Indigo Swann

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Indigo Swann

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I just discovered the following FaceBook video that claims that a guy named Indigo Swann was scientifically documented to leave his body and travel universe:

And I found the following information about him on the web:

So I wonder if his abilities are actually true and if he actually leaves the body or is it a kind ob preprogramming and then also what does all this tell us in terms of our potentials?

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Re: Indigo Swann

Post by SunetteSpies »

During these years - the relationship between heaven and earth was very much controlled. If you also do research in terms of his findings / experiments into the multi-dimensions of heaven and earth in comparison to the process and information through the Portal together with myself and all the beings (both within and from heaven and earth coming through): you'll see the findings in his lifetime and research are very limited.

As we have explained in articles, videos and recordings available in the Forums and EQAFE (here, specifically Journeys into the Afterlife and Demons in the Afterlife): the creators of existence did allow a controlled access of human beings into heaven. This control was managed by guides and guards of heaven's elite. The 'controlled access' was allowed, because the Creators of existence found that - despite the mind-being-body programming and control, some beings still managed to attain / gain access into the heavens / multi-dimensions of the relationship between heaven and earth. So, to control this - they then ensured that only a certain amount / extent of access is allowed, that human beings never realise the TRUTH of the relationship between heaven and earth: to have control over existence through the Mind Consciousness System programming and life pre-programming for humans on earth as well as beings in heaven.

Through the Portal - the process I have walked in heaven and on earth, together with all the beings: we've discovered the life essence, we've got access to understanding all of the mind, all of our beings, the physical existence, the history of everything and everyone...but not only that: the SOLUTIONS to the problems we have become because of the history we have walked in heaven and on earth.
None of such information had ever been available - because the Portal is and has been the first ever absolute access into ALL dimensions of both heaven and earth that was not controlled by anything or anyone in heaven. Also, if he'd really left his body: why did he not see the multi-dimensions of the mind-being-body relationship? His own mind-being-body relationship? The History of Existence? The extent of the problem we face with the mind-being-body relationship of all of humanity? How this very relationship and multi-dimensional interconnectedness within humanity, throughout the history of human civilization created who, how, why, where we are now in human civilization when it comes to our relationship with ourselves, each other, our bodies, this earth, nature, the animal kingdom? Then from here - why could he not also see the solution? So - if none of this exists within an individual who states that they 'leave their body / access heaven' - that 'access' has been controlled and/or - as we have stated and explained as well: Heaven eventually separated itself from earth, with reincarnation the ONLY access into earth and SIMULATED an illusion of heaven into peoples's minds. Essentially making a 'copy / duplicate of heaven and all the beings within it' within people's mind consciousness systems' to manage and control the access, experience and relationship with heaven.

So, suggest always having a look at the above as a cross-reference in terms of assessing access into 'heaven' / 'the multi-dimensions'.

Soon, in EQAFE I will be doing a series walking my process and experience of being a Portal in much more detail - to assist and support with understanding the Portal and the process walked within the relationship between heaven and earth, also WHY it is the Portal opened and HOW within this time and age of human civilization.

In the meantime, we're in THIS WORLD, on THIS EARTH - with WHO WE ARE every day, creating the future to come. So, best we align our awareness to ourselves, who we are in thought, word and deed so that we can take responsibility and change the manifested consequence we've accepted and allowed - whether directly or indirectly, in this physical existence that is life manifest.

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