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Steve Irwin through Portal Articles

Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 19:40
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Evolution of the animal kingdom ... al-kingdom

Steve Irwin chanelling through sunette, transcribed by Andrea.

Date : 08/02/2007

As you all know I have tragically died, death by beautiful, magnificent stingray. I am now still doing and in full application with my life long passion of working with animals. I would like to specifically say to my wife and kids, that I am fine, actually wonderful and my death is not as tragic as it may seem. I am with you every step and every moment and I am here now with the opportunity presenting itself sharing with you and the rest of the world my experience in heaven/dimensions.

The greatest gift of my passing is that I am now actually able to communicate directly with all animals, from the smallest insect to the biggest croc. Though nothing is what it seems here on earth. I have never believed that I would actually experience my existence being so equal to that of all animals. As the animals physical appearance just like the human physical appearance are but a vehicle for the essence of who we really are, the only difference of course is the method of communication. Since I have been in heaven I have been dedicating myself in assisting the animal kingdom, for the animal kingdom plays the greatest, most important and pivotal role in supporting all beings on earth with their processes. Firstly I would like to share with you the most extraordinary finding I experienced with the process called the circle life. I was one day or should I say one moment (there is no time in heaven/dimensions) communicating with some sharks, when all of a sudden I noticed that the smaller fish the sharks feed on were starting to light up all over me, like a Guy Folks festival. The sharks, all of a sudden went into killer mode and started eating only the fish that lit up. Now surely this was a rather fascinating discovery and was most definitely necessary to be investigated, to cure my curiosity. After thorough investigations and many moments of extensive research I found the following: sharks or most animals on the top of the food chain would only eat, and it would not even matter if they were hungry or not, once the smaller fish they feed upon, would light up. I furthered my investigation to surfers and body borders who have experienced shark attacks and what I found was that they too lit up in the exact same way as the smaller fish the sharks fed on. Sharks in the way they see is quite fascinating, as they see energetic signatures and frequencies and not form. So if body borders or surfers would light up, the shark would then immediately be taken over by the desire to eat.

Just a tinkle of what I have experienced so far. Today yet again, something else rather extraordinary popped up. Now getting to the subject of the evolution of the animal kingdom. As I have said before the animal kingdom have been standing as the support of beings processes on earth. Since heaven have become more directively involved in beings processes on earth, the support of the animal kingdom have also changed. The support from the animals have now changed from the perspective that they will be assisting each human being on earth on an individual level. Previously, the application of the animal kingdom in terms of assistance and support was more focused on keeping the balance of process in its entirety. But now, since Mother Nature has agreed to also become more directively involved, the animals are “more free” to assist beings on an individualistic support application. Thus the process for all beings on earth has started to change as focus will be diverted from the outside of self to the inversion (inner vision) of self.

Environmental scientists will in time to come be noticing some rather strange extraordinary, never before seen or discovered animals stepping forth. Animals are now starting to transform themselves to be able to assist with the inner transformation of each being on earth and existence as a whole.

Now, it's not only crocs that are the love of my life, but all existence as an equal, yet as I have said I have dedicated myself in heaven/dimensions focused on assisting the animal kingdom.

That's all for now. Thank you for sitting patiently in your chairs and enjoying my sharing of the after life. Just to make it clear to all; I am not dead, so don't think of anyone ever replacing me, I am just existing on a different vibrational dimension and still doing what I've always loved doing, only much better! If anyone would like to communicate to me regarding the animal kingdom, I'm only a channel away.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 21:33
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Bumble Bees

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 19/03/2007

Hi there all animal, creatures and nature lovers! What I’m doing on a weekly basis is have an interview with a different animal species whereby we study the ways of the animals as they are now so that I may give you the feedback from the animal kingdom and their relationship with people on earth! All of the animal kingdom is assisting and supporting man as well as busy preparing for all the changes that are taking place, as we experience the process of self-awareness and realization as equality. From these interviews I am aiming for you as readers to get a better bird’s eye view of how animals have through eons of time actually been assisting and supporting people on earth during the process of global awareness, and still are. From the smallest bumble bee to the grace of an African Elephant, I am show you the magnitude found within their presence, expressions and specific applications. So, let’s begin with the tiniest creatures to step forth this week: The Bumble Bees.

Their originally not from the Eastern hemisphere as people on earth has been led to think and perceive. The original discovery of the Bumble Bee colony in about 1612 was in actuality the last remaining colony of what appeared to be flying bees. These ‘winged’ bees all appeared to be the shape (from the original documentation) and size of the common African bees. Truly when you understand the natural evolution of bees, you’ll see that neither bumble nor sting ever existed. Mainly the stinger situated within the ‘dock’ area of the tiny bumble bee is in fact the original male sex organ. These organs of the bumble bees, dating back as far as the prehistoric era were in fact rounded, not straight. The straighter the organ the less able the insect is to remain balanced, during the penetration. The bumble bees today all have rounded organs (the males) as well as very large belly’s that came from the overcompensation to be able to carry more food. Hence the fact that bumble bees have very little aggression is actually as the desire to over feed is more prevalent!

With a little bit of insight I acquired during my journeys of communication with the Bumble Bee’s I’d like to with this insight bring forth awareness of the change within the Bumble Bee. Due to the course of evolution the facts however have changed somewhat about the Animal Kingdom. It used to be common knowledge amongst the die hard animal freaks that animals are highly evolutionised as well efficiently designed, so it may now come to a shock for you to hear the following; Animals are no longer designed to carry or alleviate human suffering or support anything less than who each being are. They are no longer our guinea pigs (excuse the pun) or there for our personal entertainment and amusement. We (in the dimensions) are now becoming very aware that animals have changed their spots! They now allow for their evolution to be the creation of their own design. The Animal Kingdom, as the Bumble Bees have been changing their appearances, applications and self-expressions to now become the foundation of support for all people on earth who are becoming aware of who they are as equality. All animals, creatures – from the smallest microscopic to the largest beasts are equally standing as one, supporting and assisting each other to support and assist people on earth in understanding and becoming equality and oneness. Before if you look closely at how animals designed themselves they either enhanced human functionality (as well as protection) to show us our weaknesses or they would mimic the faults of man. However well intended few of man’s descendants actually saw what the animal kingdom was showing them! Let’s show the example of the Bumble Bee to reiterate this point: The Bumble Bee in essence was the money system of all humans. Some would believe that if a Bumble Bee landed on you, you’d become rich and was a sign of prosperity to come! What people forgot to see within this though was that the Bumble Bee would actually carry the energetic intended to be interpreted by the human to assist them with the understanding of money. With this understanding of money, the people would then assist themselves in application with their daily lives to maintain or support themselves through the income provided by money. So hence forth the animals have been shown through the ignorance of the human ego that no such thing exists as that of a free will where humans are concerned. Animals won’t support slavery and control anymore and are now releasing themselves from the bonds of the slavery and control that they have played a big part in for so long! They are standing up as the people on earth will soon stand up, assisting and supporting people on earth with standing up and setting themselves free from slavery and control allowed by systems on earth. So, we’ll now start seeing major changes in the animal kingdom from behaviour to actual physicality’s. Their previous physical appearance was so that they could hold the energetic for a particular application. Now they assist those that assist themselves. You see within the animal kingdom all is equal and therefore they cannot support the desire for inequality in man. They, the Animal Kingdom stand as equality, as freedom, and so must each one on earth to realise their equality with nature and the Animal Kingdom.

Back to the inner chatter of the bumble bees. They informed me that within their specific application and self-expression is the truth that each being is indeed free and equal and that the animal kingdom have always assisted and supported this. True, I must admit. You cannot change something that has always been freedom to that of…freedom. We may only make each other aware that freedom and equality indeed does exist. Well now, we (the Animal Kingdom) and myself as one and equal with the animals and nature are certainly showing people on earth that freedom and equality is indeed the essence from which all creation and existence on earth sprout. I suggest all people on earth return to nature, to the Animal Kingdom one more, once again as they are setting an example of equality, of freedom and of creation – who we are and how we are supposed to live. Where have you ever seen such wisdom? When last has anyone given themselves a moment to walk amongst the trees and the plants, in nature, enjoying and observing the multitude of individual and unique expressions of each beautiful and magnificent creature on earth? I suggest each one do so – maybe you will notice how much have been taken for granted and gone unnoticed in the specific application and expression of the Animal Kingdom and nature. Allow yourselves to observe the marvel of life that is nature and the Animal Kingdom – as a representation of who you are and each one is – as I have come to understand and experience myself!

The animals have informed me that they have many more answers and are willing, excited and enthused to share with you. They have now finally the opportunity to communicate with all on earth who are willing to unconditionally listen and hear, who the Animal Kingdom and nature really is, what they stand for and as and share insight and wisdom upon the events and experiences of people on earth. So let’s agree that the Bumble Bee’s message, as the Animal Kingdom’s message for today is nothing less than brilliant. Let’s all walk together, man, animal and nature as equals as freedom as one, let us never turn our backs on each other and once again realise our equality, our support and unconditional love so represented by the Animal Kingdom and nature. Then the b(h)umble bee will present to us our new gift.

Cheers from the animal kingdom and Stevo.

