The Patriots are the Greatest In the World - Day 542

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The Patriots are the Greatest In the World - Day 542

Postby Garbrielle » 06 Feb 2017, 07:11

Patriots are the Greatest in the World - Day 542

The super bowl champs are the patriots, and I have to say it was an incredible come back made by the patriots to win the game. Though as I was watching the game, I kept looking at the whole scenario that we are in a sense not wanting to face and see. We have become so brainwashed within ourselves, in our own minds, that we can not see the obvious of what is here. Imagine if we use what we see on the tv screen as the best of the best in this world as athletes, that drive, that passion, that physical prowess to support and assist all life here to live their highest potentials. Do you know how many tom bradys are out there? How many albert eistiens? How many Leonardo divincis? How many Beethoven's? How many Jesus’s or Ghandi? Can you imagine how much we could create if we were allowing every being on this planet to exist as they rightfully should being born on a planet with more then enough to create all we need here. Because as we know it means fuck all in the end who won what game, these games are a scheme to make a few people extremely rich, while the rings that are on the fingers of the big stars was harvested by a child who is a slave. The balls, jerseys, clothes, merchandise being sold for 100s of times more then what the person got paid to labor for them, and are being abused and living in extreme poverty.

We think that we are such a great nation, a great country, though we are allowing the genocide of thousands of animal species and untold of human beings to happen at this very moment on the very same earth we all exist on. 

We are not an evolved race, we are not living at all in our highest potential, we are not great, we have accepted and allowed insanity to take over ourselves as we accept and allow this in our world. I will no longer accept and allow such a world to exist, we truly can be a great nation as a great world if we come together, realize that there is life on this planet that require basic support and rights to live in decency immediately, and if we do not walk such a path to give all basic rights and support to live in decency we will not make it. 

There are solutions and support to walk a process to change your awareness from self interest survival into life that is here in oneness and equality, and we are able to expand within who we are as our living world, supporting and assisting all life to live what is best for all. It’s time to stop pretending that we are great or evolved, and actually move ourselves to start to live this, this world is not an illusion, the tv screens are not our reality, what is here in this physical existence where people are suffering is what is real and they need help and support years ago. 

Let’s do our share and get real.

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