Addiction to Video Games

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Addiction to Video Games

Post by KerryWalmsley »

I am a gamer for years, I was somewhat addicted in different video games in my college days. My addiction was so strong that for example i want to mention that sometimes I forgot to take bath, to take food or even missed the exam timing ! I believe youngsters are facing similar issues. I would like people share their experience here and also to give good suggestions to recover from this type of addiction.

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Re: Addiction to Video Games

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Kerry,

So, where would you say you are at currently with the addiction that you faced or that you are facing?

What made you change this pattern?

What suggestions would you yourself give based on your personal expeience with gaming?

From my perspective any addiction is always a form of supression. This means that behind the addiction is one or more other things that need attention within self. Some addictions will be easy to stop but others will take a long time - which means a strong commitment and real dedication.

This is why self-forgiveness is key within stopping any addiction. As long as 'change' is approached without self-forgiveness you will only change the surface of yourself but never the nature of you, which will then come out in other ways.

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