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Fritz Perls

Posted: 15 Dec 2017, 23:22
by Raúl
Just wanted to share a video I found
In it we can see this man helping another man understand his dream, he does this by telling him to addapt the position of every aspect of the dream as himself, I think I can do this when I find myself in a conflict, I can talk about each part that is in me, and understand each one of them individually as alive, it can be supportive

Re: Fritz Perls

Posted: 21 Dec 2017, 17:40
by Marlen
That's a cool approach, though there are also times where there's some kind of symbolism and aspects that we might take too literally, and in those times is when I've recurred to use the Dream Readings support available at, it has assisted me to actually understand things that even if taking it back to self, I would have completely misread based on how I dreamed it and the context. So, that's also a suggestion whenever you feel you cannot make sense of a dream.