The consequence of Missing one moment - Missing self

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The consequence of Missing one moment - Missing self

Postby SunetteSpies » 26 Apr 2014, 12:16 ... -work.html

Fascinating with having a look at such an incident, whether a person would self-honestly reflect upon such a moment and what the event revealed about themselves – in relation to what of themselves contributed to such a consequence. To assist/support others and to apply the principle of prevention – have a look at how quickly the mind and emotion can overwhelm you to such an extent that something as important as one’s life work / material possessions of necessity / survival can completely be ‘blanked’ out of the Mind as the attention / focus is placed within the Mind and in Reality on ONE THING.
This incident in fact reflects something that we all do – placing our attention/focus and so emotion in the Mind on one / few things that distracts us, that we lose sight of ourselves, our bodies, our relationships in reality and do not even see/realise and understand what of life we MISS every single day. Thus, with this – investigate what things in your Mind, especially emotional, is distracting / preoccupying you; deal with them, direct them, find solutions for them and equally concentrate your time on yourself, your relationship with others and what you can learn from everyday life. With starting such a process, you will come to see for yourself how much of yourself you have missed / forgotten and so potentially lost with accepting and allowing emotion and distractions/preoccupations in the mind to overwhelm you.
Some might say that it is not this person’s fault, but the one who stole the possessions. Yes, there is responsibility existent in the one who took the possessions, but equal responsibility within the one who was not absolutely aware of their environment, the moment – but allowed an idea of a person in their mind, energetically charged with emotion to for a split second take their attention away from themselves and their relationship with their life manifested in the life’s work as the laptop.
It always takes only one moment, when you least expect it – for things to go wrong, when you for that moment are not aware; and it always catches you by surprise. So, assist and support yourself to align your priorities in reality and in the mind in such a way, where you can trust yourself always here in real-time and not accept/allow the thoughts and emotions to distract you from that which matter in physical matter, here.

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Re: The consequence of Missing one moment - Missing self

Postby Carrie » 27 Apr 2014, 14:49

Thanks Sunette - really supportive post and a cool reminder to equally distribute focus and time.

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