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2012 – The Dark-Side of The Bright-Side of Life ... ight-side/

The Dark-Side of the Bright-Side is a clear indication of where we as human beings are in 2o12 and reveals not only the road ahead of us but also the path we have already walked. In this article we investigate exactly that.

A couple of weeks ago I came across this picture on Facebook in the group ”I love cats” of a little scared kitten, posted as a ”this is so cute!” by the people in the group. I stared at the picture and experienced an anger, not so much as an emotional experience, more as a ”WTF?” – within seeing something that I had not realized before. This picture was clearly abusive, someone taking a picture of a scared cat and posting it as ”cute”. What struck me was not so much the abuse itself as it has become customary to see abusive pictures none the less on Facebook – so what struck me was this entirely absurd contradiction between ”cuteness” and abuse – that the same people that claimed to ”love cats” where the same people that celebrated this picture of a scared cat as though it was the cutest and sweetest thing they had ever seen.

So I started looking at this point: How can this be?

That a picture can be presented to us, so clearly, yet we completely fail to see what is right before our very eyes. What is that mechanism in our minds that manages to twist how we perceive an image so profoundly from abuse and suffering to cuteness? Later I shall share a different example that places this into further perspective, but for now lets remain with the example of the kitten.

When people look at this picture and see cuteness instead of a scared cat, it is because of several points. We have come to distance ourselves from animals to such an extent that we see them as cartoon characters, as toys and things, rather than living, breathing beings with their own expression. We have placed ourselves as god over animals, the world and each other and as such we believe that we have an intrinsic right to do with the animal as we please, that we know best – and we justify ourselves however we can that this is our love for animals that we are displaying when we dress them, take pictures of them and display them as our prized possessions.
Furthermore, the fact that we see something that is abusive as being cute, shows us that something has happened to our sense of perception where we no longer SEE what is Here, but instead SEE a twisted version of reality where everything is turned upside down into cute images and show tunes, always safe, always light and loving.

This is the world of entertainment in all its nooks and cracks that are constantly lit into all corners of our minds and our world, with loud music and colors as though we were constantly on the kind of mental torture, where the POW’s (or cult members) are exposed to constant sounds, light and sleep deprivation to break them down to complacency.

A couple of days ago I came across a new image. This one is depicting a man attempting to fish from a waterhole in the middle of the street. The people sharing this picture saw it as being funny and quirky and did not stop for a second to consider the conditions through which such an image would come about. That this man is attempting to fish from a holy in the road, properly because he is so desperate to sustain himself and his family, having no job or access to money, having taken this desperate measure of attempting something that is impossible.

Now, the fact that people do not see such an image for what it is, is not because they are bad people or that they would be good people if they did see it, it is because we have literally trained our eyes, our vision and perception, to see something else than what is Here.
We are seeing from within, as and through our own limited mind-reality, where everything that is real is kept safely at bay, so that we don’t have to face what is here and so that we don’t have to face our own actual experiences. So we create this love-and-light explanations of what is here, where everything makes perfect sense and where there is always a benevolent god behind even the most horrific atrocities, or we simply tune-in to entertainment only with the excuse that we’d rather stay positive and look at the “bright side of life” – when in fact that bright side is a part of what causes animal-abuse, poverty and suffering as we shall see.

So we deny what is here in a way we can justify for ourselves: “It is sad, but what can I do about it?” or: “There is a meaning with everything, just wait and see: god has a plan.”

And as everyone joins in the choir claiming that the emperor does in fact have his pants on, the world keeps moving and turning. Sometimes a child will call-out the bullshit and scream “but he does not have any pants on!” but they soon learn to get in-line and keep their mouths shut – and as everyone is telling themselves and each other the same stories, the child starts losing self-trust in what it sees as real and starts believing that there must be something wrong with it, since everyone else is saying that the world is fine and filled with sunshine. The child sees no other option than to accept what it – it too has to survive after all.

Recently I came across an advertisement for a new luxury hotel that offers the customers to sleep in the tree-branches in lovely huts created to get an extraordinary experience. I sent the link to a friend participating with Desteni, but who is quite new to Desteni and she replied by saying that it looked like a dreamhouse and that something like this could be cool.

I was surprised at her reaction, because when I saw the advertisement, I immediately thought: “wtf?” Here someone comes up with yet another luxury scheme to make money alongside rich people’s desire for “new” and “more” when all that money, energy and resources could be spent to build-up the entire world, to create a wonderful living space for all species on earth, as something that would be a benefit to all. And I looked at how this is indicative for the abusive ignorance we as westerners walk-with our world through believing that what is happening in Africa or Asia or South America has absolutely no connection to what we are doing here in Europe or in the U.S.

What I learned from this is that I cannot simply assume that someone sees the same as me. And the only reason I do see, is because I have been assisted to break through the veil of bullshit disguised as love-and-light I had clued in front of my eyes, by people who dared to investigate why everyone believes that the emperor is fully dressed, when he is so clearly not. People who did not accept, who could simply not accept that what everyone says is true, must be so. So they started investigating for themselves what is actually going on in the world and why we exist the way we do.

And so I have through that started to assist myself to push through this layer of sweetness and positivity as self-deception that was covering my entire sight, vision and being start educating myself to understand what is in fact here. It has been a process from where I started where I experienced so much fear and resistance towards looking at what is here, simply depicted in documentaries and newspaper articles, but eventually I pushed myself to SEE and slowly but surely I started understanding how thwarted and contorted my view on my world and reality had been.

I realized that we have been brainwashed and have brainwashed ourselves to such an extent that we are literally unable to SEE what is right in front of our eyes. So to start actually SEEING, we require a total re-education of our perception and vision, not to mention the mental visualizations that have become so popular.

An example of the extremities to which I went to justify not seeing or taking responsibility for the world or myself in it, was with regards to the spiritual explanations that I had adapted into and a my vocabulary and inner vision. I believed that the people starving in Africa was in fact super-souls that was so cool and strong and advanced that they had taken the utmost challenge on of being suffering and starving and that this was a part of their soul-journey to free themselves from the bounds of the flesh.

I even remember when I conjured up this belief based on snippets from books and talks with other enlightened beings. In the initial stages of my spirituality-brainwash I could not make sense of why people were suffering. Since childhood it had seemed completely unnecessary to me.

But with this new-found spirituality that claimed that everything happened for a reason and was working according to a divine plan and that I had to detach myself from all earthly experiences, I had to come up with something to justify my own position in comparison to the people that are starving and conjure of a bullshit version of “we are all in this together”. I did that so that I did not have to face myself or the actuality of what is here in and as this world and actually bring myself to self-responsibility and self-honesty in realizing, seeing and understanding that the world is the way it is, because of who I have allowed myself to be and become.

It is a process to start ripping off the veil from our eyes, but it is a necessary process to walk to in fact change what is here and create the lives we’ve only so far dared dreaming of. It is also a process we can only walk through in self-honesty for ourselves, yet at the same time together, exactly as it is together we have tacitly agree to never face what is here, so that each can go about doing what they want without any considerations for the consequences.

Once we start SEEING, we cannot not see, yet it is a continuous process of making sure that we do not conjure up yet another cloak of self-deception to cover our eyes with.

The solution we always have looked for is here. The solution to never again experience fear or anxiety or feeling less-than. The solution to being forced to have shitty jobs that we hate and pretend that we love. The solution to the voices in our head that we just can’t seem to get to shut up. The solution to feeling depressed and wanting to die. The solution to suffering, starvation and war.

The solution is simple: To change what is here we require changing ourselves first, physically, practically, literally and not simply change the ideas in our head about who we are. In order to change ourselves, we require SEEING and understanding what is here and how and as whom we have created ourselves.

Only within being self-honest about what is here, both within and as the world and within and as our own secret minds, can we start actually SEEING and from there make a directive decision to change.

This is what we are doing at Desteni and we walk together to ensure and cross-reference that each of us are not within and as the mind, conjuring up new justifications and by sorting out the ones that already are, one by one – seeing: “who am I within this?”, “how did I create this pattern?” “what does it mean that I am directly self-responsible for the world?”.

See – these are the questions that no-one has ever dared asking themselves and the ENTIRE entertainment-machine is created and designed deliberately in the spirit of ignorance and self-deception to make sure that we at all times are kept docile and dreaming, believing in a here-after or an after here that is not so bad as we actually experience ourselves. And it is as such that our bright side creates and is directly responsible for the dark side as conditions that other human beings must live under and within, just so that we can keep pretending that we are not responsible for the creation of this world. So how to re-program oneself and one’s vision?

One can simply start with looking at the practicality of these images and let go of the idea of what it looks like in your head. Look at what is here, what is real. There are for example 3 billion people that are jobless in the world, in a population of 7 billion. Of those 3 billion, 2 are living in poverty for fewer than 2 Dollars pr. Day and 1 billion is literally starving from birth to death. 1 billion of our fellow human beings, 1 billion of our neighbors, 1 billion of our brothers and sisters are existing in suffering.

