Scientists: Memories Of Fear Could Be Permanently Erased

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Scientists: Memories Of Fear Could Be Permanently Erased

Postby Marlen » 28 Aug 2017, 18:58

Scientists: Memories Of Fear Could Be Permanently Erased

This headline caught my attention because at first sight and through all the education gotten from we get to understand how memories cannot be erased and in fact memories are not only allocated in the 'head region' of the body such as in the brain only, however it's also understandable how science is trying through its known ways and means to create attempted solutions for perceived problems.

Here there are two main points that I see require being clarified:
- The starting point of wanting to 'delete memories'
Of course it may sound very easy and desirable at first, wow, you really don't have to 'walk an entire process to get rid of the bad/traumatic memories in you! can be done in a one, two,three process through scientific means!' - Well, the reality is that it is not precisely an 'erasing' that's being done, in reading the article linked above, one can see that it's rather a 'reconditioning' or 'rewiring' that's being done in an attempt to create a new pathway that replaces a previous one perceived as 'the problem to erase.'

Though there's a deeper point to look at here with regards to wanting to 'get rid of consequence' as fast as possible through technology or some 'technique' of sorts where one does not have to at all input the self-investigation and self-processing necessary to deal with these memories, just like we do within this process which has proven to be quite effective for many of us.

In a way it becomes a 'quick fix' or 'band aid' solution where something/someone 'fixes the problem for us' by creating a new conditioning, while us perceiving that we hold no responsibility to such memories, as if they had not in any way been accepted, allowed and so co-created by each one of us - and yes, this includes even those situations where we perceive we are only being in the position of 'the victim' - throughout this process and all the information I've come to realize there is no one that can in fact 'do anything to me' other than myself, even in those situations where one perceives oneself to be abused, attacked = still part of our self-creation and co-creation process, and I've gathered how only through self-forgiveness, writing, self-honesty one can in fact create a sound process of correction to this kind of memories, sure it won't be an 'easy' thing maybe, not the 'fastest route' either, but it is the integrity way, the self-honest way and the actual real responsible way - any other way implies wanting to see consequence as something 'imposed' onto us instead of self-created, and as we know, empowering ourselves through self-responsibility and acting out to create the necessary changes is the real process of change.

- Seeing memories as 'the problem'

Again another implied point in how this article treats 'traumatic memories, bad memories' is seeing the memory as the problem in itself. Hell, imagine if someone considers that every single moment of their life up to that moment they are living is something traumatic and has been so bad that they want their entire past 'erased' - well of course it cannot be done because memories are essentially who we have become at a mental, physical and being level to the point where we cannot even be aware of their location in their entirety of our physical body - and second point: it's Our relationship to these memories that is in fact the problem, the emotional recreation of the experience every time we bring that memory 'back up' in our conscious mind and we react to it = and that's where we DO have the power to change our relationship to this kind of memories, instead of believing that we can instead become oblivious to it by scientifically creating a form of 'amnesia' and believing the problem is gone, nope.

We are the only ones that can really change how we react to this kind of memories and that's why the Desteni I Process is so relevant and crucial for science to come to understand - but until then, we can only share perspectives on how these 'quick fixes' or 'band-aid solutions' are being propelled out there and what points of self-responsibility are being missed.

This I link to the thread on Keshe technology having a similar starting point to 'fix humanity's problem,' leaving no room for self-responsible solutions.

I'd like to know your perspectives guys, what do you see, how valid is this?

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