Please feel free to ask anything animal (or human/dimensional) related on this web site because we’re all looking forward to hear from you. So I as the Animal Kingdom may come forth and express and explain the true relationship between people on earth and the Animal Kingdom and nature as one. To through the interviews and communication once again mend the equality within people’s rela­tionship and the Animal Kingdom’s rela­tionship. We all in the Animal Kingdom, as I have, realised that no-one in existence had ever really understood the true nature of the Animal Kingdom and nature’s support and assistance here on earth – now I am here standing as the Animal Kingdom, as nature to clarify this everlasting relationship into equality.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 21:38
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Interview with a caged tiger ... aged-tiger

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 11/04/2007

Today I am starting my interview with a greeting which comes from Mellisa. She’s a forty pound tiger living in a zoo in America. She’s fairly young and her mother lives with her in the same pen. She’s approximately four months old and she came to live here when she was about two days old, when they were brought from a tiger breeding facility. She’s fairly content with sharing her cage, but she is not able to express to you her disappointment. She will fairly soon be transported out of this particular zoo to go and live elsewhere. She would like you to become aware of the following; once she’s separated from her mother she’ll only live her days until she is killed. She would like you to know that where she’s going animals are killed for their skins so that humans are provided with handbags and shoes. You’re probably wondering why I would bring you such a torrent story, but I am asking you to open yourself to these creatures. Well I must be honest, all the sacrifices that we have come across concerning the animal kingdom has left us all a bit stunned and concerned. I have only been here for about six months now (in the dimensions) but I have already seen the effects our ignorance has had regarding these creatures. I mean, I ask this young tiger what she says about her existence and she answers me that she is not able to fathom why people are not able to see what’s happening and why they remain so oblivious to what is really happening within the animal kingdom? Do we really believe abuse is acceptable? So, I asked her what we are able to do to assist her. She makes me laugh as she growls with agitation. Remember now she is able to see me and we communicate in a universal language (English -telepathically). So I sit by her cage and I speak to her and her mother. I decided to speak to this creature due to how I use to appreciate caged animals myself (before I fully understood what it meant). Remember how I use to carry cubs around, when I gave presentations? I remember saying to the crowd once that these cubs are very ferocious in their attitude at this young age already, due to their inherited animalistic aggression. I now I sit by this lovely creature and laugh as she softly growls, showing her ‘attitude’. Younger tigers even scratch and fuss when moved from their mothers as they know that intruders are ‘bad’ and possibly harmful. It’s truly fascinating watching the inherited attitude that the young present. In the wild animals are very particular about personal space, therefore picking up a cub means more of an insult to them than you are able to imagine (the parents if ‘tamed’ don’t mind so much, but the cubs don’t enjoy this strange experience as much either). So here I sit beside Mellisa and she tells me (through bars) how she is able to understand her unfortunate fate in life. She says to me that her mother will stay here and become an old tiger, because she suits the zoo’s image of an ideal zoo tiger. What! I have not heard such nonsense. Blimey, what does an ideal zoo tiger look like? What, do they have pearly white teeth or do they sing? She tells me that a specific look is sought for as the public are not able to tolerate mangy or petite looking animals. The animals in the zoo must depict the animal kingdom in the wilderness, the wild untouched animal kingdom experience. Are you able to believe that? Now in all fairness I must admit I was once a man who enjoyed all forms of animal interaction. I would like to admit that even though I now speak to animals I was not always this clued up. I, even though pretty dam smart, was also unaware that these animals were this aware and exactly what they require for their own well-being.

So she tells me she’s mangy and too slender and will have to be sent away to be turned into a handbag. I might make it sound funny as we are aware (infinitely) that we are not able to be killed in essence, therefore she isn’t too traumatized by this. Besides this, this application and allowance is unacceptable as beings come and integrate into a physical form of any and all sorts to unconditionally express and participate in this world. Now imagine being here and for no apparent reason but for provision of some goddamn handbag and shoes – deliberately killed. Just integrating and coming here to be killed – where’s the common sense in that? I show her that I understand that I have insulted her by participating in the nature of man’s desire to see animals encaged. Now I do state that I was never into animal skins or encaging those that required sufficient movement, but I have as much responsibility now. So she tells me that she would like to be free but she is not able to be that which is not possible. So in a way she has made peace with this life. Animals are very forgiving and oh so patient. They don’t scream and fuss nearly as much as we do when we’re insulted or hurt. So she tells me that she will soon go to this place where she will be turned into animal skins. Her mother, Pujwha (pronounced pu-wha) will remain a zoo tiger as she is portraying the necessary image required to satisfy children and parents who come to have a look and she is well set. Apparently the public want to see really sturdy tigers that look mean. How wonderful, I must admit I was blissfully unaware that tigers were kept in zoos according to their looks. Even though I had a lot of doings with zoos and conservations I was not aware even that this nasty side existed concerning animal facilities. Yes of course I had an awareness that tigers were kept in zoos and that tigers were cut up to make meat and to use their skins. However, I was not even aware that tigers were taken to zoos for a while and if the public end up not liking the tiger then they send them to be killed or removed or to die in some other facility. I had always been aware that the human mind was taking animal sacrifice unnecessarily too far, so now I share with you how far things have gone. So Mellisa now at the tender age of four months has taken on a rather long body shape and is not the sturdy build that the other zoo tigers have. They will soon be replacing her with a sturdier, more acceptable looking specimen. You see there are specific tiger breeding facilities all over America (most of them of course not known of). Tigers are bred for zoo’s (although zoos also do their own breeding, but are sometimes limited in numbers), export and of course to make clothing from. Internationally you have of course breeders that specifically breed for medicinal purposes.

Mellisa is not even able to walk very far. These cages that they remain in most of the day are fairly small. Some zoos (according to specific regulations) have enough space for tigers to walk around, enjoy the sun and a swim but zoos like this one cater for the basics. They are secluded within a tiny cage where they are forced to stay all day and sometimes for the remainder of their life here on earth. At night they open the back section and the tigers go into a larger area at the back where they are able to rest. During the day they require these creatures to be on constant display, so they keep them in a small area. These regulations that prohibit animals being kept in small spaces bring forth one question: Why aren’t they being met? I see we have a problem in this zoo. Mellisa and her mother share a pen of about 15×30 meters. This space they occupy all day long with a tiny watering pool situated along the one side and a tree for them to lie under. Are you able to believe it?

I know however that where they come from there is a better chance that they will be caught. Therefore I ask myself are they better off here, or running day in and day out from people with spear guns, (to export them) standing the chance that they die after days of traveling and dehydration (facing the chance of dying after days of travelling and dehydration), fighting for survival. In the forests where these tiger’s originate from, they are not able to consider themselves safe. They are hunted day in and day out, often for mere fun (hunting), often for medicinal purposes. I laugh because the reason why they kill tigers for medicinal purposes is mainly for the eyes, testicles and liver. Apparently these organs are well sought after all over the world as they contain ‘ancient powers’ in some cultures and beliefs. Basically if you take salt and you mix it with vinegar and water you’ll get the same result as that which is concocted through tiger’s usages of specific organs within some cultures and beliefs. Cells are not able to regenerate faster from some animal’s organs than from a basic salt mix. All you’re doing is stimulating the body to produce natural anti oxidants and healing. In actuality the focus of ‘special healing’ is not some ancient animal power but rather the energetic that it carries. The ‘knowing’ that you’ve applied a cream that heals is actually where the healing occurs, from your basic intention. Wow, thousands of animals die because people don’t have the know how to heal their own cells, or don’t take the time to learn how to manifest what the cream is able to. Remember that you have the ability to heal yourself. You are the healing, not some cream, which is only an external stimulant. So let me remind you what happens to tigers that live in cages. Sorry to tell you I have not spoken to one animal that actually enjoyed the experience. Yet, some say that while they are there they assist people, but I would rather have them assist from where they are within their own natural habitat. Are you able to imagine the magnitude of having these animals all stand together from the forests, oceans and mountains to assist us? Will the price that we must pay be too high? What do you think? Are we able to give up our zoos and our animal slavery and facilities for the chance to have them enjoy their freedom? Well I am able to assure you if I was to come back to earth I would set free all those animals that I have assisted in being caged. All those crocodiles that I cared for I would set free or at least ensure they are content living in larger areas. I would teach people about animals in the wild, where we are able to see them how they truly are – free. Wouldn’t that be amazing to have man and animal walk through life without enslavement supporting each other and living their lives fully? Well many people do wonder about enslavement, and if it would work setting animals free. Who in the end will get eaten if we set these beauties free? I bet you Mellisa will grow fast and strong, running around without fear. To think we make handbags, clothes and shoes out of creatures that are so precious. I’d rather not have one (not that I wanted one)! Are woman not able to carry their belongings in a packet (made from bio degradable material of course)? At least try it before you say no! What the hell is the fuss all about having a beautiful matching handbag that must be made of some animal’s skin which is apparently worth a lot of money – that handbag, shoe or clothing was bought with blood money.

So there I have given you insight into the caged tiger, lonely, frustrated and bored. Often these tigers waste away and die fairly young. The average life span for a tiger is about 25 years, but in captivity they only get to about 12 years old. All this because they are not able to exercise and mostly because they breed under such stressful circumstances, that each litter born into captivity is systematically weakened. Well let’s agree that Mellisa is lovely with her large dark brown eyes and her playful, yet aggressive ‘attitude’. She’s always ready to show the zoo keepers that she is able to stand as fierceness, due to how she growls when they walk past. Unfortunately however, this doesn’t meet their standards. She will always be this beautiful creature, even long after she’s gone. Greetings this week from fierce Mellisa, her mom Pujwha and of course Steve! Have heart and listen.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 21:39
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Interview with a crocodile that ate a child ... te-a-child

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 29/04/2007

I asked the crocodile why? The crocodile simply answered me: “Because I could”. Very basic, the symmetry between one logical decision and an action. I’m speaking of course about the children that climbed into a crocodile’s en­closure about a week ago to do what children do and have themselves a mischievous time, resulting in one child being eaten. The crocodile grabbed hold of one of the children and dragged him into the water, where he then proceeded with eating the child. All because they had decided to beat the crocodile with a stick after it came scuttling towards them, furious from being shot with a catapult. It was in the newspapers and everybody as is most prevalent in such a case, had mixed reactions. Some said that the crocodile deserved to be shot and some said that it will teach the child a lesson. I agree that something needs to be done about the fact that we have always shoot the croc, when all he was doing was eating food that he found standing in front of him. I mean do we blame humans when their shopping for food? No, they are merely going to the super market to buy some groceries, no harm in that. We tend to however show animals a hard time when their caught shopping though. So simple it was played out, one child gets eaten and later the crocodile dies. Nobody even bothers to see the message in what nature has just given us. Don’t shoot crocodiles! I’m being bias I know, but what I am really trying to say is as follows.