So we begin the process of re-educating ourselves back to earth and getting our head out of the clouds. At Desteni we come together on the forum where we write ourselves out and share ourselves with each other and it is a cool support, not only that there is someone else who is also starting to SEE what is actually here, but also that the points they share about themselves are exactly the points we experience within and as ourselves, but that we often have never talked to anyone about or even shared with ourselves, because we have deemed it as too shameful or stupid or bad and instead suppressed ourselves in total self-abdication. Finally there is someone saying and exposing all the points we have always thought to be real, but never dared to speak out loudly.

In walking-with Desteni, we teach ourselves to forgive ourselves in self-honesty, so that we can directly FACE what is here and start seeing how each of us are directly and equally responsible, not only for the world being the way it is, but for changing it as well. We are here to assist and support ourselves and each other to face what is here in self-honesty and through self-forgiveness and self-direction, change what is here so that we can create a world we would in fact like to be born into.

Join us at Desteni – Dare to Care. Vote for an Equal Money System to ensure all beings a dignified life. Visit the Destonians network where also a brand new wiki is in the process of being created. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Digg and Youtube and start the process of re-educating yourself out of the clouds in your mind, so that we together can sort this earth out.

See the Video 2012 – The CUTE and FUNNY Cloak of Self-Deception where I expand on these points

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Why I could hear the message of Desteni ... i-message/

I heard the message of Desteni because I had no other choice. I was at a literal dead end in my life where I could not move or go further. I had been practicing spirituality for some years along with various personal development techniques. And in my mind, I was doing this out of a noble purpose of saving humanity and the planet, but really it was because I was trying to simultaneously save and escape from myself.

As most people, I had since I was a child been running and hiding from myself, thrusting myself into the future every time I faced a point that was emotionally painful or difficult, as a self-made survival mechanism to not have to face myself and my actual experience of and as myself. But no matter what I did, I kept catching up with myself. It felt like I had tried EVERYTHING.

Eventually I got (conveniently) convinced that it was my personality and physical body that was the problem along with the world-system and I believed that I had to purify myself, by removing myself from everything that was of “low energy” so that I could raise up to the occasion of ascending myself into the higher realms of which I had absolutely no idea, but which I imagined would be a hell of a lot better than my old fucking self.

So I tried everything to get rid of myself and no matter what I did, I just kept coming back. I tried meditation and I did also have some of those “extraordinary” experiences that make us (conveniently) believe that we are special and chosen and that if we just wait long enough, we will be beamed up to some unknown place of rainbows and eternal sunshine. I dried getting Deekshs that are these blessings given to you by someone that has been enlightened to “oneness” by Amma, a self-proclaimed Indian avatar, every Tuesday. I followed a global ascension group that had its own channeler and was close to travel with them around the world, but eventually I ended up in a group that used psychedelics to transcend. After inner journeys on mushrooms, acid, DMT trips and Ayahuasca, I kept having the same “realization” that we are all one. But no matter how many times I “realized” this, I could not make it real for myself. I could not make myself really One with everything at a physical and fundamental level. I kept experiencing fears and desires and judgments and I kept judging myself and no matter how many visualizations I did and even as I removed myself from the system by selling all my stuff and moving into a wooden caravan, I could not get rid of me.

So one day, I felt frustrated and confused that no matter what I did, I did not seem to move anywhere. All I wanted was to go into the woods and transform myself to a bird and fly away. So I took stock of all the things I had participated in throughout my process since I was 15 and had started the process of what I believed to be my spiritual ascension. I looked at all the techniques and books and crystals and seminars that I had invested in, all the groups and friends and lovers I had talked with for hours and I asked myself: out of all this, what is the one point that has ever made me accelerate the most?

And when I looked back at my time-line, there was only one point that stood out. When I was around 16, I had made the decision for myself to be 100% honest with myself and not allow myself to have any taboos or secrets inside myself. And this – this single decision by a teenager was the one thing that I could see had fundamentally changed me. I was in absolute shock. Here I had spent years searching for the truth, buying all these solutions that never lasted and where I always came back to my old shitty self, no matter how good I tried to be or how enlightened I envisioned myself as. And in the end, simple that I myself had generated in a moment I had never thought about since was THE one point that I had changed myself through.

So from that day, I decided that from now on, I would walk my own self-honesty. Obviously as for most humans, most of my time went with conjuring up lies and self-deception in my mind, but I was not aware of that at the time, all I knew was that I had found a connection to myself again, but the self that I had connected to, was broken, confused and feeling totally and utterly lost.

All my beliefs had been shattered and all I had to fall back on was spirituality. Because I was sure as hell not going to participate “in the system”, which I blamed for everything that was wrong with me and the world. So I had my back up against the wall. I started to see how fake my environment was, how fake the partying and activism was, how fake my relationship was and how broken I and everything around me was.

One day I was babysitting two of my friends, who were on two different drugs tripping out, one on one bed and the other on another bed. I was merely there to make sure that nothing went wrong. That night I saw and browsed YouTube for the 108th time for DNA activation and ascension videos, ANYTHING that could give me a clue as to what the fuck was going on and how the fuck I could change myself. And I saw the thumbnail of the blond girl, that thumbnail that I had browsed over many times, but never been really interested in seeing, because I thought it had to do with aliens and conspiracy theories which I thought was stupid (lol – while DNA activation was clearly not).

But I was tired of browsing all these videos that I had seen 100 times before, so I clicked on a video called “I was an alien killed on earth” – and from that moment on, my entire life was changed. There was not a shadow in my mind that this was real, that this being is telling it like it is and it was like taking a shower for the first time in 50 years. I was cleansing, fresh and I felt cleaned by it. It spoke directly, no bullshit vague romance shit and it was scary-as-hell-in-your-face and it was exactly matching that realization I had had about self-honesty – that the most important thing to do here, is to be 100 % self-honest. That is how you stop this fucking Paris wheel from spinning.
And what Desteni said, what no one ever had said to me in my entire life was: you are responsible for this. It is because of you and who and how you have allowed yourself to exist that the world is what it is, why you are who you are. You are responsible. And it was a shock, but it was also an experience of coming home - coming home to reality - for the first time in my entire life, there would be no more secrets, no more mysteries, no more myths or fairytales – all would be revealed – by and as myself.
That night I did not sleep. I watched maybe 40 Desteni videos and when my friends woke up, I felt completely and utterly transformed. On one hand it was like I had no ground under my feet and was floating above the ground, but on the other I felt grounded more so than ever before. And from there I started walking, watching the videos, reading the articles on the website and quickly joined the forum where I was introduced to Self-Forgiveness.

I started realizing that I COULD change myself, but that I had in fact prevented myself to – simply because I did not want to face myself, I was shit scared of facing myself after having been hiding from myself for so many years – and as such, because I did not take self-responsibility for myself, I could not change – because all I was, was a puppet, an organic robot, existing to feed the mind. So now I am walking theDesteni I Process, where I start understanding how I have created myself, so that I can stop, stand up and change - it is really THAT simple. The only catch is that we have to do it ourselves. No one can be Self-Honest for me.

The reason why I listened to Desteni was primarily because Sunette, who I at the time knew as “that blond girl”, constantly popped up on my screen. She was there and she would not go away and she would keep popping up until would Dare to listen. And that is what Desteni is here for. That is why we are Destonians.

We’ve got a story to tell and it is about all of us, you included and how we have separated ourselves to such an extent from ourselves, that we have created a reality for ourselves of utter brutality, evil and abuse. The mind, to which we have abdicated ourselves exist as an entire system of self-defense, defending that part of ourselves that is fear of losing – and that part will do, say, be, become, feel, kill, fuck anything and anyone to get what it want, because that is all it exists as, all it can ever be.
So it is up to us, to SEE ourselves, to DARE to LISTEN, to FACE ourselves – and to stand up within and as the self-responsibility that WE are the CREATORS of this WORLD, this reality and ourselves. And nothing will change or go away – until we change ourselves.

So if you dare to be self-honest, you can give not only yourself, but all of humanity a gift of a life-time. To change what is here once and for all.

At Desteni – we are going to be in your face. We are going to keep popping up, until each and every single human being starts listening.

Because only when all walk together as equal, can we stand as One.

Walk with Desteni - We are not going to walk away.

My name is Anna Brix Thomsen and I am Destonian.

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2012 - The Dark Side of Reality is in your Mind ... your-mind/

In this blog series I am writing about the Dark Side of 2012, showing and exposing the trends and events of 2012 as indicative for who, what and where we as humanity are living within and as, as the dark sides, the secret sides of all the things we usually see as perfectly normal, yet which with an investigation reveals a side of humanity that is not pretty, progressive or evolved and that more than often show that the word ‘humane’ is a synonym for abuse and inequality and not for a benevolent advanced race.

If you have been reading the last Dark Side of 2012 blog I wrote called The Dark Side of the Bright Side of Life, you know that I was exposing how images that we as humans see as funny and cute, actually reveal a thwarted vision with which we are viewing our world, where we can even make abuse and suffering look as though it is cute and funny. If you have not yet read it, I suggest reading it before continuing with this blog as I will use it as a background reference.

