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Posted: 01 Jul 2013, 18:40
by David Robert
My dogs are chewing everything in the house one is 16 Monty's old the other 6 but it seems the older one is chewing more. From walls to controllers. What is the cause n how do I prevent without abuse

Re: Dogs

Posted: 01 Jul 2013, 20:50
by Anna
David Robert wrote:My dogs are chewing everything in the house one is 16 Monty's old the other 6 but it seems the older one is chewing more. From walls to controllers. What is the cause n how do I prevent without abuse
Hi David.

First of all, I suggest with questions such as these - to seek a medical professional, because here on the forum we're not trained physicians or veterinarians and so all we can give is our own perspective. So I suggest calling a vet first and foremost if this is a persistent problem.

From my perspective, it could be something with their teeth or mouths, either a problem with the teeth or gums themselves - like the chewing supports with an 'itch' or ache in the mouth - or sometimes there's also vitamin deficiencies that can show in animals through them chewing on stuff. Another possibility is that they simply enjoy it. lol.

Abusing animals in an attempt to 'discipline' them doesn't work. So please don't resort to abuse.

The best possible way to deal with such problems is to 1) make sure there isn't a physical problem with the animal. 2) To prevent important things from being chewed on by placing them out of reach so the animal can't get to them. There are also natural sprays that one can get in pet shops that will give a taste the animal doesn't enjoy to the item if needed, which could be useful for example on walls or other things you can't place out of reach.

Let us know how it goes!

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Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 04:59
by David Robert
Tried the spray doesn't work they chew it anyways. I think they just enjoy it. And ideas on how to walk dogs without tugging and pulling I've read several suggestions on on the Internet but they are just too strong to keep them at your side and walk comfortable. I've resorted to a shock collar which I tested on myself first. I say the command to stop give wearing beep then a shock to get their attention I don't like using it because it is what I consider abuse but it worked for my dads dog and it's just been very difficult and I get angry and tug them because it's just like ok I know you dogs why aren't you listening.

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Posted: 03 Jul 2013, 12:03
by Leila
When dogs get bored or overexcited due to a lack in exercise they can resort to chewing behavior to let out excess energy and to 'get your attention' lol. Our dogs usually start destroying things when they haven't had their exercise so I definitely suggest to take your dogs for walks and play with them. We also had a tough time with some of our dogs that 'kept pulling' in the beginning, but after a while, as you establishing your relationship and they get that you're the one 'leading', they start to settle down more in the walks.

To get some perspective I suggest you watch some episodes of the Dog Whisperer, I'm sure there's some online on YouTube -- we follow a similar approach with our dogs on the farm. Watching these episodes will also give you some insight into what can be considered abuse towards a dog, and what is simply a directive method. Dogs are still animals of instinct and when they go out on walks they tend to just follow their programming that gets activated with all the various smells and sounds that come their way. So it's going to be a point of practice to assist them to 'bring them back here', and stay here with you as you walk and to not allow them to go and 'follow their mind' so to speak. So initially as you get comfortable become assertive, and your dogs get used to listening to you -- the walks may not be 'pleasant' in that you will have to push yourself to keep on correcting them and yourself until you've established a new walking pattern. Once this phase is over, it should be more fun and easy to walk them.

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Posted: 04 Jul 2013, 23:52
by Rozelle de Lange
I agree with Leila - it seems your dogs are bored and/or have some extra energy which requires your assistance, as Leila suggests through allocating time to walk and/or play with them.

Also cool tip on watching the dog whisperer in order to gain an understanding of basic dog psychology.