Timeless: My Process Part One, Two and Three

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Timeless: My Process Part One, Two and Three

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My Process: Part One, Two and Three – by Timeless

Typed by Timeless the Dog through the Interdimensio­nal Portal

Date : 01/01/2009


Hi! My name is Timeless and I am here to share with you my experience ‘throughout and within time’ to the realisation and becoming-experience of me as ‘Timelessness’ through me embracing the moment in the physical, with the physical and as the physical together with the name that was given me as: Timeless.

Now, what I mean with sharing with you my experience ‘throughout and within time’ – I am specifically relating to the entrapment and enslavement of me within and through preprogrammed lifetimes, locked within the mind consciousness system – soul system design and trapped within the reincarnation system cycles – which manifest the pillars of ‘time’ as you’re without your awareness – directed within the System to live according to how you’re placed within the System = lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime.

The ‘System’ is how this existence was designed to operate and function within the designed-relationship between heaven and earth, wherein you’re deliberately placed into this world – referred to as reincarnation, not by ‘choice’ – but because you are a mere ‘part’ of the System as a whole – the System that ‘owns and governs’ you to the extent where IT decides your life to be and experienced here on earth in this world. After death you cross over to ‘heaven’ to simply prepare for your next life-experience to be had on earth which will be similar or exact in nature as the previous – so all beings were ‘reprocessed’ within existence.

And I, as all currently within the interdimensional existence, ‘played my part dutifully’ – never ‘questioning’ my existence, how I experience me and what happens with me with regards to where I’m placed in this world as I move between heaven and earth lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime – because questioning couldn’t exist; I always forgot that I experienced numerous previous lives that was the exact same or similar to the one I would be experiencing once again. I was simply ‘a part’ functioning within a System operating only due to all its ‘parts’ remaining controlled within the deliberate act of ‘forgetfulness.’

I cannot say that if I knew then what I understand in this moment regarding how existence operated within the designed-relationship between heaven and earth – whether I would have ‘questioned, stood up and made a definitive transformative change within ‘who I am.’ Probably not. Though events took place and unfolded that eventually led me to such a stand within myself and definitive transformative change that stands absolutely within who I am.

I’d say the point regarding to why I say that I probably wouldn’t have ‘stood up’ then with what I understand in this moment – is that the System that existed as this existence in its entirety – everywhere within everything – as what the System was, is that it would’ve ‘seemed too big,’ from the perspective of me believing that there is no way that me alone would be able to make any definitive change within anything or anyone. The ‘problem’ would’ve been ‘too big to handle’ for only one being such as myself.

Though in observing this point in this moment – is that we tend to relate ‘who we are or what to do’ TOWARDS what exists ‘out there,’ wherein our eyes and ourselves take in and see only the grand-scale of things and yes – then it will seem quite daunting. When the actual real point is not about ‘changing what is out there’ as existence as a whole = I’d say this is not where our responsibility exists. Our responsibility exists within who we are AS what exists – the principle of oneness and equality.

Meaning, instead of relating ourselves TOWARDS what exists THERE – it is to stand within ourselves AS and WITH, one and equal, what is HERE and to trust ourselves to direct ourselves in the moment as self honesty. Then it’s not about the ‘daunting massiveness of the seemingly huge problem out there’ – but about who we are within our directive self-responsible actions of self honesty equal and one here.

Within this also, is the fact that existence didn’t create itself – the system didn’t design itself – we’ve been active creative participants within existence and it has been within our words, actions and deeds as who we have been – that moulded and shaped what is experienced and manifested here in this moment by all in this moment.

We tend to forget the responsibility towards ourselves first – wanting to ‘take on’ the ‘effectual outflow, the already manifested consequences of past mistakes’ that is in fact, already ‘too late’ to change or alter or transform – because it’s already ‘done’ within the very manifested experience of all who in actuality, in reality – is already physically experiencing it.

I find this being one of the most prominent mistakes made: Attempting to change, alter or transform the already manifested past consequences as current actual, real physical experiences – instead of sourcing the root as the cause that is ourselves, individually – equal and one together.

