole 'Gold Standard', where people now are constantly talking about 'let's get money back on the gold standard, the gold standard, the gold standard!' Because it's 'more stable' - perceiving that Gold has some type of value. That's ridiculous. It's just a piece of metal, from the Earth -- that's it. I mean if you believe it to be something more than that, you are delusional.

And I mean you really would have to have been brainwashed to believe that Gold has 'value'. And obviously brainwashed by someone who would want you to see Gold as having value and not see Life as having value. Why? So that you will, obviously accept the current system, wherein the 'value system' is defined not according to Life having value, but according to things like Gold having value. Because then, when that is that which has value, when Gold has value, when Money itself has value, separate from Life, what it is--the way it has become in this world is that Money is something that you can--and Gold--is something of such great value that you can take----and since it's not, you know, since it's like an object that you have to go and get out of the Earth, and refine through various procedures, and then you keep it in your possession, where you 'have it', and someone else 'doesn't have it', and if that Gold is that which has value -- then you have 'power', when you 'possess Gold'. It's the same with Money, when you possess Money, then you have 'power', whereas, someone who does not possess Money, does not have 'power' that you have, who 'possess Money'.

So, obviously you would need everyone to accept such a way of life -- why? Who would want you to accept such a ridiculous system where, you have a 'resource' that, you - I mean, you're creating 'scarcity' within such an accepted value system, because then, when you look at the economic systems in this World, stuff like your basic survival needs is set up to only be accessible to you if you're able to have and possess Money, or have and possess Gold which you can then sell for Money. So, you have to 'possess a scarce resource' in order to purchase your basic survival needs. Money itself exists as scarcity. It exists with the creation of scarcity. So, again, who would benefit from such a system? Because obviously those who can't get the money don't benefit from such a system. The people that benefit from such a system, are those who have all the money. Because they have then all the 'power'. So simple.

So, let's take it back to the 'Golden Rule', because it's really quite ridiculous when you look at the system I've just described, which obviously is then able to be easily abused, I mean, if you can come up with some way to get more money than another person through crime, through abusing others, enslaving them, exploiting them so that you-- because as long as you can get that money then you have that power, you can abuse the system, you can abuse the resource of money, and then you have 'have more than other beings', at the expense of them.

When you look at the ridiculousness and unacceptableness of such an accepted system in relation to 'the Golden Rule', I mean, Gold as the Symbol of that abusive system, used to describe 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you', obviously, completely, casts a Veil over this advice, this suggestion of 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you'. So that Human Beings aren't seeing what that's actually suggesting. Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You, means to treat each other in Equality, to Value each other as our Equal, as One with Ourselves, and to Give to Another, to Do Unto Another, as I would like another to do unto me. I mean as, someone without money in this World whose experiencing starvation, if you place yourself in their position, you would like everyone else to-- you would like to be supported! I mean, you would not like to give starvation unto another, so why has starvation been given unto you? I mean it's only existing because you're not able to get Money. So, those who are Accepting and Participating in, and perpetuating the current Money System, and Value System, are literally Giving starvation unto another - which is Abuse. That's not considering Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

Now, the Equal Money System, is based on Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. And, this is not the 'Golden Rule', this is the 'Common Sense Rule', this is the 'Life Rule', this is the 'Honoring Life', this is the 'Equality Rule' -- that's what it should be called, it should be called the Equality Rule, not the Golden Rule. Because, that's then saying 'Gold will Rule', 'Gold makes the Rules'. It should be called the 'Life Rule', so that whoever is Life makes the Rules, and the Rules should be based on what supports Life, not what supports a system where Gold is that which has value, so that some can benefit from enslaving the rest.

The Equal Money System is not based on 'Money' having value, or 'Gold' having value, it's based on Valuing Life. Honoring that which is Best for All, and redefining Money, as a means to ensure that All are Given, I mean what we would like for Ourselves! Where All Equally Have a Dignified Life, a Dignified, Comfortable Existence, where None are enslaved, where None are 'at the top' with 'all the power', through abusing a system of inequality that is currently accepted and implemented throughout the World.

