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Postby KellyPosey » 16 Sep 2012, 19:15

Having Wedding Doubts? What’s the Solution?

Having pre-wedding jitters? Then DON’T go through with it, say psychologists

Read full article here: ... z26aWbilhR

This article focuses on a study done on married couples, that was conducted in Los Angeles by UCLA. What the study finds is that couples who had doubts about the marriage, especially when it was the bride that had doubts, tended to result in divorce more frequently than marriages where the couple had no doubts pre-marriage.

A great point is made towards the end of the article:

“Thomas Bradbury, a UCLA psychology professor and co-author of the study, compared the situation to finding something disturbing on your skin that you hadn’t noticed before.

‘If you see something unusual on your skin, should you ignore it and go to the beach, or see a doctor? Be smart and don’t ignore it – and don’t ignore your doubts either,’ said Bradbury, who co-directs the Relationship Institute at UCLA.

‘Have a conversation and see how it goes. Do you think the doubts will go away when you have a mortgage and two kids? Don’t count on that.”

This is a great point, because so many relationships end because one or both partners has some issue that they just hold inside and don’t discuss for some reason or another, and such points left unresolved will build over time, and even something that seemed small to start out with, can become the dividing point that splits a couple in two, when it’s kept in, and allowed to fester.

I saw this play out in in many of my relationships, and I’m sure many of you have experienced/gone through the same scenario, where there are little or big points that come up, but instead of just bringing it up, we keep it inside. Then we’ll mull it around in our mind, having all sorts of thoughts about it, playing out scenarios in our imagination, and participating in internal conversations and backchat toward our partner where we go into blame and judgment toward our partner, where we’ll have statements inside ourself such as ‘I can’t believe what they did’, ‘How could they do this/that’, ‘Why didn’t they just do this/that’, where interestingly enough, it’s never considered: Why am I asking these questions inside my head instead of out loud, where they can actually be heard, and answered?

So what that shows is that within ourself, we’ve made the decision to not include our partner in the conversation we’re having within ourself, and this obviously develops a rift in the relationship, because now there is one story, one version of reality, in your mind, as the conversations and scenarios that you’ve participated in in your mind, and then there is the actual physical reality, where you exist and your partner exist, and for communication to take place between each other, it has to happen physically, not in the mind.

So by not including our partner in our mind conversation, we are busy sabotaging the relationship, deliberately, within making the deliberate decision to not include our partner in one the conversation taking place within ourself, and deciding to separate ourself from them in this way, and going into backchat and blame toward them, instead of working out issues, by actually bringing them up for discussion.

Why don’t we simply bring up the issues that come up within us? It could be fear; Fear of conflict and fear of loss of relationship where you fear your partner will react/get mad/leave you, and you don’t want to do anything that might jeopardize the relationship or change your living situation. Because relationships aren’t currently designed around the starting point of doing what’s best for all as a whole, cause we as humans, have learned that one must fend for oneself, even when it comes to relationships, and from this starting point comes elements of competition, which makes relationships into a score keeping game, instead of an equal and one partnership, where both partners walk in agreement to live according to the principle of what is best for all.

How do we practically transform our starting point from one of separation into one of oneness and equality, when we’ve always existed as beings in competition with one another, in an economic system, the very foundation of which is competition and survival as an individual,because we do not take care of ourself as a group. What’s required is no less than actually changing one’s starting point, to instead of going into spitefulness and blame toward another, while considering only oneself, to stop the competition, to stop the ‘holding out’ and ‘exclusion’ of each other by going into our personal secret mind and sabotaging our relationships by participating in backchat about/toward others, instead of sticking to reality and actually communicating with each other, which will lead to couples either being able to sort out issues, or find that they are not an effective match, before they go down the road into a life commitment toward each other.

An effective way to assist and support oneself to develop the ability to communicate directly and in consideration of what’s best for all is to walk the Agreement Course put out by Desteni, which is actually the only course currently in existence which deals with the issue of separation and spitefulness in a direct and specific way in which one can really effectively walk each and every point of spitefulness and separation, where one go into blame and judgment, out of oneself. And where one learn to take self responsibility and stop the dependencies one has existed as that can keep one from speaking out in a relationship, for fear of losing the relationship, so that one can develop effective relationships with real communication and no longer live in an alternate reality in one’s mind, wishing/hoping that actual reality would change, but to take a practical active role in one’s life and relationships, and, fundamentally, develop an effective relationship with oneself, as all the other relationships with others in our life, are a reflection of our own relationship with ourself, which we’ve never effectively developed in awareness of who we’ve created ourself to be and the patterns we live out, and how what we’re living effects our very lives and our relationships.