This particular point, with regards to me being the source, the root as the cause of myself and what I experienced and do experience – that I was individually responsible for me and all that I influence, both within my direct sphere as ‘my personal small world’ to the greater sphere as existence in its entirety: That the point of ‘who I am’ – create me, my world and existence in its entirety in every moment I decide or direct ‘who I am here.’

This point – the actualization of this realisation – leads to the change of me in who I am and decide to be in every moment and that self-responsibility exist within the decision I make in every moment as I decide, the directive principle that is me: Who I am in every moment here.

This realisation of self-responsibility has been the ‘saving grace’ of me – that within taking self-responsibility for me here in every moment – I change the entirety of me here within the my direct sphere and am ‘one step closer’ to the change of me that is existence as the greater sphere of me.

And every moment of self-honest self-responsibility within which I direct, move and express me here – is an opportunity of change and transformation – I decide – always – who I am and will be in every moment, this moment and the next – I am in my own hands and will either experience the consequences of who I decide to be in the moment or the directive one and equal expression of me here.

Within this document, I am sharing with you my process within this realisation: From existing as a mere ‘part’ within the System, influencing myself and all else into cycles of constant continuous consequence – to taking self-responsibility, taking me in my own hands and directing, living and expressing me self honestly equal and one – and the result I had on myself.

My Process: Part Two – by Timeless

Previous Lives:

Before I give perspective with regards to my current experience in this incarnation within an animal-physical body as a dog in this world, and how I changed me, which had a definitive physical-effect one and equal as my physical body: I’ll start at the beginning. ‘Where I come from’, from the perspective of the nature of my previous lives and my ‘accepted and allowed state of being’ at that stage, regarding my particular locked-in allocation-point / positioning within the System.

I realised the nature of my previous lives, my ‘accepted and allowed state of being’ that I created for myself with regards to ‘how I experienced myself as ‘who I am’ due to the lives I’ve had and experiences I’ve been through within those lives – wherein the experiences I’ve had within and during the lives, determined the experience of me as ‘who I am’ – this I realised while within the interdimensional existence, when the process of the interdimensional existence began/was ‘set forth’.

So, when the ‘interdimensional process’ began – I was within the interdimensional existence, not yet reincarnated into this world; and could ‘see’ and ‘understand’ for the first time – ‘what was really going on’ within existence and the fact that I was merely a ‘part of a system’ – controlled and regulated within systems such as the ‘soul construct’, ‘karma-system’ and ‘reincarnation-system’ as it previously functioned within the System of existence under ‘charge’ of the ‘White-Light System’ wherein you’d be ‘allocated’ a ‘position’ into and as this world according to your ‘soul-design’, wherein you’d reincarnate into life-experiences that were exactly the same or similar to the previous lives – and so you’d exist lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime experiencing the exact same or similar lives – forgetting the previous lives you experienced so you’d not remember that you’re actually always reincarnating into the exact same or similar lives here on earth – controlled and regulated as but a mere ‘part’ within a System.

Each one participating as but a mere ‘part’ within the System – controlled and regulated within the soul, karma and reincarnation system – was deliberately made to ‘forget’, by/through the specific ‘dimension’ that was created, wherein you’d find yourself the moment you’d cross-over into the dimensions.

This ‘dimension’ was so designed that it’d automatically ‘wipe’ your ‘memories’ and suppress your remembrance of the life you experienced and the lives before that – so you’re quite ‘disorientated’ when you cross-over – wherein a ‘guide’ would come and lead you to the ‘reincarnation-centre’ wherein you’d wait to be reincarnated again: This was my personal constant, continuous experience within my existence between earth and heaven – leaving earth, entering heaven, immediately being sent back to earth again – experiencing a life – leaving earth, entering heaven, immediately being sent back to earth again – this was my existence within the System as a ‘mere part’ enslaved into and as the System.