The animal kingdom has for centuries now played in this game that the human calls ‘balancing the scales’. No longer though will animals just merely stand back while the human decides what is considered as balance. We as the dimensions are willing to show humans how the scales of evolution has indeed tipped in the favour of your own greed and misguided presidencies. Look at this incident for example. The crocodile rests in its enclosure merrily minding its own business. Then these children come along, thinking of course that teasing a crocodile would make for a most hilarious story and climb into the crocodile’s pen. Now I’m almost sure that given what knowledge you have about crocodiles you would consider such a move almost disastrous, wouldn’t you? Would you in the dead of the night (or any time for that matter) climb into a crocodile’s pen, without weighing up all the options? I don’t think woman, man or child would do what they are aware of is utterly dangerous. Given the fact that I have children of my own I must say that it would be the most painful thing to experience for me if one of my own climbed into a crocodiles pen, just to be attacked and eaten. What must the parent be experiencing? Surely the child did not intend for itself to be eaten, that surely is on everyone’s lips. By the way I do want to tell you all that the man that was supposed to be guarding the crocodile pen had indeed gone out to visit someone. Yes, he was told to ‘watch the crocodile pen’ and he the thinks this might be the best time to go visiting. So I hope that he understands he’s fired. In anyway that is just Murphy’s Law dealing a filthy hand I suppose. Now let me explain to you the message that the animals have in store for all of man-kind today. It is not able to be balanced if you take the life of the animal that protected itself within its own environment and did what animals do. Animals are extremely simplistic, would you not say? Within equality we must understand the nature of the beast and understand that crocodiles eat things when they’re hungry. They are never about feelings and emotions, their merely expressing themselves. Animals do not experience such trivial emotions as regret or sorrow, they just are. That crocodile did not grow up in a bad home therefore did not devour the child due to some psychopathic tendency! Never the less we are so fast to jump up and down blaming the animal kingdom for what they allow. Animals kill, sure enough. They have to, we do too yet we call it by a different name. We call the slaughtering of innocent lives ‘eating’ as well. So what did the crocodile do? He ate. He told me soon after it happened as I head out with my interviewers’ note book and pen, that it was simply the result of him requiring food. If the crocodile had no desire for food that child would still be alive. Surely though you are able to place the blame for such an event nowhere? You could blame the parents for not teaching the child properly. You could blame the child for being careless. What about the holiday park manager, is it his fault the children had access? Who do you blame? Perhaps in the larger scheme of things God should have been watching but seeing as I have not spoken to God and He isn’t here to defend himself. Soon people will come to understand that within their own understanding of the laws of nature some adjusting is required. We need to adjust our thinking to that of complete awareness. Awareness within equality and equality in how we all get along. In this case we are looking at the humans inability to not be aware, therefore resulting in death. Not that dying is all that bad, look at old Stevo now, I get to speak to all kinds of beings all day long and I have the opportunity to bring news about awareness. What do you ask is awareness? I ask you to see where we are currently in this world, with each one wearing their blinkers, trudging along, not understanding anything about life. Then I state that the lack of awareness not only results in our precious world being devoured by greed but our children learning the lessons on our behalf.

Now, prepare yourself for the big shock I am about to present to all reading this interview. I am now looking beyond consciousness as everyone perceives the situation to be between the croc and the child with the croc merely being hungry finding the necessity to have to eat. There is a universal message behind what has occurred and here it is: I not only communicated with the croc but also communicated with the child who was killed – now frolicking within heaven. The child and the being as manifestation within the world as a croc are enjoying conversation within heaven – standing here as equals. They both together have a message to all human beings on earth, which is the following: Please stop to unnecessarily and deliberately harm, kill and slaughter animals – because if this is going to be allowed to continue more and more animals will be standing up and taking action. No matter to what extremes they are required to go to make the message clear. The croc and the child, as who they really are, communicated with each other before the event and agreed that they’d allow for this occurrence to take place, where the croc ate the child, to get the message clear to all human beings that all animals are standing up and taking action against all human beings who have come to believe they may do with animals as they please. No more, no more – the animals are stating ‘till here no further’ – not allowing human beings to control their experience of themselves here on planet earth. The animal kingdom have stood back for quite some time now and has now stood up not allowing such atrocities within the animal kingdom as unnecessary and deliberate harm. So, both agreed to give their lives to make this message clear to humanity – stop the deliberate and unnecessary harm to the animal kingdom – for if you do not, you must realize that the extent to which both animals and nature will stand to make their statement clear, will be extensive. Both are just fine and dandy in the dimensions and they state that there will be many more such likely incidents until humanity sees and hears the truth of the animal kingdom’s message.

This is Steve, the child and the croc saying goodbye for now and to see what each one on earth is able to do to make a difference within the deliberate and unnecessary harm of the animal kingdom.

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Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 21:42
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Interview with the Honey bees ... honey-bees

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 01/05/2007

I write this article in response to the recent outcry about the misplacement of many of our Honey Bee colonies. This recent event has created quite a stir amongst everyone who considers themselves enlightened due to how they understand how it will affect us in the long run. All over the world Honey Bee colonies are disappearing, largely due to the fact that they too realize that human beings are no longer able to continue with the deliberate harm to nature and the animal kingdom which is being allowed and accepted within the world and is no longer able to be tolerated by the animal kingdom. So Stevo immediately of course decided to go and investigate. Why have millions of Honey Bees decided to disappear, some colonies as large as an entire football field? When humans are required to experience a lesson they generally become aware that they messed up – only after going the process of experiencing the lesson. A lesson as experience or event required for human beings to understand something specific as to who they really are – sometimes this is required through experiencing a lesson – other may transcend that which they require to understand about themselves as who they are through mere conversation. Unfortunately this has been the predesigned methodology by which humans allow for growth and evolution – the experience of lessons or transcendence experiences. We don't transcend through awareness, we choose to either get maimed, become ill or die – having to go through a process of experience as lesson/transcen­dence before we understand or realize that something specific that was of necessity to understand as who we are. Only then do we (generally) say: “Oh look, there's a lie or a problem here!” So now as I have mentioned the animal kingdom is showing us through somewhat extreme measures that we are not seeing clearly enough. Generally when you've been maimed by a lion, you then reflect on why it happened – what was the reason therefore – was such an experience specific? If entire bee colonies suddenly stop producing for this ever demanding capitalist economic system then all of a sudden humans sit up and ask: “But why?”

The Honey bees realize that without them pollinating plants we do not have the ability to grow anything. If humans are not able to eat they generally (although we could debate about nutritional requirements) die. We as the humans who require this sustenance require understanding the terms set out by the Honey Bees. Let's call a spade, a spade. The Honey Bees have gone on ‘strike'. Why would ever such cute little helpful creatures want to assist mankind in starvation? Well quite simple actually. Consciousness has been the cause of destruction to this world and the animal kingdom. Consciousness is currently eating everything in sight and shooting the messenger, meaning if consciousness doesn't have to support the survival of the animal kingdom it simply wont. Consciousness has zero awareness. So what the animal kingdom is doing is using a bit of black mail to get humans inspired. Well what else did we expect? Remember, for some strange reason we have accepted the experience of having the ability to only learn through suffering!

