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Posted: 22 Nov 2014, 18:49
by Anna
Redefining the word: Freedom

Current allocation: Freedom to me is to not be enslaved, to not be burdened or limited. So interestingly enough freedom, within how I’ve defined it here is the absence of something negative and is therefore positive.

Dictionary definition:
free·dom (fr d m)
1. The condition of being free of restraints.
2. Liberty of the person from slavery, detention, or oppression.
a. Political independence.
b. Exemption from the arbitrary exercise of authority in the performance of a specific action; civil liberty: freedom of assembly.
4. Exemption from an unpleasant or onerous condition: freedom from want.
5. The capacity to exercise choice; free will: We have the freedom to do as we please all afternoon.
6. Ease or facility of movement: loose sports clothing, giving the wearer freedom.
7. Frankness or boldness; lack of modesty or reserve: the new freedom in movies and novels.
a. The right to unrestricted use; full access: was given the freedom of their research facilities.
b. The right of enjoying all of the privileges of membership or citizenship: the freedom of the city.
9. A right or the power to engage in certain actions without control or interference: "the seductive freedoms and excesses of the picaresque form" (John W. Aldridge).


free (adj.)
Old English freo "free, exempt from, not in bondage," also "noble; joyful," from Proto-Germanic *frijaz (cognates: Old Frisian fri, Old Saxon and Old High German vri, German frei, Dutch vrij, Gothic freis "free"), from PIE *prijos "dear, beloved," from root *pri- "to love" (cognates: Sanskrit priyah "own, dear, beloved," priyate "loves;" Old Church Slavonic prijati "to help," prijatelji "friend;" Welsh rhydd "free").

The primary sense seems to have been "beloved, friend, to love;" which in some languages (notably Germanic and Celtic) developed also a sense of "free," perhaps from the terms "beloved" or "friend" being applied to the free members of one's clan (as opposed to slaves; compare Latin liberi, meaning both "free" and "children").

Compare Gothic frijon "to love;" Old English freod "affection, friendship," friga "love," friðu "peace;" Old Norse friðr, German Friede "peace;" Old English freo "wife;" Old Norse Frigg "wife of Odin," literally "beloved" or "loving;" Middle Low German vrien "to take to wife," Dutch vrijen, German freien "to woo."

Of nations, "not subject to foreign rule or to despotism," it is recorded from late 14c. (Free world "non-communist nations" attested from 1950.) Sense of "given without cost" is 1580s, from notion of "free of cost." Free lunch, originally offered in bars to draw in business, by 1850, American English. Free pass on railways, etc., attested by 1850. Free speech in Britain used of a privilege in Parliament since the time of Henry VIII. In U.S., as a civil right, it became a prominent phrase in the debates over the Gag Rule (1836).
abstract suffix of state, from Old English dom "statute, judgment" (see doom (n.)). Already active as a suffix in Old English (as in freodom, wisdom). Cognate with German -tum (Old High German tuom).



Polarity: Freedom is holding a stark positive energetic charge within me as something that is extremely desirable almost to the degree of desperation

Creative Writing:
It is very interesting to see how the polarization of the word ’free’ is embedded within the original definition of the word, where it is referring to clan members that are free rather than slaves. ’Fri’ which also means ’free’ in Scandinavian/norse languages ALSO means ’to propose’ as in marriage – because within my own perception of the word and in the desire to be free, it also stood in constant contrast to the experience of being limited, burdened or enslaved. I also find particularly this point to be interesting: “not subject to foreign rule or to despotism” – because that would be the essence of what the word free means – BUT within and as us existing within a pre-programmed mind-consciousness-system we are exactly subjects to foreign rule, namely the rule of those who’s programmed us, which is essentially parts of ourselves that we’ve separated ourselves from and in extension hereof, the mind. So this also brings context to the saying that “No one is free until all are free” which in this context can be translated to: “no one is free from being subject to the mind until all are free from being subject to the mind” – and here an important key part to understand is obviously our interconnectedness and oneness in that we’re all co-creating this world together and so whatever exists in/as another, inherently exists in and as me, because they are a part of me and I am a part of them. When I was searching for freedom in my past I didn’t consider anything or anyone else. I just wanted to be free for myself; I wanted to be free from that which I feared, which was the enslavement. And so within projecting the responsibility for my enslavement onto the system, I believed that the solution was to free myself from the system. But the thing is; I am the system, the system is me – and I can’t free myself from me. So what is freedom without a polarization as the absence of enslavement? Therefore, we cannot define the word freedom without also accepting enslavement as it is with all polarized words. When everyone is free and there is no more enslavement, the word freedom will therefore be redundant.

