lack of money stops severely burned boys treatment

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lack of money stops severely burned boys treatment

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This boy was put on fire by a mentally ill person 3 years ago. While he was sleeping, the man came into his room, poured gasoline over the boy and set him on fire. His father was woken up at 2 am by the horrifying screams of pain. They had to pour 10 buckets of water on him before the fire was out.

He barely survived. The next 6 months Junhua fought for his life. In that period he got 16 heavy surgeries. The fire glued his chest and chin to each other. His arms were melted on his chest and his legs were totally twisted. He is also unable to close his eyes.

During the first 6 months after the event, his parents payed about 55.000 euro on hospital bills. All their savings went to the boys treatment. The remaining money they could lend from their friends. But now the money is out and the hospital refuses to treat the boy any longer.

His parents are desperate.

This is what happens in a system that does not give a shit about life, and which revolves around money and profit. When you have money, your in heaven. You can have all the food you want, and all the clothing and items you want, warm house, docters, dentists etc... But when you dont have money, you are in hell. You starve, you suffer and have no voice.

It is about time we recognize what is happening around us, which system we are contributing to each day. It is time to open our eyes and see the true nature of our system.
This is exactly what we want to stop with the Equal money system. We want everyone to be treated as an equal, equal in worth. All living beings have a beating heart, every part of existence is part of life in their own expression. It is fucked up that children are suffering because of having no money, that people are starving to death and the majority struggles to survive. We can have another world, another system, that takes care of all. We have to learn to care again, to want to do something for another without thinking about how much it will earn you, without thinking about "what's in it for me". Fuck that shit. Is anyone getting any happier? No. In fact, depression are rising. More people are getting to the poor side instead of the rich.
But the rich know that all the people of the world cant live like them. We don't have enough trees, enough powerplants, enough resources for the entire world population to live like them. Exploiting life, taking much more than you need. Polluting and not giving a shit. Imagine the entire population living like that... Damn.
Thats why the elite knows only a small group can live like that, the rest has to consume and produce for them. Having enough working sheep to provide for all the products, many useless products, that people are made to desire through commercials and socialisation. Products that are not the highest quality, so they brake down fast and people have to replace it soon, spend money, more production that way etc... To keep the profit flowing in. Because where else is the profit going to come from?

Oh crazy fucked up world...
What the hell are we doing

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Re: lack of money stops severely burned boys treatment

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It's also an act of cruelty to keep the boy alive - only the hospitals benefitted from it

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Re: lack of money stops severely burned boys treatment

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So fucked up. In an Equal Money System, we can have more doctors because more will have access to schooling, and there will be plenty of doctors to take care of people who are injured. And of course support for the mentally ill, so they don't end up harming people. And you won't have crazy hospital bills. How stupid is the current system that we are actually so limited in the skills we can develop, and most of the population is very unskilled, and mostly only 'skilled' in ways to try and survive within the current abusive system- what a waste of time and a waste of life, with a lot of suffering going on. Time for Equal Money, definitely.

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