Guns and Fear - Death Research - Part 5

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Guns and Fear - Death Research - Part 5

Postby Ruben » 17 Apr 2014, 07:31

Image Guns and Fear - Death Research - Part 5

What can you look out for within your Mind in order to be able to see for yourself the extent to which Fear defines and controls your entire Mind, Personalities and therefore, choices?

How could this man see that the root cause of why there isn’t more of humanity becoming aware and changing – being the fact that not enough people are actually bringing their Self Awareness through into Practical Living in the Physical, nurturing the “Here Self” instead of perpetuating the “Fear Self” of the Mind?

How can you support yourself to ensure that your Physical and Self Awareness process wheel starts moving, in order to stop moving the wheels of Consciousness and the Mind that have caused humanity to be who/how/what/where it is in the first place?

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