The Honey Bees have removed themselves in various ways. Statistics show that these colonies have reduced themselves by up to 70%. Basically the Honey Bees have decided to only produce enough pollen to give humans a fighting chance. What will happen to our production ability if we loose 70% of our Honey Bees? Well two things will occur: We'll either become seriously ill due to how high food prices will rocket, forcing many to live on a staple diet alone. Or we'll survive due to our ability to understand what we are to gain from becoming aware. If we become aware of the animal kingdom and work together we'll do just fine. The Honey Bees will return and all will stabilise . However when we engage in awareness it means a lot of people will loose out big time. Awareness will create mass hysteria initially as many will overpower the money system, overthrow governments and basically destroy consciousness. How? We stand up all together, individually at first, just as you would stand up against your child being molested, and we don't stop until everything we are stands into infinity within awareness. Not allowing consciousness to rear its ugly head, allowing our children and nature and the animal kingdom to be destroyed. So I would of course love to give you the inside scoop on where the Honey Bees are. They have either hidden themselves or drowned. Some colonies told me have decided to rather drown themselves in rivers and dams simply due to the fact that they are not going to support man kind any longer. Others are hidden in specific locations – entire colonies unseen by the human eye, waiting for man kind to stand up. Only when awareness changes within this exact point that the bees have brought across will they return. Call it the carrot before the donkey as mankind – to once and for all stand up as awareness for equality and oneness. Who's teaching who tricks now? Seriously though statistics show that unless the bees return within 24 months all produce within specific farming communities will stop completely. We are now of course speaking about the farming communities where produce is grown that require Honey Bee pollination. Without pollination we do not have the ability to produce enough to support what food requirements we have. Now of course this point is rather obvious. But what alarms me even more than not having my daily fix in the form of food is not having honey. Honey is one of the few remaining anti-oxidants found in nature. What is interesting about honey is that even though you may not eat it yourself a lot of medication that is used for fatal injuries like poison and heart failure comes from either Honey or Bee's wax. If the bees are no longer pollinating then they wont produce bees' wax either, this will have a huge impact on our health. Honey contains elements that are specifically placed within certain medications that assist us in defending ourselves against viruses. Viruses are what you would call the unseen killer as any virus that is created in this world has the ability to kill people without scientists even having a clue. Already now they have up to a 1000 strands of different viruses that the scientists and medical fraternity are not yet even able to name, let alone identify. This pathological threat is growing at an alarming rate. One day you'll contract a disease from some airborne virus that could have been prevented by airborne pollen. Remember airborne pollen is what prevents many outbreaks of airborne viruses. The pollen moves from the plant either through the disruption caused by wind or from the movement of a bird touching a plant. Once the pollen is airborne it is carried through the air and acts like natures own traveling air diffuser, destroying viruses. Once the Honey Bees stop pollination, plants over a couple of years will stop producing pollen. So you see the effects will be much more horrific than that of just missing the odd apple. We'll eventually have nothing airborne that protects us from airborne viruses. Remember that in nature there are many natural anti oxidants. For every man made virus, bug or system nature has its own repellent. A shortage in pollen therefore will create the situation where nothing prevents airborne viruses from spreading through the air. To give you an example of how pollen absorbs harmful particles: When you have an airborne virus breaking out in a farming community……. wait a minute airborne viruses don't break out in farming communities, how is that possible? Yet, in the cities (where there are very few bees) you hear of many airborne viruses and bacteria floating around. Cities like China have a huge problem with air carried bacteria due to the fact that China has the lowest number of natural deterrent like in the case of a Honey Bee. Cities like China have in the recent years had a problem with bacteria affecting entire bee colonies changing the entire compound of honey as well as how the plants produce pollen. Natural circumstances where a plant produces pollen as a direct result of the bee population is something like this. A bee colony will energetically encourage the plant to produce pollen. If a bee colony leaves a specific area you will actually find that the pollen will decrease in its full potential, this including the ability for cross pollination, as well as what I have mentioned earlier. Due to the fact that this cycle of pollination is directly linked to a kind of symbiotic relationship, if the one is affected so is the other. So you see great cities like China are currently experiencing what happens when over population changes the genetics within nature due to pollution. The list actually goes on and on. All over the world either way nature plays a tremendous part in the stability of this planet. The far reaching effects of one of our greatest points of stability, the Honey Bee's disappearance will bring catastrophic results. I would like to see the scientists come up with a man made solution to the Honey Bee.

So – the animal kingdom is clearly stating: “‚Till here no further!” – and are no longer supporting that which had been allowed and accepted to without awareness destroy them – consciousness/the mind as human‘s on earth. This actually now being experienced on earth through the application of the Honey Bee's – nature is standing up as well as the animal kingdom. Standing for oneness and equality – so I suggest all read the beings in the dimension's ex­periences to get some perspective on where exactly heaven, nature and the animal kingdom stand within and as oneness and equality as this process of experiencing heaven on earth as awareness. Nature asks kindly and quite directly.

Cheers for now

Re: Steve Irwin through Portal Articles

Posted: 02 Sep 2014, 21:43
by Leila
Steve Irwin - Interview with Timothy Treadwell - The Grizzly Man ... rizzly-man

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 01/06/2007

Many of you might already know about Timothy Treadwell called by his appreciative fans – the Grizzly Man. Timothy was a loner who lived for most of his adult live amongst some of the wildest grizzly bears in Alaska . He died by succumbing to a fatal Grizzly attack, doing what he enjoyed most. He saw Grizzlies as his friends and companions, not merely wild animals. He was intense about these Grizzlies, something which not even Stevo here could ever have comprehended.

He was indeed extreme when it came to taking care of and understanding Grizzly bears. One day however one of the Grizzly's he had been following attacked him and his girlfriend, both of them dying. Many people were devastated by this event as they all saw this as an utter loss. The man who lived to protect Grizzly bears became nothing but an enemy in one singular moment. Why did the Grizzly bear attack him? He was devoted to taking care of these bears and some say that Timothy had an uncanny bond with all the bears that lived in this conservation area.

Some might ask themselves how far is one being willing to go to show us all that animals are not there to be ‘shown around' is clearly the message from this fatal accident. Did the Grizzly bear that attacked Timothy understand what message would be conveyed to people through this event? Did this animal sense and understand that Timothy's struggle to bring forth respect to the Bear's mean that he too was willing to be their ‘victim'?

The fatal Grizzly attack that ended both Timothy and his companion's lives was done to bring forth the awareness that animals are indeed aware and that they too have the ability to show themselves for who they are. Not as mean, sadistic predators but as those that is willing to stand before a human and show them that animals are the same consciousness systems that we are so very much afraid of. These systems that we are afraid of, the systems of death and victimization that breeds from within consciousness. These systems live within consciousness as well as animals, created to be the segregation between animal and man.

Many would say that it was merely an accident, which Timothy was not aware in that moment of this bear and that is why it happened. That if you're going to sleep and live close by these dangerous animals you're bound to get attacked. Some might even answer that by asking Timothy what he was aware of: Was he aware that his death would be caused by him being attacked by these bears? Many times in his documentary he refers to his own death that looms around every corner and the possibility of it happening being quite real. He admits that any moment one of the bears walking past him every day could decide to show him who he's up against and attack him. That if one of these bears he lived with for so long was to indeed attack, it would most certainly be final, as there is no chance you are able to stop such a creature if their intention is to cause you harm.

Timothy had to make peace with death as he faced death almost every moment of time spent with the Grizzlies – death which human beings fear extensively. Death is human beings' greatest fear in this world and fear of death is what Timothy transcended when spending time with the Grizzlies. That's why some human beings would refer to him as being a lunatic, mad and crazy – he faced death, he had walked through his fear of death, something that all human beings in this world fear doing.

So who is anyone to disregard or shoot down Timothy's appli­cation? Such judgement and criticism is only done when human beings fear that within themselves, which is death, and judge and criticize those that have the courage to transcend it and face it such as Timothy Treadwell.

In this interview I would like to get Timothy's per­spective on why he was attacked by this bear and how it happened. Was the attack ‘pre-ordained' or did Timothy actually not fully understand the event? Timothy was extremely vigilant all the years he spent living amongst these bears, yet one day the moment arrived where Timothy was taken by surprise by one particular Grizzly that he knew had a foul temper.

When one watches the documentary made about Timothy's last years living amongst and taking good care of their ‘rights' to be protected, you are made aware of Timothy's appre­hension about this one particular Grizzly bear. It was a fierce looking male bear that showed Timothy all the signs that it was not to be interfered with. Timothy even told the camera (he told his entire life story, as part of the documentary) that this particular bear would attack him if it got half a chance as it showed him that he was quite fierce and that Timothy was not welcome.

You see most of the bears that Timothy interacted with over the years, while living in their area, had formed a relationship with him. You are able to see on the documentary that each bear of which there were about 200 he communicated with, knew him and had a ‘sign' that they would give whenever Timothy approached. Some would bow their heads (especially the females) and the males would grunt. There were even some who would come up to him as if they were rather ‘tame'. This was not an environment for those that did not know bears. It was a vast area considered to be a ‘conservation' area and it stretched for many miles. Situated along the south of Alaska where the natural habitat of the Grizzly bear was most suitable. The area was mostly covered by forest but where Timothy lived with the bears the terrain was more open with low shrubbery and grasslands. There were many small rivers interlinking each other which according to Timothy made for a much more dangerous terrain.

You see once the bears are living in one particular area as part of a group of bears then it becomes quite dangerous entering one area from the next. You see the Grizzlies live in segregated groups and frequent specific parts of the low lands that stretch from one river to the next. Where o ne river ends and the next begin will be the ‘marked' domain of a specific group of bears. Cross over from one part of land into another, via different channels that give access to land (small river cross-over's used by bears) and you're immediately in another bear's territory. The bears are very selective about who may cross over into their area. When one bear that does not ‘belong' to a group, crosses over it is a sure way for it to end up dead. Many male Grizzly's that are seeking desolate females will cross over from their ‘territory' into that of another group's so that it may connect with one of the females that have been cast from the groups. This often happens to the females that are considered ‘not worthy' of being in one particular Alpha bear's group. You see the larger males are often the most aggressive about their females. They will have a group of females living with them as part of their ever expanding ego. The females that are not suitable to any of these male bears are shunned away and forced to fend for themselves. Often when a female is shunned in this manner, they will live nearby and will graze just out of sight. This is due to the fact that even though the female is not considered worthy to be a part of the main group, she may still live within the male bear's terrain. So often you will find one or two female bears a mile or so away from the main group, with their own young. This is how the Grizzly population mostly survives.

If it were up to the Alpha Grisly bear of any particular area, only his offspring would survive. Due to the fact that many of the females that live outside the group are actually some of the most virile, you have offspring from these females being produced more often. The reason being due to the fact that often within one group of bears the Alpha male is barren by the time he has impregnated a few of the females, leaving the remaining, mostly smaller females untouched. Due to his pride however he won't allow any other male near these females.

