Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Cat-Punching, Why does this exist? Day 460

Before walking the desteni process, I was a person who cringed and went into reaction at the sight of any animal being hurt or abused, I was not aware of this group on facebook that is promoting cat-punching, I didn't have to see it and I didn't want to watch anything about it and this shows what? The truth of the very reason that cat punching exist, I don’t want to look and thus am stating with my actions that I don’t want to take responsibility for the actions of abuse to animals as I believe myself to not be this. I don’t harm animals and thus I am justified in condemning and believing myself to be more righteous. I mean you don’t really have to look of course to know that animal abuse is happening on the daily, though the understanding of taking responsibility for such actions in this physical reality is not understood and is crucial for healing. If we just condemn people and lock them away, out of sight and out of mind, do we believe the problem just goes away? Of course this is not the case, more abuse is shown, more abuse is happening, and more extreme actions are taken because the message of what these types of actions are showing in our reality is that those who are abusing others need to be re-aligned to life. We need to walk correction processes with these people, we need to create solutions for the problems of this world that'll last, we need to start understanding and standing as supports for those who have made mistakes in life and are ready to correct themselves.

Though the key here that each one has to realize for themselves is we each have to take responsibility for our own mistakes and find the will to walk the correction process ourselves for ourselves, and those who are willing to support themselves will be given support by the very nature that they are showing they care for themselves. Give life to yourself and you are given it in turn, it’s the nature of life. Life supports life. So we as humanity are at the stage were we are in the process of becoming aware at how fucked up we are, what we are creating within this world is the reflection of who we are within ourselves, and those who are willing will be the one’s who stand as the examples for those who come after of how to walk the correction process back to life. This is what desteni is about, realizing that the correction process is here to stop the abuse of life as we stop the abuse of ourselves, and then live this in our world. This will require patience and perseverance because this will be a real time process walking step by step, the change has to be physical and the change has to be proven through time with consistency and cross-referencing, though as more walk the path this will become easier for those who follow as mistakes will be learned from and shared with others and so avoid as this is the principle of efficiency through time.

So as we give to ourselves and start the correction process of who have become as abuse through self forgiveness and self correction in writing and living, we then become capable of helping those who can not as of yet help themselves. There is a specific alignment that is occurring and will resonant throughout yourself, your life and the lives of those you touch, it may not be seen at first, but through time the evidence will start to show as the physical integration starts to take place. Obviously, we as humanity realize that the physical abuse of any living being is unacceptable and we all require to forgive ourselves for our own abuses and correct into a new way of living that is best for all. So it will be a process, one that is not linear nor clear at times, though it will be able to be understood and walked if one is willing. So it comes down to who I am within this life and what I will accept and allow, and so that will determine everything, self honesty is the path to freedom as this is the birthing of self truth in what is real, as self walks the path of self honesty, the road becomes clearer and clearer and the abuse starts to transform into support, this is the process we all will face and have to make a decision, no one will be judged, we can only judge ourselves, who are we humans? How will we stand?

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Day 36: Is cat punching event a hoax?

Someone created a FaceBook page titled 'Valentine's Day Cat-Punching' inviting everyone to hurt cats by punching them. Others have started to post photos on that FaceBook wall of them seemingly punching cats and photos of dead cats. Certainly punching cats is an act of animal abuse so a group for animal rights protections created a petition to pull down the Cat Punching FaceBook page which very soon succeeded. It is not clear if cats have been actually hurt or killed as the consequences of this Cat Punching initiative since people could only pretend on the photos that they are punching cats. Also the Cat Punching page itself could be a hoax of a known internet troll who seeks attention by creating content that disturb people.

The question is why would someone seek attention by creating hoaxes and why do some people actually hurt and abuse animals? This is definitely a consequence of separation from reality, loosing your ability for empathy where you do not put yourself in the shoes of other people or animals. So I invite everyone who experiences need for attention or the need of hurting someone or something to research why such behavior has been developed and what personal experiences and accepted believes have lead to creation of such behavior pattern.

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Day 736 - Cat Punching on Facebook
Image result for cat punching on facebook

I learned of the phenomena of "Cat Punching on Facebook" a little while ago. Cat punching on Facebook is just as it sounds.

Now, obviously it is common sense that Punching a Cat in the Face is not a Cool thing to do to a Cat. Nor is it considerate or appropriate behavior for any Human Being. So, Yes, this is mostly common sense to most people. Despite how bad we humans treat one another with our laws and the way we have structured a monetary system....where everyone is a wage slave to one degree or another...and we have a devalued labor system....where there is a lack of regard.....We typically agree that we shouldn't blatantly abuse animals as a point of schadenfreude.

However, Obviously the way our shared reality is structured reflects the ugly truth that we humans as a whole...collectively, don't really give a shit about animals. And in fact we are directly responsible for countless amounts of the most heinous animal abuse.

