Alcohol and Weed

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Re: Alcohol and Weed

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Kristina wrote: 11 Aug 2019, 17:47 Hi Ish !
Ish wrote: You said ..‘Hence the example I gave with how I currently approach alcohol with not doing it out of 'wanting to get the alcohol high' or 'wanting to socialize' or 'just get lost' or whatever - but to me it's like similar to taking a slice of super sugary cake lol, can't overdo it, can enjoy the taste but that's it.’

There’s specific scenarios where one might end up in a situation like a gathering/party/birthday etc where every single individual is drinking and they offer you a drink/beer/shot, would it be ok to take it as long as your starting point is like you said, not to actually have the drunk/buzzed experienced ? But take the offering and keep it moving. Currently I have no desire to drink or especially smoke weed but I look at specific scenarios like that and think what would I do in that situation now due to starting the process. I did see the ‘design of alcohol video’ where Sunette Spies said don’t even take one drop of it and avoid if possible, lol, so I wanted to be 100% sure. Thanks!
No one can say 'what is right' and 'what is wrong' for YOU because that's not what this process is about. Is about YOU and your self-honesty. So who are you in those moments of being offered a drink? are there wants and desires? are there fears and resistances? have you ever gone without alcohol? are you afraid to stop it? are you afraid of what others will think if you say no to being offered a drink?

You will have to find this out for yourself as this is your process to walk. So suggest to test it out... see who you are in such moments saying yes or saying no. And if you have any emotional reactions to either scenario - self forgive, write the corrective/commitment statements and then see who you are.

And then share with us your findings :) Happy processing :)
Hey, thanks! Yea, that makes complete sense. If/when I’m in that situation I’ll be sure to test it out and Ask myself specific questions/be aware of what reactions/thoughts/feelings/emotions/ideas/beliefs/memories/judgements come up inside of me. :ugeek:

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Re: Alcohol and Weed

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Yes, initially being aware of what comes up in your conscious mind is a starting point, however as with everything and more so involving addictions or other more ingrained patterns, it will require a more in depth look at what you are working with.

So I leave the link to this recording here "Just a Symptom - Reptilians - Part 422" - btw they are audios, not videos, but the message is the same - which explains how only looking at what comes up in your conscious mind - thoughts, feelings emotions - and then 'stopping, breathing and writing' is not enough, they are momentary ways to stop yourself from going into the same pattern or emotion, but realizing that this process is about being able to redefine your being and that means in a general manner is what you decide to actually live instead of the same old programming.

This is to expand on what I mentioned with 'stopping the mind' being only but an initial point, but it won't in itself prevent the same pattern from coming up again and again unless one actually learns to work with it, which is where the DIP Pro courses come in, to learn how to in detail work with these patterns, understand how we created them so that in full awareness one can decide to write out and live out a new set of words or actions that are supportive for ourselves. Otherwise no matter how much we may identify them and forgive them and write them - or breathe and stop - they won't 'go away' unless we work with the understanding of how we created those patterns and how we decide to live the change in real time. All nicely explained there, so, yes enjoy listening to them when you can.

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