The Idea of 'Freedom' in the Wild

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The Idea of 'Freedom' in the Wild

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A Week back or so we "found" these two birdies here. We had to remove their nest from the roof because the workers were busy welding pipes and the nest almost caught fire.

They weren't very happy with the situations and were constantly flying around and trying to get out of their cage. When we would let them out they would just fly and hoover around and they'd get chased by TweetTweet (a Flycatcher who's about 2-3 times their size).

We decided not to let them out anymore because all the chasing around made them very nervous. [When they were hungry they'd fly up to TweetTweet and beg her for food, thinking she's their mother - she would just grab their legs and try to pull their legs off....]

We also decided that once they started eating seeds and drink water [we fed them very watery pro nutro]- we'd let them go because then they'd be able to survive outside - and getting outside seemed to be the only thing they cared about.

So then one day I'm sitting by my desk and see that they finally started eating & drinking and that they were looking quite strong. I tell Gian and a few moments later we let them fly out. It was quite a windy day and they were struggling quite a bit to fly, but after a few minutes they were out of our sights.

A bit later I'm sitting by my desk, where I have a view through my window to the BirdFeeder and the Birds that go there. I see that there's a group of Birds that fly away with each sound / movement - except for this one little birdie. So I take the binoculars and take a look, and it's one of the two birdies we let go. He looked a bit lost and upset - bewildered - not knowing what to do. I took note of it but left it at that.

An hour after we let them go, I went up to the new building, and when I came back I saw that the two birdies were sitting by our window from our room, trying to get in.

All this time that they've been in our room, they were all about "Let me out! Let me out! Let me out!" and now that we had let them out, they were all about 'Let me In! Let me In! Let me In!"

They thought that they'd find "freedom" when getting out of their cage, out of our room - but the freedom that they found wasn't freedom at all. Out there, there was only Survival - not exactly the "Freedom" they'd been looking for.

We were able to get the youngest one back, and is currently living with us. The eldest one would come flying down to us but then go back into the trees. After a while he we couldn't hear him anymore (when we'd whistle they'd both respond with a short 'tweet' - that's how we would find them when we couldn't see them).

Lol - the moment we got the youngest one in the cage, it stuffed itself with food and fell asleep from exhaustion. This was just ONE HOUR of being outside 'in the wild'.

The Idea and Picture that everyone has of Nature is so deceptive - as if it is this 'Beautiful' Thing - and 'if only we could be a bit more like Nature & The Animals'. The truth is that Nature and The Animal Kingdom are a reflection of our Nature, of Human Nature. The Survival you see in Nature is the same Survival you see within Human Society. It's Cruel & Deceptive.

This just shows the extent of how we have fucked up this entire reality in each and every single way possible- that deception has seeped through every particle of existence. It's time to Stop

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