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New Politics

Postby tylersr » 08 Feb 2012, 23:08

IN this information-rich age, a new political party could arise with little to no political experience whatsoever. It’s not so much a question of how- the internet- but when, as in when will a political party show up in a nationally syndicated election and actually just have the platform that gets it right?

What if there was a group of people who have actually formulated a new socioeconomic paradigm with agreed-upon rules so simple in their comprehensive adherence to the principle of common sense that the concept is irresistible?

Introducing the Equal Money System

FOR our society to not adapt their model of an Equal Money System at this point is simply an abandonment of what is best for all as life and as such an unacceptable travesty.

An initial proposed Basic Income Grant for all people would be a transitional action until holistic research and development was accomplished.

The final product is a system that actually puts into place the nuts and bolts necessary to live according to our utmost potential. Working out the simple, physical conditions necessary to advance most sensically as a civilization is a matter of simple mathematics: give everyone enough, do it efficiently, make it fun- basically, let’s express ourselves!

Check out [url=htpp://equalmoney.org]equalmoney.org[/url] to read the blueprint for a heaven on earth.

No shitting you.

Read here: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/2012/02/08/new-politics/

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Stop is not an intellectual process

Postby tylersr » 21 Feb 2012, 05:25

Read on my blog: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/2012/02/21/stop-is-not-an-intellectual-process/

Stopping the mind. Stopping the patterns. Stopping the self-abuse.

In this go-go-go world, STOP is not something that ‘comes naturally’ to anyone. In fact, people have come to identify so ‘heavily’ with their mind’s creation that they are running a program all the time. We haven’t stopped in years.

There came a point in our childhoods where we saw ourselves and saw the world and realized that if we didn’t create ourselves to act out subconscious mind patterns as a way of fitting in it was going to be a long road ahead of us. This is the popular kid phenomenon.

Either you program yourself to amalgamate with and as the status quo and live out your life that way, or you are outcast. Everyone remembers the nerdy kid in school; he didn’t seem to ‘get’ the program. No one could figure out why he wasn’t acting like everyone else.

This is how our competitive money-system starts to shape children early on. Either you ‘sell your soul’ to the game everyone seems to be playing and are duly rewarded with acceptance and easier access to money, or you make the seemingly suicidal decision to live authentically. ‘Choose’ the latter and you inevitably face ridicule and your attempt to ‘just live your life’ seems more and more regrettable.

So if you did the smart thing when you were in school (like me), then you simply programmed yourself according to what got you the most ‘likes’. Facebook didn’t exist back then, but getting invited to the prom, getting picked for varsity, and getting into the best college did. And while your genetics played a role in your place in the hierarchy of life, for the most part you were tested by your ability to ‘fit the mold’ in terms of saying what people wanted to hear.

How well could you manipulate people through the mind?

Remember your college essay? What a load of crap was that? Remember your first job interview? Probably total BS, if you’re being self-honest.

Thus we program ourselves to act out of the mind, to follow these mind creations that everyone else is following. 30 or 40 or 50 years later, we could still be acting out the same patterns. This is the high school reunion syndrome where you say “Oh he or she hasn’t changed a bit. He or she even looks the same!” Well, of course they do, they programmed themselves decades ago and haven’t stopped to consider the consequences of their actions in all this time.

Last night I watched a news digest in which a doctor was describing how within his study they worked with two groups of people with knee issues. They performed the discussed surgery on the first group of people but with the second they cut open their knees and stitched them back up again without performing any surgery. Afterwards, the placebo group performed better than those who received the surgery!

This just goes to show the extent to which our mind is everything and always the primary point to focus on when dealing with any issues that arise one’s life. The same doctor contended that for all but a small minority of people, antidepressants were largely chemically neutral in terms of people who got better taking them but almost always the effect was simply the placebo-effect of someone taking a pill and then reporting they felt better.

But back to the point of this post.

The reason why people reach the point where they need to take antidepressant pills with unknown chemicals in them or have knee surgery to correct the consequences of a bad posture is because they ran a mind system for so long that it became their reality. Perhaps they believed people should appear as they do on TV all touched-up and happy and then when they couldn’t achieve that image came to believe that there must be something wrong with them. Then they went into depression as a way of attempting to get the world to make them okay again, like throwing a tantrum when they didn’t get their way. But all this went on in the mind. I should know, I did it.

