Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

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Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby marcusduffyy » 09 Aug 2011, 00:09

Looking at a point that has been 'eating me away' for the past couple days. This point is how my dog has been REFUSING to eat her dog food-literally- to the point where she has stopped eating for DAYS. The reason for this is not sure but throughout the course of the past 8-9 months, i have been feeding my dog Lilly every and all scraps off my plate, giving to her treats of 'human food' meals of 'human food' as if i were a dog, this is what i would have liked, -not eating that horrible smelling,tasting, crunchy hard pellets that clink around in the bowl. remembering the quote every since the beginning of my process with desteni by Bernard-'food to an animal is like money too a human'-along with the principal of 'loving thy neighbor' and as well as 'giving to others as i would like to be given too' as well as understanding that 'nothing in my house is truly mine, there for i have no reason to hold it as 'higher regarded for human beings' or 'mine' - because all the food originates from this earth--nature, the animal kingdom etc--- it only makes sense to give back to those through kind gestures like giving my dog some tasty food.

This as been a point i have faced in the past-a point of ego- wherein i only wanted the food for myself and did not want to share or give it 'to a dog'. My ego felt 'higher', 'better' than a 'dog' and therefor the 'dog' could eat its 'dog-food' and 'I' will eat my 'human food'. within this recognized a seperation within me, a belief or idea that i was somehow 'higher' or 'better' than the physical, and that 'food' was not just 'food' but some 'made?' only for human beings. within this distorted view.belief of reality, it also supported my suppression of life as other beings as equal,- equal in pain, equal in hunger, equal in enjoyment, equal in TASTE,-- equal in everything.-- there for i began forgiveness on these points that came up and directed myself through the points of ego in 'wanting to keep 'human food', for ME-'a human'- and give the 'dog-food' to the dog, 'a dog'' and pushed myself to give to my dogs as i would like to be given too

So lately. i have noticed my dog getting un-usually 'big' around the chest area and also, ( I should add that it is commonly known about how feeding dalmatians, specifically, TOO MUCH 'human food', is very ''unhealthy' and will cause many 'problems')unusually picky with, now, not eating anything but the food i give her from my plate- she will leave a bowl of food sitting for 3 days, surviving the duration with things from my pate like macaroni noodles, or toast crusts-. Frequently, i will make up a bun with butter and salt just for her-one for each of my dogs- and they love that, i feel 'good' because i am walking through my ego and supporting my dog-loving her by giving to her as i would like to be given too-. So i was sitting next to her on the couch the other day and noticed her breathing becoming very shallow, not as though she was panting out of breath after running but quick gasps, bursts of breathing -inout..inout..inout.. it was at this moment that i realized it was because Ive been feeding her so 'unhealthily' that this was the manifested consequence of my actions. i was responsible, therefor i have stopped feeding her for a few days now-stopped feeding her 'treats' and buns and things like that. The problem with this being, is that i have become one and equal to feeding my dog these things over the past 8-9 months and she has become dependent on my giving it too her-to the point where she will NOT EAT the food in her bowl, EVEN IF ITS BEEN FOUR WHOLE DAYS-she still refuses. because i guess she doesn't like it- she wants human food

A point within me is a point of 'sadness' for her, a point of 'pain' for her, as myself as i know how hungry she must be by now and yet she still refuses to eat-and myself causing that for her is like starving myself-this point is eating away at me- as i can either continue to feed her these unhealthy foods wherein she might die, or not feed her the foods and have her starve herself out of refusal to eat. Looking at this point within me of -not feeding her these foods- is not a point of ego, as i want to feed her them so bad so that she will not be starving herself- but i have chosen not too out of love for her. loving her is not feeding her foods that will kill her and cause her un-comfort, that is my responsibility as a human being,

even within this-my writing this forum-i am looking for a way, a justification to feed her because that's what i truly would like to do. yet
i dont know what to do about this situation, i feel as though my dog is assisting me in a way that i am not seeing. if there is anybody who has walked through a similar point i would be great full for your assistance/insight.