We do some much chemical testing on animals in the name of science as like a martyr type mentality where it's believed to be for the greater good....because the attitude and idea of humanity is that we are far superior to all other species on planet earth....and therefore everything is for our sacrifice. Now what's interesting within this very blunt perspective of humanity....is that most Humans I have found from my own personal interactions, to be somewhat defensive about such labeling...and ironically enough...an individual human's defense systems kick in and they literally profess their own self-appointed greatness and how there is unfortunately problematic humans but only a certain bunch...and that it's surely not them....and what is so ridiculous about the propagated self-defense is that in point out a blatantly some what obvious in terms of the amount of facts here....this isn't really a threatening point....but the typical human responds in self-defense because in a way...by talking shit about the Human as a generalization...it brings into question One as an individual's very existence and the meaning...and how each individual is a contribution to the collective of humans here...and it's like Humanity moves as One voice as each is the One voice and it is a majority rule as how things operate here. Ironically within this mentality....there is a lot of dismissiveness...the blame game that i mentioned earlier....and so we have a system of a lack of accountability....You Know, toooooo much deniability. Deny, Deny, Deny, is the ingrained and educated shock doctrine police mentality television lesson to protect your innocence and survival.

Now, lets look at the specific humans who deliberately engage themselves within heinous acts....such as for example cat punching on facebook. Perhaps the reasoning behind such activity....is they think it is funny....it makes them feel good....they think it's cool....it's a rebellious thing to do and they're looking for ways to rebel in a world that doesn't make sense. Now these are obviously just some of the possibilities....obviously there is a tremendous amount of possibilities within the psyche of an as one individual.

So, let's look closer here at the point of Education.

Within, looking at the possibilities I outlined as potentials forms of reasoning in and as how/why particular individuals participated in the Facebook cat punching.

So, notice that there is particular and specific relationship definitions in relation to the actions. This goes to show the relationship of words and actions. Have you ever heard anybody ever say anything about "Living Words"? Well, whether you have or haven't, it's in the words as who and how we are in action. See the Action here is the Act I on. Each is in the act...or in the Reaction....meaning there is a cause and effect relationship sequence at play all of the time.

So, looking scientifically at things here as a point of logical computing of systematic data....we can deduce that Input is related to Output...as the source of input is in someway related to the output. So, to see how we have sewn ourselves sown....so to speak as the very specific ways in which we speak/think/behave....as what we have in and as our behaviour is a result and reflection of and as the extent of our education. World and Word Relationships. Now this isn't a blame game because the blame is a be lame game and nobody likes to be lame...I mean really...nobody wants to be lame...yet we do blame...because it's a defense...a Mistake...an error....due to a false positive....a result of faulty computing....crossed wires if you will.

See here, and also consider how the body is a chemical concoction...a potion if you will....always stewing and brewing....real alchemy here...kind of interplay and relationships are very much a chord of the ongoing accordion...meaning everything relates and reflects and influences and impacts...as like we are all here within a container so to speak...so the movement has influence....meaning....if you are moved in a particular energetic way about something...that may compound over time with particular triggers...triggers that you are not even consciously aware of.....so you are moving in a direction that to a certain extent is beyond your conscious choosing because you may not even realize the extent to which every decision you make has been influenced by One's very own emotional disposition and fortitude. Which is quite the realization in and of itself...I mean look at advertising...it impulses off of emotions....particularly primal emotions...and also consider subliminal messaging....many people know the concept....but do you really know to the extent in which you have been programmed beyond you conscious, subconscious and even unconscious mind? how many minds are there even really? Popular scientific rhetoric says there;s 3 minds a conscious and subconscious and unconscious....that information is somewhat regarded as credible because of the Authority that is given to it as being valid....Scientists Professional Opinion...
Do you see how someone' who is regarded to be of authority and a "professional opinion" could potentially negatively influence another individual unintentionally? what if the professional opinion is invalid....it was just an opinion right?.,...well what about the credence give to authoritative opinion? Do You see how this all relates to Education? Everyone is educated....the fact that you are here reflects education....now the quality of education is something of a horror story....because SEE, there is really only One Class of Life here...and that is the Life Class....but the Human within it's authoritative reach within the sciences and our classifications...amongst our own species and our habitat's we have created a grandiose Mind Fuck...which reflects...as problematic reactionary viruses spreading...meaning problems perpetuate and compound when and as nobody is standing within and as Self-Responsibility within and as the starting point Life regard and consideration as All is One and Equal Here.

Stop the blame game and reflect upon yourself how we are all equally responsible for the Mind Fuck we have here.

If you see yourself as less Mind Fucked than others....a question for you...."what are you doing to assist and support your peers to be less Mind Fucked?....who assisted and supported You?...You couldn't be totally not mind fucked without the assistance and support of others here....So, if you were more mind fucked...wouldn't you want the support and assistance of someone who is less mind fucked....?

