I need help now (Eating Disorders)

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Re: I need help now

Post by Malin »

Maya wrote:Thanks for the Support Malin!
No problem, Ebba - Just let me know if anything is unclear, sometimes everything
might feel a little bit overwhelming so don't hesitate to ask for specification.

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maya rote
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Re: I need help now

Post by maya rote »

cool support here - thanks Malin
enjoy yourself here Ebba

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Re: I need help now

Post by sandymac »

Hi Ebba

You are reaching out to the most supportive group of people I have ever 'met'. So you are in the 'right' place!
I had trouble with alcohol addiction and using sleep medications for MANY years. It is not exactly the same as eating disorders but similar as it stems largely from the mind.
No doctor or therapist really understands the mind or has a solution that is 'permanent' and healthy. The beings at Desteni have a solution that is easy to access and you can begin your healing now! (as I'm sure you are aware of, many responses here). It is a process, so takes time and PATIENCE. Don't rush, use the simple tools to begin: breath, stop your thoughts (remain 'here' in each moment), self honesty, and self forgiveness. Read the blogs and watch the vlogs and educate yourself/become familiar with Desteni. There is much to be involved with here. You will learn to trust yourself again as I have/am.

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Markus m
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Re: I need help now

Post by Markus m »

Hey Ebba!

I live together with Malin, so i am very familiar with the point that you are currently facing. Everything you require is provided here for
you and we are all in this together. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask anyone for clarification. Welcome to this forum, we are all very glad that you are here! AWESOME! / Markus

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Re: I need help now

Post by Malin »

Hey Ebba. I Found a video made by Marley - You might find it helpful, I sure did! Enjoy!

What is Real Change?:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1dbuJ-g ... ture=share

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Re: I need help now

Post by Ann »

Hey Ebba! :)

This is for sure the right place to learn how you can stop your eating disorder, since some of the members on here have done this.
As you already experienced and realised: no one can really help you but yourself. You can only stop something, or start something, when you really want to. Wether it is an eating disorder or not, it is whats underneath it thats important to stop. It can be self-punishment, a need for control, a desire to be found beautiful, self-hate ... and all the memories it is connected to since your childhood. And you can talk to a illion psychologists, it wont matter if you are not the one determined to end this and use your self-will to do it.

So really, you are the key to yourself. If we do not stand up for ourselves, no one will and no one can. Because if someone would make that decision for you, it would not be real and you would be like a puppet on a string. And if that someone would go, then it would all go downhill again.
You can do it!

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Re: I need help now

Post by Bernard Poolman »


Why should you be helped?

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Re: I need help now

Post by SunetteSpies »

ebba wrote:I turn to you in Desteni because a friend of mine told me about you, and it was when she met people in desteni in Africa she became FREE from her eating disorder. I just want to leave Sweden now, I can't stay here and watch me destroy myself.
I would love if someone can get in touch with me if you feel that you want to tell me more about Desteni and how I can help myself through this and become FREE!
Love and freedom <3
Ebba, understand that - Malin made the decision herself to walk her process of taking responsibility for her mind and her experiences that she created for herself. She made a decision to stop and change, she made the decision to walk the process of writing, self forgiveness and corrective application as living the tools and with that decision - she actually did it. This point of making the decision to stop and change to assist/support or 'help' herself and actually doing it - through walking the Tools of writing, self forgiveness and self-corrective application is what is assisting and supporting her to face her mind/herself and what she created as her mind/self to in this facing, take self-responsibility for it.
So - coming to the Farm/visiting the farm was not what 'set her free' - it was her decision and living that decision and assisting/supporting herself in continuing walking that decision through writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application as well as breathing.

What must be understood Ebba, is that - what we experience as ourselves in this moment - we created throughout our life-experience on Earth, and we're not simply going to change through/by a 'miracle', if change was so easy - man; humanity would not be as what it is today mentally and physically. I can understand that you'd want a 'quick solution' due to the extent of the consequence that accumulates with mental/physical abuse over a long period of time; but - there isn't one. The only solution is: You - because you've got to realise that you got yourself to where/who/how you are in this moment within yourself and your life, and you are your only key to stop and change it. And the practical way to do this is through: writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application. I mean, you've seen the change in Malin for yourself - she got there through walking the tools, and if she can do it and so many others have/are - so can you. It only requires making a decision and actually doing it/walking it.

So - Ebba, to change: you've got to take responsibility for yourself. This means - you've got to see how it is that you, in your mind - with thoughts, personalities and habits, created this experience / idea of yourself in your mind that's creating such mental/physical abuse; in walking this for yourself - you will find out how it is that you created it all in your own mind, and if you created it in your mind in the first place - you as creator can stop and change it.

We all want to blame and be angry at everything and everyone else - this is very easy to do in the mind. But - one thing that that does not do: is actually stop and change one's self-experience; therefore it is not the solution. The 'most difficult' step is realising: "Hey! I am actually doing this to myself with the thoughts and emotions/feelings I am participating in and accepting and allowing INSIDE myself. No-one it 'putting them in there' - it's coming from me, inside me, and I am continuing to believe it is 'real' and in that belief I make it real and so create this whole idea/experience of myself in my own mind." Within this realisation, Ebba - where you see for yourself how you're creating your world inside and out through your mind - you stand within self-responsibility to start living that decision to help yourself in changing you.

Ebba, let us know when you're ready to walk - when you've really made that decision to help yourself, and we'll be here to walk this with you. You've got to make the decision - you are in your hands/yourself, no-one else can change you: - only you. And the Desteni-tools will assist/support you through this process in being able to direct your mind/thoughts and experiences and no more accept/allow ideas/beliefs/experiences to have control over you and make you believe things about yourself that is not in fact real. But again, you have to make the decision and actually walk it. I suggest doing so - because as you know, it just gets harder/tougher and more difficult and very easy to lose oneself in the mind. With walking as breath - this assist/support you to stabilize yourself in the physical, with self forgiveness - assist/support you to release yourself from the ideas/beliefs you've for so long held onto that's abused you mentally and physically and with self corrective application - you change yourself in your living; to stop the past and actually learn what it means to live.

We're here. Where are you?

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Re: I need help now

Post by Laura Nuñez »

Thanks cool support.

Matti Freeman
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Re: I need help now

Post by Matti Freeman »

Hi Ebba

whether eating disorder, addiction to alcohol, drugs, porn, sex, food -- no one can stop these but the being that is accepting and allowing themselves to participate in and define themselves through their addictions

your eating disorder is who you are accepting and allowing yourself to be - your behavior is equal to your starting point of who you accept and allow yourself to be

so realize, as it has been shared with you already, that your eating disorder will not stop - until you stop

and stopping yourself will be a process - because you didn't just start instantly having an eating disorder - so you'll be walking a process of taking self responsibility in self support to get to know the current 'real you' - which is the you who is accepting and allowing yourself to have an eating disorder - you''ll be facing yourself, and taking responsibility to actually stop yourself - it will be completely up to you - no one can give you anything - you must give yourself your own solution, which can only be yourself- because your problem exists in you

so, here at desteni we are each our own solution - and the support we give each other is not to make each other feel good- it is to support each other to stand up completely in self honesty and self responsibility and no longer accept and allow ourselves to look for solutions outside of ourselves

here, you won't be given love, because it is impossible to give someone love - you'll have to learn to love yourself

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