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Postby Kristina » 08 May 2016, 07:34

459: Our One, and Only, Interconnected World

A friend mentioned today the fires in Alberta, Canada are bringing smoke and the campfire smell to her area in Minneapolis, MN. This is the second summer I'll be in Canada, and same as last year, hearing about the wild fires crossing the border into the US, causing an affect on parts thousands of miles away.

A point to consider here is how in one place of the world - what happens there, has an affect on another part of the world, seemingly separate from the source of what is going on. Yet here it is, a small, yet significant example of the interconnectedness of our world.

Fires rage in Canada cause the US to experience the aftermath. No borders keeping out the smoke and smell. Makes our whole border situation seem silly in the first place. You can keep people contained perhaps, with the illusions of borders, but this is One Earth, and what happens on this One Earth affects us all.

Often times it's not right on our door step, or fogging up our air, or causing a stench to linger... that is when it's the easiest to just ignore the world around us, what is going on on this One Earth. But then something like this happens and you realize... we are interconnected. The changes, and experience of one part of the Earth has an affect on the rest of this world.

The radiation pouring in the Asian oceans, or the hurricanes brewing in the South, or an Earthquake in the Pacific Ocean, or the Rain Forests being rampaged for resources, or an oil spill on our Coasts... What happens on this planet happens to us all, directly or indirectly. It could be prices to spike in our super markets, or the lack of fish available to eat, or refugees pouring into our cities. There is always a consequence to each action; a drop of water in the ocean creating ripples. An outflow to every decision, and so action made... and somehow, it touches each and every single life.

It's not wise for us to wait until it becomes too obvious, we know that, and yet we do nothing to change. Prevention is the best cure, we know that, yet we don't care. We rather "enjoy the moment" than consider the bigger picture, we'd rather get our quick fix, and happy times while we still can, without considering what's to come. There will be a time when it is knocking on our door.... how we are disrupting and disturbing our ecosystems for profit, how we are killing off spectacular species for the glory of the kill, how we are pumping toxins into our air, despite having access to clean, renewable sources of energy, just because it's 'easier' to accept things as they are, and not demanding a change in our policies, and inherently, our living principles. We should care what happens in Canada, in the US, in China, in India, in Europe, in the Philippines, in Africa... we should care how life is being lived, and whether it's being provided for for All, nurtured equally, and not exploited, abused, or disregarded. This is our own Earth. Our Only Home.

We are so short sighted, not seeing how when one person suffers, we are all suffering. Sooner or later we will realize the consequence of every action, by every human, as our very society has made, and it will either be too late, or we will be just in time. We have the most instance access to information ever provided in Human History, it is our responsibility to understand this world, those that are running it, and how our direct, or indirect participation is sustaining how it currently exists. Open your eyes, and see the big picture. What exists 'out there', exists 'in here' - existent in the very nature of each person. We have a responsibility in this Life to clean up our mess, to understand our interconnected relationship, and to create a world that is Best for all.

See for real the Reality that exists for us All - See what we are doing on and to our Earth. She is vast, vulnerable, and requires our attention.

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