Anyways, the outflow of attempting to manipulate the physical world according to something in one’s mind like an image of being carefree and happy are of course that it doesn’t work. And because the physical reality is like a mirror for the self, such people begin to manifest dis-eases. It’s like reality is telling you: no, you can’t do that, that’s not real and so it can’t happen in real life like that.

So this is why Desteni recommends people stop. Simply stop the mind reality, stop going into energetic experiences within some ridiculous playout of polarity where you experience awesome days and then sucky days depending on how they compare to your mind’s gauge of what life ‘should’ be like. Stop existing as the mind at all. Just STOP.

When I first heard this message, I thought that I knew what they were talking about on an intellectual level. But as I’ve gone on practicing self-intimacy and realizing just how it is that I’ve participated in this world for my whole life, I’ve come to understand that I’ve always existed as a mind creation.

And so while I could intellectualize ‘stop’, in actuality I had never really experienced STOP. I have never experienced stopping the mind completely and just living here in the physical reality I was born out of and will decompose back into when I die. So ‘stop’ is not an intellectual process but an actual moment that is reached when all energetic possessions have been transcended within the being and all that’s left is what has been here the entire time.

This is what I am doing in applying the tools of self-honest self-forgiveness for every little mind creation I have layered onto myself-as-ego as the mind. The tools Desteni has presented me with were so simple in their practicality that it took me a minute to understand what they were in terms of being an unconditional gift from self to self. And now that I have I am grateful that I am empowered to finally, for the first time, STOP.

It’s a tough process. Another thing I have realized is that it is made just that much tougher while living in the kind of world that we currently live in. This fucked up reality where countless beings perpetually suffer and everyone is forced to scramble for money to survive (or feel guilt for having enough) makes it pretty difficult to create the self-will to commit to peeling off the layers. Because, remember, the whole impetus behind programming ourselves to exist in layers of the mind in the first place was to participate in the money-system/world-system. It still exists, so to deprogram ourselves within it at first runs against our ‘grain’- it almost seems suicidal.

So my realization is that if we can all band together and utilize the power of democracy in the name of the people for the first time to eliminate economic insecurity altogether, we would give ourselves the time and space necessary to get down to the nitty-gritty of working on ourselves.

The proposed Basic Income Grant is a great first step towards realizing this. Not only would it eradicate poverty and eliminate the need for all other entitlements, it would do much to reduce crime and increase community togetherness. Let’s all be covered.

That said, we’ve gotta take it one step further in implementing an Equal Money System. For too long has an unequal money system benefited the few at the expense of the many. It’s time we all stood on an equal playing field and established the means to which life will continue on eternally. I mean, yeah, it’s utopian, but in common sense sooner or later there will be a movement towards creating a world that’s heavenly for all who inhabit it. Why not now?

If these proposals interest you, head over to basicincome.org, desteni.org, and equalmoney.org. The solutions are here, people, we just need to be the change we wanna see. Now or never, until it’s done.


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No More DJs in an Equal Money System

Postby tylersr » 07 Mar 2012, 08:10

Read here: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/no-more-djs-in-an-equal-money-system/

Everyone and their uncle seems to be a DJ these days. I know I wanted to be one- even bought turntables. In an Equal Money System, no longer will we require to dance to any beat but our own.

See, the whole being a DJ, or paying money to see someone else spin tracks that yet another person made, thing, is based upon excitement.

Ex-sight-meant: The search for meaning outside of oneself.

In a sense, the entire music industry is a diversion. If you look back on your life, you can probably locate that point in time in which you were sold the idea that something like a concert was worthwhile because it was ex-sight-ing.

Maybe it was that cool friend you had in high school: the one you looked up to. The one that dressed cool and got the type of attention you wanted. The one who convinced you to lie to your parents that you were going to stay over at a friends house and you were really going to get drunk and go to a concert.

Whatever the initial conditions were, you decided that that was IT. From that point onward, you defined loud experiences with lots of people dancing as exciting and fun and worthwhile. You gave value to such experiences above other experiences- say, like, babysitting your little brother.

And while it may not have occurred to you at the time, you were actually buying into the multi-billion dollar lie of the entertainment industry. The enter-train-ment industry, where you are trained to pursue experiences for money.

You may be having a reaction within you; he’s making too big a deal about this. Concerts and music festivals are fun. Getting fucked up and dancing is what it’s all about. I mean, what else is there to do, really- build model airplanes?