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james morris
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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby james morris » 09 Aug 2011, 02:34

hey marcus. all i can say is put water and mix it with the dog food, that is what my mom does every time our dogs got sick. it may eat it than even though it is use to the human food you have fed it. but really animals are not suppose to eat human food. yes their food sucks and does not look enjoyable, but it is what they have to eat for now unless you do some research on tasty dog food that is at the same time supportive towards their bodies. well all i can suggest is the water mixed with food to get the dog eating again. thanks for sharing. would be cool to hear another perspective

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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby Antoaneta » 09 Aug 2011, 02:47

Hi Marcus,
I have 3 cats and some time ago I was feeding them the "green threats" . One of the cats got addicted to it and it would only eat the threats off the plate and not touch any of the other food. I noticed this as he got skinnier. I tested it and found out that he got addicted. I had to discontinue the treats. He did not touch any food for about 3 days, just water. He kept coming to the table every time I ate sniffing around, I gave him some egg and he ate it. For the next few days I kept giving him egg (just the white part). Then I decided to change their food completely. He began eating again the new food. So he is fine.

What I suggest is that you can try force feeding him the bowl food. Put it in your hand and see if the dog eats it. Get an advice from a vet. Maybe change the food completely to something he has not had before.

Lemme know how it works.

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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby Jessie Arias » 09 Aug 2011, 02:56

yes, I also suggest to check with the vet and change the Dog-food. My dogs and cats do that also when they are bored eating of the same brands I buy for them.

Also I had a dog - the first one - and we didn´t gave her dog-food ever, my mom and my grandmother cooked her meals with rice, and vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, tomatoe juice, cheese, chicken consommé, and you can add little bits of chicken, and she never got sick, she was very healthy.

That´s another suggestion you can try and you can make the food for your dog, in the internet are many options you can google it - recipes for dogs.

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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby marcusduffyy » 09 Aug 2011, 04:57

Thanks for your replies, i have found assistance in the idea of purchasing now 'dogfood' in the case that my dog may be simply becoming bored with the brand of dogfood im giving to her. Although This before was not entirely an option as i am not the provider of money in order to buy such foods. The foods we buy for both our dogs is specially made for one of them, and the other simply has been eating it(or not in this situation lol) because its dog food and why buy two different types when we dont have to. Although after showing this post and the response i have gotten so far, my mother has reconsidered the idea of possibly buying a new brand of dogfood separate from the brad we buy for my other dogs conditions.

What i did at supper time with my mother is took some potatoes and some mixed veggies (all still warm out of the pot) and mixed it nicely together with a scoop of dogfood (aposed to 3 scoops with a bit something on time) hoping that she would find that appealing, and if not, AT LEAST after almost 5 days of nothing but a slice of cheese and a meatball i threw on top of her food the other night to try to get her to eat her food along with it-she ate the meatball and didn't touch the other food-. so at supper we also mixed a bit of watter with it and set it down for her, she smelled it and turned her nose.

My dog has also been sleeping with me in my room for the course of my process. basically where i am, she would like to be right with me and i have no problem with that, i enjoy her company. Lately however i have been trying to get her to eat, so i leave my door closed hoping that she will at some point throughout the night go and eat apposed to being in my room wherein if she DID find the urge to eat, she would have no way of getting out to do so. within this i feel i have been starving her of my attention as well. again within the idea that she may be only trying to assist me in seeing something i might be missing, i FEEL like a bad person due to my ignorance of what that is, yet my action in standing behind not feeding her unhealthy foods-''all while she u unconditionally assists me to see at the expense of her own health'' that's how i feel.

so yea just updating my earlier post, it has been the duration of the day , and still her food is sitting there untouched. yet if i were to throw her a peice of my chicken burger she would eat it in a heartbeat. thanks again for the support.

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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby Robert-Ben Wier » 11 Aug 2011, 21:33

Hi Marcus,

Awhile ago I stopped feeding my dogs a strictly corporate-dog-food diet. If I put a bowl of dry food in front of them now, they will look up at me with a face that says "why are you doing this to me?"

