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Sandy's Blogs

Postby sandymac » 03 Jul 2011, 20:42

Sandy Jones's Blogs:

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Re: Sandy's Blogs

Postby sandymac » 30 Sep 2011, 21:15

Blogs: August 25- September 25, 2011

Sept. 22/11 Self Forgivness: Self Sabotage: Assumptions ... sumptions/

Sept. 21/11 Self Forgivness: Self Sabotage: The Point of Inferiority ... feriority/

Sept. 8/11 Experiences Keep Us Stuck ... -us-stuck/

Sept 6/11 What happens When I Accept An Idea of God? ... ea-of-god/

Why Sex Sells
Sandy Jones
June 10/11 ... sex-sells/

Sex sell because we are programmed to be addicted to it. We get stuck in cycles within the mind (hmm, kinda like the circle of life) so we see an image and it sends messages to the brain and the brain sends the message to the body “I want , I need , I desire this high”. The orgasm although fleeting , the idea, anticipation of it, is a huge human distraction. Not suggesting it doesn’t feel ‘good’ but at what cost.

Also, if I see an ad of a woman who is supposedly desirable and she is wearing certain jeans, perfume etc. I will automatically associate this when I think about making a purchase, “I want to be desired by men like women who wear this brand.” Voila, the company makes a sale.

So, why do I want to be desired by men? Well, this has mostly to do with the money system. Rarely, if ever, does it have anything to do with what is best for all. Self interest, survival, greed are some descriptions that come up. I won’t discount the desire for company and companionship that is often the result of a ’romantic’ union between two people but I can get that with other friends, co-workers, aquaintances, and family. I also won’t discount the desire to fulfill the sexual urge that one builds up over time and the overwhelming need to ‘release’ it but to be honest you don’t need another person to do that. It can be done all by ones self. And why the desire to be attractive to ‘men’ and not just one ‘man’?

I believe the need to be desired by ‘men’ is because one may need to go back to the well should things not work out with the current partner. You still gotta have the ‘goods’ to attract another! As a young woman, I wanted marriage-seal the deal- to have children and provide income, support. A family costs substantially more than living on your own. Yes, one of the major reasons sex sells is so women can copy the image they see in the media and feel they possess the physical presentation that will attract a man and that will result in financial support and survival needs met. Plain and simple.

In an equal money system this type of dependency does not exist because all of ones basic living needs are met. There would be no need to have a legal pairing with another to attempt to ensure financial stability.

Please check out
Mind Control...Cult...Beware

Sandy Jones

June 10/11 ... lt-beware/

‘It’s just a cult that uses mind control. Beware.’ It seems to me that this phrase is used by anyone who really doesn’t want to get down to the nitty gritty of thoroughly investigating an organization/group of people. I’m not suggestion they have to agree or associate with the group but if one is to throw such a blanket statement ‘out there’ , they should be able to back it up.

I heard this several times over the years I have attended Alcoholics Anonymous. I am a long time sober member and I can assure you, although not perfect, AA is far from a cult. With the exception of Desteni, I have never experienced a more accepting and democratic enviroment. Anyway, that is what the mind is , what it is for…control! An endless steam of thoughts to enslave and control you, keep you occupied. It is controlling your life-and planning your death by the way-all the time! You’re just unaware of it.

So for the people that try AA and say, ‘ you just switch your addiction from booze to being addicted to going to meetings’ I say, so what? That’s a good thing, a very good thing indeed. Ask your children which they prefer or your spouse, employer, friends, family etc.

‘Brainwashing’ is another term. Thing is my brain needed a good washing, it was dirty indeed. In fact AA sobered me up to really learn about my mind through Desteni. Desteni is the exact opposite of mind control. What I have learned through the Desteni I Process course, so far, has liberated me by breaking the chains of the mind. Blown the lid- and sides- right off the box! And although I may peek into that box still-fear of money all dressed up in anxiety, nausea, guilt waiting there to grab hold-I can now stop, breath and use the practical tools I have been given to support and assist myself to stand as one as equal to life.

I no longer accept and allow the self abuse = brainwashing/mind control that was taught to me since birth by my parents and society. Golly, I even feel guilty typing this , afterall it was just a little 1960′s family values ‘Ozzie and Harriet’ kind of thing. I don’t blame my parents, they were victims of the mind too, just passing the message ‘sins of the father’, on. Thing is , what purpose does that guilt and shame ever serve? What is guilt and shame, where do they come from, why have I suffered so, what’s the point? Come to and find out!

