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Current allocation: I think of a quite water. I think of spiritual peace with self. I relate a lot to nature and how pace and harmony fills my awareness. I think of myself being quiet and not making noise.

Dictionary definition:
making little or no noise.
carried out discreetly, secretly, or with moderate

late 14c., "peaceable, at rest, restful, tranquil," from Old French quiet and directly from Latin quietus "calm, at rest, free from exertion," from quies (genitive quietis) "rest" (see quiet (n.)). As an adverb from 1570s. Related: Quietly; quietness.

Sounding of word:
kwarte (norwegian slang for 15 minutes)
kveite (a fish)
quartz (mineral and brand)

Polarity of word:
negative: I would think of the opposite of quiet which is noise. I would have every few negative relations to this word.
positive: I sense this as a strong word of support to me. I can enjoy/like this word.

Creative writing: It is quite quiet. I have quite a lot of different meaning as of sounding. I think that since I have so many different sounding - that in itself is power. The spreading and different relations that I have to this word makes it stronger with me.

Re definition: quiet is a easy, calm, part of self/being to discover.

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