But before you totally write me off, take a moment to ask yourself self-honestly:

At any point between when you decided that exciting experiences were more valuable than other experiences and now have you actually established total self-intimacy within yourself? Can you truthfully say that you know yourself completely? Do you walk the path that is best for all?

Or have you done what your cool friends did and given more value to seeing DJs perform than getting to know yourself?

This is the situation I find myself in. I decided that, within life, the pursuit of exciting experiences was the end-all and be-all of my existence and everything in my life has been dedicated wholeheartedly to this point.

I remember the moment where I was presented with a choice to simply live a ‘boring’, ‘normal’ life or to take massive amounts of drugs and get into the music scene. And yes, I was aware that walking the latter path would result in people getting hurt because, after all, we live in a world of massive suffering so if I were to pursue a life of self-gratification that would imply not assisting those in pain.

And yet, I was sold on the lie of the entertainment industry. I was sold on the game of the elite: I actually bought their premise that I had so little self-worth that I would simply abdicate my power to change anything in this world and seek entertainment outside of myself because that was the best I could do.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I told myself that after a while I would give up my partying ways and dedicate myself to a life of service. But in not making that my number one priority I sold out to the fantasy of fame and excitement.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want and desire to be a DJ.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to want and desire to be famous.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realize that wanting to be famous implies that I didn’t accept myself as who I was and sought validation outside of myself: within a life of excitement copied from someone else who had already lived that life.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to give into peer pressure to not establish self-intimacy within myself in every moment of breath.

No longer do I require acceptance and validation from outside of myself to tell me that what I am doing is OK. The solution is to not worry about what I am doing, but to establish who I am that is the doer in every moment. This implies living a life based upon principle.

That my parents or friends or society didn’t empower me to know what these principles are or how to apply them within self is not a valid excuse to not apply myself in discovering what it means to walk within what is best for all in every moment. Yes, it will be challenging because I’ve spent the past 24 years doing just the opposite: abdicating, searching, feeling more than others and less than another.

So, I release myself from the desire to be like A because I perceived him to ‘get it’ more than my parents. The more-than lifestyle I perceived him to pursue, and perceived myself as entitled to, is not my birthright. The pursuit of my own self-pleasure is not the highest form of expression, and instead of seeking to participate in that lifestyle, I commit myself here, in this moment, to learn and understand what it means to be a living example in this world.

While it will be a journey, what I’ve gathered so far is that applying self-forgiveness as they arise on points that do not fit in with the principle of what is best for all, practicing self-honesty, and eventually birthing myself as life in the physical are part of the picture here.

The rest is more parts of myself that I have yet to discover.

Another aspect of this process is promoting the Equal Money System. That’s because, within it, no longer will our children be educated to believe that they need to reach a certain level of achievement to be considered acceptable. No longer will they be forced into making the decision that their own lives and the lives of others simply don’t hold the same kind of value as hearing the next big song’s beat drop at the club. No longer will such a befuddling environment be experienced by young people; one that causes them to reach for the drugs to cope with a world that truly, in every way, doesn’t care about them.

That’s because in an Equal Money System, each person will be unconditionally supported to express themselves in the way that is optimal for them. A cookie-cutter life of a DJ with the shades and the stylish fashion will no longer appeal to young people; what interests them and allows them to expand within their own natural self-expression will.

Imagine a world where we don’t have to steal our style from another because the only thing that seems worthwhile is participating in abdication. The peer pressure to not be like Jesus- cause it’s so uncool- will no longer even be relevant. What’s best for all will be the norm and if you want to try something you haven’t tried before, to express yourself in a novel way, you won’t have to fear that your ostracization will result in you getting shut out of the money system.

No longer will the social sphere mimic this hierarchical economic system- competition will be uncool. The need to deceptively market our own self-expression- which is what music could be- to make money to survive- will be removed. If you choose to make your music available on the internet: it will be made available to everyone- for free.
Since you are covered by the unconditional basic income of the system, you never have to worry about if your tracks are marketable- survival will be out of the picture.

I mean, weren’t we all getting a little tired of the same old gangsta attitude in music? Support an Equal Money System and bring about a culture that doesn’t mimic the hierarchy of the unequal money system- one where unconditional self-expression is supported by all and we are free to explore what it means to be alive for the very first time.

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Re: Tyler's Blog

Postby Leila » 07 Mar 2012, 10:48

What you can also do is clear the whole 'excitement'-point that you've attached to "concerts" through self-forgiveness, and then go to a concert and see what it is actually really like. Go there, breathe, be here and see what happens.