The Nature of my Previous Lives:

The lives I was reincarnated into – was that of both emotional and physical abuse. All my previous lives – consisted of emotional and physical abuse – wherein I’d either die of a relatively young age due to the extent of the abuse or being murdered by members of my own ‘family’ within which I reincarnated through abuse or died of the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon me or committing suicide because of the emotional and physical abuse that was too extensive to bare or live with or I’d die eventually as a broken being, whose life was completely destroyed because of the emotional and physical abuse – wherein I’d live a life of emotional and physical self-abuse because of the emotional and physical abuse done unto me.

And this would be my lives – lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime – reincarnating into life-experiences of the exact same nature as consisting of both emotional and physical abuse within childhood and/or throughout the rest of my life-experience – done unto me by/through family during childhood and later years of my life – or through/within the inevitable relationships I’d form.

I always reincarnated as a female, into a female human physical body – only experiencing human-lives – my reincarnation as a physical-expression of a dog, is my first experience as that of an ‘animal’, a ‘dog’ – my first life experience that is not ‘human’.

From my own experience within the System of existence, being locked into cycles of reincarnation within the reincarnation-system experiencing the exact same or similar lives within the nature of emotional and physical abuse: I understood the reason for the deliberate ‘forgetfulness’ and ‘wiping’ of one’s memories and suppression of remembrances the moment you’d cross-over from experiencing a life – to forget and not remember all the previous lives you’ve had that was the exact same or similar from the one you’d just came and that the one you’d be experiencing again – being the exact same or similar as the one you’d just had:

Imagine if I’d known that the lives I’ve had were all lives of emotional and physical abuse, and that I’d remember the detail I experienced within each life and that I’d know that my next life would be of the exact same or similar experiences within the nature of emotional and physical abuse: I’D RUN AND HIDE and simply refuse to reincarnate and comply to the system, or attempt to find a way to reincarnate into another life-experience of my own choice.

Hence the reason for the implementation of the particular dimension that automatically wipe your memories and suppress your remembrances – so that you’re easily ‘positioned’ within the System by the System itself – so that you remain within your ‘allocated allocation’ within the System – existing within constant, continuous cycles: Regulated and Controlled constantly and continuously – no way out.

As I have explained: All of this – the realisation of my ‘part’ within the System, how all my lives were always the same within the nature of emotional and physical abuse – occurred during the phase of the beginning of the interdimensional process – wherein the ‘truth of existence as the System it functioned as and existed within’ was revealed – as well as each one within it and what each one existed as was revealed. I understood, realised and saw it all in one moment.

Within this realisation – I became angry, within the question of: WHY?

What have I done to deserve this?

Why did I deserve this?

Did I deserve this?

Why me?

What have I done ‘wrong’?

All such questions within anger emerged the moment I could see, realise and understand what I’d been through and existed within – lifetimes, upon lifetimes, upon lifetimes.

I mean, I had the ‘knowledge’ of ‘why’ – though, for me, personally – with regards to ‘who I am’ – I simply didn’t see, didn’t want to see – the actual reason for WHY I’d experienced what I did, why I’d been through what I have and why I existed as what I did: Always a victim within lives experienced within emotional and physical abuse. Always a VICTIM.

Within the interdimensional existence I decided: I HAD ENOUGH – and so decided to reincarnate into and as an animal, a dog – to so attempt/try to ‘get away from’ me having to go through a life-experience of that of emotional and physical abuse.

I believed that, within me reincarnating into a life experience and physical manifestation of ‘my choice’, ‘out of the system’, wherein I’m the one that ‘choose’, that ‘decide’ wherein I’d want to reincarnate, into what I’d want to reincarnate within – I’d escape the eternal curse of me being reincarnated into life experiences of emotional and physical abuse and trauma that I experienced within human-lives.

I believed that, within this – my life experience within a reincarnation of my own personal choice of which I’m the one that decide – I would be ‘free’ and enjoy a life-experience in this world that is ‘free from’ emotional and physical abuse.