However, the females living outside the group all become impregnated by passing males and therefore are always with young. This means in turn that the ecological ‘balance' is always maintained between those that keep themselves separate and those that remain in these groups.

Eventually the young females from the outcast mother will wonder off in search of a group. They become aroused by the scent of the nearest Alpha male and will attempt to be accepted into his group. Often this means however that the female mother that remains will no longer accept the cub back if they are not accepted by the Alpha male, meaning that yet again another bear is sent to live alone on the outskirts.

Now the males that are looking to have their own group will approach these females and mate. However the one problem that all these males have is the fact that the original Alpha male has dominion over the land on which this particular female lives. In order for them to have their own group they require to either find their own piece of land or to fight with the existing Alpha male for theirs.

So once this loner male has impregnated the female he now sits with an interesting dilemma. He cannot stay with her as eventually the Alpha male will find him and most probably, considering they are often the largest, kill him. So the loner male bear will then be forced to retrace his steps back to where he came from without the females. Usually the females remain there due to the fact that they remain as a part of the original ‘pack' agreement. Even though they aren't allowed near the group to which the Alpha male belong they are comforted by the fact that he is near, even though sometimes somewhat out of reach. The closest such a female is allowed near the group is about 100 feet, keeping her distance only because she fears being killed.

When the baby of an outsider male is born she has to retreat right out of rage for the Alpha male will kill the cub, if seen. She will take precaution once she's had a cub from an outsider male as obviously the Alpha male will always seek to destroy the genes from another male. Breeding season therefore became a very dangerous place for the bears as well as Timothy.

So there in amongst all this lived Timothy, he himself having to be extremely cautious of what occurs between all the separated groups. If he crosses from one area belonging to an Alpha male into another he must first wash his shoes, sometimes having to go to the extreme of changing al of his clothes and wash himself thoroughly in the river, as the smell of a ‘rival' bear's scent (left all over the area on the plants and grasses) will cause the Alpha male to attack Timothy.

Timothy lived in amongst these bears for over 10 years, risking his life and his sanity. Imagine knowing all day and all night that you might be mauled by a Grizzly bear if you drop your guard for one moment. Even though Timothy knew all the signs as well as which bears to stay away from, it was inevitable that he would have a run in with one of these animals eventually. He even admitted (on numerous occasions) that his luck might run out as he had been lucky for such a long time. So it was somewhat tragic yet inevitable that his luck did run out – if you would refer to the entire scenario of Timothy being able to survive for so long as being ‘luck'.

Timothy was watching this specific loner male for quite a while before the fatal event occurred. He admitted into the camera with which he was filming the documentary that this particular male was from outside the lowlands area, one that wandered in from the forest area with absolutely no respect for Timothy or the other bears. This particular male would risk a confrontation with another male in a heart beat even if it was just for the sake of confrontation.

His girlfriend had been rather apprehensive about staying amongst bears, yet her trust within Timothy's ability to stop the charge of one of these bears was what kept her there. He often was able to stop a male bear in mid charge and even more dangerous the female's with their cubs. Often when confronted with one of these combinations he would either stop in his tracks depending on whether the bear was timid yet afraid, giving it time to back off or he would charge the bear if it demanded that of him. Bears are rather complicated with regards to their inter-connected body language.

There exists within the body language a specific ‘code of conduct', as is seen with all animal species. One moment you're required to back off and the next you might need to actually charge a fully grown male. Definitely not for the faint hearted. If the Alpha male of an area confronts you, you might have to run screaming or he might allow you to stand still long enough for him to slowly walk away. Do one or the other at the wrong time, with the incorrect body language and you'll end up getting yourself turned into bear food.

Bears are known for eating meat, fish as well as hunting the young of others. If Timothy was able to live with these bears out in the wild for over 10 years then you must realise that he was exceptionally tuned into bear language, able to transform his behaviour with particular specific bears to ensure his survival.

Bears are extremely sensitive. Yet when I look at the moments that Timothy shared with me about his experiences with these bears I must admit they do have a keen desire for intimacy. He told me that once the Alpha bear mated with a female he becomes somewhat disinterested with the remaining females, thus they (the females) often walk off to go and play in the rivers or frolic around. This was often when Timothy had an opportunity to go up to these females who otherwise he would steer clear off as in the company of the male they might still be in season and quite temperamental. When these females are not chosen by the Alpha male they will then come out of season and walk away. If however Timothy was spotted playing with the females by the Alpha male there would most certainly be conflict. So off he would go following the bears while they run around and he would sit close by watching them play. He would allow them the opportunity to come to him as a sign of respect due to the fact that Timothy was all about respect. His greatest obstacle to overcome in his time spent with these creatures was watching other people not show these animals the same respect.

If tourists or animal watchers would come ashore he would almost go into a frenzy watching these people attempt to touch the bears. Once he tells me the bears became rather inquisitive of a large group of ‘animal enthusiasts' that had decided to come to this island to see all the bears. Once these tourists decided to have a picnic, and of course the ever hungry bears decided that they too might want to interact with the humans. They walked over cautiously, yet they were soon overcome by the smell of food. Bears are as they depict them in the comics quite gluttonous when it comes to tasty morsels. So when these tourists then took hold of the golden opportunity to start interacting with these bears Timothy nearly ran to them screaming about respect. He of course admits to me that within his desire to show the bears respect himself, he was overcompensating by making others do the same.

These ‘animal enthusiasts' didn't know all that Timothy knew about respecting bears so to Timothy it was quite offensive what these tourists were doing, in their attempt to interact. Today he is able to laugh at how seriously he took taking care of the bears. He admits that while he was living with the bears he was aware all the time that his profound love for them might one day get him killed or drive him insane. He was constantly on the look out for ‘intruders' to this island, as he put it. The bears lived on a remote island just off the Southern part of Alaska . To get there one has to either fly or go by boat. Often Timothy would ‘guard' the shore to watch for these so called ‘intruders'.

So basically that was to give you insight into what Timothy did with these bears and how often he would get utterly intensely involved in keeping them safe. It was his life's purpose to stay with and protect these Grizzly's often spending months secluded on this island with nobody for company…. but the animals. An island far away from life in the city or life as you might know. A life that was spent with only a camera for filming his documentaries and his animal companions. Once a year or so his female companion would fly out to stay with him and even then it would only be due to her affection for him. Not even an animal lover as herself could justify staying in this wild untamed part of nature where your constant vigilance was your only saviour .

Amongst wolves, bears and other scavenger type animals Timothy spent months at a time just watching the bears, understanding their ways, how they feed, what it was they understood. In his intensely emotional documentary he explains to us his emotions and he's very honest about what he experiences out there in amongst nature. Maybe insanity brings through the essence of honesty with self… He expresses himself when he's angry, sad, and distraught. Probably one of the most extensive looks into the character of a man who's only ‘desire' in life was to see these bears protected. He's clearly outraged in some of the scenes at the clear incompetencies that the government projects to him when he confronts them about the sanctitude of these animals. He'll tell you about the constant struggle that he has with the so called ‘authorities' that would rather be rid of Timothy than assist him in ensuring the safety of all the creatures.

When he confronts the authorities they shun him, saying that he's insane. What does one label somebody like Timothy who thought only of the safety of these animals? Such passion and directive principle to enhance their lives by keeping them safe, that one is almost overwhelmed by this passion. You understand that living amongst these animals was not always easy for him, and he often admitted to that. He admitted to the camera that often he thought about what were to happen if one of his bear companions was to turn on him. Would it be justified or would it be cruel. Do they understand that he's there solely to protect them or are they merely viewing him as an intruder? The camera used for Timothy to reflect himself unto himself. To me, Timothy did not go insane, but found the unconditional expression of self, through deep found intimacy and honesty with self. Maybe the cure for the world is if all human beings would dare face death, transcend the fear of death to be able to find within themselves the intimacy with self, the honesty with self and the openness of vulnerability.

We as the dimensions are proud that Timothy represented purity of thought as he shows all what is possible. He stood firmly in the directive principle that stands as who we are. He was there as the representation of that which has gone forgotten amongst the human race today. When last has any human seen what happens to animals and nature and never stopped until it is changed. Not so easy considering that we're all so busy lapping up the ‘enjoyment' of what it means to be human. To look at Timothy's story is to get insight into the selfless nature of a being that stands for something that brings all into oneness: Ourselves and the animal kingdom into equality and to not settle for anything less. Here goes my interview with Timothy:

Steve: Timothy, are you able to describe to us who you were as a representation of equality here on earth.

Timothy: Steve to put it rather bluntly I was an ‘in-your-face' representation for all man kind to come to grips with the passion that was behind all that I stood for. I was not going to allow these people who don't care enough for the sanctitude of all of the animals to walk freely without consequence. I was willing to scream and shout to show these people who ‘claim' to understand the plight of animals that they're rather lacking when it truly comes to standing for all. I was merely acting out the most intense desire to protect them (the Grizzlies') no matter what I had to do to achieve this.

Steve: I have often asked myself if I were to be confronted with (of course in a physical body) certain death, if I would be able to defend the life of another. I must admit it doesn't seem to be something most people would be willing to do yet you placed yourself in that kind of danger unconditionally. How do you now view what you did?