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Postby KellyPosey » 30 Oct 2012, 09:44

Members of Parliament spend £1.4m on Exotic Trips while Millions can’t afford a Dignified Life

“How MPs’ foreign junkets have cost taxpayers £1.4m: Accounts show bill for ten trips topped £40,000 each” – Full article: ... z2AlDu01lE

So here we have some members of Parliament taking some very expensive trips, racking up a total of nearly £1.4million. Quite an obvious example of the corruption taking place within the current system, which we are allowing. I mean, when we’ve got most of the world’s population who can’t afford to have a dignified life, and then individuals who are spending millions on trips, there is an obvious disparity there. We all have agreed on the current money system, whether we realize it or not, because we’re busy participating in it, and our participation in it and acceptance of it is our agreement to it. It is like some sick joke we’re playing on ourselves, by allowing a few to horde most of the money in the world, while this directly means that others are going to go without.

I mean, we know this, we know there is corruption and greed, and that a very small few have way more than they could possibly ever use in a hundred lifetimes, while thousands are busy starving every day. And there is no possible justification for this. No matter how ‘philanthropic’ one might try to be, by donating to charities for example, that is not real caring, because real caring would be to make sure that all has enough from the very moment they enter into this world, til the moment they depart. But they won’t do that because they want to hold on to their money which is their ticket to an extravagant lifestyle, even if it means that billions suffer, because they haven’t realized that we can All actually live like Millionaires.

In an Equal Money System, this is the foundation principle, that all are equally supported and none are left out, within the realization that You would Not want to be the One Left Out. And within this, ensuring that All live a life of the Utmost Quality. Where everything that’s produced is of the best quality, because there is no actual reason to create anything of lesser quality. I mean, that is abuse. It’s massive abuse that we cause and do to ourselves.

In the case of these MP’s taking expensive trips to exotic places on ‘inquiries’ – will these ‘inquiries’ lead to creating a world that is best for all? Is it money well spent? No, because no one is calling for an actual change to the current money system. In a world with the technology and ability of internet communication is it necessary to go take a trip somewhere to have a discussion? It’s not. In the Equal Money System, we’ll utilize our technology in the interest of all life. See, there’s nothing wrong about enjoying traveling to places, it’s that it’s not cool to be taking exotic trips around the world that cost millions, when we haven’t first sorted out the suffering that we’re allowing, and make sure that we aren’t massively screwing billions of beings, not to mention the very environment we depend upon to live and to have these nice places to vacation to. That’s just pure evil. So, first we sort out this world that we’ve created by sorting out our economic system, and implanting one that actually supports everyone, as the Equal Money System, and then we can all have fun for real.

When we actually take real care of our world/environment, everywhere will be a nice place, and you won’t have to travel to go to someplace nice, though one might still like to travel and visit/learn about/explore different places in the world. But it won’t be about allowing most of the world to be disregarded, so that there’s just a few nice spots here and there. We should be taking care of everywhere. And government jobs should not be about taking vacations to those places, but should be actual administration of facilitating the distribution of resources to all of humanity and ensuring effective care of our world/environment, as it’s our home and we depend on it to live. Visit the Equal Money website and wiki to learn more about the Equal Money System and to see the foundational policies that lay out the blueprint for a system that actually supports life, through taking responsibility to sort out the mess we’ve created here and transforming our economic system from one that feeds on life, to one that cares for life in all ways.

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Postby KellyPosey » 18 Nov 2012, 09:59

Competition in the Workplace and the Human Condition

Do you notice where you find yourself competing with your other fellow employees, because you can’t all ‘win’, you can’t all get the bonuses, and this puts you in a position where you’re against each other, instead of working together toward the common goal, you’re now working in separation for ‘potential rewards’. And the only reason this competition exists, is because there are these possibilities/opportunities to get more money, but not for everyone. That means, very simply, it’s either ‘You or Them’. So now your focus is distracted from the task at hand, and now focused on ‘beating everyone else’ to get to that prize. And for many people, this is not something that sits well, as most people don’t want to be against one another, but would much rather get along well and work together on things, but find oneself torn now between one’s own personal well-being/income which and everyone else’s. In this, one will have to find whatever way one can to cope with or justify having to compete against one’s fellow man, like coming up with reasons like ‘why I deserve it more and they don’t’ and ‘I have to look out for myself/my family’.

What hasn’t been considered within this is the simple solution of giving to all equally, and giving enough that each and every individual can have a dignified life, the best quality life possible, where there is no worrying whether you will be able to get the healthcare you need, or the food you need, or adequate housing, education, etc.