I believed that a life of an animal, a dog – would not consist of or exist as that of emotional and physical abuse – and therefore I based my choice of reincarnating into and as that of an animal, a dog and the decision to lead a life-experience of that of an animal, a dog – upon this: That me reincarnating into and as that of an animal, a dog – would be free from emotional and physical abuse and would experience a life of love, care and adoration…

Little did I take into consideration – the most important factor, the most important determining influential point within existence: MYSELF.

Little did I take into consideration – how I accepted and allowed myself to define ‘who I am’ according to the experiences I’ve had within my past lives – wherein I determined and defined ‘who I am’ and the experience of ‘who I am’, according to the experiences I had within the past lives.

Little did I take into consideration – that even though my memories were swiped and remembrances suppressed during my experience within existence through ‘time’ within my past-lives, that all came ‘rushing back’ the moment process started within the interdimensional existence – I was the constant ever-present participant within those life-experiences that did in fact really experience it all, and that such experiences would always remain within and as me, and how such experiences would have an impact on the development and expression of ‘who I am’ within the very beingness and nature of me.

Little did I take into consideration – how this ‘who I am’ – still determined and defined according to my experiences within and of my past-lives – would affect and influence the life I reincarnate into and the manifestation I reincarnate as – even though it would be ‘my choice’, a decision made by me without the control and regulation of the system.

Little did I take into consideration – that it is this ‘me’, this ‘I’ making the choice, making the decision – is what in reality, within what is here, determine all else – and not the System itself.

This all that I had not taken into consideration: Hit me with all its might – when I reincarnated into and as an animal manifestation as dog – and again, still experienced emotional and physical abuse…

Imagine my ever-painstakingly penetrating all-compassing shock and dismay when again: Physical and emotional abuse was prominent – even though I really truly believed that I would be free from such a life-experience if it were based on me making the choice, deciding within which reincarnation and what manifestation to exist within in this world.

Part Three: My reincarnation-experience as a dog – The Beginning to be continued within the document to follow.

– –

My reincarnation-experience as a dog – The Beginning – 21 January 2008

I was quite thrilled when in the process of emerging as the physical-manifestation of an animal as dog – more excited from the perspective that I, at that stage, existed within the belief that I would be liberated from having to experience a life of emotional and physical abuse – because ‘I’ reincarnated into and as a life-experience and physical-manifestation of ‘my choice.’

Choice – I came to realise – does not exist, because you’ll always base your ‘choice’ upon the foundation that is ‘you,’ that is ‘who you are’ – and this ‘who you are’ is always ‘the same,’ ‘defined, designed, constructed and programmed’ by you, yourself through the experiences you’ve had in and as the past.

So, you’re the past-manifest and will make ‘choices’ according to that past you exist as – thus, all ‘choice’ is but actually ‘outflow-assessed equations’ – ‘equating’ within yourself your past experiences and yourself within your past-experiences – adding up the ‘nature of the past-experiences’ within yourself to ‘assess’ the nature of your current experiences in relation to your past-experiences to ‘design perceived choice’ – when in fact – you’re always leading yourself into the direction, the direct experiences of and as what you’ve always experienced in and as your past, because it’s all that you have ever experienced, because it’s how you ‘programmed yourself’ and thus are restricted to only exist according to and as your own ‘programmed-self.’

Therefore, for example – I may have believed that I have ‘chosen’ a life-experience unshackled from emotional and physical-abuse, but because the very existence of me as the past, as past-experiences was of and as emotional and physical-abuse – I’d still ‘direct myself, ‘lead myself’ down/into the exact same ‘road/path’ – because ‘who I am’ is still defined and existent as emotional and physical-abuse because of the past I exist as and defined me as that consisted of and existed as emotional and physical abuse. Therefore – ‘choice’ doesn’t exist – I’ll always create my experience to be according to the experiences I’ve had as me as the past that is me: And this is exactly what happened.