In this blog I am revealing yet another of such points, yet this time the image is more explicit within its theme and within how it directly serves as a ‘snapshot’ of the rawness and brutality that is a part of humanity, yet which has been thwarted into an ‘innocent’ and funny image and as such revealing a collective deception that has emerged in the separation of and from ourselves here as life.

The image depicts a woman sucking on a dildo attached to a cake. Behind her a child aged somewhere between 4-6 years old displays an expression of shock. This image was again posted on Facebook as yet another “funny picture” but upon further investigation it is clear that it is not.

In the video I created to this video I talk about the point of sexuality and what the picture thus is a snapshot of in relation to sexuality and how sexuality is perceived as ‘empowering’ and ‘liberating’ for women as well as men, when in fact what it symbolizes is the utmost enslavement, separation and limitation within how the pinnacle of sexual expression is depicted as the ‘cumshot’ or ‘moneyshot’, (the expression used in porn for male ejaculation), or as here the woman sucking the man’s penis. For reference in relation to the points of sexuality I will be discussing here, I therefore refer to the video The Dark Side of a Dildo. The video interview What is Sex - Overview is also FREE to download to expand one's understanding of what sex has been created as and for in this world and reality.

In this blog, I will focus on the point of how this image is seen as ‘innocent’ and ‘funny’ and I will show the Dark Side that is actually hiding behind such ‘neutralization’ and ‘normalization’ of something that is in its nature abusive and brutal.

When I looked for the image on Google, I found it on a forum, where comments had been placed. These comments reveal exactly how such a picture is seen in relation to how sexuality is presented and shows the disconnect with which we as humans see such an image. The following comments are real. I have altered nothing but the layout.

cOckwarmer: excuse me I wanted to eat that
akingu: SEE little Rosa? This is what you'll be doing to your daddy when you're 4!
crackerkiller5: mommy?
Hughbie: wtf? And there is a black donger as well? And more kids? WTF?
Anonymous: lol its the kids birthday
Moose: I am genuine confuse.
chrisy: she should see a doctor about that tongue
Anonymous: OMG WTF
Anonymous: parenting win!!!
Anonymous: im in awe and pure fuckin amazement
Terrorist Hunter: Holy Shit! WTF? Whole new meaning to "Blow out the Candles?"
Anonymous: those crazy mexicans....
KoKoKoB8: this is shopped, south of the border niggers cant afford cake.
Anonymous: ^^ I LOLd
akingu: as Uncle Joe hid beneath the table, wondering how his joke would turn out, better than he thought was the conclusion...
sunseterat: look see i can be very witty and suck a dick. wow never seen that b4
Anonymous: I don't doubt your ability to suck a dick... I have yet to see you ever be witty though
Anonymous: whore training... if you do it right you get some cake.
andy39eck: pedo shit this is
O.C. 69er!: Stupid Fuckin Beaners!
mantore: this is the family trade hun
Anonymous: this is really fucked up
Anonymous: lol @ blow out the candles
poopalotacus: HAPPY STINKY DA MAYO!
tania95: Good mom.. The right way for teach the facts of life to her daugh *LOL*
Squirrely1: Now copy what mommy does...You will win a puppy... :))))
Anonymous: This is phonogram...
Anonymous: suck it
Anonymous: wow, talk about teaching them young. lol
SMF: Meanwhile, in Europe....
Anonymous: hey mom, you doing it wrong
Anonymous: Does anyone know why??
Anonymous: the chocolate one is coming... the look on that girls face is priceless. "MUM! You are embarassing me in front of my friends"

5 of these comments are directly racist, 8 are directly joking about and positively referring to sexual abuse of children and incest, 9 comments are displaying shock or disgust, 4 comments suggest that this is simply funny, 3 comments are looking at the image from the perspective of the child, yet in a joking manner and only 1 comment is asking the question “why?”
So if we for a moment do an experiment where we take these comments as a poll on how humanity is placing itself, it is clear that there is a majority of people who do not see anything remotely wrong with such a picture and who in fact laugh, make jokes and even suggestions as to the child being sexual, as akingu that says SEE little Rosa? This is what you'll be doing to your daddy when you're 4!

This is a comment made on a public website, available directly through Google and this comment is suggesting openly (yet under a fake profile name) that this child will be exposed to oral sex with her father. Both tania95 and Squirrely1 suggests that this is a mother learning her child how to give oral sex. Tania95 says: Good mom.. The right way for teach the facts of life to her daugh *LOL*And Squirrely1says: Now copy what mommy does...You will win a puppy... :)))) Mantore suggests with his comment that this is the family trade hun and as such implied within the words that the mother is a prostitute. Anonymous does also not hide how he sees this image and directly calls it whore training... referring to the child that if you do it right you get some cake.

As we can see here the association with sexual abuse of children is directly expressed as a joke, that if we were to ask these people why they have posted these comments, would properly say that “it’s just a joke.” – But at the same time there is no such thing as just a joke. These images and associations that are made here are coming directly from within and as these people’s minds and it is impulsed by a system that sees porn as “harmless and innocent fun” yet which celebrates the violence, degradation and abuse that comes with it. This is not only in actual pornographic movies, but also in music videos advertisements, computers and movies that are displayed publically and that is approved by politicians and public society alike.

A certain hardness (no pun intended) has engulfed us, where being hard in the double sense of the word is seen as ‘progressive’, ‘modern’ and ‘liberated’, yet which Dark Side – the one that people only share with themselves in the secret of their own mind or online where there is no prosecution or consequences - is brutal and directly violent in its nature.
What we can see here is a total disconnect from physical reality and what actually exists here, within how such an image is on one hand displayed as “innocent fun” yet at the same time clearly being associated positively with violence and abuse against children and women.

The same can be seen within the racist comments where Anonymous calls the women and children on the picture those crazy mexicans... and where KoKoKoB8 refers to the image as being shopped, south of the border niggers cant afford cake.O.C. 69er! Goes as far as calling the woman and children Stupid Fuckin Beaners!

What is interesting about these comments is that they supposedly through their racist remarks shows a dismay towards the image, yet their comments stand in complete agreement with the view in porn where people that are not white, are most often displayed directly in racist scenes and are paid the least amount of money in the industry, here specifically black and Mexican women.

Thus the comments stand in a point of self-deception to oppose the exact viewpoint that they represent, not to mention that the majority of the porn produced is produced in San Fernando Valley in California in the United States. An image such as this one is exactly not indicative of specifically Mexican or non-American culture, but in fact the American culture that not only in porn, but also through the mainstream media promulgates the abuse of women and children through hiding the abuse behind and within entertainment, such as for example seen within the television program Toddlers and Tiaras.

Several commenters expresses shock or discontent primarily through the “Wtf!” , but none of these takes their shock and discontent t to any form of discussion of what is actually implied within such an image or bring the point to a public debate or exposure. Instead their comment is posted as a form of separation from the image they are seeing as if saying “let me get the hell away from this, I got nothing to do with this” instead of actually bringing the point back to self in and as self-responsibility. I have shared more on this point in the previous blog post on this point.

Only one single commenter asks: “Why?” - Why is there a women sucking on a dildo stuck in a cake and why is there a small child watching her? This shows how little we as humans actually question our reality and the images we are exposed to on a daily basis and it shows how we can exist in parallel universes within our very own minds, where one part is the “light” public personality where we say “it was just a joke” and “porn is just harmless fun”, where the other part actually gets hard thinking about child abuse and racism.

One major issue within this point is exactly this separation of our actual inner realities from the physical reality – the inner reality that is getting free reign online, because we don’t have to stand accountable for our words – our words that are also actions, within how we live those very words, by becoming them within expressing ourselves in and as them and thus validating them as real and acceptable.

And we can see these inner realities directly reflected in the world through how porn is more and more being seen and promoted as “fun” through reality shows and recording artists promoting porn actresses, yet where the amount of rapes, sex trafficking and domestic violence is simultaneously and rapidly increasing.

The policies are on the other hand not changing and neither is the common public opinion, here shown as an extreme example, yet valid none the less as it serves as a snapshot to show a part of humanity that rather stay in the darkness. Yet this darkness is being kept neatly tugged away by the very system that is supposed to protect us from harm, abuse and inequality.
As much as people do not have to stand accountable for their actions as words online, neither do we stand accountable in fact for the consequences of our words and actions within how they are directly creating and manifested a reality of disconnection, of brutality, of abuse and inequality.

The people behind these comments can make these comments freely because they exist within and as a system, where no one is accountable or responsible for what is here – or for whom we are here. Politicians are corrupt and everyone knows it, corporations exploit and abuse workers in the poor countries and we know it, oil companies are buying land and sea access and are destroying the local environment and we know it, billions of animals are being brutally produced, kept and slaughtered for human consumption, we know – and we gladly eat it.

And we gladly eat this image that teaches a child that how to be a women is to go down on a man until he ejaculates and that a man is nothing more than his penis and we twist and turn it to fit our inner imaginary reality where everything looks even more dark than what the picture in fact displays, of a low race of humans that is no good for anything than fucking or a child and a mother that is also no good for anything than fucking.