It's not because we've defined one thing such as concerts as being about "excitement" that it means that one should all together quit going to concerts (because it's not about the concert in the first place, it's about the idea you've created about it / attached to it). Simply consider your previous starting point, clear it, re-direct yourself and then test the point unconditionally. You might find that concerts still suck or maybe you will find a different way in which you enjoy them.

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Violence begets violence

Postby tylersr » 09 Mar 2012, 10:00

Read here: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/violence-begets-violence/

http://www.tabletmag.com/jewish-life-an ... -to-bully/

The author of the above-linked article asserts that bullying is human nature and rather than attempting to suppress it, parents should teach children to fight back. While it may be true that children have been learning through violence towards others for a long time, the author’s prescription of “an eye for an eye” amounts to a vote of no-confidence in society to overcome the basis of violence: the money system.

So long as we give our acceptance to a competitive system, adults will continue to be confused as to how to deal effectively with the predicament of being alive. This uncertain environment increases the likelihood of children subscribing to a pattern of violence.

Imagine a world where everyone is taken care of, materially, from birth until death. In this world, everyone is unconditionally supported to express themselves according to their strengths. When a child is testing the limits of their physicality through violence, the economically secure adults around them will be empowered to correct the situation. Children will recognize and learn from this stability. Sooner or later, they will join the fun of agreed-upon co-creation within what is best for themselves/all.

Such a world is possible. We must change, however, and stand in support for a new, equality-based money system. Within the recognition that change must always start within each one, first, comes the imperative to gradually work on changing oneself. When we have each taken the internal measures necessary to participate in a better system, it will only be a matter of time before it manifests.

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Re: Violence begets violence

Postby Carrie » 09 Mar 2012, 18:11

The author of the above-linked article asserts that bullying is human nature and rather than attempting to suppress it, parents should teach children to fight back. While it may be true that children have been learning through violence towards others for a long time, the author’s prescription of “an eye for an eye” amounts to a vote of no-confidence in society to overcome the basis of violence: the money system.
Yes. I'm seeing this view of parents teaching their children how to 'fight back' more and more within the parents around me. Before I began walking with Desteni, I had planned on teaching my son how to 'fight back' and my husband and I had an agreement on how we would support him within this 'not taking any shit' from other kids and/or adults.
Such a world is possible. We must change, however, and stand in support for a new, equality-based money system. Within the recognition that change must always start within each one, first, comes the imperative to gradually work on changing oneself. When we have each taken the internal measures necessary to participate in a better system, it will only be a matter of time before it manifests.
Yes! Cool. Thanks, Tyler.

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Contamination of Water to Increase

Postby tylersr » 13 Mar 2012, 22:24

Read here: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/contamination-of-water-to-increase/

The water of nearly 2 million California residents could become contaminated with unsafe levels of nitrate in the coming years. Chemical agricultural fertilizers and dairy manure runoff are the main contributors to the contamination, which already effects over 1 million people, many of which have no viable alternative options for securing clean drinking water.

Poisoned water is an externality of industrialized agriculture. Higher yields- and therefore higher profits- are possible through the application of synthetic fertilizers and extensive irrigation, which leads to the type of runoff showing up in wells and aquifers throughout the state.

It is, of course, possible to achieve equal or higher yields without applying fertilizers. California has set standards for organic certification which outline production methods aimed at reducing the environmental and human impact of food production. However, these processes may be prohibitively expensive for farmers already struggling to make ends meet in a perennial tough market.

Food production is one of those essential facets of modern civilization that ought not be relegated second-class status to the inherently unstable profit-making principle of the free market. In may ways farming is already influenced by a government aware of the delicate nature of food production and determined to keep farming viable for those whom the rest of us rely upon for our livelihood. Billions of dollars of taxpayer-supported subsidies go to prop up producers with no prerequisites for production methods to ensure the type of contamination spreading throughout California is avoided. But the free market ensures that the pressure placed on farmers to produce ever higher yields, even if it means jeopardizing the well-being of millions, will only increase.

As important as food is for society, clean water is equally important.

So long as food production is held at the whim of the profit-motive, there is no reason to believe that harmful production methods will cease. And with the capitalist system relying so heavily upon agriculture for its continued existence, there is no feasible way to make this work for everyone; someone is going to get hurt.

