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Hey Klavdija, cool for opening up your relationship to food. I've found that there is a lot of misinformation about 'what's healthy and what's not' for our bodies, when in fact I would instead suggest you having a look at doing some variations in your diet and see what works best for you, because it's not that 'fat' is bad either, as I was saying, we've been greatly misinformed - or that we should only focus on eating vegetables either. An equilibrium is cool and I'd suggest to rather then look at what works best for you because reading it from somewhere else and deciding what's good or not for you is most likely not the way, I've found.

So, my suggestion is you can make it a self-awareness process to look at eating based on your daily requirements, not only for 'taste' but looking at nutrients, what are you actually putting into yourself as a support for your body - and you could also consult experts on nutrition as well to get further perspectives if you don't have much clue about it. I consider this is a cool part of one's self support to look at.

Thanks for sharing

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Marlen thanks. I realize that I'm yarn (I hope I found correct word) if I eat bred, so I think that I have problem with flour and I feel good if I eat meat, fat and so on. The doctors say, that I must lost some weight. Because it I start with this blogs, because more important is my relation to the food than food.

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