Timothy: I placed myself in amongst the animal kingdom so that I would be able to confront myself actually. It did not start out as the intention to serve and protect the lives of the innocent within the animal kingdom. I wanted to test myself, to see if I was able to overcome the dire situation that I was headed toward. By this of course I mention the fact that I was an alcoholic and drug addict before I left to live in the wild. When I reached out to the bears I had a clear indication all the time that my presence as their companion was in actuality my own standing for what I would do for myself. Pity though that during the documentary nobody got to see that part of me. They saw the dedication that I had for the Grizzly bears, yet nobody actually understood what it was all about. When I left my home within society to live amongst the Grizzly's I went there so that I could sacrifice myself to something which was even more chaotic than the drinking and drug abuse. When I made the wholehearted attempt such as it was to ‘save' the Grizzly's I wanted to actually save myself. The animals only later on became my life as well as my directive principle, not because they desired a human to protect them, rather because I wanted to do for them what is humanly possible when faced with such possibilities. I wanted to see where my own ‘spirit' sat; meaning who the hell was I when I was nothing else but a junkie?

So from there on, once the decision to stop with the alcohol and drugs set me on my new path, it became the direction that took me from there. I understand as with so many experiences that each being has in their existence in this world that my own experience was most definitely not unique, just well documented. I was turned into somewhat of a celebrity with regards to the work I was doing, due to how other people are astounded with such ‘bravery'. It was not who I had started out as, just realise that from this perspective you also are able to understand your true potential. When you see where it is you're going, yet you are unable to sacrifice yourself to set yourself free then remember that from my experience you are able to just push harder than you ever ‘thought' yourself capable of. Once one being sets themselves free from the chaos and becomes the living example of freedom then surely you are indeed free to do the same. Just because your direction h as never been clear to you does not mean that you must give up.

I went there to escape from myself, but instead found within me the living worth that exists within all. From living in my own little secluded hell in this world, oblivious to the world around me, I found sanctuary with the bears, where I had made peace with myself of the consequences I have allowed while living in society. What I experienced with the bears where I discovered my true nature within myself, was not able to be discovered or experienced in this world in society. Nature and animals, especially living with them for as long as I have – gives you the gift of yourself, gives you the opportunity to discover and experience your own individual nature within yourself. No other method in this world is able to cure/rectify the demons that exist within human beings in this world – only nature and the animal kingdom, but you also have to bring through your participation and diligent application in facing the demons within.

Steve: Tell me where your direction is now?

Timothy: here is an example of what I do on a ‘daily' basis in the dimensions. I work extensively with the dimensional beings in heaven to understand myself better and the choices that I made. Then when we are all done chatting about what our experiences were, we go about our business. Many beings in the dimensions are currently sorting themselves out as what stands between heaven and earth is merely the acceptance of ourselves as apart of this world and our placement of ourselves.

Heaven works extensively with the fact that we're currently placed here in 3D as the ‘spirit' part of what is to come. Each being in heaven represents the human factor dimensionally, therefore our focus is the direction of the dimensions to be able to assist all here as one. My ‘daily' focus here is the discovery/growth of self, if I am to use such a word, meaning who am I? I have found myself coming to the dimensions as a very confused, bewildered being, not willing to face myself to the core of my experiences. Now I ‘tackle' my own self awareness issues due to the standing of self that is required when the dimensions work here in 3D. When a being such as myself who came from a rather difficult background is to ‘work' here on earth, dimensionally as part of assistance to the animal kingdom one is brought to your own awareness of what you are capable of firstly even before you're given access to what goes on here. When the dimensions work here there are no issues or fears, just full awareness in each moment of who we really are and what it is we are currently busy assisting with, therefore I have a lot still to learn.

Steve: What are you planning as part of you assistance modality for the animal kingdom?

Timothy: I have one ideal for myself that includes the animals as well. Currently as I have mentioned I have come to the understanding of what happened to me in my life and how I died. I have had to make peace with the fact that I died never fully being aware of who I was. Yet, death is inevitable from the perspective that, if you're done here on earth, you have completed what is necessary to have been done here and you are now ready to further the discovery/growth of self which occur in the dimensions – it's time to go.

This is how I view death: Whether you have completed what is necessary to be done here for the purpose and reason of self within context to who you are, or you have fucked up and failed and are required to rather further your growth/discovery after death here on earth: All will inevitably die, birth and death is the only certain thing in this world so why do we fear it so much. We fear that which is certain yet we place immense trust in that which is forever changing and uncertain: Who we are and have become. It was my moment to go, I have done here on earth that was necessary to be done, no matter what my expression or application and now I continue to live here in the dimensions where I'm experiencing/ex­pressing a deeper level of understanding and awareness of my reason and purpose here on earth, which is wonderful and for which I am grateful for.

I was indeed always being truly myself yet I never quite got that. I am able to imagine that if I were to go back with the awareness that I have now of myself I would have ‘enjoyed' myself so much more during the entire experience of living amongst those bears. I am still passionate about Grizzly bears as well as the rest of the animal kingdom and I understand now how precious people are that stand for all of the animal kingdom. I would like to work extensively with the animals as well as bringing forth awareness to those on earth that have similar passions for animals as I had.

I have already done a lot of research into these kinds of people that are to step forth in the next couple of years, to teach and assist them. My directional abilities are so that I am able to now go forth into the world assisting those that are willing to stand for the animal kingdom – my direction is clear. I will carry on with the work that I did here in 3D to protect the animals. Firstly of course it was important for me to come to grips with myself, leaving behind the baggage that I carried. I was able to see how I had changed in my life, the influences and how I became Timothy Treadwell. Now the work begins.

Steve: When you say there are people out there who are to step forth as the directive principle for the Animal Kingdom, what are you actually referring to?

Timothy: I refer to those that in the next phase of earth's process will stand as who they are and assist the animals. Those that have specifically prepared themselves as I did to work with nature to bring forth equality for all. In the next 10 years there will be about 100 000 people who will be preparing the way for themselves with the assistance of their guides (all human beings have a dimensional being walking beside them). They will all be assisting themselves as part of the preparation by becoming aware of how animals have been separated from humans and how we are able to bring oneness into the hereness.

More and more people will now start realizing that we are actually equal to one another and that nobody will re-establish the balance or stability within this unless each and every one stands up. I would like to assist these beings who aren't aware that they are actually to assist nature so that they are able to fully realise themselves to be that which they are to become. Luckily for me I prepared the way for others who don't understand themselves by pushing past all limitations and standing up. I prepared the way for those who are not aware of what is to step forth in their lives as their purpose and who are unable to place themselves without forgetting what they are here to do.

It is so easy in this world to forget yourself or what you are here to assist with. So many either are consumed by their ‘issues' or they get themselves so ‘stoned' from drugs and alcohol that they are not fully aware of who they are. Myself together with all of the dimensions are here to assist each and every human who is currently experiencing this as themselves. We are to stand before each of you and show you your own worth, who you truly are and that the time to stand up has arrived!

Steve: Last one, just for interest sake. Tell me who you are?

Timothy: I am what I was, Timothy – together with awareness. It is just now that I have learned so much more about what I have to give to this world! I stand here as all, and I stand as who I have become. I saw myself from a dimensional perspective after I had passed (or at least some time later) and I saw that I was still alive. I saw myself as I was here on earth, a dedicated man to the Grizzlies. I saw peace within myself, from the time I had died to where I am now. I have seen what is to come in this world and I understand how I fit in. I fit in protecting the animals because many more are to die before we all stand up. I see who I have become because I had to die to be able to let go of consciousness.

You see unfortunately I was not as lucky and fortunate as to have the dimensions assist and direct me where I was. I was ‘alone' amongst the animal kingdom and I required of myself to see what was truly going on inside me so that my own true potential could step forth. Therefore I died so that heaven could show me who I had become, within that showing me to myself as who I am, what I am going to be doing and where all of you fit into the picture.

That bear decided to show me more than I had ever bargained on learning from the animal kingdom…. myself! This is mostly only possibly for us humans to realise and experience by dying, since we are so unaware of everything here on earth. Now I will see all of you here in 3D as you stand up within what has been allowed. I see myself as the God who will protect all of the animals that have no other way of voicing themselves. I am God, I see that, and I accept who I have become with open arms. All along I had no idea that those who will come to protect the animals and restore the balance won't be a God on a cloud, but us, this being, the being that I am!

The way before you is being prepared, so that you may stand up!

Steve Irwin and Timothy Treadwell

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by Leila
Steve Irwin - MAGGOTS, RATS & COCKROACHES ... ockroaches

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 11/07/2007

Maggots as large as your hand, rats that are able to climb into bed with you and cockroaches that might just chew off a limb…these are the beastly creations that are currently circling the drains and sewerage systems around your neighborhood. I have been taking a closer look at all the creatures that have started changing since the shift within how nature has responded to man's overpopu­lation as well as man's abstinent nature with regards to facing ourselves. Gosh how much more do you want it in your face than having all the friendly little critters that usually passed their time rummaging in the sewerage, actually start with an underground overthrow of the human sovereign! They seem to be literally quite ruthless in their approach. Unless you haven't noticed there are bugs and slimy things out there that scare even the bejeesus out of Stevo (that is if I were to fear me). Merely from the perspective that I have never seen creatures take such drastic measures to ensure that we question our own morality. Rats in our food, maggots hidden in canned goods and lets not forget the maggot fesses in places that you don't even want to know about (in your food ha ha ha).

Seriously I have been monitoring how far each animal species is willing to go in showing us that the animal kingdom is the nasty, the wild and the dangerous part of what we currently have to face in this world (our minds). They show us by attacking our children in camping tents, eating our beloved pets and shitting in our food. Sometimes I have to laugh because while humans blissfully ignore the plight of the starving mangy dog standing next to the stop street, there is a huge maggot depositing you a message where I am sure you will not have a clue. Oh, the sweet yet somewhat ruthless justice that exists only in the animal kingdom.

