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Re: Matti's Vlogs

Postby Matti Freeman » 01 Jul 2017, 09:16

Who am I as Music? Projecting vs. Living Potential

In this vlog I'm sharing about a point I recently changed myself within, in relation to music and self expression within making music.

I realized I'd been defining my 'who I am' in relation to music / musical expression, mostly according to 'finished products' created by others - that contained some sound or expression which I could relate to / see in myself. This created a constant underlying emotional experience of 'missing out on myself' / 'not experiencing my musical expression', as I was essentially saying 'who I am is those finished products' - in this separating myself from the creation process - seeing the 'process' as a limitation and obstacle to me 'experiencing who I am as music'.

Through seeing and releasing myself from this design, I realized I can now channel and direct my potential into the actual LIVING of my self expression in the ordinary, practical, necessary physical actions of creating / developing my expression for real. And in this also opening up the ability to appreciate and enjoy music without 'desiring to be that / experience myself as that'.

Matti Freeman
Posts: 1106
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How do I live my utmost potential?

Postby Matti Freeman » 25 Jan 2020, 09:17

How I support myself to make life decisions by looking at what choices represent my utmost potential

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Re: Matti's Vlogs

Postby Gabriel » 26 Jan 2020, 18:14

Thanks for sharing Matti - I really enjoyed listening to your explanation.

Really cool to see how one thing lead to another within the principle of always pursuing what is best for you in a given moment/period of your life!

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