Fear of Using a Needle/Syringe on Animal

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Fear of Using a Needle/Syringe on Animal

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Fear, A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
http://ylaww.blogspot.com/2011/04/fear- ... phecy.html

My Horse Charlie’s been having a back leg problem for quite a while now. A few days ago a horse specialist came over to check him out and supplied us with meds for a three week treatment.

Part of the treatment is me jabbing a 18 gauge needle into his buttocks.
I really hate doing this.
If I know I will have to be stabbing/jabbing him in the morning then that’s the thought I go to sleep with and in the morning I wake up, that’s the thought I wake up with: “Oh no I have to jab him with the needle today”.
When the moment comes that I have to jab the needle into his butt I start to panic a bit and HOPE that the needle goes through his bum from the first go. Depending on how Charlie’s butt is doing that day and what spot I poke him it will be either hard or very hard lol.
When I jab him I go will full force, almost projecting the needle/syringe to go completely through his bum so to speak. But then sometimes in the moment as my arm is coming down towards his hum and the needle is approaching my fear takes over and I image the needle not going through and kind of just ‘hitting the surface’ as you would when for instance trying to poke a stone with a needle.

In that singular moment, a fraction of a second – my muscles weaken, my arm slows down and the needle doesn’t go through. It’s a very horrible feeling to stand there with the needle just being on top of his skin, no penetration whatsoever, seeing his entire body flinching. But it is this exact fear of this scenario happening that caused the very event to happen!
So now before I jab – I breathe – direct – jab. If the jab doesn’t go through immediately it simply indicates I have to go ‘harder’ because he is having one of those days where his muscle is all tensed up. I do not take it personal, just breathe again and jab harder.
So this shows how when you fear something – you open the door within your reality for it to happen. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

It’s funny how we still gives value to fear as if it is valid – no seeing and realising that by acknowledging a fear as being ‘real’ and a ‘valid point of reference’ – you are allowing, no you are CREATING this type of shit to happen in your world, and then there’s only yourself to blame.

Taking control of your life by eliminating useless points such as fear is part if the Desteni I Process self-development tools.

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