When suppressing cats

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When suppressing cats

Post by mar »

<t>Hi everyone, my beloved female cat is hill by a long time.<br/>
She has a tumor on the nose by almost a year. At about October, the vet told us that there was nothing to do and suggested to wait until she would isolate herself and stopping to eat to suppress her. <br/>
The cat is just 8 years old and we love her so much, but we accepted the fact and are waiting for the right moment.</t>

Dora (the cat) always continued to behave the same since October, but she shows to be more and more tired.... The tumor on her nose is now as big as a Ping-pong ball and is also damaging her right eye.... She breaths more and more heavily because the nose's hole are obstructed.... We fear she is suffering.

Problem is that none of the indicators that the vet told us are realized..... She doesn't isolate so much.... She always comes to sleep with us and still stays with us..... And she literally eats like a pig..... When we get in kitchen she always thinks we are going to feed her and suddenly runs in the kitchen "full of life" saying "mao mao mao...".... She almost eats like the other 10 kilograms male cat....

These indicators really confuse us.... We don't want to make her soffer.... We are "... Ready...." to do what it needs to be done but we are not able to choose....

So now the question is: are these 2 indicators (retirement and stop eating) really affordable to interpret the cat will?

By the way, she isn't sterilized. She has never gave much signs of suffering about that and we kept postpone the surgery.... The vet told us that now it's no more sense to think about that...
Just to give the full picture about the cat situation.

Thanks anyone for the support.

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Re: When suppressing cats

Post by Raúl »

I thought about telling you what I think since I read your post and I have animal friends aswell, it's not any deep dymentional perspective, it's simply my perspective from being a normal human being.

If I was in your situation, I would look at things deeply, honestly, specially in the moments that are important for me because I get into emotions, those are the moments that most matter. I have a beautiful dog, when she dies that she will die soon because of heart problems, I will be so thankfull, so thankfull that this animal was with me all these time, sharing her way of being, bringing to myself new ways to discover myself. She will always, aaaalways be with me in my heart, and not a single day I will say "you are gone so thereforce things are bad and you are not with me", everytime I remember her it will be a celebration because that dog has loved me so much, and I have loved her so much, and there is nothing else I would asked for. We lived together, what else can I ask her? Do I want her to be eternally with me? No, she shared what she had, then she was gone, and that's fine, it's the way things should be, what do I want? An eternal relatonship because I can't say goodbye to a friend? Saying goodbye it's also beautiful in it's own way, specially when you have shared with an animal your absolute expression, when you know that there was nothing else for you to be shared, you literally could die and be very thankfull to the dog because you satisfied your soul and shared it completely, you even learnt from the dog.

So be direct, and honest, because important moments are the moments to be that the most, and see what is the right choice, what do you have to do now with your cat. And choose, and do what is best for this life, and for your heart.

I wish you the best and I hope that you remember your cat because, animal friends are the best friends, they are so unconditional, they will support us eternally. Good luck!!

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Re: When suppressing cats

Post by CerisePoolman »

When I am considering whether to end the life of an animal I will ask myself these questions:
Is there any chance for improvement?
Is the animal suffering, and will that suffering continue to get worse?
Are they mostly happy and enjoying life in a way that they have always done in the past?

For me, when I know that the end is coming soon inevitably, I prefer not to wait until the animal is in so much pain that they are begging for death. I will keep them from that fate, and end their life while they are still quite OK and happy, so that they don't have to go through needless suffering.

Hope this helps

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