They like wet food, but it gives them diarrhea and really awful farts.

So with a bit of dry dogfood, I feed the dogs a combination of oats, dry dog food, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and hamburger

the oats I put in 'dry', just as a filler to dillute the dry dog food.

The nuts are probably not necessary- I notice that when dogs eat whole nuts, that the nuts will end up in their shit whole and completely undigested.

I put the veggies, fruits, vegetables and nuts in a food processor before I put in in the dogs, they do not chew, they 'wolf down' their food.

You have to get to know what kind of fruits and veggies your dogs will tolerate, from my experience, it varies from dog to dog. Too many "acidic" fruits (like apples or peaches) in the dog's food is probably not comfortable for them. If I put too much ground green apple in my dog's food, so that the smell of apple is pungant, they wont eat it. Blueberries are a 'fruit' which seem to be highly compatible with my buddies (as long as many of the berries are ripe and sweet and not all under-ripe and sour.)

Pineapple and citrus are fruits that I would never feed the dogs.

The dry dog food has the purpose of keeping their shit somewhat solid. It seems that because of the eggs and meat that I feed the dogs, the high fat concentrations result in diarheaa. -I am still testing out different combinations of proportions of the ingediants, in the future I will probably not be using as much meat and will be using more dry dogfood, actually.

Dark Green vegitables seem to be something that I want to put into the dogs. I use broccoli, but because raw broccolie has a kind of 'spicy' kick to it- I do not put in very much. My dogs eat the green grass and weeds outside if I do not put vegitables in their food- and even when I do put in broccoli, because I do not put in a whole lot, the dogs sometimes still eat the grass outside. I don't see a problem with their eating grass, in that regard they probably know whats best for their bodies, but preferably I would be giving them whatever it is that they are lacking first hand so that they would not want to eat grass.

So that is an example of key-ing in to my dogs and responding to what is being indicated.

I cook the meat and scramble the eggs in a skillet before I feed it to the dogs- they seem to like the meat better when it has been cooked a little. I do not cook the meat thoroughly enough so that I would eat it, tho. -and especially if your dog is not used to a high fat diet, start off slowly with meat and eggs.


I understand that not everyone can buy meat from the store for their dogs. My father almost always has some kind of fruit/ veggies in the house, so I have access to that- and I used to dumpster dive for meat at the local grocery store. My father did not like that so he offered to buy the dogs meat for me at the store. He likes 'finding deals', and we usually buy the dogs hamburger or pork from the grocery store when it is on sale for 2-3$ a pound.

Eggs are pretty cool for dogs because they are cheap. So if someone is really looking to save money, they can create a 'sauce' for their dog's food out of scrambled eggs and small ammounts of meat- enough to coat the dogfood, instead of as an actual dietary 'staple'- and the dog will probably like that.

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Re: Not Feeding my Dog is Eating me Away!

Postby Ann » 12 Aug 2011, 07:24

Yes defenetly take her to the vet! I do it right away when for example our chickens get sick.

Frodo (dog) gets dog food, dry and not fresh. And with his dog food also we add some of the things we eat, left over from meat or from vegetables. He really likes zucchini for example and pear. I dont mix fruit with his food though because that causes gass.
So far he has had no digestive problems. When he cant eat from us he still eats his normal dog food. All he seems to want is food :P Sometimes he reminds me of myself haha.

There also has been a lady who had a dog, dog was vegetarian lol, she cooked for him and stuff and he lived up to 27 years old. ... 20918a.htm

"She has a big bowl of rice, lentils and organic vegetables every evening," says Ms. Heritage.

We had a dog before Frodo as well. At the end of her life she was very bloated and started to stop eating. We tried all kinds of things to make her better but the vet didn't knew what more could be done about it. She was 14 years old and I went to kiss her goodnight and I lay in bed after 2 minutes my mom and dad came upstairs saying she was dead.

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