If everyone gets the same support, competition will cease, because you won’t have to compete with others to get what you need and to have a dignified life. Then we can really focus on the tasks at hand and the productivity of humanity will not diminish, but will be of a higher quality, as when we work together on things, we are capable of so much more than when we’re all ‘on our own’ and having to work against each other.

What’s really incredible is the extent to which competition has been and is accepted as a ‘normal’ part of life, and it’s essentially forgotten that competition had to be conditioned in – we aren’t born with it. It’s something we learn through our family structures and in school, especially in sports for example, where winning is emphasized, and you’re separated into ‘teams’ instead of everyone being on the same ‘team’ and working together.

Some will argue that competition builds character, and it sure does – the question is, just what kind of character does competition create? The kind that has justified and accepted turning against one’s fellow man and seeking to ‘win’ no matter if it means someone else loses. And that is the very basis of our current economic system and our relationship toward/with it, in which we’ve accepted that only a few can ‘win’, while most everyone else has to ‘lose’, and never considering the option that everyone can win, and that if you winning means someone else losing, that is not really ‘winning’. The real way to win is to have a world where we’re actually supported to live in the best quality, and none are denied access to what we need here to live and thrive, that none are allowed to suffer for no good reason in order to make profits.

And it’s actually thought that using ‘incentive’ actually ‘increases productivity’, and you’ll have things like ‘quotas’ to meet at work, where what happens is this actually limits growth and productivity, because once you’ve met the quota, there’s no motivation then to go on any further, as your movement was dependent on that incentive. And where in the case of meeting a quota, the reward is usually actually the ‘avoidance of some form of punishment’, so your goal becomes totally removed from the actual task/job you’re doing. And that begs the question, why does what you’re doing require incentive to get you to do it? Is it not something you would do otherwise? So that really calls in to question the nature of what it is that we require incentive to do, and whether it is really the kind of jobs that are of benefit to ourselves and each other, and all of life here, or whether it’s jobs that only exist for the making of profits, without concern/regard for life?

See, we wouldn’t just naturally abuse ourselves and our home the earth and nature, but we had to be incentivized to do so, so that we won’t question what’s really being done and what are the actual consequences and outflows we’re creating, and why it is that we’re doing it, because we’ve been given a reason, it’s for a reward, which for many the ‘reward’ is literally one’s survival, and there is obviously no freedom in that. So it’s slavery, we’ve enslaved ourselves to/within this capitalist system where we must work within what’s available to us just to be able to survive, and thus there is really no free will in this reality, no ‘free choice’. Because not everyone can become, say, president of a country or a business. I mean, it’s obvious no starving child is ever going to be a wealthy business owner. And that even the majority of those in elite countries who are surviving in relative comfort, and living paycheck to paycheck, are not going to become world leaders or big-time CEO’s.

Obviously a system based on competition is not working, with most of the population living undignified lives, lacking even the most basic of needs, when there is plenty for all to live the best quality life. It’s as simple as no longer accepting a system that is based on us competing against one another, and instead one where the starting point principle is to work together, as the world we can create through cooperation is one in which no one starves. Where no one suffers from lack of clean drinking water, effective education, proper housing, or effective healthcare. I mean it really makes you wonder why haven’t we done this already and established an Equal Money System, so that we can give ourselves the best life possible, and All of us, not just a few with the most money in a system that doesn’t give enough to all, through which we’re allowing people, children to starve every day, when it can be prevented. Time to give ourselves the life we’ve always wished for – join us today at

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Postby Fidelisspies » 20 Nov 2012, 18:42

Yea - we have been taught even in schools that qwe must compete - be the best in class and sports and stuff - instead of all supporting and enjoying ourselves. Fucked up

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Postby KellyPosey » 21 Nov 2012, 08:13

Politics and the Window of Non-Violent Opportunity

I posted this in response to some comments about a blog post from the blog Economist’s Journey to Life, which you can read here: Day 137: Greece: The Birth and Death of Democracy. And I do suggest to read it, as it’s a really great post taking a look at a documentary (which you’ll find linked there) exposing the effects of Privatization within the situation that is now taking place in European countries like Greece. My response is in regards to the point mentioned toward the end of the blog post, which mentions that there is a way out of the economic problems going on in the world, and it’s not so much a ‘way out’ as it is a ‘way in’ – as it’s to get into the Political system, and correct the system from within. This received some comments in response, where this blog post was posted on Reddit, in which the point of ‘the system is corrupt and thus you can’t use it or be a part of it without also being corrupted” is brought up as a reason/justification to not get involved in the political system. I decided to share my response here on my blog, to share these perspectives for consideration and to educate as to the current situation we’re facing, and the opportunity we have currently available to make change, and why it is that this change must currently come through becoming involved in the political system.

