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“Be careful” I was often told during my childhood. Rarely did I want to listen. Usually, it was because I was doing something exciting or challenging and that was the expression I wanted to take. Eventually, I came to assign a negative value to ‘Careful’ because I didn’t like it being imposed upon me. Another example is when I was driving with someone in the car and they, panicking, said “Be careful!” when it wasn’t really a situation where I wasn’t “being careful.” In fact, being careful became such a negative thing in my life that I took on an entire personality of being ‘Careless,’ that eventually became ‘Reckless’ and caused a lot of consequences for me in my life.

Dictionary Definition


adjective: careful; superlative adjective: carefullest
1. making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm; cautious."I begged him to be more careful”
2. done with or showing thought and attention.
"a careful consideration of the facts”

Sounding of the Word

Care: To give proper attention to; to love
Full: To the maximum capacity; to the optimal level

Investigating the Word

When I was forced to be careful as a child, I resented that. I wanted to act as I was acting at the time, and didn’t understand fully what it meant to be careful, other than to do something in a way someone else wanted it to be done- not how I wanted it to be done. Eventually, I assigned a negative value to being careful, and expressed carelessness throughout my life. While the intentions of authority figures telling me to be careful was to avoid harm or danger, I interpreted that as being forced to do something a certain way when I was fully capable of doing it my way. However, I didn’t really consider and incorporate into my vocabulary and thus living the second definition of careful, which is done with or showing thought and attention. Very little of what I had in my childhood was explained to me as being mine and so I never had much incentive to care about the things in my reality. I was made to understand that it was my parents’ house I lived in, as if I was a guest there, so when I was assigned chores to do, I was only careful to the extent that I did a good enough job to have my work acknowledged by my parents. I didn’t understand that people were careful with their things because they cared about them and themselves and wanted to make the best out of their lives.

Creative Phase

Careful is taking care of everything in my reality without becoming overwhelmed but by exercising common sense.
Being careful is not doing things that hurt my body but taking care of the basic things in my life to allow me to live my life to the fullest extent possible
Careful is extending care to myself and others to reach my optimum potential
Careful is expressing the proper amount of care to myself and others

Final Definition

Careful is expressing the proper amount of care to myself and others
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Awesome Tyler, thanks for sharing this. Very cool way to take ownership of the word 'careful' as how you want to live it for yourself and get out of the mind trap of believing it to be something 'forced' on you, even though it often comes across that way in how it's presented, as how it was conditioned into our parents and those who came before us. To be a self authority, a self author, instead of living according to someone else's 'authority'. It's a subtle shift but makes all the difference, to no longer be suppressing and diminishing self in the idea that 'others are controlling me', but taking self responsibility for who we are in every moment.
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