So my point here of course is to show you why we are having these usually quiet and fairly unobtrusive creatures come out of their hiding spots to interact with us….or shall I rather say to share with us their body functions or bite of our noses if we want to spite our faces. The rats from about two decades ago that use to live mostly undetected in our sewerage systems, are now huge! They harbor enough maggots, just under their own fury skins to fill the average household's monthly food supply and one bite from this carnivore and you'd better find your way to your nearest hospital. They seem to have somewhat advanced themselves or shall I call it mutated into creatures that carry dangerous bacteria colonies. It is a doggy, eat dog world out there. Everything is evolving and by evolution I refer to bacteria unscathed by your disinfectants because of how everything that is allowed to manifest and manipulate. Allowances, allowances. The rats provide restitute for entire maggot colonies beneath their fur as well as let's not forget the really sinister part of rodent evolution: their advance in intellect. Yes I realise that it sounds somewhat sci-fi but the rodent colonies have expanded by large numbers, due to the mess that we leave behind when we are so busy destroying the world. Yes the more we destroy this world, the more we feed the rats. We create waste because we are consuming at an alarming rate and the rats are breeding because they are so well fed. They have gone from merely existing in sewerage drains, (the unspoken colony living where man does not have to see them), to coming up onto the surface. Perhaps they realized that a deficiency in vitamin D is harmful to ones immune system …or perhaps they just don't care to hide no more! They realise that indeed they are able to out smart even the ‘higher ‘so called intelligence of man by mimicking, evading and confusing the human. How many complain that they hear something in the roof, yet when you go up there you find nothing. Rats are intelligent from the perspective that they have the ability to change their habitat in your house from one week to the next, just in case you become suspicious. They also have many escape routes and have developed a keen sense of hearing, detecting the human voice from about two kilometers away (about one and a half miles), so yes ‘sneaking up' on them is perhaps not so easy! Rat colonies move from suburb to suburb, just so that they remain undetected. Even though rats are not out to ‘get people', they are indeed clever about going undetected. These rat and mice colonies now live within housing complexes where people are over crowded or the sanitation not up to scratch. They carry their young for miles, just to re-locate so one moment your rat problem might transfer itself to one mile down the road, all because they are quite swift movers, not afraid of humans, dogs or even cats.

The reason?

Well if you had incisors the size of a cigarette butt you would also give old Fido a run for his money. These rats also make the most interesting sound. The more I studied them the last couple of ‘months' the more I realized that they have taken on very interesting characteristics similar to whichever character is portrayed in their enemy. Let's say that they live and move in a neighborhood where they might come into contact with dogs. Soon these rats take on and develop an uncanny ability to mimic the sound of a dog's bark or more closely – the growl. I have heard a rat that was walking past a house where the sewerage pipe gave them access to the main road. The dog's kennel was situated close by the entrance of this pipe. This house was located in the suburban area that is rather over populated therefore pipes run close by doors and the properties are very close to each other and the road. The rats used this as an access point to gain access from the busier parts of the city to a more industrial part where they rummage for food dumped by food producing factories. The rats came out of this pipe; all in a row, like they were playing follow the leader. Next minute the dog stands up from his nap, smelling the very distinct (even to the human nose) scent of the rats. Rats smell like a combination between cold pressed fish oil and dead meat – nice. The dog starts growling deep down in his throat, like you would expect from a slightly mangy mutt in a scary movie. The one rat that was close by the end actually stood still with his head cocked as if to smell the dog and his potential for danger. He straightens his tail which of course represents a very distinct danger stance and low and behold growls!

Well that had me laughing hysterically of course as in all my years of working with the most veracious beasts I have never not even while staring a tiger in the eyes heard such a thing, emanate from such a fury face. Its' whiskers quivered with intensity–all bravado and stance yet he also meant it. I am able to tell you that rats will never hesitate biting, which of course is why I wonder why people even bother keeping them on as pets. So many kids get their tiny fingers munched or their cute little noses nipped. This particular rat growled from deep within his throat. The dog of course look at this as one surprised dog would. One would almost have expected the dog in that moment to have said – blimey!

This rat is from a newly evolving strain that takes nothing for granted, in this rat eat rat world that we have created for the animal kingdom. These animals that are forced to live hidden beneath our cities demonstrate how we have discarded them. They are now taking back the streets. They move into building's eating babies whenever they get the chance. Really! In some cases people have woken up in the morning to find their babies missing chunks of flesh. Or themselves being woken up in the middle of the night with one large mean eyed rat contemplating lunging for a major artery (while nibbling on a toe).

Maggots and many small insects have recently started evolving, into smarter, larger, speedier creatures. Since almost everything we have created in this world has now effectively compounded into a manifestation of deceit, it is no wonder that creatures are adapting too. What does this mean? Well, I have asked myself why the animal kingdom would duplicate and mimic human ‘behaviour' and take on devastating traits (directed at man kind). Well when the world is upon its own demise, would it not be appropriate for evolution within many species, to gain from the world changing? If the world's focus has shifted from smallest now standing up then perhaps the smallest of creatures are making ‘BIG STATEMENTS'.

So what statements are being made? Firstly when I speak of rats I also refer to all small fury rodent types that are seen as the ‘underdog' within this world's hierarchy (creatures that humans consider more important in the animal kingdom vs. the ‘pests'). All mice, rats and similar rodents have been adapting themselves by growing, multiplying and placing themselves according to the process in this world.

Let us look at the process that is life. All within this world is changing. Trees and plants have taken responsibility by support us (humans) through assisting. They assist with the ‘holding' of the foundation for each being. The trees and plants represent:

1. Stability


3. Consistency


5. Change

6. Expression

7. Trust

Standing as each human, the trees and plants therefore represent each human in the becoming the above mentioned. How is this done? Well when on understands the principle of oneness and equality, you will see that each that inhabits and exists within this world, stands within a placement, or representation that will bring forth equality in this world. Each rodent and each tree therefore represents within their own expression a point that is to be understood/tran­scended by humans. As with my previous articles I have mentioned that each animal ‘stands' as a point to be grasped, if humans are to become one and equal with all of existence. So look at the animal kingdom from this perspective:

Before humans became aware that they are not really of consciousness, the animal kingdom provided us with food and companionship, understanding this role according to what agreement was made within consciousness. Now that awareness steps forth and the animal became aware of how to support themselves, they are changing accordingly. From mere food supplies and companionship – animals now stand as equality and oneness to support humans accordingly and appropriately as one with themselves. What does that mean? Rodents that are seen by humans to be pests now stand before humanity as ‘peace'. What do you ask is peace when it does not exist in this world? Peace when in full manifestation as each within this world looks like this: The continual rambling that occurs within the human mind takes on the 3D manifestation we are currently witnessing. Not a pretty picture hey? What does peace have to do with this manifestation? Peace is only possible within each being, as the manifestation of each being when they are sound and each standing as this stability into infinity. By standing I am talking about – no more enslavement, no more allowances. No more creations that WE have not directed and created within full understanding and awareness of what creation is within and as oneness and equality. Please understand that peace is only the idea created by the mind to give all the impression that peace exists – therefore nobody stands up.

Therefore if peace exists within each standing up to and quieting the mind – how does the animal kingdom support us in this? Simply put – as with the example of rodents and small (unseen) creatures, which consciousness deems ‘unnecessary and pestering' – where they now deem themselves the right to……pest. Why? Well your conscious mind tells you that as long as you destroy rodents, you will have lasting peace. Consciousness actually created the ‘concept' of the rodent to continually push each person into the manifestation and mind set of ‘hide', destroy', ‘eliminate' rodents. Be it other humans that are pests or actual creatures. Yes, interestingly rodents and humans were all created from the same LIFE essence, the same expression of life that merely represents different aspects of the same point. We are all equal. Just because a rodent is placed in the body of something that ‘bothers' you, it does not give anybody the right to consider that creation less than or unnecessary. Imagine for a moment if rodents were bigger then humans, perhaps then the tale would sit on the other creature? The animal kingdom was placed in a lower category when man was given a mind and was enslaved into thinking. Thoughts are very ‘dangerous' and now each is able to re-look at how we see these creatures that are our equals. Nobody in the universe is more important than another, it does not support us to even make such a statement. To make such a statement separates you from yourself, as you are one with all of creation. So, humans when you treat an animal ‘less than' you are separating yourself from who you are (as one and equal with all of existence) and you will bear the fruits of separation. Consciousness is the mind creation that is separation from self. Consciousness will keep you there, in this separated mind set as long as you accept what it tells you. What does consciousness tell us about the animal kingdom?

What am I talking about when I say that rodents and small creatures represent peace by allowing themselves to infest and petrify is: How better to understand that peace is in fact an illusion created by the fantastical mind, then have the creatures that are the pests come from beneath and infest your world. Does peace exist when all of humanity is plagued by creatures? So when will each see that consciousness does not and is not able to create peace out of ‘good thoughts' and clever ideas? These rodents are manifesting themselves in the millions, spreading up from the ground in swarms of collective process. The process: ‚Oh God what if we have no more control over the animal kingdom?‘ Oh God what if we are truly never in control of ourselves or others?' Oh God what if there is no way out but to accept ourselves as the baby's of the universe, eternally wetting ourselves and hoping that God will wipe our bottoms?' So what if we are now faced with creatures that are taking over fields, towns, houses and buildings? What do we do? How does one comprehend that we are to act within actual understanding before we react. We react by killing these creatures, yet the point is missed somewhat. Let's look at what nature is manifesting in our world. We are indeed lost and humanity has no way out but to face its own creation. The creation literally biting us in the but as we blissfully act obstinant and without a clue. So let's get a clue shall we…..