“Changing the system from without has been tested. If you study history of revolts you see none has made a real change for a better world as we still exist in worldwide wage-slavery, poverty, starvation, war exist, and more atrocities, more than ever. The system is too big to change from the outside, and people’s ‘livelihoods’ are directly attached to the system, and that’s why there is always plenty to defend the system against those that would stand against it, which is always a small percentage, as most are way too afraid and choose to stick with the relative comfort of the system. This is why militaries/armies exist, because people are desperate for financial security and so can be paid to kill each other. Thus why any revolt that stands out as a threat to the system-supporting public, is going to get ‘put down’. It’s just like how a human being immune system function, anything that ‘stands out’ as a threat to the bodily system, gets attacked and ‘immunized’. The system as it is has been placed in such a way that we could work within it to produce change, and that is why it was done this way, so it could be said that we had our opportunity, and thus we have chosen things the way they are. This is why politics has been played as something you want to have no part in, as that is exactly where change can happen, and does happen, through extensive lobbying, where the major industries use their collective wealth to pay for lobbyists to get laws made in their favor, and the employees of such interest group are happy with that as it supports/protects their method of income. So you can start to see if you haven’t already, just how ‘interconnected’ we are with the system, as it’s the system we currently live off of, and depend on for our survival, and thus why it will be and has been protected at all costs if it is openly attacked. Thus the only solution currently is to get into a position in the system where you can have an impact and change it from within or be squished like a little bug. Those in positions of power got there not by doing only what they wanted to or felt good about, but by doing what it took, thus we have to be equal in our determination to do what it takes, and not get stuck on how we’d like to do it, and thus never end up taking the actions necessary to make a difference. This non-violent option of utilizing the system to change it from within is the option that is here, and we don’t know how long this window will be open, where we have a chance to make a change, and without bloodshed and violence. It’s not likely we’ll get a better option than this.”

Within this, one can also get involved with the formulation of the policies that are being developed within the Equal Money System, which is the economic system being developed from the ground up on the principle of supporting and caring for all of life, leaving no one out. This is the future of politics, where politics will be decided and implemented by the people, which actually cares for the people and all of life here, as nature and the animals, as our survival depends on this earth and our environment, and our quality of life is directly linked to the quality of all life here.

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Postby KellyPosey » 23 Nov 2012, 11:36

Derren Brown Fear & Faith (Part 1): What Does the Placebo Show about Human Psychology?

I watched the Derren Brown show called ‘Fear & Faith‘, and in this blog post I’m going to discuss Part 1, which focuses on Fear, in which he had people unknowingly take placebo pills that they thought would stop ‘fear’, and in some cases others thought they were taking the drug in order to stop other phobias/habits like for example smoking. So these were people with a variety of phobias, like fear of heights or singing in public, and they took the pills and for almost everyone the pills were a success – their fear was gone, sometimes instantly.

This show is really ground-breaking, as it shows in a very clear way, the actual power we have to change how we experience ourselves, and that it is really as simple as no longer participating in, for example, fear. It shows that we can actually stop our fears/reactions in a single moment, that it is in fact possible to stop these fears/phobia/habits, and thus change how we experience ourselves in our day to day lives and in relationship to reality.

And it also shows that a placebo or belief in a pill isn’t required to make the fear reaction stop, as in the show, even after knowing the pill had been a placebo, the people’s fears did not return. It was enough to have had the placebo pills act as a ‘bridge’ in a way, in assisting and supporting these individuals to realize that they actually could live without that fear/phobia.

What this also shows, is that we are the ones actually responsible for our fear in the first place. Since we at any time can actually stop them, so we are really the ones in ‘control’, the only reason we ‘aren’t in control’ is because we’ve believed our fears to be who we are. I mean, this is no surprise when you look at what all takes place within our fears/what our fears consist of. There is multi-dimensions, where if you have a look at what goes on within you when a fear is activated, you’ll have dimensions of Thought, Imagination, Internal conversations, emotion/feeling Reactions, and certain physical Behaviors that manifest, thus it is like an entire ‘personality suit’ containing of all these various dimensions one can experience within it, when it is activated by a situation/event/scenario in one’s environment.

