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pain, suffering and physical expression

Posted: 24 Apr 2016, 04:23
by ZachWang
1, The day before yesterday I ran about 8000ms without stopping on the playground where I hadn't run so much before. Then today or since last night my physical body felt so uncomfortable where I felt pains and sufferings in the legs and other areas and my physical body started heating up, where it was like a fever. There is so much heat in my chest area now. Can running be a self-expression without physical tiredness?

2, Masturbation. Yesterday, because of that long distance running, I became so tired, in a very low mood. My reaction towards people and things was in a quite low mode. But it was difficult for me to motivate myself to focus on a specific task, like reading or just sitting there. And then, I made a decision to masturbate physically. Well, I was quite stable at that time, not driven by porn or fantasies. So, I masturbated, using breath and focusing on physical body. From last evening till today, the area around my penis including the penis felt very uncomfortable or quite painful. And now my whole physical body felt hot and uncomfortable and painful. This is my second time to practise masturbating physically, where last time was five days ago.

3, So, guys. What are your experiences or perspectives when you stop your mind to just move physically with regards to sex, masturbation or running or other physical movements?


Re: pain, suffering and physical expression

Posted: 24 Apr 2016, 06:43
by ZachWang
Very heavy headache now.

Re: pain, suffering and physical expression

Posted: 19 Jul 2017, 01:37
by AnthonyF
Hey ZachWang.

It sounds like your change from mind directed physical movements and expressions to physical directed movements and expressions is just down to your body only previously knowing, moving and expressing as a mind directed body, and so it's just an adjustment period I'd say.

Although in my own experience I have not encountered issues or perhaps a withdrawal from mind directed to physical directed. This is sexually and for any general expression or movement physically. All I've noticed is the huge change in how much more enjoyable it is, and a totally new and heightened level of awareness of myself.

I don't see how running can be a self expression without tiredness. I mean, it's just down to how hard and far you push yourself and then there is still requirement to rest the body to heal the tiredness. Also, tiredness isn't a negative thing, just informing your body to rest and recover.

Re: pain, suffering and physical expression

Posted: 20 Jul 2017, 16:39
by Marlen
I can add on the tiredness point with running, it sounds quite a bit to run 8 kms without having done so for a while, so it sounds like simply getting to a point of over exertion that you imposed onto your physical body. So you can have a look at seeing why you decided to run so much if you had not been doing so regularly to the point of exertion, what drove you to want to run that length without considering your body? I've had that at times where I would want to be so disciplined in going jogging every day that I was overlooking how there was some time needed for my body to recover from it, so instead of doing it daily, it's a one day and one day off thing. So what I learned was to not push myself beyond my limits because of wanting to satisfy an idea of myself as 'disciplined' and instead learn to hear my physical body, also taking it very easy with exercise if I know my body is going through processes and discomforts and pains and the rest of it, so, sounds more of a point to see what 'drove you' to want to run that much all of a sudden, how you can instead create a more continuous routine for your exercise that isn't as strenuous as what you've described and where you go also considering more your body in it, the potential result of 'going all for it' in one go as you've described above.

Tiredness is normal during the first weeks/months of starting to run, over time one builds a capacity to recuperate faster, but this comes also with consistency in doing so, therefore in my case I don't experience such exertion any longer, but I've also added days of 'no jogging' in between to allow my body to recuperate. Though as Anthony explains, sure there will be that 'push' that is needed as with any exercise really, and only over time it becomes easier as well and consistency in doing so.

In terms of making it 'self expression' - it is more of a decision of what you decide to express, seeing for example what is your motivation or drive behind it, being aware of your physical body, not getting to a point of satisfying a 'goal' in your mind of certain length to run, but to go listening your body as you do it, and sure why not then it becomes an expression of you with your body and developing a condition as your body that becomes more stable over time with exercising.

If you can share back what you've noticed in these points, go ahead.