Plastic Surgery for Self Confidence Compromise the Body

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Plastic Surgery for Self Confidence Compromise the Body

Postby SunetteSpies » 26 Apr 2014, 12:18 ... shoes.html

One of the statements in this article that stood out was mentioning woman opting for this surgery to feel more confident by wearing designer shoes. Look, I understand the practicality of surgery when it comes to physical conditions that people face – whereby surgery / plastic surgery would better the optimum functioning of the physical body and/or to reverse traumatic side-effects from accidents / birth and/or anything that physically happened that was not within a person’s control.
However, doing surgery to fit into designer shoes to feel more confident, when your feet / the rest of the body is all in order – when confidence is a mind / consciousness construct / condition that can be changed with, for example, changing self – how you think about yourself / look at yourself, where practical tools such as writing, self forgiveness and corrective application is available…here we have a whole other story. Deliberately altering the body for mental states that can be changed by mere introspection and self honesty, aligning your relationship with the physical body in such a way to wear what is comfortable for you and the body: it shows the extent to which we’re separate from our own physicals. Surely, if the body was the awareness of the Mind – and everything of itself was in good order, it would not opt for surgery to fit into shoes, ‘confidence’ would not be an issue for the body in itself – comfortability and what would support/assist the body would come first.
This is another example of how the consumerism industry has brainwashed people with “wear these shoes – you’ll be confident” / “wear these clothes, you’ll feel better about yourself” / “wear these outfits – you’ll get your man / woman” / “be this / that body shape and you’ll accept yourself” – instead of self having a look at the words “confidence”, “self acceptance” and “relationships” and what it would mean to LIVE the words AS self where such words is not dependent on what clothes / shoes you wear. Then your relationship to clothes etc. changes to wearing that which expresses you as well as what is comfortable / conducive for the body without compromising it.
Suggest investigating Desteni, what it means to look at and change your relationship to words and align yourself with the physical body into and as an equal and one relationship and not accept/allow your self-definition to be dependent on anything / anyone ‘out there’ separate from you.

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