We see the same pattern in war, where something so fundamentally against common sense is perpetuated due to the profits able to be made. Despite there being no proof whatsoever that war has ever accomplished any stated goals, it remains an attractive business venture.

Unfortunately, the interconnectedness of the money system enslaves us to its negative consequences. We see chemical corporations whom millions of people rely upon for their livelihood producing chemicals used in war and farming. Monsanto invented Agent Orange, the chemical weapon used in Vietnam, and now produces synthetic fertilizers and pesticides along with genetically modified seeds. The company employs hundreds of thousands of individuals and the taxes from its profits go to support thousands more.

The viability of this corporation is supported by taxpayer subsidies distributed to the farmers to which it markets its chemicals and seeds. It is also supported by our food dollars. So it is possible to delineate multiple interconnections within the global economy which essentially ensure the continued existence of a company that supports the poisoning of our water.

Any basic economics class teaches that the logic of free market capitalism doesn’t allow for the consideration of negative externalities. As the market adapts and expands, the profit-motive trumps all other considerations as someone will inevitably fill a profitable niche in the market. A few people may pass up the opportunity to make money from poisoning people’s drinking water, but eventually someone will fill the gap.

This is because economic security is impossible to come by in the current environment. A recent survey of Americans revealed that they need $150,000 to feel financially secure.

I argue that even that number- or any number- is not sufficient to eliminate insecurity. The recession has taught us that a six-figure salary does not imply financial security- we are always subject to market fluctuations.

Somehow, society has forgotten that the entire purpose of an economy is to serve the people. The reality is reversed: society is subject to what is supposed to be its economy.

When George W. Bush called free-market capitalism the greatest system in the world, he meant that it is the greatest system for its beneficiaries. If you are too poor to be able to afford bottled water to cook for your family because your water has been poisoned to increase profits, than its hard to call capitalism great.

If you are one of the 20,000 or so children that will die tomorrow of starvation, it is hard to support the idea that capitalism is the ultimate projection of free will. For the starving, there is no free will.

If you are one of the 1 in 3 women who will get raped in your lifetime, it is hard to understand why competition is inherent in society to make the economy more efficient. Or why this competition prevents measures from being taken to educate young men on how to respect life while extensive measures are taken to prop up the sports and war arenas.

If you are one of the 3 billion human beings who live on less than $2 a day, it is hard to understand that free market capitalism is the best system.

If you are unemployed, it is hard to understand how it is the greatest system in the world that prevents you from having unrestricted access to health care.

Yes, the universe is dictated by mathematics, but why must life be dictated by the mathematics of profit?

What if the only subsidies went towards what is best for all within the realization that simple math reveals that what is best for all is also best for each individual?

What if we could set it up so that the math of common sense was promoted in all corners?

Such a system is already possible, we only need to make it happen.

If you are interested in changing yourself to change the world, join us at the forum.

If you want to contribute towards a system that is best for all, join us at equalmoney.org

A world where life is valued over profit is possible. We need you to help make it so.

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Re: Tyler's Blog

Postby barbara » 14 Mar 2012, 12:41

Cool summation of our current situation as the 'human enslavement' that we have accepted and allowed as ourselves in not seeing, realizing and understanding our connection to and being one with source/substance and instead placing ourselves into separation of ourselves within and as relationships thus perceiving ourselves to not be a part of and not being able to direct ourselves within what we are facing as this human diasporas - rendering ourselves helpless and unable to change anything. Thus, as you've said: "Join us with equalmoney" as the foundation for everyone to have the time to start looking at and facing what each and everyone has allowed and accepted within self, to stop and change within -- and so without, for the best of all, to never again allow a starting point of separation from source/substance as who-we-are.

Thanks for sharing!

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Man Cuts Off Own Foot to Avoid Work

Postby tylersr » 28 Mar 2012, 02:04

Blog link: http://livingequality.wordpress.com/201 ... void-work/

An Austrian man cut off his foot with a saw to avoid a work placement that would have reduced his unemployment benefits. Despite the man’s history of mental illness and his now amputated foot, the unemployment agency said his attempt to avoid work will not be successful. After he leaves the hospital, another position will be found for him, according to the agency.

This incident is but one example of the extent to which we are enslaved by the money system. So long as you are not a vegetable, you will be forced to work for your survival, even if you feel so bad about your life that you cut off your own foot. Rather than providing medical care and counseling to this man and then placing him in a job that he would enjoy, the system can’t wait to get him back to work. If they could find a way to get vegetables to do work, I’m sure they would. Maybe we could harvest energy from such people- vegetable heartbeat power plants! I’ll be rich!

