Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web

Post by CerisePoolman »

yes thanks Yogan!

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by Marlen »

Here's a talk I recorded on this as well and definitely we might see these consequences brewing for some time, but we have to focus on preventive measures and ensuring we don't just react to it, but give it a proper direction to ensure we don't 'create a propensity' for further abuse, not only toward animals but all life included http://www.marlenvargasdelrazo.com/behi ... tpunching/

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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http://fidelisspies.blogspot.com/2015/0 ... g-and.html

A guy created a Facebook page dedicated to punching cats. What followed was people posting videos and photos of abusing poor animals and the internet going crazy demanding the page be removed. After a petition of about 20 000 people Facebook removed the page and few days afterwards another one emerged.

There are so many points happening here. First thing we need to ask is what kind of person would create a page about abusing animals and then also what kind of person would find this page a great place to post videos and photos of abusing animals for the whole world to see? It’s easy to sit there and judge such a person, but such disregard for life is something that you grow up with. Some peoples parents teach their kids this – or some parents simply do not teach their children about how to care for animals. So who is to blame? The guy? The guys parents? The guys parents parents? Society? Humanity?

We are all actually responsible for this; because it’s a symptom of a broken society we all live and participate in. Animals have always been regarded as less. Even god told mankind to have dominion over them. The amount of care we give animals and the planet and far far far less than we do for humans and that is a problem. We are all equals and we need to treat the animals with the respect hey deserve.

Why does it take 20 000 people to remove a page like this? Or more why do we only care about removing a page about animal abuse and not stopping animals abuse at its source? Why are we not outraged about all the atrocities currently existing in the world? Where is that anger when it comes to things like the fur industry? Where is that outrage when it comes to things like war or poverty?

Its only when its right in our face when we will start doing something. if somebody opens a fur factory in your backyard you will be outraged and stop it. Or if a war breaks out in your lounge you will probably want to really stop it. But when its far away where it doesn’t affect us we simply do not care.

Imagine – all abuse happening right now. Right now somebody is being robbed and killed or raped. Right now somebody is in great pain and suffering dying from hunger. Right now an animal is being skinned. There are some really bad shit happening right now and the problem is human nature. That needs to change. The world needs to change. WE need to change. I need to change. Time to change this world for the better – it starts with you and me.

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by ingridschaefer »

Dag 611 – Cat Punching – How can we see it as a wake up call?

#CatPunching is not an easy subject to discuss. With cat punching the abuse is so direct and clear, from a human against an animal that has no chance to get away from the physical, horrible pain of being punched on the head while being holded. Most of us humans are strongly reacting to this injustice. It has to stop.

Ofcourse it has to stop. Together with so much other abuse that takes places in this world. Abuse that we do not react to anymore. Which is quite strange actually. The hunger in many countries, the horrible conditions that animals are existing in for the meat-industry from which we buy daily in the supermarket, the wars, the killing in wars, child abuse, the destroyment of the earth; but also the small abusive moments that we accept and allow within our near relationships as manipulation, lying, gossiping, ignoring each other in the small needs and questions and so much more. It is uncountable, the abuse that we participate in on a daily base. And what most of us do not realize – because we have never been educated in this – is that within this emotional reacting inside ourselves, activated by the pictures of the catpunching that we judge – here what happens is that we generate energy within our own mind and this generating energy is…….. a form of abuse in itself, towards our own physical body.
See more at:
https://ingridschaefer1.wordpress.com/2 ... e-up-call/

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by tylersr »

Cat-Punching in the End Times

And we have in the Media the phenomenon of Cat-Punching, reflecting back to ourselves our abdication of Self-Creation in Physical Reality. Where, instead of looking within to see and create an expansion of our reality, we believe and thus buy into the energetic relationship with/of fear of failure to such an extent that we would seek out an external object/being (in this case a cat) upon which to inflict this limitation as the projection of our own self-perceived self-limitation.