The acceptance and allowance behind these comments - including the fact that no one does anything about it, is exactly why thousands of children are trafficked as sex workers every year and why whole areas in India, Thailand and other places are dedicated to the selling and purchasing of sex with children. It happens in the darkness that is impoverished countries, and within how Western men travel outside their polished lives to commit these crimes in broad daylight.

It is about time that we address these secret realities and start standing accountable for their creation and what they create and manifest within and as our physical realities.

We got to start with asking why and how such an image comes about and what it says about us as a whole of humanity, because if we do not bring these points up to the surface from the depths of the secret mind, they will accumulate and they will dictate our world and our reality as well as ourselves.

Each of us has to expose our own inner darkness – darkness as the traditional sense of “evil” within a deliberate pleasure in abuse and suffering of others and darkness as the deliberateness of keeping certain parts of ourselves secret, to not have to face the consequences of our lived actions.

No matter what we participate in, in our world and our reality, we create what is here collectively. We simply have to looking in self-honesty at what it actually is that goes on inside us and “who” we really are, within these parts that we’ve kept secret, even from ourselves, to understand that what is manifested in the world of brutality and abuse is directly reflecting and created by what each of us have allowed ourselves to exist within and as.

Dare to expose the Darkness of the secret of the mind - and do not let the Light be the Lie with which we hide from ourselves, in the belief that our inner realities are “just for fun” – when the reality they manifest is clearly not.

Investigate Desteni – where we dare to expose and speak about the secrets of the mind in equal self-responsibility. Participate in unveiling the world as self and begin the process of stopping and standing up from, within and as the secret reality of the mind that believes it to be free from consequence and that has free reign on our direct command. Learn how to face yourself in self-honesty and how to through self-forgiveness stand up and purify yourself within taking self-responsibility for who and what you have allowed yourself to be and become.

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Make 2012 YOUR Year ... your-year/

You can make 2012 YOUR year. You can create the life of your dreams and make this year YOUR turn to make it. I am going to share the secret how. So while we are waiting for 2012 to reveal whether or not it is indeed a year of transformation, let’s first have a look at another Dark-Side. Walking through this point will reveal exactly why 2012 will be your year and how you can support yourself to make it happen for you right here - right now.

“This is my year!"

“Now it is my turn."

“My time has come”.

This and these statements are often being expressed by beings that have had a rough life economically as well as socially and personally and who have come to believe that their “time has come” to get the good life, the one perfect partner, the good job, live the dream or whatever they have come to believe will free them from their current experience.

I noticed it when I was watching American Idol, where many people would describe their hardships in life, how they had lost jobs, houses or family members or how they or some of their family members had been sick. Some had been bullied in school or had had parents that were drug addicts and as such all of them came with the dream and the hope that this would be their “time to shine”, to “get on top” and obviously to make a lot of money to get them out of the situation they were currently in.

Now these statements are closely tied in with the American Culture and its notion of the “American Dream” defined by James Truslow Adams in 1931 as: "life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement" referring to the migration from Europe to the American continent and the dream of a starting over in a new life, of which many prospered. It is further more related to the pursuit of happiness that within the declaration of independence states not only that “All men are equal” but also that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights" including "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

The creation of the United States of America thus became the symbol of starting over in a way where prior notions of class and hierarchy among people would be reset so that each would be free to create a life for themselves in which they could prosper and where only the stars were the limit to their ability to pursue happiness.

So if this is indeed no so, why are all Americans not happy or rich or prosperous? In 2009 it was estimated that more than 45 million Americans were living in poverty. That number is only increasing as many more lose their jobs and houses in the wake of a recession that at first might had seemed like a little bump on the road, but which now more resembles a mountain of desperation and despair for all those people that are forced to live in their car or choose between food for their children and medical care for themselves. The U.S poverty rate is by OECD ranked the worst of all the developed countries. According to an estimate by the Huffington Post, the top-earning 20 percent of Americans – those making more than $100,000 each year – received 49.4 percent of all income generated in the U.S., compared with the 3.4 percent made by the bottom 20 percent of earners, those who fell below the poverty line, according to the new figures.

As 1 of every 5 children in the U.S is living in poverty yet are told that they are living in the most free country in the world, that the sky is the limit and that they should just chase after their dreams, it is no wonder that people come to believe that this is “their year” or “their time”. All their life they have believed that they have a chance to make it and have come to believe that the only thing that can stop them is to not dream big enough.

This belief is being endorsed by an entire media industry that enwraps the nation from the morning talk-shows to the bed time news and the movies, advertisements and radio shows in between. There is virtually no escape from the American Dream. It makes sure that wherever you are, you know it is there and that there is a chance that this IS your year, your time to shine. There is no escape from the nightmare that is the American Dream.

If we talk a look behind the American Dream from this perspective, what it is in fact that is happening. The few who do become stars and who “make it” set the example for the majority that they too can make it if they just work hard enough, if they just chase their dreams; within this the foundation is laid out for people to work and survive within the belief that the country they are living in has got their back, that they are all together in this, in raising each other up to in fact reach the stars.

But the reality is that it is a tiny proportion of the population that do in fact make it, who become famous or rich and who escape the reality of a life in survival, while the majority slave their lives away with absolutely no chance of ever breaking out of the cycle. The fact is that the elite of this world live in a closed circle with expensive private schools and universities, from where they fill the boardrooms and CEO positions and marry each other and as such keeping the blood lines going and make sure that absolutely no one else has a chance.

And then once in a while, to make sure that the majority does not suspect that the game is rigged and that they don’t stand a chance, someone from a poor background in what appears to be a miracle, suddenly rises up and makes it. It can be basketball players that get a scholarship to the major leagues or singers who are discovered on the street and who are dragged out of a life in the gutter get cleaned up and live a shiny new life of a superstar.

So when people come to American Idol to audition for a life without survival, they come with the belief that this is their time, this is the year where they will make it – because otherwise, what is the alternative? To look forward to a life of hardship and struggle, where they will eventually die leaving their children behind to repeat the same exact pattern, life after life, generation after generation.

The point that is missed here, because people are so busy surviving that they literally cannot think about anything else, is that they will never make it – and that they are spending their life slaving away for something that is absolutely impossible that has been impulsed by a system that is exploiting and abusing them through their hope and dreams, so that the wheels of the economy can turn and a minute few can keep living the sweet life.

What is also missed is that each person is preoccupied with their own survival in a competition with everyone else, existing within a secluded life of fear and desires in their mind; therefore each is only seeing themselves, their own inabilities and misfortunes and their own dreams and misguided beliefs that they can and will reach the top. Therefore they don’t see the wheels turning and that they too are a part of the machinery that has to roll around and around in order for the race to keep running.

So understand that the hope and the belief in “my year” has been impulsed into the society as a strategic way of keeping the people in place and make sure they work gladly and willingly until the day they die.

It is no different than the faith in god and the afterlife where scriptures and the church promises good fortune and a life of gold and happiness in heaven for those that work hard and stay on the path. It is no different than how suicide bombers are promised a life in heaven with virgins and all the food they can eat, if they just sacrifice themselves for the cause.

It might sound extreme, especially when one have believed that one truly do have a chance, but if one takes a self-honest look and observe commercials, advertisements and reality shows, one will see that this belief is at the baseline of virtually all entertainment that wraps around our lives. It provides a sense of hope, magic and miracles that creates the illusion of fairness that the American Dream is built upon.

But on the Dark-Side of that is people’s actual experience of themselves, where they spend their days worrying about their mortgage and whether or not they will be fired and how to feed their children. Many people feel despair and a desperation that is so abysmal that they can’t stand feeling it and instead suppress and numb themselves through entertainment, drugs and alcohol.

It is within this tension field between the hope of the American Dream that wraps the country like a cloak of sticky sweetness and the immense fear and feeling that it is completely useless that an entire people is kept in a lock-in. And furthermore, this is not only the American people that are existing within this relationship – it is in fact all of us in the world that are participating and maintaining the deceptive belief that everyone has a fair chance. This is even used by people in the wealthier countries to justify why people in the third world are suffering and starving, because: “if they wanted to, they could”, “they could just work hard for it”, “and everyone has a chance”.

But simply have a look at the reality of what is here: 3 billion people are jobless, 2 billion has no job and 1 billion are starving from the moment they are born until the day they die. There is virtually no hope.

There is however another way.

If we take the expression “Your year”, “your time” and “your turn” and change the starting-point from the deceptive notion of hope and bring ourselves to the realization that this is something that have been indoctrinated into us, to have us accept ourselves as mere labor slaves. What this realization brings with it is that there is something fundamentally wrong with our world and our reality and that we collectively have participated in upholding it by convincing ourselves and each other that it is real, that each of us does in fact have an equal chance of making a successful living for ourselves.

The dream is to live without having to worry about surviving. When looking at this dream, this is in fact what it is about – that ultimate way of living is simply to not have to live in fear of not surviving. Let’s stop and consider that for a moment: that the ultimate American dream, our reaching for the stars, is nothing more than a desire to live a live without fear.

