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Re: agressive pet

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Hi Kevina is the parrot/bird information/perspective Leila shared with us of any assistance for you? Let us know where you find difficulties to incorporate the suggestions Leila made. And really cool story Leila, you and Gian are great parents/parronts since you've managed to establish self-responsible within your parrot kids by being the example, way to go!

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Re: agressive pet

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Coool support here!

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Re: agressive pet

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Cool posts.
Interesting, it is the same with working in a classroom with children. If the "rules" of behavior of set, and the teacher "holds" them steady, and they are directive - and allowing/showing of stable direction, then the classroom becomes calm and directive. One can walk into a class and begin to sense the degree to which this is achieved by the behaviors of the children.
It is/was fascinating to watch when being exposed to many different classrooms!
Thanks Leila.

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Re: agressive pet

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Very cool responses here and interesting to hear how you have walked into a stability point with your guys parrots Leila, thanks for sharing.

I do recommend this point of being the 'alpha' within whatever it is that you are in responsibility for, be it birds, animals, kids, not in the sense of being an ego and becoming your own demon towards that which you are taking responsibility for. But to let them know that their is direction to be followed as well as consequence if these directions are not adhere to.

Obviously, allowing a point of training and for those who you are training to have full understanding and the opportunity to learn and practice the new set of directions you guys will eventually live together, but to give into their behavior of trying to take advantage of your niceness or fear is going to cause unwanted consequence for yourself where their will be a potential for chaos or defience.

I have a pup and have worked for three years with him, he is very dominant and when he was younger aggressive and would bite me especially out in the field when i would exercise him. This was due to me allowing him to scare me and back down to his aggression, I realized this and so found ways to stop this point of aggression and direct his attention to what we are doing rather then him having the opportunity to get aggressive. If he does, I have tools I use to prevent this the best i can, which are three tennis balls and a racket in the instance of being in the field, where i have learned that what he is being aggressive towards me is the balls in my hand, so he always has two in his mouth (can't fit three, he has tried) and i have the other one to cycle through our game of hit the ball and him chase it. Before I played with two, and this caused him to come after me because of his desire to have all the balls in his mouth, once i learned this, I now always use three. I use the racket to block him if he comes and tries and jumps on me, and this is where he would bite, with the racket i hits his legs not hard but a point of him knowing this is not allowed, and he will stop. I also have trained him with easy and short commands to direct him within the activity we are doing, so he knows exactly what it is I want from him and gives me signs if he is in need of something from me, like will lie down when he can't run anymore and wants a rest. So it's a point of walking with the other, observing who and how they are in their nature, and then walking a process of correction and training you see that will support both to equilibrium.

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For the past few months, I have been observing that one of my lovebirds has turned really agressive and she started biting whenever you would come close to her and try to touch her or her cage. At first I thought to myself that she is just being territorial and that is what animals are like. A few times that bird bit my mum and other family members to the point where they started having internal bleeds and I still thought to myself that that behaviour is just acceptable because this is nature and this is how animals behave. They can't speak like humans do so obviously they just bite you whenever they want. A couple days ago, the lovebird, munchkin, bit my mum again really hard. My mum was just feeding the other 2 birds who had landed on her lap and munchkin flew directly to her and bit her on the legs. She was so furious and the way we are used to correcting the behaviour of the animal is by spraying them with water. Unfortunately, this time, the bird ended up getting a bit too much water and she was still for a few minutes. We all were shocked and thought that this was it. Thank god, she survived. For the past 2 days I have been really looking at this picture and what is best for all in this situation. I have in the past been faced with this situation but always ended up not doing anything about it for some reasons:

1. I don't like the idea of separating a mum from her baby
2. I feel so bonded to her as she is my pet and I don't want to give her away because then I will miss her
3. I fear that she will end up in the hands of people who will only hurt her more
4. I had hope that she would just change with time if we all send her love energy
5. I don't want to abandon my responsibility of just handing her away to someone when I feel that I should be the one taking care of her. I don't want to promote this lazy behaviour in me.

The point that I came to realize is that by keeping the bird at my house, I am only promoting more abuse because I am not putting my family in an abusive situation but also munchkin herself. I had never realized that before. All the time I was so engulfed in my own ways of thinking based on my own self interest and as a consequence ended up abusing my own mum a few times by not correcting the situation and allowing time and hope to do their job. Another point that came up was why did I just allow this to continue as opposed to just when that happened for the first time not try to realize that this is just another sign that she is not in the right environment. Obviously I came to the grip that I do not know much about the animal kingdom with regards to what exactly their behaviour is trying to tell us. I have listened and read a few interviews and know enough that we as humans are destroying their kingdom to the point where they have no choice but to backfire on us to warn us to take responsibility for what we are accepting and allowing in this world. But what did not make sense to me is the fact that I am providing food and shelter to this animal and treating them with kindness. Then why is that animal reacting with fear and what is their biting behaviour telling me about them? That is something that I had to investigate in the past 2 days.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear the idea of separating a mum from her baby, by putting myself in their shoes and feeling bad for a mum losing her child. I realize that this way of thought has only spread more abuse in the world by putting both people and animal in an abusive relationship.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to experience this feeling of lack and loss because I will miss her. I realize that this feeling is another way to trap me into a selfish way of thinking where I no longer consider other aspects of the point but just allow decisions to be made from a starting point of what is in my interest as opposed to what is best for everyone I forgive myself for allowing myself to fear that if I give her away that she will end up in the hands of people who are only going to use her to feed their snakes and other reptiles. I realize that this fear is something I can't have any control over as I can only control me and not others.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to hope that someday she will be back to normal again and that we will all live happily ever after, not realizing that this is just not being practical and understanding in the sense that I am in the meantime fuelling more abuse because the more she stays in this environment the more abuse everyone gets.

I forgive myself for allowing myself to feel that by giving her away to someone that I am just taking the easy way out and just telling someone : here you deal with this shit because I am DONE. I realize that taking responsibility sometimes just means that we have to look at a situation from everyone's perspective and not just our perspective where we end up compromising our own life because of going to the extreme of wanting to make a situation right. I have come to the realization that what is best for all in this case is to find another home for my bird to stay at. I am taking responsibility right now to ensure this happens. ... e-pet.html

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