So, let’s take the example of having a fear of heights and you find yourself near a steep drop. You may have Thoughts pop up in your mind of images of you falling over the drop. And then you may start going through various scenes within your Imagination, as you, for example, play out a variety of scenarios of ‘what could happen’ in your mind, where you might imagine yourself falling over the edge and what the fall will be like and how you might land and how you’ll be injured, and there would be varying degrees that one would imagine depending on the extent of one’s participation in this particular fear.

And then there is the internal conversations or ‘backchat’ where we talk to ourself within ourself within certain phrases in our mind, which will vary according to the individual, so you may have phrases like “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” / “What if I lose my balance for just a moment and go teetering over the edge?” / “I bet I would be terribly injured if I fell down there” / “I’m so scared, I’ve got to get away from here”.

One will also have various emotion and feeling Reactions, in relation to each dimension, where one will experience particular energy-experiences of positive feelings or negative emotions, like for example, while one is within the Imagination dimension, imagining what could happen if one were to fall over the edge, an positive energy-experience of ‘excitement’ might come up, or perhaps a negative energy-experience of ‘terror’. And for example, while one is participating in the internal conversation of “Oh god, what if I fall down that drop??” one might experience ‘anxiety’.

Then with the thoughts, imagination and internal conversation going on, and the energy-experience reactions that activate in relation to each of those points, one will then experience changes/reactions in the physical internally, and externally in one’s physical behaviors, where for example, you might internally experience a trembling/shaking of the physical body, or a rush of adrenaline, and externally you might notice that you start ‘wringing’ your hands, or you start shuffling your feet away from the edge, or you might feel like your paralyzed and can’t move.

So, within all these various dimensions/experiences, it’s really like the mind has gone to every length to convince one that the experience one is having of, for example, being afraid of heights, is in fact real, and yet, it is really just a sequence of thoughts and energy-experiences taking place within us, that we haven’t realized that we in fact give permission to take place, simply by believing these thoughts and feelings we’re experiencing are actually who we are, and aren’t just simply thoughts and experiences that are taking place only in our mind, and not in actual reality. Yet we’ve come to believe that these experiences are who we are to such a degree and without realizing what is really going on within ourselves, it’s hard to step out of the characters we’ve always existed as, and requires an elaborate set-up as Derren put together in his show, to give a specific circumstance in which one is able to believe that the fear experience can actually stop, in essence so you can give yourself permission to stop accepting and allowing the experiences within yourself.

Thus, this show confirms what I have been applying for myself, within the life-coaching course, the Desteni I Process, that I have been walking for several years now, since its beginning, where you are assisted and supported to see, realize and understand that these reactions/experiences aren’t in fact real and thus canbe stopped, through becoming aware of the various dimensions at play within such patterns of behavior, as for example, in the example used above of fear of heights. Through this course, I’ve have walked a personalized process in identifying my own patterns of behavior that I’ve existed in self-unawareness for most of my life, where I was really just a ‘victim’ so to speak of the experiences that came up within me, because I just automatically accepted them as ‘who I am’ simply because they were there and I was experiencing them, so they ‘must be real’.

Within the Desteni I Process you’re shown the tools with which to walk yourself into an understanding of yourself and the patterns you exist as, so that you can evaluate in self-awareness, what it is you’re living, and how you would really like to be living, to stop for example fears and other patterns of self-limitation, so that we can really be free to live, just like those in the show who can now live without their crippling fears and habits and explore their true potential. The difference is that you get to become aware of yourself, and all the patterns you exist as, and you do this through self-will, and not requiring an elaborate illusion like a placebo experiment, as you’re assisted to see that the experiences are in fact the illusion and you’re the one with the real power to develop self-will and self-direction in your life and how you experience yourself.

Thus, if you haven’t seen this show Fear and Faith, definitely watch it and consider what it’s showing us – that we really do not have to remain limited within detrimental patterns, that fear isn’t actually real because it can be stopped, and suggest to check out the Desteni I Process, especially the new course that’s been launched, DIP Lite, which is a Free course where you get to understand how to work with thoughts, emotions and feelings, and how to direct your reactions, so that you can be the directive principle of yourself, instead of your thoughts, emotions and feelings directing and controlling you and your ability to live in this world.

For more context on the Dimensions of Character/Personalities, read the series of Heaven’s Journey to Life blog posts which deals with this topic in detail, which starts with this introduction post: Character Dimensions – Introduction: DAY 162. And you can check out the Journey to Life group on Facebook where you’ll find hundreds of blogs of those who are busy deconstructing their patterns of self limitation and sharing the process so all may benefit.

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Postby KellyPosey » 01 Dec 2012, 07:03

Human Intelligence: Is it Working?