I am here to tell you that it is possible make this YOUR year – the year where you transform your life into a life where you can stop fearing for your survival. This will not be a transformation that magically happens, where someone swoops you off your feet into a life of stardom and luxury. It will not be a transformation where you have to wait for a talent scout, agent or Jesus to save you from your life. It will simply be you transforming yourself and your life through getting to know yourself in self-honesty in walking a process of bringing yourself back to self-direction instead of living as a zombie waiting for “your shot” to be given to you at the mercy of someone else; where your life is literally in their hands – and not in your own.

In this is also the realization of what it actually is we have created within and as this world, through this game of survival, where no one can ever be the fittest except for those that already have got all the money; and with this comes the realization that we in fact are together in this, but it is in an entirely different way that how we until now have been together in our self-delusion.

Because once we start walking the process of Self-Transformation, and in that Self-Honestly realize what is here as this world, we also start realizing that we are responsible for changing what is Here. So from it having been YOUR year that you created as a hope within yourself to cope with your own survival, in self-interest in fact only concerned with and caring about yourself; it now becomes your year to stand up, to stand equal with all that is here – in the realization that for your life to change, the world has to change and for the world to change, you have to change you.

At Desteni this is what each of us have realized and are realizing within and as ourselves and we are each walking this process of transforming ourselves as human beings that until now have existed on a lie within the seclusion and separation in our own minds in fear of not surviving – to now live the transformation of ourselves, to open our eyes and our I’s to ourselves, the world and each other; see what is here and change.

To make this your year and to ensure that each human being have the opportunity to have every year be their year too, we propose an Equal Money System.

The American Dream promises to make all men equal, that each can reach their dreams but the Dark-Side of this dream is the promise of a life without survival that no one can realistically achieve and through which everyone slaves to survive in the hopes of getting that golden ticket.

The Equal Money System does not give promises – because it is a system that we requires each of us to participate as equals to bring about a world that is best for all and as such it is a system of accountability – a system that does not have to make promises, because it does what it says it will do. There are no hidden agendas or loopholes where someone can exploit others, because the foundation is based upon equality, its infrastructure it’s based on equality as a physical mathematical fact; and because each of us will live based on the principle of equality, we will make sure that what is best for all is what stands.

So If you are ready to let go of the dreams of delusion and step down on the ground that is right here on earth, then investigate the Equal Money System and participate in bringing a new world to Life.

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2012 – Everything an Expression of LOVE – How? ... -love-how/

Here we are having a look at the statement: ”Everything is an Expression of Love”. In 2012 this statement have become the mantra of a new generation and is indicative, not only for where we are going as humanity on our journey through the universe, but also for who, what and where we are, right here, right now.

The following text was shared on here on Facebook and I use it as a platform to discuss some of the points that are revealed within this statement.

All negative thoughts and feelings are simply love under pressure. Every action you take and every word you speak is an expression of love. Anger, sadness, greed and guilt are just contracted forms of energy that originally came from love, yet were contorted by the mind. If you look closely, you'll find that everything in this Universe comes from love. This may be a radical idea to digest and religiously implement in your personal belief system, yet I invite you to try on these new prescription "love glasses" for a week or two. The slightest change in ones perspective can dramatically shift everything!

The Dark-Side of this belief is that it is used to justify and cover-up the suffering that is in and as this world, as children starving, wars, torture, rape and abuse against life in general. Because within this view, one has to “look closely” which means that if one does not see love in suffering, it is because one have not looked closely enough. Furthermore, when the text speaks about “the negative in this world”, it is only referring to emotions – emotions that are primarily privileged to the elite of this world, those of us who have money. Because those that are in-fact suffering don’t have time or energy to feel a lot of emotions – they are too busy surviving and experiencing actual physical pain. So when spiritual elitists speak about suffering, it is most often the Western mental (and self-inflicted) emotional pain they are referring to.

When I was practicing spirituality, this is what I used to say and believe. I believed that the core of the universe essentially consisted of love and that we had simply distilled ourselves from that to such an extent that we could not even remember that we once consisted of love.

People thus put on these “love-glasses” to in fact cover their eyes from seeing what is here. And sure enough, once one puts the love-glasses on, everything suddenly looks pink and shiny and filled with divine possibilities, but one just have to take the glasses of to see that they were just that; a view that one deliberately places in front of one’s eyes to magically contort reality to in-fact NOT SEE what is HERE.
"He that sees the Self sees the Divine. All that you see depends on the seer. Apart from the seer there is no seen." ~Sri Ramana Maharshi

Just imagine that from this day forth, every word you hear from another person is felt first by your new love filter. Whenever someone speaks to you with judgment, criticism, resentment or disgust, you only hear the innocent love that is trying to get through beneath their words. Everyone has a higher Self, which is always present (somewhere beneath the surface) and is always trying to communicate through to you. Once you have the awareness to truly listen from this higher essence you won't hear "negativity" anymore. You'll just hear the love. You see, love is always in there, somewhere. If you dive deep enough through a person's words, to the root of their energy, you'll find that at the very core is an infinite Source of love. Just as all the colors of the rainbow stem from pure sunlight, the variety of thoughts, feelings and experiences you have radiate directly from love.
This statement indicates that what is underneath is actually love coming through from a person’s higher self and when they judge or get angry it is actually their higher self that is trying to get through. Let’s look at what it actually is that is on the inside of human beings: thoughts, emotions, feelings and self-talk where we talk back to ourselves. As whom do we exist within our minds? As superheroes and victims and stars in the show that is ourselves.

The reality of self – that self which we really are is not beautiful or benevolent in any way. It is judgmental, spiteful and only concerned about its self-interest. The personality we however project outside ourselves, that we want everyone including ourselves to see us as, is this “higher self” that never gets mad, that feels unconditional love for everyone, so this point is actually in total reverse. One simply has to have a look inside oneself at the thoughts and judgments that one experience throughout a day, to see that it is so. What can love be under pressure from if all there exists is a divine expression of love?
"Health is the greatest gift. Happiness is the greatest wealth. Enlightenment is the greatest bliss." ~Buddha

Life is a radical and amazing experience when all that you see, hear and feel from people is the essence of love. Each moment is an invitation to experience The Divine in others around you and within yourself. People who are trapped in only expressing a contracted state of personality are simply uneducated. They just don't know how to dive deeper inside to find their loving center and express from this space in a relaxed and authentic way. The love is already in their heart, yet it's being expressed through the "complaint filter" their mother, father or grandfather handed down to them. Drop the filter and you'll find love. Look past people's falseness, beyond their games, facades, personalities, and peer deeper inside them, focusing on the Source where love is springing forth. You'll always find love at the innermost core. The miracle is that by seeing it, you automatically ignite their awareness to seeing it too! This chain reaction awakens the world so people can dismantle their walls, fears, illusions and resistance to love, and discover that the Source of love is always inside themselves and within you!
See how focus here is on “Experience”? It indicates that there is a godly love at the bottom of the human being and that all we have to do is to open ourselves up to it. But when we do, what happens? We have experiences. It is not about practical living or about practically changing what is here as self and the world, but about “getting something out of it” – this clearly shows how spirituality is about intoxicating self on the spiritual feelings that self has accumulated and conjured up within the mind and in collaboration with others through words.
"Spirituality - spirit = intoxication (in its resonant expression it's 'intoxicating' - the very essence of the energy is like thousands of knives jabbing into the physical that pain taking one into delirium as intoxication - completely annihilated from the physical) duality - the dual, the friction between physical and energy that self-manifest oneself as - so, spirituality is a constant continuous literal physical abuse for the sake of energy and the cost of life" - Sunette Spies
If the source of everything is love, why are people still starving? Why are billions of animals every day being kept, fed, produced and slaughtered in the most brutal way? Because we don’t know any better? Because such brutality is really a contorted expression of love? That is plain bullshit and anyone who has dared to take of the “love-classes” will be able to see this. It doesn’t require special glasses – all you need is your own physical eyes and in self-honesty push yourself to see what is actually here.

When having a look at this text, consider the resonant feeling that it accompanies: It is an excitement and a self-inflating mental stimulation of hope and mental masturbation, not unlike how people masturbate in their minds to fantasies for then to have an orgasm. It is simply energy – it is simply words that are meant to create and uphold a delusionary reality in one’s mind, that one project onto the actual physical world; a world that is trapped and miserable. This is not something “negative” – it is simply the reality of what is here. And in order to change that – to actually create a world where we don’t need “love-glasses” to see and experience the wonder of life – we require SEEING what is here in self-honesty and accordingly change ourselves.
"You were born with potential. You were born with goodness and trust. You were born with ideals and dreams. You were born with greatness. You were born with wings. You are not meant for crawling, so don't! You have wings, learn to use them and fly!" ~Rumi
The reality of what, how and as who we were born, is that we are born into a pre-programmed existence, where our entire lives are determined by how much money and education the family in which we are born, have. No wings, no ideals, no greatness. Birds have wings and angels in people’s minds, ideals are socialized and forced into and as us and greatness is nowhere to be seen in this world and this reality. So when such statements are placed as mantras, they describe a reality that is only real within the minds of people that already have money and access to education. Because those are the only ones fortunate enough to be able to even put on “love-glasses” and NOT see what is in fact here – the despair, the misery, the suffering.