What's missed within all this is that, when a being reaches this point, the point of no return where what they are accepting and allowing with their beingness, constitutes abuse, it is already too late for this being to change the conditions which caused the manifestation of this twisted expression of themselves: the damage is already done and the consequence is created within the context of Eternity.

Thus, that we are seeing that happen in our reality, regardless of the inner voice within us saying "I would never do such a thing", indicate what? That in fact we are at a point where beings have participated within their minds to such an extent that they are unable to even prevent consequences from occuring as a result of participation in these energies.

A cat puncher cannot help themself, might be the belief.

But this issue goes deeper than this, for it is incumbent upon us as society to detect and correct these patterns of abuse: to see, realize and understand through our own application of Self-Forgiveness, that writing and self-correction is the solution to these kinds of consequences like Cat-Punching. That, despite self-limiting beliefs screaming at you that you cannot change, to instead take the self-directive Power back for oneself within the writing and applying of self-forgiveness.

I challenge those that seek to make this world a better place, and I know you're out there. I challenge you to investigate DIP Lite where you can learn about the contents of your mind and correct those patterns of participation within the mind that prevent you from living and expressing your utmost potential.

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

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Here is my video about punching cats. Are we sharing it privately first so that others can check if it's ok or do we just post it?



Did you ever come across a cat-punching website, picture or video that show someone abusing or wanting to abuse a cat? We all see a lot of cat pictures posted on the internet from the perspective of the positive feelings towards them, as we find them cute, lovely, adorable and everything positive. We create and feel these good positive feelings when we see a picture of a cat. But are we aware of how the positive-negative polarity balance of emotions work? Why are there also pictures of people wanting to hurt cats? Abuse of animals is obviosuly not acceptable, but do we contribute to it by creating/feeling all these positive feelings towards the cats?

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by thomaslagrua »

Here is my post for this topic/event: http://thomaslagrua.blogspot.tw/2015/05 ... -cats.html
At first I wasn't sure about which direction I would take: would I focus on the cat punchers (aiming my words to affect change within/as them) or would I focus on the point of raising awareness of the issue. In the end, I went with basically the same message that I've placed in mosts of my posts, aiming at humanity to stop ignoring and take responsibility in words and deeds. Over all, having a fixed subject within which to place a message supported me to not get too complicated.

This is a cool way to practice for the way forward in terms of (as a group) being able to better respond to environmental opportunities as they unfold. My view is that, as the current world system continues to collapse, opportunities will arise for us to fill the void so to speak with EFl and LIG solutions targeted at specific demographics - people and locations.

The last time we did this experiment was, I guess on Quora. From that, I realized that even though our words were accurate, our audience (from their points of view) was neither in need of a solution, nor looking for one. That experiment really revealed to me that, many with education and access to resources may resist change (even though they realize it's for the betterment of all) because from their perspectives, they don't need it for themselves. Thus (I would say) is one of the main reasons the system continue to come down.

I guess that, the time will arrive when these very same people (now outside of the security of money) will gladly embrace just about any proposed solution, anarchy, civil war, revolution, etc. Herein, our opportunity will be to have our techniques perfected so that our solutions resonate deeper -than other proposed solutions - into the targeted mass.

I suggest that when selecting an issue, consider and clarify as much as possible the goal, because a clear (attainable) goal will assist us to determine what words and phrases to write/speak so to more specifically target our words and assess the effect...

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by Andrew »

My Blog in relation to the Cat punching topic

https://anartistsjourneytolife.wordpres ... fe-day686/

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Re: Weekly Project - Creating Ripples on the Web: #CatPunching

Post by kim amourette »

Cat punching and our bipolar relationship with reality


Word about a new internet phenomenon named 'cat punching' has been going around social media lately. It started with a Facebook Page set up to publicize a Valentine's day "cat punching event", which apparently (I say apparently cause I haven't actually seen it with my own eyes as the page was taken down by Facebook already) showed pictures of a guy holding a cat and looking like he was going to punch it in the face, pictures of dead animals and comments like
"I prefer the full grown cats, honestly, the little ones can't take a punch to save their lives. It's pathetic."