Now we’re going to be taking a look at the topic of: Intelligence. Because, if you look at how we’re currently existing and the things that’s taking place in this world, it becomes important to ask of what value is our current version of ‘Intelligence’ that we are living.

As, intelligence has come to be viewed as something of value, that you must have to make it in the world and be successful, to the extent where as a child growing up the point of doing well in school is like the most prominent point, where there is this fear of ‘what if I don’t get good enough grades, how will I be able to survive and support myself effectively?’ And, so intelligence has become about survival within the current system, but when you look at how it is we’re living in this world, and how we are treating it, busy destroying it actually, it’s clear our ‘intelligence’ is not related to how best to live in this world and care for this world, and ourselves and all other beings that live here.

For all our intelligence, it has not resulted in a world where everyone lives a dignified life and no one suffers needlessly. We exist in a world where we are in conflict with one another as we have to compete with each other in this current system for our survival. As our intelligence has apparently evolved, our quality of living overall has not. Our ability to live in this world and care for it properly has not. We’re busy wreaking considerable havoc on this earth and all life on it, in total disregard of the fact that as we’re busy destroying our planet, so we are busy creating our own destruction. Can such behavior be called intelligent?

What’s missing here that has made our intelligence so ineffective? It’s because we’ve not approached Intelligence within the context of our relationship to all things in this world/reality. Thus our intelligence has lacked relevant starting point, in terms of what do we do with our intelligence, what do we use it for, how do we use it? Where it’s basically become the accumulation and application of information, yet without practical investigation of that information as to whether it can be applied in reality in a way that leads to the best possible outcome for all life here, or does it actually bring harm to life.

This is largely a result of the current design of our school systems, in which children are taught to absorb lots of information, and then to apply and live that information, yet to not question such information, or supporting the children in developing the ability to test/investigate for oneself the validity of such information in reality, and in the context of does the application of such information result in supporting life or harming life?

Intelligence has really become just a tool for survival in our current system, where our school systems function to sort out the most-intelligent from the least-intelligent, where if you do well in school, it does not show that you have effective reasoning skills, but that one can effectively take in the provided information without question and perform it accordingly. So our school systems are not actually supporting our children to develop effective intelligence as reasoning skills in the context of real effective living in this reality in totality, but simply to grade children in terms of their effectiveness to perform the available jobs in the system.

So what’s essentially missing within how we currently live ‘intelligence’ is the application of Common Sense, thus what’s required is to redefine how we live ‘Intelligence’ into ‘IntelliSENSE’ where we utilize knowledge and information in the context of what actually is supportive to life, which means getting a practical understanding of what is actually going on in reality and how this reality operates.

Recommended for Self Education on the current state of reality and how it is reality currently exists as it does with massive inequality and suffering taking place in the world:

The Century of the Self: Part 1- Happiness Machines

The Power Principle ... e-1-empire ... propaganda ... apocalypse

The Trap


Consuming Kids

Thus, in blogs to come, we’ll take a further look at our relationship to Intelligence, to look at how to take intelligence as the valuing of knowledge and information and transform it into 'IntelliSense' as physical practical living value, to ensure that we make the most of our intelligence by utilizing it in such a way that will manifest the best world possible, so that we are using it to our benefit and not to our own destruction (as that wouldn’t be very intelligent!).

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Postby KellyPosey » 09 Dec 2013, 01:00

Day 201: Bernard Poolman - A Being Who Lived Fully in the Service of Life to His Last Breath
http://humanitysjourneytolife.blogspot. ... fully.html

Bernard Poolman has passed away, and the world has lost a Voice like it has never had. A Voice that spoke literally for All of Life, within the principle of Equality, within realizing that All Life is in fact Equal, that we're all made of the same substance, the same particles, and all the judgment and separation that we exist as toward each other, toward ourselves, toward any part of Existence, is in fact Bullshit.

None of the separation and judgment that we live as, that we participate in on a daily basis is in any way whatsoever, making this world a Better Place. It is what is making this world to be full of Abuse and Suffering, and which would lead to our Ultimate End eventually and inevitably, if we don't Change Ourselves.

Bernard stood as the example of what a human being could become when we really Live, when we are no longer a Slave to our Mind, to all the Brainwashing we have been inundated with from the moment we came into this world, with all the reasons and justifications as to why things apparently are the way they are and why it apparently it can't change, why we as humans apparently can't change, why you as an individual apparently can't change, why we must apparently accept everything exactly the way it is, even if it is leading to our own destruction bit by bit, with already billions suffering, and it's increasing.