The acting of putting on “love-glasses” is thus an act of deliberate self-deception, where all that matters is one’s own experiences. There is absolutely no consideration for the practical situation of what is here on Earth. I know this, because I have worn those glasses for years. And the truth is that I wore them because it felt a hell of a lot better than to face what is here in self-honesty and realize that I was equally responsible for the mess that is here as this world and as myself.
To live as the source of love each day, it's essential that you practice compassion for where people are at in their spiritual path. This is the only way we can live in a truly harmonious world. Simply recognize that we have come from one Source, which is love, and we are each on a specific journey to fully realize this Source. There is no other journey we are on. Everything is for our awakening process. The loving Source is who you already are.
How can the source of a world that is based on suffering, deception and abuse, be love? If there is a “source of love”, why do we have to walk a “path” of realizing this source? Why is it not already self-realized? How can this loving source be who we already are, when who we already are, is preoccupied with petty judgments and self-deceptive beliefs that does everything but makes us face what and as who we are here on this very Earth?

These are questions that all spiritual seekers ought to be able to answer, but as with all spirituality, the beliefs are always exactly vague enough, so that no one really understands what they practically mean and thus always feel less than, as though there is something they are missing. What they are missing is self – here and the brutal and raw truth of how and as whom we exist.

The solutions presented by these beliefs, are based on “feeling it” – so if you don’t feel it, it is your own fault. There are no suggestions of practical application what so ever to change self or the world – which no one is seemingly questioning, because at the bottom of the pit that is their deceptive heart is the truth that people who have money, would like to remain in the position they are in and therefore come up with elaborate explanations to justify the abuse, suffering and inequality in the world – to make sure that they can wash the blood of their hands and not stand accountable in any way what so ever.
Whenever you believe that we just live in the world of duality, of opposing forces such as hot and cold, night and day, male and female, black and white etc....look a little deeper. Gaze towards the Source where these ideas and experiences are coming from. If your mind goes blank, great! Keep diving, you'll soon discover the multi-dimensionality found in every breathing moment of life stems from one perpetual effortless loving Source.
The deepness that we are asked to look into, is not the deepness of what is here in fact or who we are here as in fact, but the deepness of the visualized experience and idea of love. So what we look for, we will find. And when we don’t find this deep source of love at the bottom of our souls we will believe that there is something wrong with us, that we are not getting it right, that we are not tuned into the right frequencies and so we try and try and try.

But at the end of the day, we simply cannot visualize a new world or a new self for ourselves. Because real change takes place in and through the physical – physically in fact changing ourselves and our participation in and as this reality. To do that, we got to be willing to SEE what is here. Otherwise all that is changing is one mind-perspective to another.

At Desteni, we have come down from the clouds in our minds as each of us who have walked the path of spirituality realized for themselves and no change will come about through imagining it and feeling it through the mind. No matter how much love we feel or how much we believe in the divine essence of love, it will not change the fact that three billion people currently are jobless, that two billion people exist for under two dollars a day and that one billion people starve from they are born until the day they die. Where is the divine essence of love for them? Would they rather have food or love?

So – a paradigm change is required, within us as well as without in the world as a whole, where we dare to remove the “love-glasses” from our eyes and start SEEING what is here. It is from there that we can begin the journey of bringing ourselves back on our own two feet and actually give ourselves the gift of self-directively - for the first time – be able to change ourselves in fact.

Then we don’t need any “love-glasses” to hide behind or to hide what is here. We don’t need any feelings of divine love, because we are simply here living, one and equal with all that is here.

Investigate Desteni – come down and join us on Earth, so that we can sort out what is here as ourselves and finally begin the journey of discovering what Life really is and can be, who we really are and who we can become through self-honesty, self-forgiveness in bringing ourselves back Here.

It is interesting that we as human beings believe that truth is a feeling and that each has their own truth, because looking at the world, it does not make sense practically speaking, for there to be 7 billion different truths. So instead we can consider that there is one truth and that that is simply the totality of what is here on this earth. I spent many years searching for "my truth" only to discover that it didn't exist, because what was presented as true by all the spiritual books was in fact a lie used to cover-up what is here. What is required is therefore not for each to find their truth, but to see the truth of the reality we all share. Then it will not be a feeling, but simply a seeing of what is here in fact.

Dare to ask – have a self-honest look at 'who' self is within and as these spiritual beliefs and dare asking questions... even to that which seem divine. The Dawn of a New Age has come, as a new Day ready to embraced - to embrace it, all we gotta do is starting embracing ourselves in self-honesty.

Are you ready?

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2012 – What can We Learn from The Atlanteans?

In this fascinating interview done by a female Atlantean that share the story of how Atlantis existed and how the beings there existed in a form of ‘Oneness’ with all of existence. It is fascinating to hear about pre-earth history when one has gotten used to a certain way of understanding the history of the universe, and it can seem “out there”, yet at the same time, once listening it is as though all the pieces to the puzzle of “who are we?” and “where did we come from?” falls into place in a way that is so familiar that it is undoubtedly certain that this really happened.

The way the Atlantean describe how they existed as Sound, as the very essence of Life-Substance is quite fascinating as well and the only way to be able to really Hear, is by being Here – letting go of precognition and preconceptions about science, nature and the history of the earth. What unfolds is an entirely new (yet familiar) perspective on existence and on the substance that is our lives and beingness. I listened to it while I was on the bus home from Pilates and while I was doing dishes on my telephone. I find it quite enjoyable to listen to interviews and recordings while I move myself physically.

If you have not yet listened to the interview, I suggest doing so as I will be basing this article on points mentioned in the interview. It is placed exclusively on Youtube for FREE here and you are welcome to download it as well.

So – what can we learn from the Atlanteans?

As I listened to the interview, there was particularly one point that stood out. That was when she spoke about how their very nature and existence within and as themselves consisted of and existed within honoring life, honoring all life-forms and beings, including themselves. She described how they exited in gratefulness to be here and within that enjoyed themselves as life.

To maintain this ‘harmony’, they stood as the ‘aligners’ if there were any discrepancies happening through-out existence, because as all of existence was connected in ‘oneness’, a discrepancy, however minute and subtle would or could create rippleffects (or consequences) through-out existence and the very substance of life.

So the Atlanteans stood as that point of alignment where they would bring a point back to equilibrium and they would do so in realizing and standing within self-responsibility in respect of life as themselves, in honor of life as themselves. To be able to continue living as such, in curiosity and wholeness, they made certain that all points were directed and solved immediately.

It is quite clear, when looking at humanity and how we currently exist, that we are not living as the Atlanteans. We do not direct our conflicts and discrepancies immediately, but instead we allow them to create ripple-effects that have massive consequences for ourselves, our relationships with other human beings and in the world as a whole. Why do wars exist? Why do people suddenly explode and kill each other in rage? Why are children being abused from an early age while no one intervenes before it is too late?

What we are doing is exactly not honoring the life that is ourselves and each other, realizing that if we want to live in a world of harmony, where everyone lives a dignified life in self-enjoyment, being able to explore themselves and what is here in curiosity. We are not grateful for being here – in fact many human beings experience and express the exact opposite as whining and complaining and gossiping to each other and within and as their own minds, being unsatisfied, yet not being willing to change themselves or what is here.

So this is what we can learn from the Atlanteans – that it IS possible to live in a way that is Best for All Life, Equal and One, if we honor ourselves as life and take Equal Self-Responsibility.

Now – this interview by the Atlanteans is the first, in which they share who they were and how they existed. As mentioned by the Being in the video, in the next interview she shares how what we now know as ourselves, as mankind was developed, exactly through allowing conflict to spread and create separation.

If we are serious about changing the world, within seeing that what is here now is unacceptable, we require SEEING in self-honesty who and what we are now and how we each participate in creating the whole that is here, but we also require to understand the process with and through which we got here – so that all parts can be brought up to the SURE-FACE and we can in fact direct ourselves and this world in a way where we again start honoring ourselves as Life.

Join Desteni as we embark on the journey that is discovering and unveiling ourselves as Life.

Participate in the movement for an Equal Money System, that through a practical and democratic process will ensure that we bring back an equilibrium and harmony to the world – where all stand for life, as what is Best for All, Equal and One.

Thank you.

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2012 - My body is a Temple of RAW Purity ... aw-purity/

Here we are looking at the Dark Side of the statement: ”Your body is a temple”. The statement comes from the bible that in Corinthians 6:19-20, states:

”19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.”

According to this statement, are bodies are not our own and we ourselves exist, with our bodies as ”purchases” with which we owe god our life. But who is this ”god” we are worshiping, when we worship in the temple that is our bodies?

For a long time I have been fascinated by and interested in the RAW food movement and recently I decided to experiment with eating raw food myself. I decided not to go completely raw as I could see that my body requires a form of substantial food as well besides raw fruits and vegetables. I started out by reading about raw food and watching YouTube videos about the RAW food movement. Then I went to the supermarket and bought lots of fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. It is winter here in Sweden and we do not have a lot of access to lots of different kinds of fruits and vegetables and as I left the supermarket I noticed how expensive this food was; for some of the foods I even had to drive to the other end of town to go to an Asian supermarket.