Redefinition: Absence of enslavement


Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 20:43
by Marlen
Here it would be cool to add more of what 'freedom' is in fact instead of redefining it as 'the absence of...x' or the opposite of 'x' or else. Most of the problems with redefinition is that we keep polarizing them to signify the opposite of something else and when doing that, we actually miss out the properties that this word contains as a living word - Meaning, how would we live freedom if we had no context of what 'enslavement' is?

So we looked at how there is a process to get to live Freedom in fact, which we have realized we are not yet living of course - else none of this process would be here. So, here are quotes from people in the group discussing about Freedom and the process to get to it as the process of Liberation, the removal of the chains we have created as the 'who we are in our minds' which defines the ways that we live and relate to others/everything here.

the word itself contains FREE and DOOM so maybe freedom lived in a personality capacity is living without DOOM and DOOM then being how we participate through MOODs where we change according to how we feel instead of being free in our directive principle
Freedom must be based in a principle of what is best for all always - so my freedom is not real freedom if it involves removing the freedom of another
starting self-liberation -- to be clear that one's motives adhere to "do no harm" and to investigate all consequences of one's actions.
do not harm, do not abuse, investigate all consequences of one's actions = so that one can take responsibility for it, which is the actual source of empowerment as one will then ensure that one does not recreate the same domination/enslavement again
Freedom more than an ideal is the minimal living require by each one to actually call of this life a life worth of living
liberation as freedom from mind control as within our own minds at the base of it
Liberation sounds like Lead By Action so Liberation then being to take the necessary actions to move oneself towards freedom
liberation means that my self and my thoughts and actions are all self-directed, I am not directed by anything in the realm of mysticism, and everyone around me has equal liberation
it would be to devote your life to a point that you see will produce a outcome that is best for all... a point that you stand and move because you see that eventually it will flourish and become something noteworthy and open up something cool in humanity as a whole
liberation all come from the same root which is about being aware, educated as to what is really happening and the chains that we are all in
educating oneself, developing self-awareness of how we created the enslavement so that we can free ourselves through establishing solutions beginning in how one relates to another
Also to devote your life to yourself meaning: Do your DIP do your Writing and start actively changing those aspects of yourself that you recognize are compromising
I liberate myself on a daily basis when I am self-honest about my preferences and likes/dislikes in seeing whether they support what is best for all life or not - and then take corrective action and empower myself through changing my behavior. As such I also become more enabled to change my preferences to include actions that supports what's best for all and not just my self-interest and sabotage of/as the mind
Self liberation is Universal liberation as we become the caretakers of the earth and natural environment and each other. So liberation includes and entails responsibility.
Another practical thing you can do is check in each moment if you are allowing some rule/idea direct your words/actions -- instead of realizing your power to create in this world and making a decision to create what YOU want to see in this world
When I stand as a point of liberation; when I have liberated myself from a certain destructive behavior, I become an example and can share my process with others who too can liberate themselves AND create a new behavior through which I can create supportive creations instead of destructive creations that perpetuate the same system of destruction
I live the word liberation when I sit down and decide to do my DIP lesson when I decide to live a correction when I decide to take on a point that has been bothering me then I actively liberate myself
If I come here liberated from religious beliefs, self-judgment and fear, I stand in a clear starting-point, I can apply common sense, I can see what is best for all. And so I can share with you and if you do the same we can create together, like we do in Desteni with our projects - which is only possible when we direct and create based on principles and principled living is only possible when we've liberated ourselves from the burdens and the 'veil' causing us to be unable and unwilling to create and move and change and see what is best for all... So that's where we start, with anything and everything that's blinding us and holding us back from living principled
> I realized the other day how liberated I am within myself because I am able to let go of emotional reactions towards my work, in terms of feeling resistant and not wanting to go. To be able to let go of that and simply do it and be fine - is awesome

I add my perspective: Freedom is the self-responsible ability to act, speak, do what one is willing to live/do that stands within the context of what is best for everyone - so that no matter 'what' is it that one is/does, as long as no harm and no abuse is imposed or affected to others, it stands as part of our ability and potential that we all have once that we stand as self-directive and self-honest individuals, it is the completed 'status' so to speak of having walked this practical living process of self-liberation from who we are as the mind and so who/what we have created this world-system to be. So best for all in equality is the short way to term freedom, however we have to describe how 'that would be lived' so that it becomes a genuine living word lived by each one of us, as equals.


Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 22:39
by Anna
it is the completed 'status' so to speak of having walked this practical living process of self-liberation from who we are as the mind and so who/what we have created this world-system to be. So best for all in equality is the short way to term freedom, however we have to describe how 'that would be lived' so that it becomes a genuine living word lived by each one of us, as equals.
Yes I agree and I also wrote this out before we had the discussion about freedom - so through that my perspective was expanded. But it is interesting to see how there are these words that right now is only a fantasy - and that if it was manifested as a reality, the word itself would become obsolete because freedom would be our natural state of being.


