Animal death and human connection

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Animal death and human connection

Post by AmandaRichert »

I had a pet cocateal bird named ziggy, growing up. Sometime after I moved out of my parent's house, as I was just beginning to fall asleep, in my own home, I was abruptly awakened by a sharp peck on the nose and a loud screech, and I immediatly knew it was Ziggy. I sat up quickly, looking around my room to see if anything was there, but, ziggy was still at my parent's house, so I just figured it was a very realistic dream. The next day, my mom called to tell me that ziggy's cage was left outside, had been opened by an animal, and he had been dragged under the deck, where his feathers were scattered. He was gone, probably eaten.

I also had 2 green iguanas. I chose to find a new home for them 9yrs ago, when I was pregnant, because their excrement is harmful to a fetus of pregnant woman, and I had to come in contact with it to clean their cage. They were about 10yrs old at the time. Last night I had a dream about a female lizard previously owned by another woman, that was left for me to care for, and my male lizard was also in this dream, but not my female. I could not identify what type of lizard it was, I knew it was different than an iguana, but it did look similar. Today, as I was scanning facebook, I came across a post of another woman's lizard who had just passed. She had posted a picture of it waving, and commented that she (female lizard) used to wave in the mirror a lot, "trying to find a boyfriend". The lizard looked the same as the one in my dream.

My question is:
Is this a connection of the mind, even though we are no longer connected by the unified conciousness system? The incident with Ziggy happened years ago, so maybe the connection was through the unified conciousness system. Are these newly departed animals communicating with me? Or maybe me reading the mind of people or animals during or before the event occurs?
Can we still be connected to other's minds even though we are not connected to the unified conciousness system?

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Re: Animal death and human connection

Post by KimKline »

Hey Amanda,

My suggestion here would be to breathe through and forgive yourself for wondering about a connection or connectedness or a 'something more' than what's here. No matter what the answer is, it is irrelevant because it can't be used to practially change self to self-honesty, nor has it been a 'power' used towards creating a better world for all. Even if there was a connectedness of the minds of some kind we would probably abuse it because we as humanity cannot be trusted with life yet- so best to focus on remaining Here and not preoccupied with ponderings about what 'could be'.

I have also been experiencing a lot of synchronicities or co-incidences recently that are seemingly unexplainable- I do not let them distract me from what's here by pulling me into the mind. If there were some kind of connection of the minds then- look at the subject matter- for me it has been about a t.v show and a movie, for you it has been about a dead lizard- where is the relevance to what is going on on earth? If you take it at face value, there isn't any. You'll ony find relevance if you start reading into it and creating a kind of fantasy about it, in which case it becomes a delusion.

Psychics and mediums of the past have only ever been mind consciousness systems fucking with us and suppressing who they are as life- never tested or cross-referenced to make sure they are not abusing and instead doing what's best for all.

Focus on what is here, tangible and real, and don't be tempted into the mind no matter how interesting or amazing or special it may seem- the key is the physical, not in the mind.

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Re: Animal death and human connection

Post by Leila »

I realise this is a bit late, but I had a similar experience when my first guinea pig died. I was sleeping and dreaming of him dying, very vividly - then the next moment my mother wakes me up to tell me that there's something wrong with my guinea pig, and he was struggling in his cage and eventually died.

When I brought this up to Sunette the one time, she explained that children often have a much closer connection with animals and that this closeness can come through in dreams (this doesn't have to be a mind connection but a physical/beingness connection) -- which is what could explain your experience with Ziggy.

In terms of the Iguana's -- there I think you're more looking at coincidence. With the ZIggy experience, there was a direct reference -- in terms of the iguanas the connection/reference is not clear so I would not give it much attention.

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Re: Animal death and human connection

Post by Terrone28 »

I haven't experience it yet. But I think the closeness between our pets and us really make a connection with them, and we even dream about them.

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Re: Animal death and human connection

Post by greg132 »

In 2003 I lost Tia and in 2005 Spuddy passed. They are my feline friends and love them deeply. It was two weeks after Spuddy passed that I saw him on the chair along side of me. The next night I saw Tia and from then on I could see, hear and feel them. After Two yrs. or so I decided to get two kittens. I told Spuddy this and he and Tia visited with me less and less until they no longer appeared. I feel they were helping me with my loss. How long before animals reincarnate? I used to see the astral bodies of my current feline house guest. What do I need to do to see my friends in their astral bodies again?

PS: Do Yeti and Bigfoot exist in the 3-D world?

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Re: Animal death and human connection

Post by barbara »

Hey Greg!

Welcome to the forum! Would you like to share how you came to the Desteni Forum?

Pertaining to your perceptions:
greg132 wrote:It was two weeks after Spuddy passed that I saw him on the chair along side of me. The next night I saw Tia and from then on I could see, hear and feel them.
The mind is capable of creating such perceptions based on strong emotional/feeling connections such as you had apparently built with your animal friends, where these seem very real. Within the sadness of your loss and the desire to see your friends and have them around you, you give the mind permission to take the information stored in your memories and translate them into projections of shapes and sounds. So best to not reinforce the creation of such perceptions by talking to these projections as if the beings themselves were here in actual fact, because it would be you who is creating these perceptions for yourself.

For more information, you can check out this fascinating series on
Animal's Life Review Series
greg132 wrote:How long before animals reincarnate?
As far as I am informed, this process is instantaneous for animals.
greg132 wrote:I used to see the astral bodies of my current feline house guest. What do I need to do to see my friends in their astral bodies again?
I would suggest to not go into the desire of seeing astral bodies as this would open you up for all sorts of perceptions created by the mind, where you then don't know what is actually real. What you can do is look at who you allowed yourself to be with your animal friends. What aspects of yourself was opened up and lived? What word would you give this experience within yourself - who were you in those respective moments? Did you live 'care', 'consideration', 'touch', 'communication' for example? You are able to embrace these lived aspects of yourself as such living words with other beings or simply towards yourself. This constitutes one of the greatest gifts that animals present to us!

For more on this, it is also suggested to investigate: Pets and Owners Relationship Review

Also on the living of words check out: How to Live Words Part 1

By the way, have you considered starting the DipLite Course for free? It is ideally structured to get to know yourself as it provides you with the basic tools with which to support yourself in walking the mind.

Also feel free to open your own thread on the Writing yourself to freedom section.

Please read the Forum Guidelines if you haven't already.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!


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