The food recommended by the RAW food movement is often not something we have easy access to where I live and as such is very expensive and this is one of the reasons why as I share later on, that it is evident that being a rawfoodists is elitist. From a certain perspective there is nothing shocking about this, as all of us who have access to internet, education, food and water, by definition forms part of the world elite. But for a rawfoodist or a vegan that have seen themselves as ”pure”, this might be a somewhat bitter pill to swallow. Because it challenges our entire foundation of how we have defined and placed ourselves in the world and in our realities.

The reason why I wanted to eat differently is because I can see and feel that how my body has been responding to the food I have been eating, has not been cool. So I wanted to try out raw food to see if my body would be supported by it. Losing weight in the process would definitely not be unwelcome.

In experimenting with raw food, I have mostly been eating smoothies. My partner and I just got a new blender so it was a cool way to start using it. Besides this I have had a couple of eggs once in a while, rice cakes with peanut butter and coconut and then 1-2 daily meals with rice, stirred vegetables and chicken.

Generally my body has responded quite well to this new way of eating. I have added lots of green vegetables to the Smoothies and the first days I felt really great about eating all this “healthy food”. As I started digging deeper into the raw food recipes and seeing testimonials from people on YouTube, I started realizing that my version of the “raw food diet” was in fact a kiddie version that might be more supporting for my body than the food I had eaten before, but which was not the “real” raw food diet.

Going into a health food shop, can be a very luxurious experience and I often fantasized that if I had a lot of money I could shop all I wanted in a health food shop. There are rows and rows of special protein powders, seaweeds and seeds with names such as “Sun warrior liquid light” and “Incan golden berries”. It literally requires an entire education in nutrition to know what to buy and how to support one’s body.

One of the primary points that people living on a raw food diet take pride in, which is also one of the experiences that come with frequenting the health food shops is purity.

I remember when I had a lot of vegan friends that I was always fascinated and in awe of their self-discipline and how pure they seemed. I felt dirty in comparison. This have now turned into a (western) global movement. The entire principle of raw food has to do with purifying the body and in the raw food logic; to purify the earth. The desire for these people is to cleanse their bodies and ensure that they don’t get any toxins or parasites inside themselves. The food has to be organic, cruelty free and amongst vegans it is believed that eating animals is the same as eating fear, because of the horrendous conditions the animals have lived and died under.

It is by now well known that there are heavy metals and toxins in our food. Animals are fed with antibiotics which we then consume as we consume the animals. Food is transported across vast distances around the earth to provide all cities in the capitalistic system with an array of different nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruit. In the RAW food movement original foods that previously have been withdrawn from the mainstream market are remerging (such as spelt or Irish moss), while foods that until now have been eaten only in the distant tribes of the rainforest of the east and south are brought to the supermarkets of the west and North (an example is the popular goji berries).

So what is the problem with eating RAW?

Through my research in the RAW food movement, I came across the term “Orthorexia”. It is a non-medical term for people who become so obsessed with eating natural and pure that they literally risk their own health to do so, often causing malnutrition and diseases. It is fascinating that people, in order to eat that which they believe is good, end up abusing themselves instead.

What is interesting about the RAW food movement in relation to this point is that it is generally supported by the exact same system that promotes and supports junk food. These are the two extreme polarities, where some people live their life eating food from McDonalds, while others rigorously stick to food from health food stores. Both points can be addictive and dangerous, because what one is supporting is an idea of what is best to eat rather than actually considering what will support the body in fact.

From a certain perspective, this entire world is toxic in the way we as human beings live together is toxic; in our relationships, family-structures and world-systems and most certainly in how we exist in our own minds.

There is no escaping that. No matter how raw you go, no matter how far “off the grid” you move, no matter how much love you channel – there is no escape from what is here.

And this is the real Dark Side of the RAW food movement: while individuals focus on purifying themselves through purchasing expensive products to cleanse their bodies, there is an entire world that is suffering and that is not being cared for in the same way these individuals “care” for their own bodies based on this principle.

We can have a look at it from another perspective: why is it so important to be pure? The direct answer is: to avoid death – to prolong death as long as it is possible and to avoid suffering on one’s own body. This is then made into a noble gesture towards supporting “mother nature”, while the starting-point is and have always been: self-preservation.

Being a rawfoodist is elitist. The movement is emerged from the elite, it is only the elite that are interested in and can afford to live this lifestyle of purification. And that is what money buys: the illusion of freedom and happiness. The rest of the world has no choice but to eat what is available.

I have had many discussions with vegans about the starting-point for being a vegan. And often vegans (and other activists) will take it personally, when the point of self-interest is exposed: that “I do this, because it makes me look good in my mind’s eye and in the eyes of others. It makes me look like a good person that has self-discipline.” And even though most will not admit it, the fact that it is trendy to be a rawfoodist, is yet another sign that it is in fact elitist.

The point that can be so hard to realize for oneself in self-honesty, is that one is not who and what one had believed oneself to be, for example a pure, benevolent, tolerant, all-loving human being. To see that for oneself, one simply has to look inside one’s own mind at the thoughts that one participate in throughout one’s day, towards others as well as oneself.

Now, for those that have not encountered the RAW movement (or veganism) before, this might seem completely absurd, but it is in fact no different from other religions and activist groups, where the real motivation behind our participation is self-interest.

The starting-point of the deception of perceived “purity” and benevolence starts within the mind. We create these fantasies about who we are, where we are always, at all times the center of our own attention. We can twist and turn any information so that it fits the image we would like to have and hold about ourselves.

What is the true nature of rawfoodists for example? Exactly the same as everyone else now transfigured into a fancy (and politically correct) way of white-washing one’s hands off the blood that is shed as this world bleeds in pain. Everyone does whatever they can to escape facing the reality of what is here in self-responsibility. Otherwise, we would simply take that self-responsibility.

So while one is busy “purifying” one’s body, one still exists within a toxic and parasitic reality and state of self, where all that matters is one’s individual happiness and satisfaction – and because of this, this delusion – one is in fact NOT supporting one’s body or doing what is best for one’s body, because one is acting based on a personalized idea that has it’s starting-point in justifying the interest of self in the mind. Rawfoodism is thus a religion of self-interest, where the individual pretends to care about the whole, but in one’s deeds (including thoughts) are doing the exact opposite.

If we want to be Pure in fact, we got to start with stopping the parasitic and deceptive nature of self – where self has become a religion, which purpose is to “raise” the individual above the suffering that exists on earth. It is simply not possible. It is not possible through spiritualism and ascension and it is not possible through accumulating profit in the capitalistic system. It is also not possible through the raw movement that is in fact not purifying “mother earth”, but in fact supporting the status quo, in total self-deception.

To be pure, we got to make sure that all life is pure. This goes for the clean water we wish to drink, the plants and fruits we eat, we products we apply on our skin and the medicine we take when we are ill.

Through an Equal Money System, we CAN in fact make the entire world pure, from the perspective of living based on principle instead of profit, where the driving force of humanity is to support what is best for all life and not only self, in self’s little cocoon of a mental reality. This will ensure that all products and resources are carefully created, transported in consideration of what is in fact best for all life in the process. It is in fact the dawn of a new age where a live of purity in how we live with and on the Earth is practically possible.

Imagine if all the vegans and rawfoodists and animal rights activists saw the common-sense in what we are presenting: that the world that they have fought so hard for, is actually within reach – not as something that will happen by itself, but as something we directively can create for and as ourselves in this very life-time. Imagine how these activists could use and apply their knowledge and compassion in a way where they don’t have to “fight the system” to stay pure, but instead can focus on creating the very best solutions for all life.

Because afterall, the word RAW in reverse spells WAR and that is exactly what many of these activists have been doing: fighting the system, fighting the abuse and the toxins and parasites – without realizing that it is us ourselves that are the starting-point of the abuse and that are the original parasites on this earth.

There are no shortcuts. There is no “easy” way out. There is but one way and that is to face the fact that what is here on Earth is our own creation and that the starting-point for that exists within and as each of us, vegan or not vegan, spiritual or not. When everyone dare themselves to care – to face this point in self-honesty; that they too are responsible for what is here – it becomes evident that we cannot simply let the “ship sink” while we go living “off the grid” in some remote paradise (in our minds.) Because no matter where we go, we have the system with us, as us and as such it is only by transforming our very own human nature, that anything – ANYTHING – will change in this world.

An Equal Money System will provide for a basic platform from which we can begin doing that. We will reset the game of survival to an equilibrium that will ensure that the fight to survive at all costs and the fear of not surviving will stop – so that we finally can start living and breathing and face what is here as ourselves.

Being a rawfoodists or a vegan is cool if one does it from the starting-point of supporting one’s physical body. But when these and such points are turned into religions of self-interest, where all one cares about is one’s idea about how life should be, it becomes redundant and self-deceptive.