I would not even be where I am today, in my own process of self change, if it was not for this example, for the support given, for the multitude of perspectives shared, which came from Bernard's own process of self change, of self expansion, of accepting no less from himself that to become a Being that actually stands for Life, that actually places the interest of All Life as the Most Important priority, I mean, it's who we really should have been/become – Beings that care for All of Existence as Ourself – because, it is ourself.

If you have a look at what we as humans have become, we have accepted limitation in practically every way possible. The most unlimited forms on this planet, and yet apparently we are too limited to be able to function effectively on and with this planet and it's ecosystem, which is our ecosystem, our system of life support, without which we cannot live, apparently we're too limited to make sure that every human being has what they need to live effectively, apparently we're too limited to be able to be able to change the world in any significant way, even though we are the ones creating it.

Bernard saw this, and as he would not accept limitation from himself, so he wouldn't accept it from anyone. He would not participate in or support anyone's excuses and justifications, on an individual level and from humanity as a whole. To do this, you have to actually have identified all limitations and justifications, you have to have put in the time and effort to have walked your own process to self realization in understanding exactly in detail how it is we limit ourselves so extensively, within limitations that aren't real, but are just beliefs existing only in our mind.

I never met a human being who had so absolutely stood within the commitment to in all ways consider what is best for life. Where, within humanity we for the most part judge and separate ourselves from each other, Bernard had no judgment toward anyone or anything, because he realized that that is the key to us ever changing – is for us to Forgive. Forgive each other, Forgive ourselves, and MOVE ON. To let go of everything and start anew, because it's the only way we can get out of these same patterns that we've been living as for practically as long as we've existed. We have to forgive ourselves of the patterns we've existed as, so that we can become something else, so that we can Forge ourselves as beings that Care for Ourselves and Care for Each Other, and never again allow such Extreme Abuse to take place as we have allowed thus far.

Never before have I experienced such a loss of someone who had Real Value, who had a Real Impact in reality, where the Whole World is worse off for not having them around. But what does that say about us? Why is it that we are not All beings of such Worth that each one of us would be Irreplaceable? Why is it that so far there was only one Human being who Lived so Fully in the Service of Life?

What I've realized is that because Bernard had Lived to the Extreme – he actually transcended Death – because he Gave All of himself to Life, and so he Is Here even beyond his Death, his Impact Remains. Life has forever been changed, the process has been set in motion for us all to finally stand up to become what we are truly capable of. We've got the example that we were waiting for, the example of standing up No Matter What, no matter if you are Standing Alone, because what else is there to do? Continue to accept the way things are? Continue to accept less and less from ourselves until we diminish into unimaginable levels of suffering and degradation?

Bernard's death has shown us that you really Do Not Know when you will take your Final Breath here – so it's up to You to live Fully in Every Moment, to make the most of the Time we have, so we can sort ourselves out, sort this reality out, and become Beings of Respect for Life, Beings of Integrity, Honor, Real Caring, so we can Create Life here as it should be, where we Expand and develop ourselves, where we actually Evolve, where Life is not Struggle and Hardship and Suffering, because it Does Not have to be. We are not actually Slaves and it's time we stand up and Value Life, by Valuing Ourselves, and accepting no less than the Best We Can Be.

What Are You Waiting For?

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Re: Kelly's Blogs

Postby KellyPosey » 09 Dec 2013, 01:03

Day 202: Is There a Cure for Homeless People?
http://humanitysjourneytolife.blogspot. ... eless.html

I was in downtown Seattle and a 'homeless person' passing by a fast food restaurant called out to the employees there “Got any leftovers?” and seemed disgruntled when the reply was, as you might expect, “No.”

Having worked such jobs myself, I know exactly why a fast food restaurant generally is not going to hand out food to anyone. Unfortunately it's not something I could have explained then and there to that person, because it has quite a few dimensions to it, and requires a certain amount of understanding of how our economic system functions, and how that is the result of Who We Are as our current accepted Nature as human beings.

So, I realized what I could do is write a blog about this point, and that way have some more time and space to discuss the point, and where it will reach more people, which are really cool points that make blogging a cool platform for sharing information that is supportive, and obviously why everyone should have access to the internet. Because you know that that homeless person and probably most homeless individuals, likely does not have any access to the internet, isn’t going to be able to read this blog. And ‘having access’ doesn’t just mean having physical access to a computer with internet, it means having also the education and ability to navigate the internet effectively and to effectively understand words and meanings and an ability to distinguish between information that is supportive and that which is not. Everyone should be supported to have all these points, so that everyone has the equal opportunity to develop effective living in reality.

