Dog and Cat Meat Trade

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Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Post by DavidTDuncan »

I am sure you know about this trade, where things like what is in this Daily Mail article are happening all of the time: ... -away.html

What is the Desteni perspective - and your perspectives - on how this can be stopped? What do you believe is the real, substantial, step by step process we can take to ensure this actually ends and never takes place again? Do we have anyone here from China or South East Asia who is closer to these issues and have more of a cultural understanding of the mindset of the people who do this to these dogs? I know that they do terrible things like boiling dogs alive within the cultural and historical belief that this makes the meat better - how do we get people to challenge such ingrained beliefs and to start to recognise dogs and all animals as individual beings who are equal to us as life?



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Luc St-Amand
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Re: Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Post by Luc St-Amand »

Hey David.

It will not change. This is the reality of the nature of man. What I found in my process is these horrific acts against the lives of animals served as nothing more than a distraction. I get it though, it is sad to say the least but instead of trying to stop it, lets understand how it started. Like you said, there is a cultural mindset behind it. I am from Canada and here we do not boil dog or cat, at least not openenly as it is illegal to end the life of any animal in humanely and without a license or permit to show purpose.

So David. What is important for your own process is your inner reality when faced by human natures dark side. It exist and it will not come to a halt in our life time but perhaps humanity will come to a halt due to our compounding nature of death and distruction. The process to ending these abusive acts against dogs and cats and all life for that matter is already set in motion due to the ones and equality principle.

So, what comes up within you when you see a dog or cat being lowerd into a cauldron of boiling water? And honestly ask yourself - how does it serve you in any way to willfully observe it? I understand the value in shock treatment to those that have never seen it before but now that you have, allow it to serve you in your own process.

Thanks for shareing yourself David. Cheers

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Re: Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Post by CerisePoolman »

David, this is only one example of the horrific shit that humans do - and we do not only do it in the physical, we do it within ourselves as well. The level of change required is enormous - but that doesn't mean that it's impossible. The whole purpose of Desteni is to show that human nature is not fixed/unchangeable - it is simply what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be.

In terms of solutions, because the issues are so interconnected and so complex there is no one solution that can be applied in all scenarios. The closest thing I see to a holistic solution is walking through the mind with the Desteni tools - but this is only a viable option if/when Desteni becomes widely accepted and applied - so it is far from an "easy" solution. There are many people who are trying different things to make a difference in the world - so on the one hand, people more and more want to change. But then on the other hand, we're still awful fucking bastards most of the time. I know, it sounds like I am saying there is no hope - but if I truly felt like there was no chance that we can make this world best for all then I wouldn't be here, walking as I do now, committed to Desteni and living the tools every moment of every day. Humanity CAN change. Each of us who walks the Desteni tools and principles becomes an example to the people around us. We become pillars of our communities (whether internet community or physical community) and stand as the living proof that humanity can be better.

So, I am sorry that I cannot give you an easy, simple or straightforward answer - the reality is that we are not in an easy, simplistic or straightforward world. Our minds are twisted, tricky, dead-clever and absolutely focused on self-preservation - so yes, it will be fucking difficult - but when has that ever been an acceptable excuse?

Change can be created through the equality equation - 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1... While large-scale or instantaneous global change would be fan-fucking-tastic - it's not all that likely to happen. So we do what we can, where we can, as best as we can.

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