But hey....forget about the judgement comparison analysis of who is less or more mind fucked...and notice the main point of regard within the consideration,....which is,.."Mind Fucked"

Education and Money are Keys here and we all need both as the words are money building blocks as to how to shape structure a most excellent co-existence of regard and consideration for all inhabitants,,,Compassion is the Compass in daring to care enough to look at the ugly truth and Begin the Journey to Life as the All Ways Best Direction and Decision for Life.

Join us
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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by addseo1118 »

Thanks for sharing. :D

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by Jeanne »

The War on Cats

The Link between Power, Control, and Cat Punchers

Law enforcement and social service providers now recongnize that when animals in a home are abused or neglected it is a warning sign that others in the household may not be safe and that children who witness animal abuse are at a greater risk of becoming abusers themselves. Animal abuse, and other forms of family violence are acts that are linked. [1]

A survey of pet-owning families with substantiated child abuse and neglect found that animals were abused in 88 percent of homes where child physical abuse was present. Violent offenders incarcerated in a maximum security prison were significantly more likely than nonviolent offenders to have committed childhood acts of cruelty toward pets.[2] The abuse is often cyclical and inter-generational.”

The New Jersey Division of Youth and Family Services discovered that in homes where there was domestic violence or physical abuse of children, the incidence of animal cruelty was close to 90 percent

In his paper called, “Cruelty Toward Cats: Changing Perspectives,” Lockwood underscores the origin of abuse within the dynamics of power-and-control:
“Cats, are more commonly victims of abuse than dogs because dogs are, by their very nature, more obedient and eager to please, whereas cats are nearly impossible to control.”

The Curious History of Cat Abuse part one

The earliest cat found buried in association with a human at a site in Cyprus were dated to approximately 7500 B.C. The grave suggested that the person was important and gave importance to the cat.

Around 450 B.C. Herodotus describes his visit to the temples in Bubastis and the various practices surrounding the cult, including the harsh penalties for injuring or killing cats (Clutton-Brock 1993,36)

It was illegal to export cats from Egypt was illegal, until the tenth century when cats began coming into Europe and Asia.(Zeuner 1963).

Christianity at that time was “extreme in suppressing unorthodox beliefs and because cats were often central to many of these belief systems, from the Eygptian cult of Bastet to the worship of the Norse goddess Freya, cats were demonized and associated with the non-Christian and the Devil. From a symbol of grace, fertility, and maternal care they were associated with sexuality and lasciviousness.” [2]

Pope Gregory IX (ruling 1227–1241) Decreed that the Cathars, known to breed black cats,were the devil in disguise. In 1489 Pope Innocent VIII proclaimed­­ edicts to persecute all witches and kill all cats within Christian lands.
Inquisitor Nicholas Remy, in his 1595 Daemonolatreiae libritres, wrote that all cats were demons (Conway 1998)Carnival celebrations of deviance came to an end on Shrove Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, when a live cat was incorporated into a straw mannequin, King of Carnival, and given a ritual trial and execution.

In Burgundy young men passed around a cat, tearing its fur to make it scream as a form of “rough music.”

For the cycle of Saint John the Baptist, coinciding with the summer solstice, cats were tied up in bags, suspended from ropes, or burned at the stake

Parisians liked to incinerate cats by the sackful, while the Courimauds (cour a miaud or cat chasers) of Saint Chamond preferred to chase a flaming cat through the streets. In parts of Burgundy and Lorraine they danced around a kind of burning May pole with a cat tied to it. In the Metz region they burned a dozen cats at a time in a basket on top of a bonfire. The ceremony took place with great pomp in Metz itself, until it was abolished in 1765. (83)

One of the best documented instances of cruelty to cats was the “Great Cat Massacre” of the Rue Saint-Severin, Paris, which took place in the late 1730s (Darnton 1984; Twitchell 1989). The story was obtained from an account by Nicolas Contat, a worker who had witnessed the event. Several young male printer’s apprentices systematically slaughtered all the neighborhood cats, starting with a favorite pet of their master’s wife. According to Twitchell: In fits of laughter they gleefully bashed the heads of cats,snapped the spines of cats, squashed the bodies of cats, twisted cats at the midsection,and suffocated cats. They even improvised a gallows and hung cats by the neck. (1989, 48)

Lockwood connects violence against cats and 18c economic powerlessness…

“Printer’s apprentices were among the most exploited workers of the time, while a passion for pet cats was growing among the bourgeois, particularly the masters of the printing trade. Portraits were painted of pampered cats who were fed choice fowl, while the boys in the print shops labored with little hope of promotion to the ranks of journeymen. Cat abuse was already well established in the culture of the time, thus cats were an easy and seemingly appropriate target for this outrage.” [2]

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