The Key is self/you

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The Key is self/you

Postby YoganBarrientos » 11 Dec 2014, 00:31

So this isn't a question per se, because I was looking for a section where I can place my perspective as a child. Because when you look at parenting, and even the topic, theme, and questions surrounding parenting, what does this reveal? Because what is parenting, but being responsible for a child. So what does the parent's life revolve around? The child.

Now, I have a question, who do you know that was or has ever been a child? Everyone knows at least one person. Do you know who that is? YOU. So shouldn't parenting, and how to parents, really be coming from our own direct experiences as children? That is commonsense. So really where is the best place and the first place to look, into ourselves, our memories, and how WE would have liked to be treated and taught by our parents. So parenting I see as simple: you simply access your memories from when you were a child, imagine it, recreate and relive it, and see how you would like it have been. And within this requires great self-honesty. This is also perhaps why everyone asks for help someone or somewhere else.

I can share self-honestly how I would like to have been treated as a child by my parents, so I know how I would treat my own children. Its really simple. And developing that is key. Because if I write a book about how I would have like to have been taught, you would be missing out in the most crucial and important lesson of them all... that is to investigate yourself, understand yourself, because yourself is the key. And that key opens all doors, including the door to effective parenting. On the practical side, there is anatomy and studies about genetics regarding the human form, which can be very helpful in parenting. But of course, if you spent the time studying your own body and how it functions, you would have that already, wouldn't you?

So the key is Self/You.

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