So, the argument about whether we should go back onto the 'Gold Standard', is obviously---the 'Gold Standard' is not the solution. Because it's based on the acceptance of, the 'Golden Rule' as 'Gold is that which has value', and then the Rules are based on that. No, that's not the solution. The Solution is the change the Rules, so that the Rules are made around what's Best for All as Life. Because then we have a system where none are left out. The Equal Money System is such a system, it is the Solution, and it is in fact based on Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You. If you are interested in, in Fact Living this 'advice', this Common Sense Principle,' join Equal Money, at, and research the Equal Money System, and also join Desteni I Process where we are developing Common Sense, and Self Honesty, to be able to see through the Veil, cast, and woven, in gold, by those who would benefit from our accepted enslavement.
Stop being a slave. Learn to see through the Veil, and learn to See Life, learn to Stand Up and Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You.

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 17 Aug 2011, 21:46

Special Energy Revelation for Lightworkers ... n-for.html

Energy can be seen when you define something in separation of yourself, like acceptance -- then you set up a relationship between you and acceptance - and you create desire for acceptance as energy as friction between the 2 points - then manipulate others to get them to accept you to satisfy your desire -- but you created the desire and do not accept yourself!

Thus 'human nature' as 'desires' is self created, self accepted, self allowed -- we just didn't notice. Destonians have noticed - and now take self responsibility with Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness to STOP the self created system of energy designed in self-separation -- and we give ourselves back to ourselves - give ourselves acceptance, love, support -- so we stop manipulating ourselves and others, and can develop effective relationships as Equals who stand in support of Life and do what is best for all - no longer enslaved to energetic addictions - but Here as who we really are as Life - Living and Expressing for Real.

Join Desteni I Process to begin investigating yourself as Creator, and embark on the journey of Purifying and Perfecting yourself as a Responsible God.

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Re: Matti's Blogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 25 Aug 2011, 22:18

Hidden Message of Bashar - Lightworker Update

Hidden Message of Bashar - Lightworker 2012 Update ... orker.html

Hi this is Matti and this is a video response to the 'teachings', or 'message' of Bashar - as channeled by Darryl Anka. And, the point I'm looking at here is in one of his recordings available on Youtube, he's speaking with an audience, speaking to an audience, and one of the people in the audience asks him how we as human beings - how should we - how do we make choices? How do I make 'a choice?' And, Bashar's response to this question was in essence the usual response that he ends up at, or arrives at, which is to 'find whatever excites you the most, in any given moment, and then to look at that which is the most exciting 'choice' or 'option' available which you also have the 'greatest ability' to actually do, and then do that. And that is how you make a choice.

Now, as a Destonian, as a participant with and as the Desteni group, I find this message of Bashar, continually fascinating from the perspective of how ineffective it is at assisting and supporting a human being to to live - to understand one's self, and to then live according to, and within one's direct understanding of one's self. Because, the message of 'find whatever is the most exciting thought, or imagined activity, or available thing to do', 'find the one that produces the most excitement', that you can also 'do', that you have the ability to actually do in that moment and then do that, and then that's all you 'need to do'. And that on top of that, according to Bashar, the Human Being, is not designed, is not 'supposed to' understand 'how things happen'. You - are 'not supposed to understand how things happen' -- you don't need to! Because why? Because, 'higher mind' has everything 'in hand' -- 'higher mind', 'higher self' knows how things happen. YOU -- You have an easy job, Human Being! All you must do, when considering what 'choice to make', is to find whatever is the 'most exciting', and do that!
Don't you find this questionable? Don't you find this a bit odd, that a supposedly 'more advanced being', is telling Human Beings 'you're not supposed to', 'you don't have to' understand how things happen. Now, what is the implications of this statement if you go and then apply this statement in your life? 'I don't need to understand how things happen!' What are you going to do? How is this world set up? How is the current system in this world set up, as the Money System? The current money system does best when you have a majority of people who don't understand how things happen! All they know is - 'I have certain survival needs', and that 'life' in this world, a comfortable life consists of things which must be purchased with Money, and that in order to get and attain this Money, I have to become a functional participant in the system with some sort of job -- I have to become 'of value' to the system in some way, enough that the system will give me money in exchange for labor that I do. Labor, some sort of work, some sort of participation that supports the system within its continued functioning as, within and as the way that it currently operates.