Creation is what we have manifested as our reality. The rodents and small creatures are showing us that we fear them and we create fear with our minds before we ask why. Now there are million of creatures that are paying the price to show us that we are not this fear that is everything we perceive we are not able to handle, control or direct. Instead of humans standing equal to creation and not blaming the rodents for existing or being uncontrolled. Does it stand into infinity to punish the manifestations that are small and without defense in this world? Is that how we are currently expressing ourselves towards OURSELVES by destroying these creatures? We deem it necessary to separate ourselves and call ourselves ‘higher then' all life forms that don't fit our mind sets. Now these creatures show us that peace does not exist this way…it is a lie and we are now facing the lie. No longer do we hide this and sweep the creation of inequality ‘under' the rug. Our creation has come to bite us in the but until we sort out the starting point. Consciousness. The mind is a machine that (until you give it direction), directs you and manifests in this world what it has been taught to do. Is it really what you would like to create for yourself? If you have to trade places with that rodent for a day and you watch you killing yourself, would that be your ultimate expression? Would you choose that again? Are we going to continue allowing our minds that are pre-programmed machines to dictate how we exist as equal and one to all in existence – that is ourselves? We are therefore thanking the animal kingdom for showing us to ourselves by showing us that we are destroying ourselves. We have called ourselves vile, pestilent and unnecessary and we are governed by the idea that as long as we follow others who destroy life…we will have peace.

Stevo, the rodents, cockroac maggots.

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by Leila
Steve Irwin - The Expression of nature ... -of-nature

Transcribed by and through Andrea

Date : 05/11/2007

Today I would like to show you some examples of what expressions exist within the animal kingdom that have for a long time now supported and manifested in this unified consciousness field that we exist in. Nature and the animal kingdom has for many millions of years supported man, this being done through the directing of nature as one with what man has allowed himself to become.

Man has for many thousands of years failed to recognise what has manifested in this world. Man is directed and controlled by the pre-programmed mind and because of this does not recognise the fact that you have completely become your mind. The animal kingdom supports man in manifesting as that which man has never been willing to see – the mind. Humans are much too pre-occupied with themselves to even notice the animal kingdom. When each animal is seen to manifest one of man's allowances as the conscious mind it looks something like this. I will give you several examples of what human ‚characteristics‘ the animal kingdom has manifested. You will recognise them all.

1.Animals are aggressive towards each other because they have been pre-designed by Anu and co. to support mind consciousness systems. This applies to all forms of mind consciousness that the animals have manifested. Animals become aggressive with other animals and support in the enslavement of humans into ‚thinking‘ that aggression is natural – this being the original design. Remember how often people use the phrase: ‚well you see it all the time in nature‘? Realise that the design of ‚nature‘ is not who each human and animal is. It is yet again another form of mind consciousness support – how people rely on and look at what ‚God created‘ as a means to validate their own belief about what is ‘natural’ in this world. Aggression as seen in humans does not come from wanting to ‘protect their young’ or become stronger. Aggression in humans is the mind consciousness system that infused into the ‘world’ – gives each mind the excuse that once aggression is allowed in nature and our parents then we too are entitled to it. Then as we grow up we find reason to become aggressive – be it for our children or because we are the strongest of the ‘pack’. Nature has therefore manifested within this idea of supporting aggression and competitiveness in man. Now nature uses aggression to tip the scales – pushing you with what you have allowed, showing you that what you see and experience is truly just the mind. So, whether you Chihuahua bites your child or whether you consider it dangerous climbing out of your car in the game park – surely these examples of possible animal aggression gives you insight into how the unified consciousness field manifest our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Here are more examples of how nature manifests these thoughts, feelings and emotions within human ‘nature’;

2.Let us use an example of animal common sense: When animals become sickly do you see them putting the animal on life support or feed it tablets to prolong the suffering? No, yet somehow man has concluded that like in nature man must fight to survive and show ‘God’ how much we appreciate this ‘natural’ strength by allowing ourselves to confuse emotional attachments to strength. We don’t utilize the common sense of the animal kingdom but rather look at how we are able to protect and fight for what is ‘ours’.

3.In nature ‘strength’ is also seen as male versus male, therefore in human society the males are seen as ‘stronger’ just because they have a stronger physique . In nature the females carry the young and the males ‘protect’. Humans have interpreted this method as the female must shut up and be a mother and the males go about their business dominating the world. Funny how one manifestation within nature is interpreted by the human mind and how we fully live that interpretation.

4.Animals live in groups, colonies, packs. Humans notice that in order for your pack to be the strongest and survive in times of hardship – you must all stick together and never disobey what the leader says or else you will get booted out. This in itself is the validation and reason as to why man believes in sticking together. Remember that all of these thoughts are already pre-existing within each human’s unconscious and subconscious mind. When however humans see animals acting out these very ‘characteristics’ as a part of their nature, all that happens is that the pre-designed belief is supported through ‘seeing’ what happens within nature. Pictures connected to what already exists within human minds, this being connected to thoughts that direct you.

5.Procreation, eating, survival and shelter. Procreation: the ability to produce as much ‘offspring’ as possible. Animals are infused with the constant desire to procreate, this together with the other ‘basic’ needs of the animal (survival, food, shelter) serves as the foundation and platform upon which the human consciousness is based. Humans ‘live’ to procreate (supporting the sex system which directs and supports mind consciousness), eating (the idea behind the necessity to eat is based on the fear of death – therefore all humans consume much more than the average body requires), survival (this is based on the idea behind surviving and why human do what they do to survive in this world – to keep what is theirs), shelter (the idea that you require ‘creature’ comforts to enjoy yourself. All of these lock the being into the money system. This is due to humanity as in this example realizing that there is no more to this current experience of ourselves and what we what we have allowed ourselves to become (yes each person has actually already realized this!), therefore turning to ‘comfort’ and entertainment as a means of supporting self. So, if in nature animals are the manifestation of survival based on procreation, food, survival and shelter then what do you think man uses the reasoning as to why you should act this way: ‘just look at nature – it is created in God’s image – purity’. Oops so people have decided that purity is connected to sex, food, survival and seeking shelter. In this world all humans ‘consider’ these 4 points as absolute necessity to become a ‘better person’. Strange how in our quest to understand ourselves in relation to ‘God’s purest creation (nature) we have created this world. The mind’s attempts to understand itself within what is ‘God’s’ purest most natural design. So humans as their mind procreate, eat, survive and build shelter in the most extreme ways and in the most elaborate ways.

6.Animals don’t ‘care’ about what is not within their ‘nature’. Animals are seen as the most systematic and show little emotional response when they are about to die or witness another animal dying. Humans have turned a blind eye to what is happening in this world because as in nature ‘it just happens’. We hear about rape and murder and we have decided within ourselves that even though ‘tragic’ – these events never quite deem it necessary enough for us to do whatever it takes to state: ‘till here and no further’.

7.Animals are supposedly ‘loyal’ and easily trained. We see animals as less than and easily changed or manipulated to fit our needs. In society we treat each other the same way. We condemn, eliminate and control those seen as weaker and there to serve the rest of humanity (the elite).

8.Animals don’t care what happens to them and this world (apparently), they just accept. Has anyone ever actually spoken to the bird stuck in the cage? So apparently if nature ‘allows’ this then we should too because ‘God’ created us to be powerful and take over the world for our own needs. Nobody stops to ask the question: Do animals just remain quiet because they are showing you your own choice? Animals are now standing up and showing you that you have never bothered asking the animal kingdom – they do not enjoy how you dominating, disregarding and destroying them.

9.Animals fight amongst themselves for no reason than ‘they just don’t like each other’. Therefore if your dog growls at the cat it is because they just don’t like each other. Now ask yourself how this manifestation shows you your own reasoning for allowing this world to exist. 10.Animals are brutal. ‘Look at how that mother dog disciplines her pup, you see in nature you have to show the child discipline or else it will not survive’. Therefore humans validate ‘getting eaten by another animal’ – the cause for discipline in the world – preparing our children to never ‘get attacked and killed out there in the jungle’.

11.Animals apparently fear things from water to thunderstorms to everything that walks and talks. Why? Because humans exist in fear and humans validate the reason for this by stating that: ‘animals fear things because they are dumb therefore being part dumb I will also fear everything because hey; I don’t know what is going to jump out and bite me! 12.Animals respond well to being dominated (apparently). If you whip that horse enough times it will surely listen……eventually. Humans have taken to this same methodology, enjoying the fact that their place in society is dependent on who beats who to the top.

These are some of the examples of what human behaviors and constructs the animal kingdom have taken on and been living with since they were infused within their own mind consciousness systems. Realize that when your ‘pet’ shows signs of aggression, depression, loneliness, vulnerability, irritation….it is all just the same as what goes on your mind. The animal kingdom supports man but it is up to us to stop the mind and the ‘creation’ of such behaviors. Only then will the animal kingdom release itself from this specific application.

Thus – the animal kingdom reflect you as what you have accepted and allowed yourself to become.

The best way to support and assist yourself and the animal kingdom, as you, is to do forgiveness on that which you notice exist both within you and the animal that is of mind consciousness. This way you will also become aware of what we have taken for granted with regards to nature and the animal kingdom. Place yourself as the animal and see what it is that they are showing you. Realize that equal and one all of existence is supporting and manifesting of that which we allow to exist within ourselves. Therefore look around you at ‘nature’ and notice yourself and understand what it reveals and what it means to be one and equal to all of existence.

Steve Irwin