Must Watch: Darwin's Nightmare

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Must Watch: Darwin's Nightmare

Postby Marlen » 29 Oct 2011, 20:03

Darwin's nightmare - Darwins Albtraum

Torrent file link found by Niklas: ... 46342.html

Place your feedback after watching - let's discuss

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Re: Must Watch: Darwin's Nightmare

Postby YoganBarrientos » 04 Dec 2011, 08:49

I just finished watching the doc and i found it interesting how everyone at the end credits are referred to by their jobs. Its obvious that the jobs defines the person. The pilots are laid back while the fisherman struggle. The children don't have a job and so become a nuisance and must fend for themselves.
Something else i saw was that the reason why fish is sold to countries thousands of miles away instead of sold and distributed within Tanzania is because other countries are more rich. Its so ridiculous that now adays that someone half way round the world, if they have enough money can out-buy you. Though it makes no sense! What would make sense is if there were surplus, meaning fish left over or not wanted, then it can be "exported" or sent elsewhere.
One thing that everyone had in common was they all believed and lived out darwin's theory. From the office men to the kids grabbing the food. So this proves that changing oneself will change the system. This applies to everyone including schoolkids in europe.
Oh and something else, when you have a poor country, the only way for them to be less poor is if they can become more rich than others. But since they're poor they are already at a disadvantage. So it would be expected they lie, cheat, and abuse in order to get better, because they have to essentially steal wealth from wealthier countries.

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