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Space to discuss what it means to 'live words' and to share one's process of redefining words
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READ FIRST: How to Use the Living Words forum

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When sharing a blog, or writing on how you have lived or re-defined a word - please give your topic/thread the word in question as Subject.
So for instance, if you are sharing about how you have redefined love for yourself, title the subject 'Love'.
Please also check if there is not already a topic open for this particular word, so we can group/organize all the information together per word for easy access.

The focus of this forum is on the process of redefining and living words. Please don't post just a redefinition of a word, as this will not be supportive for others to develop their own skill in redefining words.
As such, it is also not necessary to have a 'final redefinition' to be included in your posts. The focus is on opening up the words, identifying how you have lived a word, evualuating dictionary definitions (have I lived it this way? Is this an adequate definition? etc.) and uncovering dimensions of a word that one may not have previously considered; and to ultimately use all of this information to develop an approach of how one can make the word part of self-supportive living.


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