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So me and my girlfriend have been arguing and unable to reach a agreement on spaying our dog, I am personally
Standing saying we should not fix the dog it's not necessary, then she points out health benefits and I say well you could get cancer but were not cutting your ovaries out. I'm having a hard time deciding to keep my stance, which from my perspective is best for all. Does anyone have any advice whether to spay her, I want what's best for her and could use a little support as whether to get her spayed or keep my stance, I know there are multiple perspectives but please suggest what is best

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Re: Spaying

Post by KellyPosey »

Do practical research on it, write out the consequences and benefits of each option (doing it or not) and see which one adds up. If the dog is in a position where male dogs has access and could possibly create many more little dogs that there is no plan/ability to care for, then it may be cool to take responsibility to prevent unnecessary consequence. I have read that procedures can vary, so you can investigate the different options there are. Humans do it as well to prevent unnecessary cloning. You both want to do what is best for the dog so if you can, approach it together, with neither of you being invested in either option, and just look at the facts, and stick to the facts, and don't make it personal, and then just choose what weighs out to be the best, so you can walk the decision making as a process together in working toward what's best and not be caught up in a battle over points of view, where each has their point of view that they are fighting over, and the point never gets sorted because no agreement is possible.

Within this, you can work on recognizing when you go into that 'protecting/fighting for one's point of view' mode, and then to stop communicating further on the point from a point of energy, as effective communication won't be possible and it just turns into a never ending polarity run-around that doesn't go anywhere practical, as you may have noticed.

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Re: Spaying

Post by Anna »

When I got cats the first time, I was strongly against getting them spayed because I saw myself as an evil human that was taking away their opportunity to breed just because it was convenient for me. I did it because the vet was very adamant about it since 30 % of cats (or stray cats) have cat aids.

I've now come to see how my stance was completely in reverse. Because I was the one who had some romantic (preprogrammed) idea about 'reproductive rights' which actually comes straight up from the mind and not from a consideration of what is best for all. I did not want to spay my cats because I did not want to see myself as a human being that has control over animals - which we do in this world. And so as Kelly said it is about investigating all the points in common sense and thus not based on beliefs, emotions or ideas because that tends to be more about oneself than actually caring for another. I've spoken to someone who can't feed their animals because they've suddenly been hit by economic recession. As such I suggest to consider the possible consequences of suddenly having to take care of an entire litter of dogs (if it's a female dog) and how one might not be able to provide them with a cool environment. And then if you guys have a cool vet, definitely suggest to discuss the options with them.

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Re: Spaying

Post by barbara »

I've had this idea of keeping it natural, of allowing the cats, in my case, to experience themselves within 'motherhood', as I was a young mother to that time, and thus not-exerting my will onto them. But our vet had then expounded on how so many kittens were being drowned by farmers or smashed against shed walls to get rid of them, because they were getting too many, and they obviously had not taken the responsibility of prevention, I saw that I couldn't take the responsibility of not-spaying them, as I would probably have given the babys away and wouldn't have known what the consequence would be for them down the generational line.
I'm cool with spaying them now, because I'm being directive within my ability to care for them to have a supportive life without such potential consequences for off-spring.

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Rozelle de Lange
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Re: Spaying

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Yes - I would suggest investigating what is most practical. Is she going to come into contact with male dogs who could start fighting over her in order to impregnate her? Are you planning on bringing in a male dog into your environment? Are you willing to support and care for the puppies when they arrive? Are you financially able to do so? Would you be able to find the puppies good homes to go to? There are many questions to ask yourself. So, I would do as Kelly suggested where you write up a list of the pros and cons and see which is more practical. I have had my male dog neutered as he lives with man y other dogs, so I wanted to minimize the possibility of fights due to hormones 'taking over' if/when he is around any females. So consider all of the variables applicable to your situation and make a practical decision based on that.

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Juan Pablo
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Re: Spaying

Post by Juan Pablo »

Cool perspectives - I can really relate to the point of seeing spaying as something morally bad. And makes sense, morality is a lack of research and common-sense lol.

Thanks for the support !

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Re: Spaying

Post by CerisePoolman »

The reality of this world is that there are countless animals born into it that are not cared for, that live miserable lives and that are simply abused by their "owners". If there is a chance of a male dog impregnating your dog (can your dog get out of your property, or can another dog get IN? Are you planning to bring in another dog?), then you must consider everything that comes with it. Many families, especially first time dog carers or people with young children, will "get rid of" a dog simply because it is inconvenient, so finding a good home can be difficult, because people always seem "nice" when they are excited about getting a puppy and have not considered all that comes with it.

If you are willing and able to support more animals then there will be many available at rescue centers.

The other consideration is that the dog will most likely become impregnated every time she is on heat and a male has access to her, which is twice a year (depending on breed) - so aside from the practical side, there is also the strain that multiple pregnancies places on a body, especially when it gets to 4, 5, 6, and more pregnancies.

Unfortunately, any choice we make on an animal's behalf is not ideal at this stage, as there is no guarantee that we can prevent some possible harm, be it abuse from another or illness.

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