My birth from within the womb into this reality was extremely uncomfortable and painful as I became stuck within the opening I’d come through, come into living manifestation into and as this reality – and was required to literally be ‘pulled out with force’ and experienced it as though my limbs were being torn from each other – separating from each other as the sinew and muscle between the limbs stretch to its limits = it was as though I was being birthed as the eternal pain as hell itself – for a moment I feared that I had actually been birthed into and as Hell, reincarnating into some ‘alternate-reality.’

I was so weak after this experience – all I wanted to do was sleep and sleep and sleep eternally and forever forget this experience and the physical experience of me in that moment.

I was absolutely exhausted; every physical-movement took all the strength I could possibly muster within myself – it felt as though I was dying, I felt like dying, I wanted to die, ironically – wanting to die before I’m even born properly into and as this world…

So many moments I wanted to ‘give in’ – as though I could just in a moment decide to leave the physical-body and relieve myself from the pain, the utter exhaustion I experienced right through from my physical into and as my very being as ‘who I am’ – so many moments it was just ‘too much’ from the perspective that I literally had to in awareness, deliberately make the decision to muster strength to simply just ‘move’ physically – I didn’t know how to move myself in and as my physical body at first – that I had to ‘figure out’ as well, with regards to how to use, move as my muscles, bones and legs.

I would later within my physical-process realise, that this experience, was me manifested as the physical-abuse I accepted and allowed myself to exist as – and that I manifested physically, from the moment of ‘physical materialization’, as the physical-manifest embodiment of/as abuse itself as me – I manifested physically one and equal as the very nature of abuse I accepted and allowed myself to exist as.

Therefore, in the beginning I had quite a torturous physical experience and self-experience as my physicality within and as which I exist as me – manifested as the nature, the essence – the physical embodiment of/as abuse – both within and without.

I didn’t want to ‘give in’ – I didn’t want to ‘give into’ the experience I endured, because I viewed it as once again ‘giving into’ the very existence of physical-abuse, again proclaiming myself as the ‘victim’ to a force ‘more powerful than me’ and I would once again accept and allow the exact same experience in this life as with all of my previous lives that I experienced.

So – I went into the deliberate ‘living action’ of me as ‘retaliation’ – resistance – deciding that ‘I’d show abuse itself that it is not a force more powerful than me’ and that I can stand against its control it has had over and of me throughout my existence.

Within this ‘statement’ – I would ‘through this decision’ – push myself to force myself to not ‘give in’ to not ‘let go’ and die – but will myself to manoeuvre myself in and as the physical beyond the pain and the exhaustion – having to decide every moment to continue ‘living’, breathing and not let go, not give in.

However – within me ‘retaliating’ within the starting point of ‘frustration’ and ‘anger’ within the refusal to ‘bow’ to the ‘might’ of abuse itself – going into and as ‘resistance’ towards ‘abuse itself,’ I created a polarity of myself within the separation of me from ‘abuse’ – not realising at that stage – that abuse in itself is what I had become, is what I was as ‘who I am’ as my experience of me through and through that manifested as the physical-experience of me.

I didn’t realise that the physical-experience, the physical-manifestation of me – was revealing/showing me what I have become, what I accepted and allowed myself to be.

Retaliation was not a solution – but a further catalyst for the manifested experience of me as abuse because of me separating me from abuse and resisting myself as abuse in itself, because within the creation of polarity of myself through ‘retaliating against’ and resisting abuse, wanting to ‘fight it’ to ‘show it’ or ‘prove to it’ that I am ‘stronger’ – I made the statement that ‘abuse’ is ‘more than me’ and I am inferior to it = within this, giving away all my power, all of me to abuse.

So – my ‘brave retaliation’ expression manifested a resistance – which only made matters worse, far worse, because what I was in essence actually doing: Is attempting to fight myself.

Separating me from abuse – within the separation, resisting the existence of myself as abuse, and within the resistance – only intensifying and compounding abuse in itself – for me, as abuse, to show me here that I am that very abuse – I am not separate from it – it is me as what I have become.

Part Four: How I Manifested Myself as Physical and Emotional Abuse – to be continued within the document to follow.


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