In an Equal Money System, this man would not be forced to work. No one over about the age of 26 would have to work at all. And everyone would be supported unconditionally regardless of employment status, mental health, or any other condition.

The only types of jobs will be those which people actually want to do because they are fun. You will never find yourself in a situation where the only jobs that are available are so bad that they make you want to cut off your own foot. Everyone who wants to work will be involved in something that is supporting everyone else. With the value of work made directly visible to each and every participant, having fun at work will be the norm.

Check out equalmoney.org to read and watch videos about the economic system of the future. If you have any ideas about common sense ways to tackle the issues of food production, water infrastructure, education, health care, transportation, or anything else that you see fit for a future of fun, don’t hesitate to post your idea in the forum!

Other cool links to check out: Desteni Universe, EQAFE, desteniiprocess.com

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Follow-Up to Self-Amputation Story

Postby tylersr » 28 Mar 2012, 08:21

http://livingequality.wordpress.com/201 ... ion-story/

After I created my post about the man who amputated his own foot to avoid having to work, I realized that much of the story was a reflection of myself. I initially separated myself from the man- believing myself to be incapable of such drastic behavior. But, in reality, I have participated in equally inappropriate behavior.

First off, the man had a history of mental illness and was committed to an institution prior to the incident of removing his own foot. A common reaction in this society is to distance ourselves from the mentally ill. An example is the ubiquity of the phrase: “What, are you crazy?” In many ways, to be crazy is one of our biggest fears.

I, myself, have often thought that I went too far with psychedelics or spirituality and am now crazy. My story goes something like this:

I took lots of psychedelics in college and got to the point where I thought I was some God-appointed savior of mankind. The actual messianic complex- I had it. I believed myself to have shamanic healing capabilities and that my mere presence around people was a blessing for them. My ‘energy’ upon entering a room was such that I always perceived myself to be the “loudest” person in the room- not literally, but in terms of all the attention was always on me.

I believed that who I was as a soul was more loving than all the other souls on earth and while I never did figure out what exactly that meant, I was convinced of this. Never did it occur to me that it makes absolutely no sense that one person would be more loving than another- I thought that I had just learned more than other beings and had perfected the art of love and this was my last incarnation on earth and I was here to help people let go of their attachments.

So, when I stopped taking heavy psychedelic drugs and struggled with supporting myself in physical reality- my drug-fueled shamanic journeys no longer being funded by my parents- you can imagine the come-down in store for me! For a very long time I believed that there must have been a mistake- the world had forgotten about me and what a gift I was to them and karma would soon get back to me for all I had given out.

Of course, no karmic dividend was payed back to me and as a result of my pot-addiction and total separation from myself and reality, I ended up jobless.

Unable in my self-created superiority to “handle” my parents while they generously offered me a place to stay, I chose to live in the forest. I was homeless. The karma was still not coming back to me and I could not find a job and did not really want one. Because I did not even have the self-control to not spend all my food stamps on delicacies before the month was up- I reverted to shoplifting to survive.

Similar to the man in the story, I was existing in self-created insanity and did not want to work. What I really didn’t want to do was face myself.
Physical pain started to manifest- I had a tense jaw. My knee started to hurt. My back was not right. I didn’t reach the point of cutting off my own foot- but my refusal to support myself in physical reality- a result of clinging to a memory of a time when I was admired for being spiritually advanced and didn’t have to face life- was self-abusive and resulted in physical consequences nonetheless.

So, it is revealed that the story of the mentally ill man cutting off his own foot to avoid work is my own. It is time for me to grow up- to become a man. It is time for me to support myself financially.

No more excuses that I am mentally ill, karmically under-appreciated, or physically incapable of getting a job. What I fear is myself and if I have some tough lessons to learn as I support myself practically, so be it. My ego could use the letdown anyway.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I am insane.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe that I am physically messed up.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realize that in defining myself as dis-eased, I have manifested the dis-ease.

I forgive myself for not allowing myself to realize that in choosing to be dis-eased, I was creating a problem so that I would not have to face myself and live life for real.

When and as I see myself go into my mind in creating excuses or justifications for why I cannot look for a job because I am too sick, I stop. I breathe. I am here, willing and able to work and to perform the job well.

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