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Living words: Versatile

Current allocation: this word is new to me

Dictionary definition: able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities. changeable; inconstant.

"inconstant," from Latin versatilis "turning, revolving, moving, capable of turning with ease to varied subjects or tasks," from past participle stem of versare "keep turning, be engaged in something, turn over in the mind," frequentative of vertere "to turn" (see versus). Meaning "able to do many things well" is from 1762 in English.

Sounding of word:
alle versa må til (sing all the verses)
det verste må til (what ever it takes)
for å få endring så må vi... (to have change we must...)

Negative: singing songs (verses) reminds me of choir and singing. it is embarasing.
Positive: it has a nice bounce to it. it sounds good in my ears like "this change will be nice"

Creative writing: all that it takes to create a change, all the makings/preperations.
New definition: The preparation and doing of a specific change. The details within change.

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