The ”raw food good” is not pure or benevolent – in fact is the same god that owns all our lives: the good of money and mind through which we have purchased our ”right to live” in survival, fighting each other in fear.

Instead of the body being a temple where we worship the “higher powers” of our own mind and wallet as god, let the body be that: a body, here, physically breathing, living, existing, equal and one with all that is here.

Documentaries about the RAW food movement and Orthorexia:

80/10/10 diet warning
Documenting Orthorexia in Santa Cruz, CA 2009-2010
Health Food Junkies

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Birthing is an Equal and One Team-Work ... team-work/

I realize that a birth is a team-work. If the mother is not assisting and pushing and breathing effectively, the birth can get complicated. If the child does not prepare itself and place itself correctly and activate the birth at the right time it can be dangerous for itself and for the mother.

I am the mother of myself as the self-directive decision to stop, stand up and change and I am the child as that which is coming forth as an entirely new expression of and as myself that I don’t even know yet – as the birthing of myself as life from the physical.

3 points:

Birthing Life from the Physical
The word pertaining to this point that I require working with is “Real”
The word in relation to this is “Team Work”

Okay – so what I am seeing is that it is about me considering “birthing life from the physical from the perspective of the mind as self-interest/ego/personality – largely within fear; where the actuality of birthing life from the physical is not about “me” but about all that is here.

In relation to the word “Real”, I heard within me the expression “get real” – meaning that I require changing my starting-point from how I have seen birthing life from the physical from a starting-point of fear of not surviving to actually seeing that what we are doing with Desteni, IS birthing Life from the physical and that I am self-responsible for directing myself within and as it.

So while I have considered myself incapable of birthing life from the physical as myself, I have been doing it all along together with all the other Destonians.

Another prominent point I see, is that it pertains to jealousy where I have been looking at the point completely and entirely in separation from myself, within perceiving others effectiveness as a threat to my own and as a sign that I am not “going to make it”, instead of being grateful that they are “moving” for and as all of us.

This also has to do with letting go of the self as I have believed it to be as “me”.

What is the REALNESS, the Actuality of birthing Life from the physical? It is what we are doing together with Desteni, with the interdimensional beings and all the other creatures that are here. That is “the team” – all of existence together.

What this also creates is friction and conflict within myself, where I am exactly not working or standing as a team within and as myself.

For me to birth life from the physical it requires that I work as a team, where all the parts of myself that are able and capable of supporting, assisting and pushing these changes, do so instead of the parts of and as myself fighting against “each other” – perpetuating further separation.

Birthing life from the physical is real. It is what we are here to do. It is not about whether we will make it or who will or when – all that is irrelevant and preparing for a fall in self-deception as well as living as such in self-delusion. What does matter is that we do whatever it takes to get this done and to work out how it is practically done.

These tools I got: writing, self-forgiveness, breathing myself here, walking the agreement, supporting other beings, spreading the message and standing in the system.

These are the tasks at hand – the only tasks at hand and I got to make sure that I stand within and as myself as a team – a team in recognition that I am separate from the perspective of what I have accepted and allowed and therefore not living or walking as one, yet placing in a self-directed placement of support as “team-work”, where in the perceived separated parts of myself can “work together” to get this done – to actually birth life from the physical.

Birthing Life from the physical can never be separate from me. If I am not birthing myself as life from the physical in a self-honest self-direction, then I am supporting the lie, the abuse, the suffering to continue – and that is obviously unacceptable.

Therefore my notions of in-fear-priority are obviously self-deceptive and based on self-interest, which is actually a regard of self as more than life. Because here we are, with the opportunity to stand up, with all the support we ever needed – yet declining it. Is it a deliberate decision continuously made by deliberately communicating about it in and as past, future and present. (Thanks Atlanteans for assisting with that realization)

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define “birthing life from the physical” within and as separation from myself as life, by defining “birthing life from the physical” in a relationship with myself as mind/ego/personality to and towards my perception of time/process/the world/existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself as birthing life from the physical within defining birthing life from the physical from within and as the mind

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define “birthing life from the physical” in a relationship with myself as mind/ego/personality to and towards my perception of time/process/the world/existence

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only consider birthing life from the physical in the context of myself as an individual person and thus as the mind/ego/personality in and of separation of and from myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define, perceive, accept and believe birthing life from the physical as the act of me ensuring my own survival

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only consider, look at and define birthing life from the physical from a starting-point of mind as ego and personality within and as fear of not surviving

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to only consider, look at and define birthing life from the physical from a starting-point of fear of losing myself as I have come to accept myself in and as my very existence, thus entirely contradicting what birthing life from the physical is, as the giving up on myself as that which I have come to accept myself as, IS what birthing life from the physical starts with

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that birthing life from the physical is about me ascending, “becoming”, evolving and as such surviving, when in fact birthing life from the physical is the self-directed decision in self-honesty to stop the creation of myself as all and everything that I have accepted and allowed myself to exist within and as, in and as separation from myself, so that I can bring all parts of myself back to myself and as such stand sound, whole and as one here, equal and one with and within all that is here as life.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deceive myself into believing that I am incapable and unable to birth myself as life from the physical and not realize that I within accepting and allowed myself to make that living statement of and as myself, have justified not changing myself for take self-responsibility for who and what I have allowed myself to be and become

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to realize, see and understand that birthing life from the physical is simply me taking self-responsibility for who, what and how I have accepted and allowed myself to create myself as and within, and within that direct myself to change in such a way that I end the separation that I have manifested and accumulated myself into and as

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe, define and accept birthing life from the physical as ascension, evolution and as such survival

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to superimpose myself as ego existing within fear of not surviving, of losing myself as that which I perceive to be myself as life, onto birthing life from the physical within how I have defined, seen, believed and accepted life from the physical in my mind

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that birthing life from the physical is real

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe and accept that how I define birthing life from the physical within and as my mind, is real

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate birthing life from the physical from myself and thereby and within that separate myself from myself as well as accepting myself to continue existing in self-separation, deception and inequality

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to believe that it is possible to be separate from birthing life from the physical, instead of realizing that it is only within and as the self-accepted and created delusion of the mind that anything or anyone can be or is separate

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to deny myself to birth myself as life from the physical within and as believing and accepting that it is impossible for me to birth life from the physical, based on a starting-point of accepting myself as inferior to my idea of birthing myself as life from the physical

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that birthing life from the physical, is the self-directive decision to stand up and stop the mind in and as separation of and from myself here as life until it is done and all parts of me that I have separated myself into and as are here as me directly, whole and sound.

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that if I do not take the self-directed responsibility to birth myself as life from the physical, then I don’t exist, because all I have accepted myself as within that, is fear of loss, fear of not surviving, within and as the mind as ego in separation of and from myself

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to compete with others for birthing life from the physical in the perception, belief and acceptance of defining birthing life from the physical within fear of loss and fear of not surviving

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define myself as not responsible for birthing myself as life from the physical, within and as defining myself as incapable and unable to birth myself as life from the physical within seeing, defining, judging and experiencing myself as inferior and not good enough

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that I have made a deliberate decision to not birth myself as life from the physical, because otherwise I simply would

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed to create, manifest and believed that I have a choice or an option of whether or not to birth myself as life from the physical

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to opt out of birthing myself as life from the physical through the justification and excuse that I am not good enough to birth myself as life from the physical

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that birthing life from the physical comes from standing and walking within and as myself as a team work between all parts of myself that I have separated myself into and as that have realized, accepted and understood that I am in fact birthing myself as life from the physical, to assist and support myself to stand up as life and assist and support those parts of and from myself that have not yet realized that I am birthing myself as life from the physical

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that birthing life from the physical is a teamwork between all of existence, as all the parts that I have separated myself into and as

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to see, realize and understand that it is all life, all of existence as all the parts that I have separated myself into and as that is birthing life from the physical and not me as an individual human being on a path to ascension or immortality and that it is as such that I birth myself as life from the physical, by walking-with and as all as one as equal as life, until it is done.

When and as I see that I am participating in thoughts of worry and fear towards birthing myself as life from the physical, I stop, I breathe.

When and as I see that I am participating in thoughts and backchat of and as jealousy, envy, comparison and competition in relation to birthing myself as life from the physical, I stop, I breathe.

I see, realize and understand that those that are walking-with and that are supporting themselves to stand-up are parts of myself that I have not yet stood one and equal with and as. I push myself to be grateful, humble and honoring in seeing that it is parts of myself that are standing up and not parts separate from me that I must fight against. I push myself to stand one and equal with all parts of and as myself and bring all points of separation back to myself.

I realize, see and understand that I am responsible for birthing life from the physical as myself through standing as a team within and as myself as the parts I have separated myself into and as so that I can assist and support myself to support altogether the parts of me that have not yet seen, realized or understood that I am as a whole birthing life from the physical through stopping self-separation – and that this team as myself is my own process as an individual human being within the application of writing, breathing, self-forgiving, re-scripting the living word, correcting my living application and supporting everyone else to do the same. This team is also the team of people as Destonians that have seen, realized and understood this for and as themselves that are walking the exact same process.

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