So, what is usually the case within working in corporate fast food establishments and comparable jobs, is that there are usually very specific accounting procedures for keeping track of inventory of each and every single item that is utilized or sold on a daily basis, where even items like food items that become too damaged to sell or are otherwise not sold for some reason but are consumed or thrown away for some reason, are also accounted for. Records are kept of exactly where everything goes. I suspect this is primarily to discourage and prevent employees from utilizing products themselves for free or giving them away for free. Keeping track of the inventory overall is, however, primarily for the purpose of maximizing profits and minimizing losses, through predicting the flow or demand of products in order to determine how much of what is needed when, so you don’t have too much that goes to waste and is a ‘loss’, and so you can have enough product available to sell according to how much is likely going to be purchased.

Interestingly, what this calculating shows is that we have the capability to utilize such calculations in a supportive way, where the starting point is not based in ‘profits/losses’, but in effectively distributing resources and goods according to actual need in ensuring that all have effective support in this reality.

So, why can’t leftovers be given away in most cases? Because all the product is accounted for, and even when there is some that cannot be sold not because it is bad or inedible, but because for example it is too small a portion to sell for the predetermined proportion/price, or maybe the item doesn’t look quite right, maybe it broke in half and this doesn’t ‘look good’ and so won’t be sold, why can’t these things be given away? Well, as an employee you’re often informed that if you give food away you’ll be reprimanded/there will be consequences where you could potentially even lose your job or face a fine. Now, considering how tight the job market is now and has been getting tighter and tighter, and how low wages are, it would be really stupid to take such a risk to one’s job, when it is your source of income and thus survival. Thus, the employees are not in such a position to give food away.

And obviously corporate companies that are in the business of profits are not going to condone giving food away for free, otherwise people would take advantage of this, and there'd be less income. And corporations do this because we have given the right to companies to exploit the resources for the profit of some, instead of ensuring that the finite resources of the earth are being effectively distributed to all parts of humanity so they can effectively support themselves.

I mean, the next time you find yourself being ‘pan-handled’ by a ‘homeless person’ – ask why does this even exist in the first place? There’s the tendency to judge homeless individuals as ‘less than’ and to get annoyed when they are begging for food or money. It’s treated as if their hunger and their homelessness is a lifestyle choice when maybe in some cases it is, but for the most part it is the result of an ineffective system that doesn’t provide adequate support to everyone equally; there are countless articles of individuals becoming homeless not through choice but for example through deliberately being taken advantage of by the credit industry. This is well documented, you will find books and articles on the subject explaining in detail how this has been happening, with the result that individuals and families have their homes taken from them and those who have no other option, suddenly find themselves on the street, and once you are there it is incredibly difficult to get out.

Here in Seattle, it's a touristy place, and you'll hear the tourists complain or talk down about the homeless people that try to pan-handle them, and it's like it is detracting from what is supposed to be their lovely 'vacation experience'. And locals as well will complain and act like the homeless are in a way deliberately bothersome, ignoring the fact that these beings have no constancy, no security, no creature comforts that the rest of us have, not to mention being driven to do and say things most never would, because their physical body needs such as the need for food are so extreme to drive one to do anything - yet no one mentions doing anything to actually prevent the situation of homelessness in the first place - so it's really bizarre to like complain about the problem and yet not even realize or care enough to even ask or consider how/why it's happening, where we'd then see that we're allowing it to be created in the first place - so we're really actually causing our own irritation - yes that's right - the homeless are your creation, so when you see a homeless person, or your nostrils are put out by the smell, realize we've created this, we're responsible, and thus it's up to us to do something about it, if we really don't want 'homeless people' and 'beggars' to be existing anymore.

So it really doesn’t make any sense that we would get annoyed at/bothered by homeless people, we’re really actually bothering ourselves because we didn’t bother to set up our economic system properly to ensure that the situation of homelessness isn’t created in the first place.

This is what the Basic Income Guaranteed or also called the Living Income Guaranteed, would sort out, as it provide an income to those who need it, to ensure that everyone has a home. There’s no reason for anyone to not have a home, as we all do realize that a home is required for proper living here, so there is no reason to allow people to go homeless when we have every capability to house everyone – what kind of beings would allow that? Cruel and unintelligent ones who like to create problems for themselves like where you can’t just walk through a city without being accosted by individuals in need and often smelling quite fierce, because they aren’t even able to clean themselves effectively. I mean, this is like primitive stuff, we should be way beyond this. We can be. The option is now here in the Living Income Guaranteed. It is simply up to us to not accept anything less than the best lives for ourselves, for support when we need it, and correcting our system to reflect that.

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