Unschooling as the future of education

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Unschooling as the future of education

Postby Anna » 24 Jan 2015, 12:46

Inspiring lecture by filmmaker Astra Taylor on unschooling.

I found this lecture very inspiring, especially with regards to the point of having absolute and unconditional trust in a child's natural learning ability. I found myself provoked and challenged by this sentiment - which interestingly enough comes from fear, comes from my very own indoctrination into the schooling system - which goes to show how vital the deprogramming process is for us to take the leap into an entirely new way of approaching education.

Previously as I've investigated the point of home-schooling in relation to how education will be in a LIG - I've had the sentiment that "some form of schooling is necessary" - but I realize now that this came from my own indoctrination into fear - and was thus yet another aspect of self-subjugation to the system.

It also emphasizes the brilliance of TechnoTutor and how this technology will become even more important in times to come, where children will be able to match the formal education system from home without having to go to school in a traditional sense.

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