I need help now (Eating Disorders)

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Re: I need help now

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Marlen wrote:Cool perspective, Aldin.

Seeing 'as' the mind - the 'as' always implies: you are it.

'as' is the word that you will constantly see throughout the material which is quite 'new' to the usual way we word ourselves, which is a primary element to integrate the understanding that there is nothing separate from us, but that we exist 'as' it = we are it.

Thus seeing 'as the mind' implies seeing from how you are currently existing within your 'personality' and entire individual configuration as the ego - which is what we work with and walk through within our writings. Seeing ourselves as the mind is beginning to identify what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to become in separation of who we really are as life, which is then identifying the points wherein self-interest overrides common sense = what's best for all, as a life-long application that you can now start seeing within taking the objective of correcting such patterns in your every day practical living reality.

If it's still not clear or something else comes up, share it, Ella.

Thanks Marlen, Thanks everyone for your perspective. Very cool indeed. And yes Marlen, thank you for inviting me to share further if I find myself wanting more clarification. It is very nice indeed to have a place to discuss things of that nature. Again, thanks.

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