Multi-National Greed and the Ugly Result

Sandy Jones

June 11/11 ... ly-result/

Apparently, in this world , its ok to rape a poor nation of their jobs and natural resources if you have enough money. That is what is going on in Tanzania right now. As reported in the Toronto Star June 7, 2011 , the Canadian owned company ‘Barrick Gold’ purchased Tanzania’s natural resource and in the 1990′s began mining which, ‘in theory, Barricks arrival in the 1990′s has been a booon to the Tanzanian economy, pushing it toward development. In reality, Tanzania has collected only a pittance in taxes and royalties from Barrick and other foreign multinationals through contracts that are shouded in secrecy. So although it sits on massive gold reserves worth more than $40 billion, Tanzania remains on of the world’s poorest countries. ….some 400,000 Tanzanians, who formerly mined for gold with nothing but their own pick and shovels have been left unemployed by the giant mining operations’.

So more than 1500 desperately poor and angry villagers, with machetes, rock and hammers, stormed the mining compound which led to the shooting death of 7 villagers. This kind of tragedy will occur when people are pushed to the limit (history has shown this time and again, yet we do not learn), cannot feed their families, feel completely invisible and so obviously taken advantage of.

‘The uprising occurred after a government commission strongly urged imposing higher royalties and taxes on the foreign mining companies…the Canadian government intervened on the side of the multinational, pressuring the Tanzanian government and parliament to oppose the proposed reforms. ‘

Well you just got to protect the investor right? Why? I’m a Canadian, I don’t have any extra money to take advantage, oh I mean to ‘invest’ in any foreign mining operations. The people that have the extra money to do so are wealthy already. They don’t need more money, having all they need already in this world=enough to live a good and dignified life. Probably 10% of the investors make 90% of the profit anyhow.

So the rich get richer, some evolution that is. Human beings are so vain and stupid, they actually believe we are ‘evolving’ becoming ‘more’ when in reality only technology is becoming more advanced and we, as we have for thousands of years, are still raping, killing and stealing from each other through fear, greed and ignorance. Never do we actually ‘put our money where our mouth is’ and ‘love thy neighbour as thyself’. No we largely ignore human suffering of the many and cower and shut up and let big business and government tell us ‘how it is’.

By the way, where is the so coveted ‘free will and free choice’ that human beings value so much for these Tanzanian families and workers? It’s up to their own government to set that straight, some will argue. That is democracy.. No , that is democracy for the few and that is the result of capitalism. It’s their countries/government’s own failure and they are free to change that. No , they are enslaved by human greed and fear and have little power over the almighty God of money, which comes down to the basic requirement of ones need to survive at all costs.

I invite you to educate yourself about another way we can co-exist in our world. In an equal money system where all are valued and considered equally. One person, one vote, together we can change the world. EqualMoney.Org

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Re: Sandy Jones Blogs

Postby sandymac » 31 Oct 2011, 21:15

Hi All, here are my blog links for October, 2011.

Blog Links:

Oct. 29/11 The Future of Money 2020: Will there be Banks in an Equal Money System? ... ey-system/

Oct. 27/11 FAQ: Will I have to wait in line for bread in an Equal Money System? ... for-bread/

Oct. 25/11 Will Indigenous People preserve their 'rights' to live outside the system? ... he-system/

Oct 16/11 Unplanned/Unwanted Pregnancy & Equal Money ... ual-money/

Oct 14/11 Self Forgiveness: Childhood Memories & Submissive Women ... ive-women/

Oct 8/11 Self Forgiveness: Childhood Memories & Humiliation ... miliation/

Oct. 6/11 Poverty & Pregnancy ... pregnancy/

Oct 2/11 Self Forgiveness: Childhood Memories as a Pattern & Inhibition ... nhibition/

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Re: Sandy's Blogs

Postby sandymac » 30 Nov 2011, 20:10

Hi All

Here are my blogs for November 2011!
Sandy Jones MacGillivray

Blogs: November 2011

So many men, so little time: Fantasies about older men: SF and Self Corrective Statements
November 27, 2011 ... fantasies/

FAQ: Basic Income Grant
November 20, 2011 ... ome-grant/

FAQ: Will there be Euthanasia?
November 20, 2011

FAQ: Are you just going to print cash?
November 20, 2011 ... rint-cash/

Self Forgiveness: Childhood Memories: Thought Patterns
November 20, 2011 ... -patterns/