Here's what the news website Mirror had to say about it:

The page was set up to advertise a cat-punching event on Valentines Day and appears to have been opened by Jamie Card, which is the name of a well-known troll known for launching online pranks.

Although the event might be little more than a sick joke, cat lovers took it very seriously.
At one point today, more than 1,000 people signed the petition against cat-punching in just one hour.

Pasted from <http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/technology ... ed-5133475>

While many arguments on cat punching might be about:

Whether or not this 'cat punching event' is a serious proposal
If the cat punching implied in the pictures did in fact happen (as opposed to it being an intended 'joke' and the guy just pretending to hit the cat)
How sick and cruel it is to joke about and suggest harming animals and post dead pictures of cats on Facebook

...I would more like to draw the attention to the polarity play out that is hiding behind what is essentially people expressing their intense hatred for cats, also on this webpage titled 'things I want to punch in the face: cats' where someone has listed all their reasons for why they hate cats.

So this polarity play-out that I am talking about involves all the hundreds if not thousands of cat videos showing how cute cats are and websites about why cats are absolutely awesome, created by 'cat-lovers'.
Because on the one hand there is this adoration for cats which shouldn't actually surprise us that on the other hand there are people who are going to 'hate' that which others 'love'.

After all, isn't that how love and hate work - meaning, hand in hand? Where ever there is love, there is also hate, which actually seem to be the two major experiences that we humans get to choose from when it comes to how we will experience ourselves in this world.

It is easy for us to point fingers at the ones who express hate towards things in this world, but we don't seem to be willing to see where the hate originates from in the first place or consider that we might be contributing to the very existence of it by our very participation in its polar opposite, being love. This point of people hating cats, creatures whom are loved by many others, is but one example of this hate-love polarity play-out that exists within each and every one of us.

I am sure that we can all find examples of things that we 'absolutely hate' just because of how other people 'absolutely love' those very things. And the fascinating aspect about this hate experience, is that its very starting point is to in a way function as 'counter-weight' for the 'love' expressed by other people. It's as though we are all in this constant dance with each other trying to balance out the love and hate in this world.

And this is forming quite the problem as you can see exemplified by the cat punching phenomenon, be it real or not - the point is that hate in relation to cats or any other creature in this world shouldn't exist within us in the first place. And, this may come as a shock to many, but neither should love. This because the love and hate polarity that we have been participating in as though it is the very essence of who we are as human beings or the purpose of life is in actuality the very thing that is sabotaging our ability to see things for what they are.

We will either 'love' something or we will 'hate' it, or we're simply indifferent about it because it doesn't fall into these categories, but we never notice or see things as what they are. We rather have this strange tendency to want to categorize everything in our reality into how we prefer to experience ourselves, which is within feelings and emotions, positive and negative internal sensations and reactions and so we fail to recognize that reality in itself is never siding within any of those categories. Reality is just here. A cat is just a cat, it doesn't need us to love or hate it.

If anything what this world needs is for us to just let it be what it is. We'd still need to take care of it, sure, but taking care of something or someone requires things like attention, consistency, trustworthiness and stability - not love. Love, and consequently hate along with all of our other feelings and emotions which we may want to use to define and label the world that we see around us, is something that is entirely about ourselves and our own want to experience things, to feel things about ourselves, this world, cats, … and basically our reluctance to simply do the things that need to be done to create a world that isn't as dysfunctional as it is currently.

A solution here would be to redefine the word love so that it doesn't end up creating hate. Redefining love can be done by making sure that our 'love' for cats or any other creature or manifestation in this world isn't just a feeling and a statement anymore. Loving something should imply that you stand as custodian and care-taker and that you take responsibility, which should be an inherent trait of our existence as humans on earth anyways. As long as our 'love' is a feeling, then that 'love' is bipolar and we are in fact causing hate to emerge. So, it's time to stop pointing fingers and to start taking responsibility for what we create.

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