Posted: 27 Nov 2014, 23:02
by Marlen
Yep definitely, right now they are concepts, ideals mostly that we've followed through as elements of 'ideal societies' without really pondering how one can LIVE freedom itself, which is definitely a process of first liberating ourselves, then living such principles which would then be the living of freedom as in living by principles, cool Anna


Posted: 01 Dec 2014, 22:33
by YoganBarrientos
There are many cool points that I see can be opened up further within what has shared thus far. I will add my 2 cents, by picking one point that resonates strongly with me, which I identify is because of my life experience and exposure to freedom as how it was presented to me. So in United States, we use freedom to refer to the freeing of the African American Slaves, as well as United States Independence from Great Britain. So freedom, has been strongly defined by what is taught in our public schools on American history. In my mind, and so perhaps many others, freedom is something worth fighting for and dying for. This is one message our history of wars in United States repeats and resonates clearly. Do I now agree with this, no. But there is a part of me, that believes this. So freedom for me has involved emotions of anger, hatred, revenge, leading to violence towards those that "oppress" or enslave you. This is pretty evident in protests today, where people resort to violence when they believe they are WRONGED in some way by someone else. This tendency of mine to justify violence because someone is doing something wrong or harming, is something I need to look at. In relation to Freedom, the word freedom justifies violence, and emotions of hatred, anger and revenge. You can look at how many movies that contain violence that involve killing or harming the people who enslaved others, oppressed or ruled over others.

So above is what I would call a limited definition of freedom, and perhaps even an addicted one, because of the emotions involved. A more useful and livable definition a freedom, wouldn't involve acting out onto your environment as your requirement for freedom. Something better would be to be able to be free within and as yourself, and not dependent and whether you are on the outside or externally enslaved or oppressed. This is better because, I would call our inner enslavement and thus limitations, as the root cause for the existence of slavery today. It is also more practical simply because the definition is tied to your relationship to yourself. And yourself is more or less readily accessible. So to be free inside and as yourself would be to free yourself from inner limitations that you have existed as, and so remove them, and live without them. So what would be living without limitation in this reality? Living with responsibility, direction, consistency, trust, being reliable, able to keep your word and commitments.

Ok so the above was one dimension of Freedom as how I lived primarily in this life, and how many others have too, as well as an alternative definition that can be lived/used personally.


Posted: 02 Dec 2014, 09:13
by Terrone28
1 word but really a wide range of definition.


Posted: 04 Dec 2014, 20:26
by Marlen
Terrone28 wrote:1 word but really a wide range of definition.
If you look at it, this could be said of many words, but in definitive, there is an essence to each word that we can take to redefine it not based on knowledge and information, such as what Yogan shared in the first part of his writing - but to take the essence of what would mean to live this word within the context of self-honesty and self-responsibility.

So to give a reference to what is being done here, it is not to simply say what 'one thinks' the word is, but to come to an agreement of aspects that we can all agree are best for all, how one can live this word in a practical manner which is what has been shared in this thread, and that's the aim of doing these posts on the various words. The 'wide variety' you mention relates to how yes this word can exist in a different manner in each mind - though, that's precisely why the redefinition of words comes from the initial personal background/experience and it is lead toward a principled and practical definition that anyone - no matter who they are/what they have lived/their culture or else - can apply and live by, that's the kind of definitions we focus on in these Living Words posts.

For more reference on that and why this is done:
Purifying Words - Part 50

What does it mean to ‘purify words’?

Why do the words we use require/need ‘purification’ in order to in fact establish the physical-evidence of eternal self-change? What is the relationship between the ‘purification of words’ and the opportunity to eternal, physical-evidentiary self-change?

What is the relationship between the words we use and live, in thought, word and deed and the consequence human beings as individuals and humanity as a whole face in the Mind’s consequential relationship to the Physical-Body and the World-System of Money’s consequential relationship to this Physical-Existence?

Why/how have we as humanity, throughout the history of the human race – not seen, realised and understood the importance, power and creative force of words as how we’ve come to exist as words in thought, word and deed and the extent to which ourselves as words had manifested our consequential relationship as the Mind to the Physical-Body and the World-System of Money to this Physical-Existence?

Why/how is it, that writing, self-forgiveness as the process of purifying our words in thoughts and speech, and self-corrective application as purifying our words in deed/physical-living in and as equality and oneness – is the only way, in practical physical space and time – to bring about a solution to the individual human being and humanity as a whole?

All these questions and more are answered within this Interview.


Posted: 03 Feb 2015, 23:36
by Anna
Had a chat with my buddy regarding upgrading my redefinition of freedom. Sharing it here:

The ability to explore/consider/live anything/everything so long as it does not impede on another's ability to do the same