Masturbation with only hands

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Masturbation with only hands

Post by frank »

I remember that Bernard encouraged this action.

I did it. I thought I wouldn’t feel anything unlike the energetic masturbation which I felt regret. But afterwards I felt a sense of unnecessary( maybe a little bit of anger?). Why I did that? It’s so unnecessary and a waste of time.

Why do I feel that way(unnecessariness)? Does masturbation still upgrading the unconscious mind? Is sexual activities really have a meaning?

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Re: Masturbation with only hands

Post by Gabriel »

Hi Frank,

I recommend you watch the entire EQAFE series 'Shocking Secrets of Masturbation'. That will explain all dimensions involved in masturbation and how you can turn masturbation in an act of self-support and self-expression instead of it being just a system that charges your mind.

Introduction to the series: ... troduction

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