The Lightworker is a consumer who, in the eyes of the system, is the same as any other human being - both are products of the system, just with different pictures and vocabulary running in the mind. Now that in itself presents a problem (functioning in a way that supports the current system to continue as it operates), because if one looks at the daily outflows, the daily side-effects of the current money system, what do we see? We see that in order to keep functioning as it functions, massive abuse must continue daily, to exist -- Animal abuse, Nature, many Human Beings slaving away within a life that they obviously would not 'choose' for themselves - simply because that's the best opportunity they can find to make money to survive. So, and on top of that obviously since money is not available from birth, as a tool to support one's self to live -- you have crime, rampant crime, most of which is based on what? Someone wants money, someone needs money, someone's in debt and needs to repay their debt, someone wants more because they see that someone has more money than them, and they get jealous and envious, and so then they go and commit crimes to get more money quickly, because they maybe don't have the skills or education to go about it the 'long way', or the, what is seen as the 'right way' of doing it. So you have a host of problems of abuse, and conflict, and violence, and suffering, which is created by the current way we use money within the current accepted money system.

Thus - 'visualizing 'light', and a 'heaven-like' world, and 'sending love' - will not end this crime and conflict caused by the want/need/competition for money. Remove the physical / systemic circumstance of want / need / competition for money in a practical, real way - and money-related crime no longer has a purpose or context in which to exist - and you end the crime. To see this, you must understand how things happen in this world. With Common Sense practical investigation you can see that the system is the primary point that supports the manifestation of crime. And thus you see what is required to be changed to end crime. So why are you being told you don't need to understand how things happen??? Who does Bashar's message really benefit? Answer: The eLITE of this world who are able to have power over others through ensuring the Human Being remains a slave to an inequality based system of survival / competition -- CONSUMEd by Self-Preservation/Self Interest.

And, to say/accept that 'I am not supposed to understand how things happen' means, 'I'm not supposed to understand how I get this money', 'I'm not supposed to understand' how anything in this world as the system has come to be the way it is---all I'm supposed to do is do 'what is most exciting to me in the moment' - again, the eLITE benefit from the Human's ignorance of the practical reality / system it is currently subject to. What are you going to do (in accepting such an existence of yourself)? How are you going to live? You're going to only act in Self Interest -- the 'Pursuit of Happiness' -- to CONsuME in Happiness -- you're not going to consider, for instance, how do we bring about an end to the abuse in this world? I mean, is that 'exciting'? Does that 'cause excitement' in you to face the extensive abuse and suffering daily in this world, and then to Actually take the steps----well but, see already, again - you can't! You can't even go there! Because, to 'go there' and consider how to bring about the end of abuse you have to understand how it's being created! How things happen! And according to Bashar, you're not supposed to! You don't 'need to'! That's not your responsibility! 'Higher Mind' understands. But look….there is no 'Higher Mind'! That is an idea, that's 'hired' as a little 'employee' to which you can abdicate responsibility to, that's actually in your Mind. So you're 'employing' this idea of a 'Higher Mind', to 'hire out' your responsibility to, so that you don't have to face anything in this world that doesn't stimulate you with an experience of excitement. (Free Choice? or Mind Control?) And according to Bashar the 'excitement', and the feelings that one experiences when 'considering' what one would like to do, is coming from 'Higher Self', 'Higher Mind', as like a 'guidance system' -- (Why do 'higher selves' only guide people with MONEY to nice experiences? And the rest STARVE?) -- And that's just what you're 'supposed to do'.

