Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Part 1)

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Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Part 1)

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Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Part 1)

In this post, we’re going to discuss a Sexual Exhibitionist / Sexual Exhibitionism – that within Psychology/Psychiatry has been identified as a Paraphilia, as the tendency/need to expose one’s genitals to unsuspecting strangers.

For context / reference, here is a Case regarding an Individual facing Sexual Exhibitionism; and we’re in this Post going to assist/support with giving perspective – from within the Subconscious, Unconscious and Quantum Mind/Physical Dimensions, how such a relationship to Imagination/Fantasy in the Mind/Consciousness become reality as an Example of the extent to which mind-participation in alternate realities can consequentially affect/influence one’s relationship with Self, the Physical and so others in one’s world/reality:
There is a recurrent point that i've developed about one or two years ago: the wanting of showing me naked. I only do it with my girlfriend at the moment but sometimes it goes in my mind with other girls. Like for instance when i'm at the toilet and i hear a woman outside and i think "and if i don't pull up my pants ?".
Sometimes ago i had dreamt about my aunt that saw me naked in the toilet and she wasn't absolutely disturbed about that. Another dream i had was similar but with a girl and after she saw me i had sex with her.
It's almost like that my penis gives power to me and that females can't resist to it.... like if it's "vision" is the key to open/access another "unreal mind status"... my mind status; and it's like that i think that if i'm brave enough to show my "nudity"/my "hidden power" the other sex cannot resist it and it's in my control. It's like a drug to give that the other sex isn't aware of till i don't show it.
How i live in my mind the moment of the "showing" (and of the "thinking about showing") is very interesting because it's a sensation very difficult to describe: it's like being in a trance state but very controlled. Almost if it's not me in the moment but i'm guided by somebody else, in a surreal situation where the normal behavioural rules doesn't exists and what the other persons would do is totally unpredictable but it's ok because there is total trust in each other. As if everybody can do everything they can think without being judged and the others will accept it. I would describe it as total absence of awareness and a total "basic instinct". Thinking about it it's basically the situation of a sexual dream.
An obvious ‘Problem’ within Human Civilization today is: Sex Awareness / Sex Education. For most part, the male and female’s entire individuality, self-definition, self-expression has come to be defined in relationship to the Physical Body, Sex/Relationships and that directly linked/connected to Money/Consumerism.
So, already from a young age – children are indoctrinated into Physical Appearance, essentially EXTERNALLY preparing them as a Display to attract, eventually, a partner and so essentially become acculturated into becoming in/as their external portrayal/representation: A Sex Magnet. And within this, the World System profit. What cannot be found, is individuals from a young age being prepared with regards to effective communication skills, intimacy development, physical body awareness, nutrition education, sexual development stages, how to asses on all levels of an individuals’ existence whether they’d be compatible as partners – all that does exist, is essentially those who have Money competing who can best externally put themselves onto display to attract each other for Sex.

So, within this – there already exist a form of Exhibitionism, into and as which we’re educated in human civilization, in Exhibiting ourselves as ‘Available’ which is done through Presentation and Behaviour and emphasizing of particular-specific Body Parts with clothing and accessories. In this, the Human Consciousness become so Sexualized in terms of relationships, what is worn and how one behave, herein the example regarding why and how that external display preparation already from a young age is existent that already manifest into and as a form of Sexual Exhibitionism.

In most human beings Minds – sex/sexuality is conditioned into Morality / Religion, and so controlled and regulated by the ‘voices of their parents / religion / culture / beliefs’. However, even with/without Morality / Religion / Spirituality / Beliefs / Views – human beings in their relationship to Sex/Sexuality can very easily shift out of control. For most part, what is not seen, realised and understood is the extent to which the Mind is oriented in relation to Sex and Money – considering how much of your Physical Appearance is referenced based on other Human Beings, whether sexual or not; external Physical Appearance is extensively emphasized regarding ‘how we APPEAR for others’ and again here, Consumerism is the Main Culprit in promoting such a self-relationship. Thus, all ‘exhibit’ themselves for/as their Potential Relationships/Partners with exuding their Sexuality based on Physical Appearance. So, in such instances – sexuality is channelled into Physical Appearance and Behaviour, however it does manifest where Sex/Sexuality is channelled into and as only the Physical Body, where the ‘power’ of Sexuality is then linked to the Pure Physical as Body Parts alone; and the Personality develop in such a way where ‘attracting’ others is then linked to the Nakedness of the Physical Body, and not so much what is Externally portrayed through Clothing/Appearance.

Thus, Exhibitionism is more the ‘Raw Representation’ / Extreme Example of what we all in fact do when it comes to Sex and Relationships – just that, everyone do it within/through different means. What this also Illustrate, is the extent to which we’ve channelled our Self-Definition into and as Sex/Sexuality, and how much of our Minds and Lives go into / are focused in relation to Sex/Relationships/Money – as the obsession/possession of mankind. Now, obviously – the Problem within this all is Not Sex itself, and is Not Money itself – nor the Consumerism System in itself, but our Relationship to it all, and its Relationship to us. So, within this – calls for an Obvious Re-education and implementation of our relationship to Sex and Money. The Solution for Money – we have as the Equal Money System Capitalism, which will change our relationship to Consumerism. Now, with regards to our Relationship to Sex – there is Support Series on EQAFE with regards to how to establish an Equal and One relationship with your own Physical Body, so that Sex becomes a Self Expression in an Partnership Agreement with another Human Being, where Sex and the Relationship serves as a Platform from which to Expand, Grow and Develop who you are and who each other is; developing Life Skills, Living Skills, Communication Skills.
Sex and Masturbation Support Series: What is Sex and Shocking Secrets of Masturbation
Relationship and Sex Support Series: Relationship Success Support
Re-aligning Relationships into Equal and One Effective Living: Relationship/Agreement Course