Self Forgiveness: In-Laws: Thought Patterns
November 13, 2011 ... y-in-laws/

Self Forgiveness: High School Girlfriends
November 10, 2011 ... rlfriends/

Self Forgiveness: Boyfriends : Thought Patterns
November 7, 2011 ... -patterns/

Process: Letting go of my Relationship Personality
November 4, 2011 ... rsonality/

Self Forgiveness: Childhood: Fear of Men
November 3, 2011 ... -patterns/

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Re: Sandy's Blogs for February 2012

Postby sandymac » 01 Mar 2012, 15:50

February Blogs:

2012 - 2012: What Does it Mean to Live Absolute? ... -absolute/

2012 - 2012: Will You Survive the Financial Collapse? ... -collapse/

2012 - Eckhart Tolle's New Earth: Did I take that seriously? ... seriously/

2012 - History of the Interdimentional Portal ... nal-porta/

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Re: Sandy's Blogs for March 2012

Postby sandymac » 01 Apr 2012, 15:10

Hi All

Here are my March 2012 Blogs!

2012 - Wayne Dyer's 'Power of Intention' What Purpose Does it Serve? ... -it-serve/

2012 - Economics: Ownership: The Lie that Kills ... hat-kills/

2012 - Secrets of Masturbation: Why even talk about it? Isn't anything private anymore? ... e-anymore/

2012 - 'A Course in Miracles' : The miracle did nothing to improve my life ... e-my-life/

2012 - Voices in the Mind are Deception Not a Higher Power ... her-power/

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Re: Sandy's Blogs For April 2012

Postby sandymac » 30 Apr 2012, 20:27

April 2012

2012 - W. Dyer: Looking at "The Power Of Intention" ... intention/

2012 - Re-defining Education: Social Develpment 1 to 6 months ... -6-months/

2012 - Healing Resentment: I'm So Pissed at My Husband! ... y-husband/

2012 - Sandy's Journey To Life: Day 1: Resistance ... esistance/

2012 - Sandy's Journey To Life: Day 2: Failed Relationships ... tionships/

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Sandy's Blogs for May 2012

Postby sandymac » 31 May 2012, 23:43

May 2012

2012 - Day 3: I Hate that Rich Bitch: Facing Jealousy, Regret, Spite ... ret-spite/

2012 Day 4: Failed Relationships: Facing My Father ... my-father/

2012 - Day 5: Failed Relationships: Facing my Father 2 ... -father-2/

2012 - Day 6: Failed Realtionships: My Mom: Being Bitchy to Store Clerks and My Partner ... ps-my-mom/

2012 - Day 7: Facing my Father 3 : Little Girls are Inferior ... -inferior/

2012 - Day 8: Failed Relationships: Rushing ... s-rushing/

2012 - Day 9: Personality Patterns: I Am Mom ... -i-am-mom/

2012 - Day 10: Personality Patterns: I Am Mom the Protector ... lity-cont/

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June: Journey To Life Blogs

Postby sandymac » 07 Jul 2012, 15:23

June 2012

Day 11: Mom as the Possession of Worry: ... -of-worry/

Day 12: Mom as the Poor Outsider: Summer ... -the-rich/

Day 13: Mom as the Poor Outsider: Winter ... ki-chalet/

Day 14: Back-up: Taking Responsibility for Blame ... ression-1/

Day 15: Keep Backing-Up: Taking Responsibility for Blame 2 ... ression-2/

Day 16: Spirituality As Mind Possession ... ossession/

Day 17: Spirituality As Mind Possession 2: ... session-2/

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Journey To Life Blogs for July 2012

Postby sandymac » 01 Aug 2012, 01:21

Sandy's Journey To Life
July 2012

Day 18: Commitments to Stopping the Mind Possession of Spirituality ... rituality/

Day 19: Commitments to Stopping the Mind Possession of Spirituality 2 ... tuality-2/

Day 20: Character: Woman in Menopause: Experiencing Passages in Time ... s-of-time/

Day 21: Commitment Statements: Menopause: Experiencing Passages in Time ... s-of-time/

Day 22: Character: Ending the Possession of ‘The Worrier’ ... e-worrier/

Day 23: Character: The Worrier: Money ... ier-money/

Day 24: Character: The Worrier: My Childrens Future ... s-futures/

Day 25: The Worrier: Health: Changing the Very Nature of Me ... ure-of-me/

Day 26: The Worrier: Health: Commitment Statements ... tatements/

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