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Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 19 Oct 2013, 05:24
by Nicklk1795
So I was playing guitar out in my inside padio, and I knew my friend was bringing some people over to smoke their weed they had, and didn't suspect of getting second hand high as hard as this, which essentially knew I would be effected, so something clearly self interested there. Well, long story shirt, I have had sme depressive and intense emotions with weed, which if i didnt smoked weed or hung out with the particular people who I hung out with who smoked weed, I probably wouldn't be here today, because throughout smoking weed, I essentially knew how fucked up it was making me, and this is what gave me the cognitive dissonance, but definitely developed some scitsophrenia, but just made me in this forever it seemed analytic and thus depressive state.

So, I've been writing on and off on my blog, but am having just allot of awareness of my process wiout being able to direct myself as effectively with the anxiety and paranoia and the emotions that are causing intense resistance from the weed high

Anyways I'm continuing to breath, not going into mind patterns in terms of suppressing with Internet or guitar, since when on weed I just become super self concious and can't focus on much and so that would just lead t more mind shit.

Nonetheless any sort f input on this or maybe if thereis something related to what I'm going through on equaf. Ill continue writting and breathing though, and listen to some music to have some preoccupation to calm some of the illusion and insecurity from the weed that's creating the fear and paranoia.

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 20 Oct 2013, 20:51
by Carrie
Hey Nick.

What I am seeing here is something that I did a lot myself when I was new to process which is when and as something would come up and I would react to it, I would go to the forum or my buddy and regurgitate what was going on with me and in my mind. The problem with this is that I was turning to others to support me, to give me the quick answer, to tell me that I'm 'okay' or trying to get others to react as I was reacting in-order to confirm what I was experiencing was real so that I did not have to change. The same as you, I was given the support to realize that I must first support myself with writing myself out for myself, applying self-forgiveness, and writing out self-correction BEFORE I go to the forum and/or my buddy. I realized that I have been shown the tools required to get me out of my mind and out of my reactions so that I can direct myself clearly and that the forum and my buddy are here when and as I get stuck and/or require additional perspective on a point that I am walking with writing, self-forgiveness and self-correction.

So, suggest to first review previous support that was given to you by Maite here and Marlen here. Also, suggest to review your own posts to see how you are continuing within the pattern of posting to the forum and looking for support rather than supporting yourself, which your are able to do as can be seen in your blog writings and other writings where you have shared your self-realizations and corrections.

As for the contact-high, yes, I'm sure it sucked. However, you have learned that it is possible to get a high off of second-hand smoke and now that you're aware, you can simply re-direct yourself to no longer allow others to smoke weed in your house - and if you're out with your friends, you can make the decision to walk away when they light up. In our minds we tend to make everything more complicated than is necessary - which is what happened here when all that was required to be realized is that you made a mistake, breath through it and wait it out by writing for yourself, playing the guitar or playing on the computer.

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 21 Oct 2013, 02:37
by Nicklk1795
Yes I had simply written the next day. Yes, it was certainly a dps are, since I've had some terrifying experiences and extremely uncomfortable experiences with weed, and more intense drugs like acid that scared me, and so that took over here, p. I will begin investigating myself before posting here, which I'm sure in most cases of instability, ill end up having to make the decision of writing inevitably which is already what I know, as you said, so essentially its just a suppressant here. Thank you

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 21 Oct 2013, 08:26
by sylvia
Cool Nick and Carrie thanks for the support.

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 21 Oct 2013, 15:56
by Carrie
Cool Nick.

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 15:23
by christos mermigas
I am smoking for a long time, so for me weed was and is a huge part of my Life, which i am still writing and not yet published on my blog.
I currently see weed as a tool and not as the primary source of all evil.
Being 'high' i experience the feeling/ emotion i was experiencing before & on a more bigger scale - illusionary 'high'.
So if i am fucked up after the use of weed - the main reason is that i was fucked up before the use and had no idea about it.
In all this period of smoking i have never reached a level of total insanity - speaking for the quality or kind of weed.
Hehe i am not trying - i am just honest saying that i have never tried something that made by insane.
But then again maybe its because i use it as a tool and not to become a stone - did that and it sucks!

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 01 Nov 2013, 18:50
by Marlen
From my perspective and experience, holding on to weed as a 'tool' is also an excuse since weed Does only function at a mind level and if it only exacerbates your experience, then obviously it won't be a 'bridge' to anything else but compounding the mind, which is then a contradiction to the current direction you want to give yourself in your process.

A great interview on this point is the following: Energy Trumps Physical - Reptilians - Part 238

And if you haven't watched these yet, I also suggest it: Marijuana: the Secrets of the Magic Leafs and a vlog I made: Drugs: A View Less Seeen - Desteni - YouTube and all links in that last video's info section.

It's cool to share what your perspective is on this

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 02 Nov 2013, 10:20
by christos mermigas
I am not holding onto weed - i proved to myself practically that i dont need it - i stopped using it for some periods of time.
I use it for 'entertainment' lets say - some play candy crush, some play pro evolution on the playstation...
I smoke and do stuff - it does not occupy me or prohibits me from doing something lets say.
Its a wide topic and now it is brought up - i should finish my draft!
Thanks for the links - will check them :)

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 05 Nov 2013, 21:29
by Fidelisspies
" i proved to myself practically that i dont need it - i stopped using it for some periods of time. "

Here you have to really look at this. how long were you able to stop smoking for? How did your body and mind react? Why did you not give it up completely? What was the real reason for going back to smoking weed? Playing games is entertainment, but smoking weed changes you completely and not only on a physical level. So here saying that playing games and smoking weed is the same is simply a justification and excuse you created to not give it up.

Re: Getting second hand high from weed, effects..

Posted: 06 Nov 2013, 10:46
by christos mermigas
All common sense questions and thank you for participating/ helping me with my process.
Its not that simple to answer them now, since these issues and more, are interrelating but what I can do is sent you my proofs/ posts when I am done as I walked/ walking all these issues – and we can discuss them further if interested.

For the time being, I was wondering how is playing candy crush different than smoking weed?
Both are in the same mind dimension entertaining us.
Is candy crush/ weed the problem or each one’s use each day?

I was playing candy crush and stopped cause I found it ‘abusive’. I stopped for a period of time and when I played again I found out it wasn’t anymore – I was the problem and I changed. Does it really matter how long I stopped?

Now I prefer not to continue playing cause there are way #cooler brain games and I prefer not to play a game based on luck.
If I cant find a #cool brain game I wont play/smoke.
But I will not make a ruling that ‘I will never play/ smoke again’.
Isn’t this how an idea becomes bigger than life and when a system is born into #justification?
I wont go further and say that #if all smoke than drink the world would have been a better place cause in a better place we would not use substances/ addictives.

So i see it as its not the label/ tool/ idea that’s wrong as such– it’s the manifestation of that – the person/ mind behind playing.
I was playing/ smoking a lot of times during the day but now not so often/ rarely.
This is also why I smoke – cause I believe it is not a system anymore – I can quit any time so for me now is a tool/ kind of entertainment.
But then again I am the only one to know for sure but I am already walking the journey to life and this is a #cool issue for me.