So, with regards to Facing Exhibitionism – one require having a look at the Following accepted and allowed relationships to Sex and the Physical Body:
Realising that, Sex had more been educated in relationship to the Mind, into IMAGINATION – I mean, as children, Sex becomes something secret/hidden/feared/ashamed/embarrassed with not Understanding the developmental Stages of the Physical Body, and then one’s Physical Expression is linked into the Mind’s Imagination and educated through the World System/Consumerism System with imprinting all sorts of images/pictures/scenes in relationship to Sex and the Physical Body and that then comes to serve as the ‘platform’ for Sex within Relationships; which is quite consequential in that: dependent on how you created a relationship to sex and the physical in your MIND, one will then try and live it out in the Physical/materialize into the Physical…and for most part realise that most of it is near/next to impossible. And so, one start with one’s relationship to Sex in the Mind with Masturbation – some to the extent where Masturbation and Imagination becomes preferred above Physical Reality relationships/communication/living in this REAL WORLD and such human beings become inept to pursue real, effective living relationships in this Real World and become imprisoned in their own Mind’s alternate Realities, to the Point / Extreme where the Imagination and experiences within it is made to be ‘MORE REAL’ than this Actual, Real Physical Reality.
To assist and support self in relation to Self-Image and Imagination – we suggest the Following EQAFE Series: The Metaphysical Secrets of Imagination

Considering the Dimensions of Self Definition – how much you have defined who you are in relationship to your Physical Body/Sexuality, like words such as confidence, power, expression, liveliness, spontaneity, fun, love, excitement, anticipation – one have to have a look at what Words one linked into the physical body and sex ONLY, and realise that: in this – one is channelling all that one is to Sex/the Physical ONLY, and how little you really in fact live in reality to produce constructive, effective relationships with other Human Beings – not based on SEX, but on actually getting to know others, and so yourself, with who you are through Communication and Interaction and what can be learned from each other, how life/living can be enhanced in assisting and supporting each other in effective Living.

Sex and the Physical:
To see, realise and understand that one would go the extent of a Personality Possession in relationship to Sex/Sexuality – because ‘beneath’ all the external presentations of clothes/appearance, is the intended-reason to have Sex/for Relationship. So, the Exhibitionist – just go the ‘direct route’ and do not bother with all the external displays, and then just display their ‘sexuality / physical nakedness’ in an attempt to have/get Sex/be in a Relationship. All of this showing that, we do not have the necessary RELATIONSHIP-SKILLS with how to foster relationships based on COMMUNICATION, getting to know each other, assessing compatibility through words, behaviour and living together as real physical participation – we’re all just Hunting each other, based on SEX.

So, in this all – one can see, realise and understand how, with channelling most of ourselves into Sex ONLY – that everything else takes a backseat, such as an equal and one relationship with one’s own physical, consideration and regard for other human beings as INDIVIDUALS and not just ‘opportunities / selections’ for sex/relationship.
So, with having these Primary Dimensions – Imagination, Self-Definition and Sex and the Physical and the extent to which this has been existent in the Mind, in relation to SEX Alone – it becomes very easy for one to, from within the Mind, go into a Possessive-relationship in relation to Sex/Sexuality. So, we suggest considering that: if/as the Exhibitionism is still only existent in the Mind/Imagination and not yet gone into Physical Possession – one may still have this opportunity/chance to re-align one’s Mind relationship in relation to Sex and the Physical into and as Physical Stability. If/as the Exhibitionism is already at the stage of Physical Action/Possession – we do suggest consulting a Practitioner of Psychology/Psychiatry to assist and support with re-aligning the relationship between the Mind and the Physical, and taking this Responsibility of doing so with seeing, realising and understanding that, within and as such a Possession – one is compromising oneself, and other human beings; and so to take the Self-Responsibility, consult a practitioner until one is stable and can then additionally from there, assist and support oneself with the Process of writing, self forgiveness and self corrective application.

We’ll continue with the How-to process of Writing, Self Forgiveness and Self Commitments/Application in the next Post with more dimensions in relation to Exhibitionism to consider.

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Thanks for the support so far Sunette, it's really fascinating to see how we are NOT participating within our physical reality and think of all the reasons in the world to justify our participation within the mind. You're post made me realize how severe we've abused the point of money and sex within our society to a point that we 'think' we are okay with it and believing that it doesn't need any change. How misinformed do we accept and allow ourselves to be?

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Thanks for laying out this design!

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Very cool Sunette. Something that's really cool to see is how 'down to earth' such fetishes and deviations actually are... that there is not some mysterious darkness behind but that is in fact quite straight forward why and how one would develop such fantasies.

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Thank you for sharing this Sunette!

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Thanks Sunette !

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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Thanks for the education here!

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Re: Understanding Sexual Fetishes: Sexual Exhibitionism (Par

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This was really supportive, thanks!

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