MY addiction to marijuana

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Mario Rodriguez
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MY addiction to marijuana

Post by Mario Rodriguez »

Hi been try to quit my addiction to marijuana but I still smoke I have read the article's from Bruce lee marijuana: a view less seen and the Bruce lee videos self honesty impossible with out self forgiveness and self honesty useless without self forgiveness and other videos and articles on drugs and addiction why cant I care as much as I need to and why cant I let go of my fear of not taking my day by day with out marijuana even in the morning I wake up loving to be not high and like walking around caring and helping but by around 7pm It kicks in the need to smoke and I say to myself no I know all the stuff I have read and than my thoughts and back chat start like well it can help me fall asleep for work or when I stop for like 3 days I wake up my arms are all a sleep and last about 2min even when I dip my hands in cold water to wake it up I told my mom about it because she has carpal tunnel so she told me she thinks I have it I since that even use the excuse that I need it because I have carpal tunnel I get off work and have nothing to do and I don't want to just chill and relax I want to smoke and feel good that I had a good day at work or if ive had a bad day at work I smoke relax and help me release all the attention I had at work with another worker I really want to quit I see what good comes along if I quit but jet I do it if there is theres any point you see I missed anything plz hep ty.
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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by Adrian »

Hi Mario.

As indicated in the Bruce Lee article, the addiction is not necessarily so much about marijuana as it is about underlying issues one has, and thus marijuana is just used as one of many addictions to hide from self - just a more effective way to do so. So even be able to 'get to' the underlying issues, one has to break the marijuana addiction to gain any kind of real clarity and capacity to deal with things effectively.

because of the nature of addiction - one will actually not want to stop, and so it is important here to recognize that self-trust as self honesty is already compromised and that within this, we are our own worst enemy - we will want and desire to continue doing what we even may acknowledge is not good for ourselves, fighting for our own limitations.

So, with this in mind, here are some points that helped me with breaking marijuana addiction:

1) get help - find a friend or family member who is drug free who you can go stay with for a day or a few days - however long it takes you to break the addiction - a place where you simply don't have access to it/a choice - like jumping into a cold pool of water, the initial plunge is difficult but you will adapt quite effectively

2) participate in activities that are physical in nature - find activities that support you physically, that do not stimulate the mind/the desires of the mind - reading or physical labor is a good example of this - and fill up your schedule, keeping yourself busy with these kinds of things, there will be less 'build-up of energy and thus less desire to smoke, it will be easier to say 'no'

3) do not participate with others in your life who continue to smoke - simply remove yourself from their presence and influence - you're losing nothing and it is nothing 'against them'

4) and as you continue to apply these points, write as you go along - as you step out of the mind more and more your writing may be more effective to get to the underlying causes of the desires of which you may currently be unaware.

enjoy - it's quite a relaxing endeavor to quit weed and live a life where you don't need it
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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by Michelle »

Hi Mario,
You got really cool support from Adrian!

I know many other people on this forum have overcome marijuana addiction and they will probably share on this thread in time to come.

Re-programming yourself to stop an addiction is going to take time and constant, consistent effort of re-directing yourself. So, what you saw is that around 7pm you want to smoke - this is a cool 'red flag' for you because now you can prepare yourself for what is to come. When you have thoughts/backchat that persuade you to smoke simply direct yourself to do something physical to keep yourself busy as Adrian suggested, and repeat this again and again until when 7pm hits those voices will be so small you can just brush them away. It will be difficult, but if you stick to it eventually it will become easier for you. It's more of making a decision and sticking to it. I suggest not to put a time limit expecting when to completely change from this point but from what I read it usually takes about 21 days to stop a habit.

As for the arms falling asleep, I notice this happens to me when I am in extreme anxiety/panic, so calming down definitely assisted me with the tingling in the arms to stop. I am walking out of a nasty pattern of reacting to pains and sensations happening to my body, and I've been finding that calming down and bringing myself back to a stable, slow breathing assists with taking things one at a time and looking to see what may have caused the points.
I get off work and have nothing to do and I don't want to just chill and relax I want to smoke and feel good that I had a good day at work or if ive had a bad day at work I smoke relax and help me release all the attention I had at work with another worker I really want to quit I see what good comes along if I quit but jet I do it if there is theres any point you see I missed anything plz hep ty.
I have never smoked, but I do know that it can be relaxing, so finding other activities instead of smoking to relax may assist, but will probably take time to get into a new pattern. I use a salt inhaler when I have allergies, it's a natural, drug-free inhaler filled with Himalayan salt and essential oils and can possibly be a bridge for you with smoking.
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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by sylvia »

Cool support here!

I would like to add that it might be interesting to try and find out what your drive is right now to stop marijuana. That way you can find out if the reason why you want to stop is solid and based in self-honesty and not an idea that you impose onto yourself. Even when the reason to stop is a self-honest reason you still will encounter the fear of change and the fear to confront you with yourself. These are huge points to work through, so I would suggest to place your writings on the forum, that way we all can assist and support you apart from family and friends within your physical world.
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Kim S
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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by Kim S »

Cool support guys - Like Sylvia said, look to see what motivates you to give it up. I found when tried to give up cigarette smoking, which I was completely addicted to, I kept telling myself that I actually enjoyed smoking, so within this I was literally trying to give up because I thought it was bad for me and I was listening to others. Now the point I am making here is not that one 'should' smoke, it is that I made it more difficult for myself because I was judging it as 'bad' and in fact I really didn't want to give up. It was only after I wrote down the pro's and con's of smoking from a practical perspective I was able to see that it made more sense to give up, as then the primary reason for me was it was costing me too much money and I literally couldn't afford it any longer, so I had to make a choice to smoke or eat lol...I did give up when I stopped the mind as me attempting to punish myself for smoking and instead when I faced it in practicality and made the decision I managed to do it.
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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by christine »

Hi Mario,

Cool support here. I would like to add that I had a 40 year addiction to marijuana that I was able to release through the tools of Desteni. It did not happen overnight, it actually was a process, I looped and fell a number of times, yet I took the advice of other Desteni members who had released themselves and kept applying myself. I wrote down the reasons why I told myself I still wanted to smoke. I looked at feelings of guilt that came up and other thoughts, feelings emotions. I used my breath to slow myself down. I spoke and wrote self-forgiveness and rescripted myself with self-corrective applications and eventually was able to change in real time.

It has been approximately 3 years now, and I have no residual 'want' to smoke. So, I suggest to not blame yourself, or be hard on yourself, understand that this is a program/pattern, that through applying this process of using the tools of Desteni, you will be able to release yourself from. Just take it step by step, breath by breath!

If I can release myself from a 40-year habit/pattern, so can you!

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Re: MY addiction to marijuana

Post by Anna »

Hi Mario.

In addition to the cool suggestions by everyone here, something I did when I stopped weed was to do a 'smoking diary'. Again as has been mentioned, stopping the negative relationship to the addiction is key, because otherwise one will be trapped in a polarity of playing 'cops and robbers' with oneself, which simply leads no where. So what I did before I stopped smoking was keeping a journal where I wrote down every time I smoked, how much, what time it was, how I felt before, during and after as well as what thoughts had come up. I also wrote down all the fears and excuses I had in relation to stopping. This way, when I finally decided to stop, I knew my addiction inside out, I knew all the loopholes and back-doors and I could make the decision to stop in self-honesty because I know understood my addiction and could see why it would benefit me to stop.
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