Please Read Before Participating

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Please Read Before Participating

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The Parenting Support Section of the Desteni Forum is a place to share self-support about parental experiences. This does not replace professional support or counseling on how to raise and educate your children.

The support shared here is within the understanding and realization that each point is subject to the parent's decision to integrate it as part of their parental responsibility as points to consider wherein the principle of all words shared here is the same as the general purpose of Self-Support share in this forum: Self Responsibility, Self Honesty and Common Sense that can practically lead always to a Best for All Outcome.

Please consider this when participating in this section of the forum since we regard the role of a parent as the most important job on Earth and as such, we want to contribute to support participants at the Desteni Forum to have a specific place to share their current experiences and findings with regards to parenting that may support others that are as well correcting and aligning their parental skills to honor the lives they have brought into this World.

Thank you

Desteni Forum Moderation Team

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