But, in my Application of Self Honesty and Self Forgiveness over the past, more than three years what have I discovered? I uncovered the truth about the idea of a "Higher Self" as a 'part of you' apparently "Higher" up the ladder than 'you here' -- this 'Higher Self' as the one that 'knows how things happen', and is 'guiding you' - and thus you're 'free' to 'enjoy the pretty pictures', and 'do what excites you' - not concerning yourself with what's going on
'behind the 'scenes'. The truth is that this is exactly the same as:
The structure of corporations and advertising within consumerism.
Where you don't understand / see / care what is going on 'behind the scenes' - you just see the pretty pictures and follow the ones that excite you. And there are always some 'beings / forces' at work 'behind the scenes' that are 'more than you' -- the CEOs, the 'Wealthy Elite', the 'Governments' - that are apparently 'so powerful', that the 'best you can do' is to 'be happy' and spread 'excitement, love, bliss and light'. Which means you will never actually change anything, and will remain able to be manipulated by advertisements / movies / TV / Politicians -- wherein you will support / buy / believe in / place hope and faith in anything that 'makes you feel' 'positive' / 'excited' = Never actually investigating and understanding HOW THINGS HAPPEN and WHAT IS GOING ON = Never taking Responsibility as an actual Creator Equal with what is Here = remaining a Slave of those who profit from the Human's ignorance.

I've discovered that 'excitement' as, 'ohh I'm excited right now!', stimulated, energetic! 'haha, positive!', 'haha, feeling - I'm so excited right now!! I'm so excited!!' You know, you go into this Mood, 'I'm in a excited mood right now! Ohh! I'm so excited about today! I'm in a good mood, I'm in a good mood, I'm in a good mood! Ha ha ha! I'm more laughable, and amiable today, and I'm just in a really good mood today, I'm so excited!! That would be so exciting to do!! Guys let's go do that right now!!! Ha ha I'm so excited!!'
It's like this little mini drug-trip sugar rush that comes over you. What have I discovered? Experiences like that, in fact - All feelings, and All emotions as then the Negative polarity point of 'siiighh, I'm not excited anymore right now…ah I gotta look for the next point of excitement..' I mean, that's not Living! That's what I've discovered. That's actually a big Self-Deception Mind Fuck, to believe that that's what Living is. Because, what did I immediately see when I began, the moment I identified - Ah, emotions and feelings--it is a Polarity, it is an energetic Polarity, within which I've enslaved myself within defining Life and Living and Self Expression to be existing within, 'Positive Experiences', and 'Negative Experiences' -- and I must constantly find a balance, I mean, because I only want to experience the 'Positive' obviously. But why is the 'Positive' satisfying? Because it 'feels better' than when you're experiencing the 'Negative'. So you, you always are in this constant up and down, up and down, up and down -- I need to find what's 'exciting!' I don't know what to do! What job do I get? What relationship do I go to? What do I do? I don't know! What's exciting? It's, it's a System. It's like, depending on a System that's designed within Separation of Self, within Separation of Self As Living, Self As - I Am Expressing Me, Here in every moment! Within Me Expressing Me in every moment, there is no 'Positive / Negative', there is no Energy, there is no 'Mood', there is no 'excitement', and 'non-excitement'. It's Me, Here -- I Am Here. I Live, I Express, I Am Me, I Hear, I Am Here.

Within stopping self existing within and as energetic polarities as emotions and feelings, and remaining Here as Self - not as a system - in every moment of Breath in Self Honesty -- one is then able to begin Knowing Thyself, and understanding how things happen / what is going on. In stopping the Mind as Energy and emerging Here in Self Honesty, Knowing Thyself - one is then no longer able to be energetically manipulated / controlled / influenced = one becomes CONSTANT. And, what I discovered was that, all the time that I was being directed by emotions and feelings in my world, I only ever 'acted' in Self-Interest, and the 'pursuance' of Self Gratification, of trying to get, have more and more 'Positive', 'exciting' experiences, I mean that was the whole 'purpose' of my life, was like, 'how can I have the next 'Positive', 'exciting' experience. I mean that's like, it's just like being addicted to drugs. And cause at the same time I notice, oh wow this world's fucked up. I really wish 'something would happen' that would make this world change, but, I was incapable of taking any action because, I was not, I did not understand what it is to Act, because I was directed by a System, within addiction to 'Positive energy' as Feelings, as 'Excitement'.

Uncover the Hidden Truths of Reality, through uncovering the Truth of Self.

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